By the Emperor’s Command 3: The Scientific Evidence. Case Studies

Reincarnation, Science and the Children

“I, availing Myself of the children, will speak to them.”
The Third Testament

Certainly, the children are speaking… about reincarnation, and with it, perplexing the minds of their parents, the ministers of religions and the men of science.

This is something that cannot be disregarded so easily by human science.


Ian Stevenson, from the University of Virginia

Under the lead of Dr. Ian Stevenson, psychiatrist and professor, the Division of Personality Studies initiated, some 50 years ago, the research of the many reports from chldren all over the world that claimed that they had reincarnated, research that took more than 40 years.

With the most rigorous methodology, Dr. Stevenson registered the data, questioned, recorded in tape and analysed closely what the children claimed to be memories of a past life, and after pondering carefully the data, he arrived to the conclusion that there were very defined patterns emerging from most of that cases.

Stevenson later on published the a few of the most significant case studies in his now famous book “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation” (1966).

The abundant and thorough serious documentation contained in the book sent ripples of astonishment to the scientific world, and attracted the interest and attention of many more researchers whom have taken these studies further, just as happened with the famous Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the visionary discoverer of what is known as Clarke’s orbit, used by the communication satellites to circulate the earth in geostationary trajectories.


Reincarnation as Seen By a True Skeptic

Clarke, a British science anticipation author, inventor, and futurist, most famous for the novel “The Sentinel” from where the Oscar winning movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, written in collaboration with director Stanley Kubrick was based, has been considered, along with Jules Verne and Isaac Asimov as the “Big Three” of science anticipation.

Clarke, a free thinker, a extremely skeptic and analytic man, after knowing and examining closely the data about children’s claims of reincarnation both of England and Sri Lanka -where he lived most of his adult life-, finally surrendered to the evidence and was one of the first leading scientific writers who asserted that to refuse to accept the possibility of the reincarnation of the spirit was irrational, and along with other scientistds, defied those who denied to accept his conclusions, to offer a better and more sound explanation. Obviously, no one came forward.



Children Reincarnation’s Testimonies, Today.

Today, is such the amount of little children that have started to remember precise events of their previous lives, that there are already several books which deal with the information of these numerous cases, like Carol Bowman’s “Return From Heaven”, Thomas Shroder’s “Old Souls: Compelling Evidence from Children Who Remember Past Lives”, Dr. Brian Weiss’s “Same Soul, Many Bodies”, etc.

And the number of these children keeps growing every day.


Reincarnation: What Christianity Has Ommited

These cases are occurring even within Christian communities, many of which, unknowingly, blindly obey the dictates which Emperor Justinian imposed at the Council of Constantinople, and continue to deny, based only on false assumptions and arguable interpretations of very few passages of the Bible, that reincarnation could exist.

Some of these children’s cases can be found even among the families of the very ministers and pastors of the diverse sects and religions, which as expected, are shocked and puzzled by the evidence coming from the mouths of their own children, and therefore, hide these facts from their communities as much as possible.

So far, some of them have succesfully avoided these cases reaching the mass media, but there are so many of them and so overwhelming, that the information has began to leak, and it is just a matter of time for the general public to get to know the indisputable fact that there are many children that claim and prove that they are spirits who have been born again.

“Ye must be
born again…”
Jesus of Nazareth


By the Emperor’s Command 2: Reincarnation in the Bible

Is There Any Reference to Reincarnation in the Bible?

Of course there is… though not under the term ‘reincarnation’. But since ancient times, in all cultures of the world, men have had the intuition of the existence of that concept. And the biblical writers were not the exception.


Could Jesus Lie?

Obviously, in order to have an informed opinion upon reincarnation from a biblical stand point, is indispensable to take the Bible… and start to re-reading it, without prejudice or pre-established notions, in search of the truth.

The main problem arised from the denial of Christians to accept the concept of reincarnation is that, inadvertently, without realizing the full extent of its consequences, GOOD FAITH CHRISTIANS DENY THE POSSIBILITY OF JESUS BEING THE PROMISED MESIAH OF ISRAEL


Because the most relevant and important event that signaled the arrival of the Messiah, was delivered in the prophecy that announced that before He came, Elijah was to be sent..

And the proof that Jesus’ disciples definitely knew this, is in Mark’s Gospel:

And they asked him, saying, Why say the scribes that Elias must first come?

