Message of Mary


Message 1

1. The spirit of Mary is among you.

2. My infinite presence, felt by those who have been able to spiritual1y prepare themselves, is truthful. It pleases me to visit my Marian people, so that they may feel my presence close to their heart, and so that they may hear my maternal voice, with the love and trust with which the small child usually hears the stories that his mother relates.

3. Listen: In that period of time, hidden among the mountains of Galilee, there existed a village called Nazareth, formed by humble houses where tranquility, simplicity and peace reigned. There, ignored and silent, awaiting her mission, lived a maiden who was the treasure of her parents.

4. They named me Mary which signifies lady, and ever since my childhood I knew that my destiny in the world was to serve the Father as the most humble of His servants. During my infancy I passed many hours devoted to prayer and meditation, in sweet ecstasy that gave strength to my heart as a woman, to enable me to resist the critical moments that waited for me. But also, like all children, I knew of infantile games, because I have always loved the children.

5. How many times my heart was moved by the innocence of the little ones who sought my company, to enjoy the tenderness that in my heart I felt for them. They were the same children who later on, would hear the Divine Master consecrate me at the foot of the cross, as the spiritual mother of Humanity.

6. The knowledge of God and of the superior things that the Lord revealed to me, allowed me to prepare many hearts, making it known to them that the time was drawing near for the coming of the promised Saviour; but never at any time did my lips reveal that I was the chosen one among all women in whom the incarnation of the Word would be consummated. I was to wait for that moment when the voice of the Father would reveal to all men my true essence through the lips of Jesus.

7. Through those silent nights of Nazareth I prayed for mankind. And how much pain took hold of my heart for those sick of body and spirit! How I grieved for those lonely hearts who suffered from the hunger and their thirst for love! My prayers were also elevated for all those who endured the cross of ungratefulness and injustice.

8. I had the presentiment, in the depth of my being, of the pain that was to pierce my heart as a mother at Calvary.

9. Oh, Nazareth, flower of Galilee, you were my small earthly homeland! There, humble as all the women, I knew of the human chores, to which I devoted myself with love and joy, submissive and obedient, recognizing that home is a temple where the spirit of the Lord dwells.

10. But another temple waited for me when I became a maiden, and it was the one which was to come for me to devote myself to the service of God, where my spirit and my flesh would become prepared and fortified in prayer and in the practice of the law. From that temple I would emerge one day to unite myself in matrimony with Joseph, the noble elderly who would be for a brief time my companion on Earth.

11. One night, transported in prayer, while conversing with the Highest, the Angel of the Lord came to me to announce that I would shortly conceive the only begotten Son of the Father. Deep in thought I contemplated the celestial apparition, but not surprised by what he had just announced to me, inasmuch as my spirit knew of the mission that he had brought to the world. Nevertheless, my heart as a woman and as a virgin wife, felt overwhelmed in the face of such grace granted to a humble creature and I prayed to give thanks.

12. From my eyes poured a torrent of tears of happiness, and also of pain, and I said to the Father: Lord, my spirit rejoices within you, my saviour, because you have done great things, because you are almighty and your name is Holy.

13. The months went by and the day drew near when the words of the spiritual emissary would be fulfilled and so I arranged the humble bedroom where my beloved Jesus, the fruit of my womb, was to be born.

14. But God had arranged everything in a different manner, and having had to depart in the company of Joseph toward Bethlehem of Judea, obeying an order from Caesar, the child was to be born far away from Nazareth.

15. Painful and lengthy was the journey for who would shortly become a mother, and useless was the search in Bethlehem for a place to rest. Not a single door was opened at my call. But everything had been prepared by the Lord, since there, on the outskirts of the city, a cavern where humble shepherds usually sought shelter with their flock, was the place selected by God for the birth of my beloved Son, the promised Messiah.

16. My children: Verily I say to you that there does not exist in your language any words which can express what my eyes contemplated in that instant when the Word, made man, was born to the light of the world and rested on my bosom. A radiant light illuminated that Being who, upon opening his eyes, enveloped me in a smile of infinite love.

17. What joy so great invaded my heart as a mother! But there was so much loneliness and poverty in our surroundings that I felt distressed. I would have liked to cover that little body in gala clothes, knowing that He was King, but I could only wrap him with my kisses of love, give him the best bedding and I could only offer Him a manger for a cradle.

