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Teaching 146

46. You have to understand that, endowed with spirit, you signify among creation the most loving work of the Father, because in you, He deposited essence, attributes, and immortality.

47. Death does not exist for the spirit; that is, death as you conceive it, as ceasing to exist; death of the body cannot be the death or end for the spirit. There is precisely where he opens his eyes to a superior life, while his body closes them to the world forever. It is only a moment of transition along the route that leads to perfection. If you still have not understood it that way, it is because you still love this world very much, and you feel closely bound to it.

It worries you to abandon this dwelling because you believe to be owners of what you possess in it; and still there are some who conserve a vague presentiment of My Divine justice, and fear entering the spiritual valley.

48. Humanity has loved this world too much, because their love has been badly directed. How many have succumbed in it for that cause! How the spirits have materialised themselves for the same reason!

49. Only when you have felt the footsteps of death nearby; when you have been gravely ill; when you have suffered, that is, when you believe to be a step away from the Beyond, from that justice, you only fear during those trying moments, then you make promises and vows to the Father to love Him, to serve Him, and obey Him on Earth.

50. Suffering purifies you; suffering is the chisel that shapes the heart of man, so that he can attain spirituality. In order for your suffering not to be sterile, you need for the torch of faith to illuminate you so that you can have the elevation and the patience during those trials.

67. All of you wish to be saved; all of you want to escape from the purification of the spirit, and all of you dream of getting to know heaven. But I say to you, that the effort you make to obtain all this, is really very small, and that many times, instead of seeking the means which could help you to obtain it, you avoid them.

68. You believe that heaven is a place in the infinite, and that you can reach it by means of a sincere repentance of your faults in the hour of your physical death, trusting that you will be forgiven at that moment, and then led by Me to the kingdom of heaven. That is what you believe, but I say to you, that heaven is not a place, nor a region, nor a mansion.

The heaven of the spirit is his elevation and his perfection; it is his state of purity. To whom does it depend that you enter heaven? In Me who has always called you, or on you who have always been tardy?

69. Do not limit the infinite nor the divine anymore. Do you not understand that if heaven was as you believe, a mansion, a region, or a determined place, then it would no longer be infinite? It is about time that you conceive the spiritual in a more elevated manner, even though your idea does not extend to encompass all of reality, but at least is close to it.

70. Always bear in mind that the spirit who reaches the high levels of kindness, of wisdom, of purity and of love, is far beyond time, suffering, and distances. He is not limited to inhabit a certain place; he can be everywhere and find, in everything, a supreme delight of existing, of feeling, of knowing, of loving and of knowing that he is loved.

71. That is the heaven of the spirit.

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This book is the abridged version of the compiled Divine teachings that were received by human understanding from 1866 to 1950. + More Information

The Spirit of Truth in the Third Era

The supernatural Transfiguration of Jesus Christ on Mount Tabor during the Second Era has been recorded in the Gospels as one of the most important scriptural happenings of all time. In the vision, Jesus appeared in resplendent glory accompanied by the spirits of Moses and Elijah (Math. 17:1-9).

In reality that transformation represented a spiritual fusion of the three phases of God's manifestation to mankind: The past, or First Era (Moses and the Law); the present, or Second Era (Jesus and His Law of Love); and the future, or Third Era (Elijah and His Spiritual Knowledge). furthermore, this spiritual fusion reconfirmed Elijah's role as the announced Forerunner and God's Emissary who was to prepare the way for the coming of the Spirit of Truth. (Math. 17:11).

It is written that in the final days the Lord shall return. The prophecies have fully became reality and the Day of the Lord is here. Behold the mystery unveiled..

And the same as in the past, the Lord had chosen again to communicate through the humble and uneducated rather than the most learned; otherwise, His divine Word would not have been attributed to Him but to those highly learned and educated, From 1866 through 1950, the Holy Spirit of God communicated with His chosen in many houses of prayer all over Mexico and in other countries as well.

Hundred of these divine teachings were compiled and abridged into The Third Testament.