And he answered and told them, Elias verily cometh first, and restoreth all things; and how it is written of the Son of man, that he must suffer many things, and be set at nought.

But I say unto you, That Elias is indeed come, and they have done unto him whatsoever they listed, as it is written of him.

And as if this wasn’t enough, Matthew narrates this same passage, but he goes even further: He describes what was it that the apostles understood from the words of the Divine Master.


Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.

Thus, the question for those who deny the possibiity of reincarnation is:

Did Jesus lie to His disciples?

Because if we believe that Jesus was the Messiah, then it must be a true fact that Elijah did came again to the world, and he did it in John the Baptist.

In short: He reincarnated.

Are Christians, just as Jews still do, continue to refuse to accept that Elijah did came back, thus fulfilling the prophecy that he was to came first before the Christ?

And you, as a Christian, will you still keep on setting him at nought?

In the third part of “By The Emperor’s Command” we will show you the documented and irrefutable scientic evidences that reincarnation is a verifiable and proven fact, beyond false supositions and fanatism fueled by a Roman emperor’s political decisions.


By The Emperor’s Command: Banning Reincarnation

Why Is The Doctrine of Reincarnation Rejected by Most Christians

In today’s Christianity, the law of the reincarnation of the spirit is widely taken as a heresy. But this wasn’t always so.

In fact, in the era of Jesus and the apostles, this notion was common and widely accepted among the people of Israel and the early followers of Christ.

So, where then did this rejection to that divine law of love came from?

Historic documents prove beyond any shadow of doubt that were the power and greed of the Roman emperor Justinian, pleasing the whim of the frivolous empress Theodora, women of questionable morality -do not confound her with the Catholic saint bearing the same name which lived almost 200 years after-, the ones that put good faith Christians in an authentic dilemma.

You see, by rejecting reincarnation, those brothers of us, unwittingly deny that Jesus could be the Messiah, the Christ so eagerly expected by the people of Israel.

And why is this?

Because before the arrival of the Christ, Elijah should came first, as the Scriptures prophesied… but in fact, he did… but the detractors of reincarnation seem not to have any problem with refusing to accept that the spirit and the power of Elijah actually reincarnated in John the Baptist, thus denying in this way that Elijah was once more in Earth and that Isaiah and Malachia prophesies were fulfilled.

And inadvertently, they join the Jewish people, who in their beliefs are still waiting for the arrival of Elijah since for them, Jesus was not the Christ, sustaining their belief precisely over this point.

If you are a Christian, you have to make a decision: Either you believe Jesus Himself in His own saying, which is that John the Baptist WAS Elijah -not methaporically or figuratively but in reality, in the flesh-, or you continue to obey a Roman Emperor command, as explained in the videoclip above.

Is The Reincarnation of the Spirit an Oriental Doctrine?

Although many people thinks that reincarnation is an idea from India or China, in fact it is an universal notion that emanates from God, and that concept resides in the spirit and heart of Humanity since the very beginning.

In part 2 and 3 of these series of videos, soon to be posted here, are included the proofs and facts that show that the reincarnation of the spirit, since the more ancient books of the Bible up until the most recent scientific research, is something to be taken very seriously.

Due to the natural evolution of the human race, now we are able to understand, beyond metaphors and parables, the true meaning of this doctrine that was delivered by the prophets since remote times, just as Jesus did with His disciples.

The Opening of the Sixth Seal

The Dawn of a New Era

It was 1884… Severe and catastrophic events had started to take place since decades before throughout the entire world, both in Nature and in human societies: The terrorific Krakatoa supervolcano blast which cloaked the sun and moon with thick clouds of the dust remaining from the pyroclastic explosion; the downfall of monarchies all over the world, the civil war in the United States, the French invasion of Mexico, the impressive Leonids meteor shower and many more signs that the biblical prophecies of the return of the Lord and the opening of the Sixth Seal as anticipated by John in Patmos, and with it the arrival of the Lord surrounded by His legions of light, were taking place.

It was then when a young maiden, Damianita Oviedo, chosen to be the Lord’s first spokeperson, begun to deliver astounding revelations and profound and simple explanations of what mankind thought to be mysteries.

The video clip below contains a brief description of that pivotal period, filled with wonders and miracles.