18. An illustrious silence enveloped that holy night, without the lords of the Earth nor the kings of the world, asleep in lethargy and darkness, having any presentiment that the Son of God had arrived among men.

19. The shepherds of Bethlehem of simple and humble heart, were the ones who felt in the depth of their being the gentle footsteps of the newborn baby.

20. In the middle of the night, the Angel of the Lord appeared before them and he said to them: “Have no fear, as I have come to announce to you a very great joy for this village, because today was born, in the city of David, the Saviour, the Christ, the Messiah, whom you have been waiting for, and the sign is that you will find him reclining in the manger of the stable. He is the Messiah."

21. At that instant the sky became illuminated with a radiant light and an army of angels intoned in a sweet voice: "Glory be to God in the highest of the Heavens and peace on Earth to men of good will."

22. Deep in thought, enraptured, they received the divine message announced centuries before by the prophets of the Lord.

23. When the vision had passed, the shepherds, with their hearts overflowing with happiness, went forth in search of relatives and friends to give them the good news. Later, the light of the Lord guided their footsteps to the cavern, where the Son of God reposed on the padding of straw of a manger.

24. A scene of humbleness and of light was offered to the eyes of the shepherds. That child, to whom they knelt to adore, was the Man-God who had come to Earth to save mankind from the yoke of sin.

25. Oh, My Father, who in all eras has searched for simple hearts to reveal to them your high plans, knowing that the wise and powerful men disown you and deny you.

26. You, laborers of my beloved people, who come to hear your Lord, are the simple of heart whom my Father looks for in this period of time, so that you may carry the news of His new advent.

27. You men, women, elders and children who at this moment hear the voice of your Celestial Mother, are the humble hearts who have known how to listen to the voice of the Angel of the Lord in this era, announcing the spiritual presence of the Divine Master. I bless your submission to that calling of love and I compare you to the shepherds of those times, because you have not become scandalised on finding Him in the most complete humility, unaware of the worlds pomp. And for the faith that you show in the face of these revelations, the Lord wishes to repose on the bedding that you have prepared for Him in your heart.

28. I receive the gifts of love that you offer Me, converting them into peace for all the nations of the world, into caresses for the children and into strength for the men who struggle in life. I embrace within my mantle of love all the women and I wipe away the tears of all the mothers, wives, widows and the abandoned ones, who drink drop by drop their chalice of bitterness.

29. Humanity: I love you infinitely. I have no reproach against those who do not recognise me as the Mother, because I not only love those who love me or believe in me. All of you are mine and everybody will reach the presence of the Father, where you will see me with my loving arms waiting for you, to make you feel the warmth of my bosom from which you shall never turn away.

30. Oh, blessed children, beloved orphans, young ones who are confused and journey along without a course, receive my light! Maidens and young men: be strong in the face of the turmoil of life so that you will not lose your fragrance. Blessed children: receive my caress and my gifts.

31. Lonely hearts, who hunger for love and thirst for tenderness and understanding, I announce to you that soon you will find the treasure desired.

32. Toward that end I leave for you a lighted torch of faith in your existence.

About Message of Mary

This book is the abridged version of the compiled messages of Mary, the Divine Tenderness that were received by human understanding from 1866 to 1950. + More Information

The Spirit of Truth in the Third Era

The supernatural Transfiguration of Jesus Christ on Mount Tabor during the Second Era has been recorded in the Gospels as one of the most important scriptural happenings of all time. In the vision, Jesus appeared in resplendent glory accompanied by the spirits of Moses and Elijah (Math. 17:1-9).

In reality that transformation represented a spiritual fusion of the three phases of God's manifestation to mankind: The past, or First Era (Moses and the Law); the present, or Second Era (Jesus and His Law of Love); and the future, or Third Era (Elijah and His Spiritual Knowledge). furthermore, this spiritual fusion reconfirmed Elijah's role as the announced Forerunner and God's Emissary who was to prepare the way for the coming of the Spirit of Truth. (Math. 17:11).

It is written that in the final days the Lord shall return. The prophecies have fully became reality and the Day of the Lord is here. Behold the mystery unveiled..

And the same as in the past, the Lord had chosen again to communicate through the humble and uneducated rather than the most learned; otherwise, His divine Word would not have been attributed to Him but to those highly learned and educated, From 1866 through 1950, the Holy Spirit of God communicated with His chosen in many houses of prayer all over Mexico and in other countries as well.

Hundred of these divine teachings were compiled and abridged into The Third Testament.