Share the Good News

Feel free to share this with all… Mankind thirsts for enlightenment and for truth. In this period of time when religions are taking their followers to exaltation and fanatism, leading
Humanity to a clash, to a battle of ideas and fundamentalist beliefs, it is of extreme importance that we speak out serenely but firmly. That’s one of the tasks of the 144,000. And who knows? You might be one of them.


The True Face of Jesus

Just as it happens with God’s language (everyone believing that God speaks their national set of words), the same happens when trying to imagine what did Jesus look like.

You probably have had the opportunity to see all the diverse renderings made by artists of different times and places of the image of Jesus…and probably many have smiled condescently while seeing that a given artist painted the image of our Lord following his or her ethnic bias and background. So, we have seen Jesuses with Japanese, African, European and Indian looks, among many others.

And of course, the powerful and hegemonic Western culture, aided by centuries of masterpieces of art and at these days by the Hollywood ideal image of Jesus, engraved into the minds of the multitudes a certain design and style which, they claim, “must” be as close as the Galilean Rabbi as you can get.

But, ooops!

Science, again, raises a metaphoric eyebrow and out of the blue, a new, different approach comes from anthropologist investigators as showed in cable programs both in the BBC and the Discovery Channel.

After all, Jesus was born a Jew and chances are that his face and body, did not contradict His ethnic origin at all. In other words, he looked…well, like a Jew. Not your regular Tab Hunter, God forbid!

Furthermore, biblic data seems to support the idea that He, physically, didn’t draw any particular attention to Him because of His looks.

It is very likely that He was, in many ways, an average, almost ordinary Jewish man, not that different from His own disciples. And certainly, not a high-class Jew but, instead, a lower class type of fellow. After all, He was raised in a little village, forgotten by the powerful and wealthy. And as you may remember, He was a man that made His living with His own strong hands: He was a carpenter.

So, there must be another reason for His popularity among the masses, something that granted Him all the attention and attracted towards Him seas of men and women of all sorts, and that reason, chances are, was His charisma.

And it is around this point that emerges the most powerful image of Him, not because of the actual physical, material one, no. But that of His divine and unique presence, the presence of the Son of God, the Son of Man.

So, come again; Are you that intrigued about the way He looked or of how many inches of hair covered His head, or the color of His skin? And what about the shape of His nose and lips? Is all this that relevant?

The “veritas iconus”, the true icon of His face, may never be available to us and after seeing and believing that God usually has all the bases covered, it may not come as a big surprise to us to reach the point in which it doesn’t matter anymore, for certainly the other image, the one created with His example, His love, His wonderful deeds and His teachings, is as vivid and present today as it was almost 2000 years ago.

And that’s the true face of Jesus that I really care about.

The Origin of Us

Who am I ? Where am I going to? Where do I come from?

We are the creatures that spring from the love of God our Lord. Our origin is the Lord and our end is within Him as well. Everything on earth was created for us to enjoy. God´s
divine presence can be felt in every single detail in nature: a sunset, a snow flake, a star, the trees blooming in spring, the colors of the leaves in the fall, the magnificent trees that cover the planet, the amazing animals that roam the earth. All the knowledge of creation is stored in nature. All the beauty of nature was created for us to have a place to live and grow spiritually.

First the spirits were brought to life and then the earth was created to serve as the material world to all of us, to serve as our home.

Spirits were created to the image of God and within each one of them God placed a divine light which is the conscience. The flesh was created as a useful tool for the spirits that need it to advance in the path of evolution. Once the spirit and the flesh were joined, humankind emerged.

Everything that God does is based on love and justice. Everything that we perceive through our senses and our minds should behold these attributes.

The first human dwellers preserved the image that their spirits had from the spiritual valley: a state of purity and innocence that allowed them to feel the warmth of nature and of friendship as well as the complete harmony among all creatures. When passions and
the struggle for life appeared in their lives they were forced to try to find in science what they had lost due to the lack of spirituality they were experiencing.

Who revealed the mysteries of the flesh to humankind? The flesh itself.

Who revealed the mysteries of science? The mind did.

But the spirit was the only one that could convey the idea of the existence of God.

The Lord wants us to have rightful and healthy ambitions, to fight to be strong, great and wise. To be the owners of all the qualities the spirit is bestowed with. In order to do so, we have to practice our virtues: charity, humbleness, forgiveness and loyalty. All these virtues can be summarized in a single word: LOVE.

Life is like a tree with countless branches. None of which is alike and each one performs a duty or mission. It is important to understand that the origin of men is not a sin but the result of a natural law that not only mankind should follow but all creatures and everything in nature as well.

What makes humankind move away from its natural path of evolution are the vices and the lower passions which are against the law. We have to fill the universe with good deeds and pure thoughts.

This action will allow us to grow spiritually and to return to God with our hands full of merits. God emerges in our conscience, rejoices with our evolution and manifests himself in our good deeds. So we must be certain that He lives within us and is willing to help us if we allow Him to do so.

We all have to strive to possess as many spiritual “medals” as possible. To be nourished with the bread of eternal life, to fulfill our spiritual duties and to take advantage of the benefits offered by nature. Only understanding these truths we grasp the meaning of life, of our origin and of our wonderful, luminous end.

Let it Roll

– Do you know when, why and by whom the necktie was invented?

– Do you know why men do not thread the lower button in their blazers?

-Do you know why number 13 is considered bad news in Anglosaxon culture?

– Do you know the reason for Christmas’ trees in that season?

– Do you know where the interchange of gifts in December started?

-Do you know why women use buttons in the right side of their blouses and vests?

– Do you know why men use them in the left side?

Chances are that the answers for these simple questions -and many more of that nature- are out of boundaries for the average human being. After all, even in elementary schools you’ll find that teachers and mentors lead their pupils to obey and therefore, continue that long line of unexplained behaviors.

So then, why do men and women, children and elder, regardless of nation and race, creed or color, follow traditions so closely?

Why do they obey, as if it were divine commandments, rituals and traditions, when they ignore where or why those rituals and traditions started in the first place?

Why do they let it roll?

Speaking from a spiritual point of view, are traditions good for us? I know, I know, right at this moment you’ll probably could give me the proper…and traditional answer: Traditions are the foundation for family values…and for my country’s cultural roots (whatever nation it is the one in which you were born or you live in).

But, are they that necessary or good for man?

Let’s see…

Christ, our Lord, said: “Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.”

Jesus was not a blind observer of traditions, as seen in Mark 7, where He had a strong opposed point of view, that was, to say the least, unusual in that time. Verses 8 and 9 describe the opinion of Jesus towards traditions. “For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups; and many other such like things ye do”.

Hmm…many other things! And the words of Jesus kept slashing the observance of those futile customs and usages: “And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition”.

Alas! It is not argument then that the tradition is our own…it doesn’t matter who’s tradition it is, it is still not a good one!

And what is there to say about the strongest tradition of them all, the Sabbath, which was (and still is) so dear for our Jewish brothers? In Mark 2:27 He clearly states that tradition is not that relevant at all: “The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath”.

And in this era, the Holy Spirit communicated with men thru and gave us an even more wide explanation of things:

(All excerpts from the Third Testament)

“I have seen that the Law and Doctrines that I bequeathed to humanity in past eras, are kept hidden and have been substituted by rituals, exterior cults, and traditions.””It is the fear of taking a step toward the evolution; one step forward, accustomed to following the traditions that his ancestors bequeathed him.”

“Man fears to think and believe for himself, and he prefers to submit himself to the opinion of others, thus depriving himself of his freedom to know Me. For that reason, he has lived behind the times.”

“The time of enlightenment has come for humanity and with which man acquires his own free will.”

“How transparent and simple is the truth! How clear and simple is spirituality! However, how difficult it is to understand by one who is obstinate in the darkness of his fanaticism and of his traditions. His mind cannot conceive that there may be more than what he knows. His heart resists to renounce that which has been his god and his law: The tradition and the ritual.”

“Traditions stall man to advance in the precious path of the progress of the spirit”

The example set by Jesus

“The perfect lesson was given to you through Jesus. Analyze my life in the world as a man from my birthday till my last day on Earth and you will get thevivid and perfect explanation of love. I am not here to ask you to be as Jesus was, since he had something that you can not have: perfection as a human being, because he who was within was God itself in a limited form, but I do tell you that you have to imitate him”.

The Spirit of the Father turned human to set a living example of what should the spiritual life of humans be in this planet and to be able to touch its most sensitive fibers and be obeyed, not for the fear of Divine justice but for the love He Himself taught His children.

This is how the Divine Spirit gave the perfect lesson, through the life of Jesus, a clear example that man had never had before, and will never have again.

The Mission that He fulfilled, even though it was a lesson and an example to be imitated by humans of all times, was unique for that people, because all His powerful teachings and His sublime Word may be imitated but may never be equaled.

-“The apostles that he chose in that period, in whom He placed His essence, His knowledge and His love, and who knew how to spread the seed that Jesus had sown, honoring with their lives and deaths the example set by their Master, they may not only be imitated but equaled by you; they were incarnated spirits that came among humankind to fulfill a great mission, which was to show the world that the Doctrine of Jesus the Christ could be imitated by men”.

Everyone was healed by Jesus, there was no wrong doing that could not be defeated by Him, there was no disease unknown to Him, there was no problem without solution, there was no sin without forgiveness and there was no misery without consolation, everything was in that source of love, in that Divine Doctor that could cure all, He healed everything with a single remedy, with a single balm: His love.

For the disciples of the Divine Master in this Era, I tell you that we can be the followers of those disciples and in our spiritual hands, in our spirit and in all our being, the Divinity has manifested itself as it used to do on those who followed Jesus in that period.

In that time he looked for those whose bodies were sick in order to awake their spirits, today He is seeking the spirits for them to rise and wake the others up.

We are aware that those who were blinded and could not see the spiritual life have opened their eyes to the light of the Third Era, as the leprous of sins and vices, they have been cleansed as they listened to the Divine Word; those who were chained to human passions, today they have freed themselves and are ready to work and to fight, opening their wings through the spiritual path; those who had renounced to a life of grace, today they contemplate the pathway opened by the Saint Spirit inviting them to spirituality, to the light, to perfection.

To heal! A gift we all have

“Come all to Me and heal your ailments, let your faith make the miracle of returning your health and achieving your salvation. The miracle does not lie on Me, but in you”.

Health is immortal, because it is a gift that springs from the Divine Spirit. We, all humanity, posses the gift of healing, by means of the fluid that is within us and is our vital beginning, that is, the force or our spirit. With it we can heal the sick. With the positive vibrations of our spirit we can redeem the hopeless and cure strange and incurable diseases for the human science.

But this gift has not yet reached in us its maximum development; our spiritual healing gift has encountered many obstacles due to the lack of faith and confidence that we have in it.

“I give you a single balm for all your ailments, they might well be from the spirit or from the body. This balm in order to make wonders, needs of true charity which has prayer as its foundation.”

The Spiritual World tell us that if we devote ourselves with love and spirituality to developing this gift, we would see, in a short time, how the prodigies prophesied and promised by our Lord will take place before our eyes.

The development of the spiritual gifts requires from us more effort, abnegation and sacrifice, greater devotion, spirituality and preparation.

In order for the healing gift to flourish, to develop and to manifest greatly among us, we will have to experience more spirituality, have a greater heart:simply, more love.

When we are going to begin with our spiritual work, and we are ready to give balm to the sick, we have to make sure that our conscience is focused, our mind cleared and our heart cleansed and filled with good feelings, so that it can feel all the tenderness, charity and concern for its fellow man, for the fallen brother, for the brother that is suffering,
bleeding and crying.

“You who have asked for the healing gift, because you know how to feel the pain of your brethren, will contemplate the development of this faculty, and your prayer, your word or glance, will take the balm to the sick”.

If we want to develop the healing gift, it is necessary that our heart feels the pain that others are feeling and that our spirit gets rid of all selfishness, knowing that it carries a precious gift.

When we are performing our healing duties, we have to identify with the Spiritual World of Light that will arrive through our inspiration, as an emissary of the Doctor of Doctors, so that we can make the sick feel the healthy, clean and pure vibrations, filled with relief and light, that coming from them and mixing with our own hearty and kind vibrations, will
make the prodigy in the needy.

“Think that besides teaching you how to pray, I have given you the gift of speech, and I have taught you how to anoint. Many times, I have told you that your presence can make prodigies if you are really prepared”.

We must analyze that if the beneficial fluid comes from the spirit, then, it will flow over the spirit and not over the flesh of the sick person. It is not even necessary that our material hands touch or anoint the person that is sick. The spiritual fluid can be given through a
glance, through a loving thought, or a word of comfort. The most material way to give fluid healing is by touching the sick person; and the most spiritual way is by using the gift of word, words that contain essence, tenderness and balm.

True Freedom

“If you remain within My word you will really be My disciples and will know the truth, and the truth will make you free”, said Christ, our Lord, in the Second Era.

And in the Third Era He explained: “When you get to love the truth, you will enjoy great beauty in your existence and when you will achieve the saint freedom that I have come to offer to your spirit, you will be able to travel through your faculty of thought through the skies, the spaces and the worlds”.

And He mentioned something else: “The true Spirituality is the freedom to your spirit in its journey and to the flesh in its path. The matter should not invade the paths of the spirit nor the spirit should turn to materialism”.

But many still now wonder as Pilate did when he was facing Jesus: “Which is the truth?” And turning his back onto Him, he did not wait for the answer. But we now have the answer.

Our Father says: “The truth has its own arms to defend itself, which lie within the truth itself. And when this question is asked again: Where is the truth?” you will then answer: In love”.

In another of His teachings, He confirms it in all certainty: “I assure you that the only truth is love. The truth is the Divine Love shown in the Universe. The one that can not understand the truth, is not able to recognize God”.

If we meditate about this idea, we will see that all those other ideas that wrongfully focus on conquering the “truth” by means of walking away from the path of divine truth are wrong ideas, misleading ideas, ideas that will make us loose what we are all longing to have, true freedom.

We have to be aware that there is a tendency in the World to change the meaning of the words and of the Divine Teachings. Our Heavenly Father states: “The sense of the essential values has been replaced in such a way that this replacement has led to believe that the truth is exactly the opposite of what it truly is”.

Freedom is the natural state that all spirit yearn for, but to be able to reach it we have to know the way, and which one is it?

Not only did our Father stated it in the Second Era “I am the path, the truth and the life”, but in this Era He explains even further by saying “The one that follows my teachings will find the true happiness, peace, knowledge and spiritual greatness. The one who complies with my Law, conquers freedom”.

This is to say, that the one who does not comply with the Divine Law can not conquer freedom, and when men and women of this world think that to be free is to use the free will and moving forward by human interests and material ideas, they do not realise that they are fooling themselves and what they are really doing are turning themselves into slaves. We are warned by our Father who says: “Those who have entirely surrender
to materialism, without further considering the voice of their conscience, and neglecting all what is related to the spirit, they are no longer fighting, they have been defeated in combat. They think they are triumphant, and they think they are free, they do not realise that they are prisoners and are in need of the legions of light to come to the darkness so they can be freed”.

Oh, how mankind has been mislead by believing that just by the use of the free will freedom is granted!. We see everyday that when we think we are behaving “freely” we fall victims of low passions, of vices, we become slaves of the absurd pharaoh which is the world.

This is how the Master clearly states it in one of the Teachings of the Book of the True Life: “The chalice that you drink is too bitter and the chains that you pull are too heavy. You continue being the captive people of the Pharaoh. The more you wish for your freedom the more you are obliged to work and greater your tributes are. How far would
your bitterness go? The surroundings in which you live and covers you, is the pharaoh of this era which is full of selfishness, hatred, greed and all the sins committed by mankind”.

“The chains represent your needs that force you to subdue to the prevailing selfishness, to injustice and even to wickedness”. “My Law, on the contrary, do not enslaves you, My Law liberates you”.

And this Teaching about the Divine Law taking us to freedom is not a new one, brothers, for a long time it has been known by evolved spirits. David knew it, and he wrote in a psalm: “I will always follow your Law, forever and eternally, and I will always be free because I searched in your commandments…”

David knew as we ought to know ourselves, that only those who fulfill the Divine Laws can be free; all the other ideas about being free are illusions and deceptions…and this seems logic because the one that do not fulfill the Divine Law moves away from God, and the one that moves away form God is vulnerable and falls victim into temptation, into sin, into materialism and finally, into sadness.

And it is not that God withdraws for us, no, it is not! We all know that God never withdraws form us, but He makes us see the difference when he says: “Meditate: If I am within you, where have you taken Me when you sin?”

Its is in vain that men and women wish to find freedom in this world instead of finding it in the Law, this is because their surroundings do not allow them to do so.

Our Father states: “Be free, do not seek in this world your kingdom nor your glory”.

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