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This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 11 of 40

Sinners, do not fear that when you come before My presence My voice will judge you before your brothers, because I will not denounce you.

Do not fear, as Magdalene did not fear when, drawing close to Me, she divested herself of the heavy burden of sins, without caring who looked at her, who heard her, or judged her. She was at peace because she knew she was no longer a woman stained by sin, but rather a sinner purified by repentance.

Imitate her, in her repentance and in her love.

Truly, truly I say to you, that there is more love in repented sinners than in those who have always considered themselves righteous.

The heart of the sinner is more sensitive when touched with the love of my word, because there are many who have sinned because they lacked love in their lives. When they have heard the Father´s voice calling them, forgiving them, healing their wounds, and understanding them, they quickly felt the Divine touch in their most sensitive fibers. Thus, they experienced the Master´s enduring patience before them.

There are many men who journey through earth, seeking a phrase or a redeeming light to comfort them in their grief, they seek someone who will speak to them of a better life and not point out their faults. However, they have not discovered such a person on earth! Thus, they withdraw from people, become hermits, and confide their secrets to no one.

Do not speak harshly to anyone, for redemption does not occur in such a manner. You will learn that a sinner should not be harmed as apunishment for his mistakes.

I tell you that if you speak to beasts with love, they will bow their heads.

Those who Have not stumbled into the abyss, are always accusing and quickly judging your fellowmen without the least pity, and that is not my Doctrine.

And you, women, who believe that you belong to a superior class and are ashamed to get near those who have sinned: Woe unto you if you feel offended or complain for that reason, because you have failed to understand that everyone is spiritually equal! How many of you have not sinned with your deeds, but have concealed your own downfalls! Therefore, if you have sinned, why do you scandalize?

I assure you that your juedgement would show more compassion, if before judging others, you would analyze yourself and your defects. You feel that those who are in prison are evil and that those in hospitals are unfortunate. You depart from them not realizing that they are also worthy of entering the kingdom of my love. You do not want to consider that they also have the right to feel the rays of the sun which I created to give life and warmth to all creatures, without exception.

Conscience in Man – Spirituality & knowledge

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 12 of 40

Humanity, if it were only the instinct that would guide all your actions in your life, your Father would not have had to reveal His Law to you, nor would He have had to come as Redeemer to save you. However, do not depend on your instinct; superior forces govern your actions and those forces are in the spirit.

The spirit enjoys the gift of freedom of will; a means through which he must earn merits to save himself.

Who guides, directs or advises the spirit during his free journey in order to distinguish what is righteous from what is unrighteous, and therefore not go astray? The conscience.

The conscience is the Divine spark; it is a superior light, and is a strength to aid man not to sin. What merit would there be in man if the conscience had earthly power, obligating him to remain within righteousness? I want you to know that the merit consist in listening to that voice, in being persuaded that it never lies, nor is mistaken in what it advises, and in faithfully obeying its dictates. As you may understand, in order to hear that voice clearly requires preparation and concentration within oneself. Who practices this obedience during the present times? You answer this yourselves.

The conscience has always manifested in man, but Humanity has not attained the necessary development to guide all his existence through that light. It has had a need for laws, teachings, precepts, religions and counsel.

When men succeed in penetrating into a communion with their spirit, and instead of seeking the spiritual in the external, would seek it within them, they would be able to hear the soft, persuasive, wise and just voice which was always vibrating within them without their listening to it, then they would realize that in the conscience is the presence of God; that it is the true means by which man must communicate with his Father and Creator.

Who do you think has given the spirit the illumination of a perfect judge to pronounce judgement on himself? The conscience, that at the moment of justice will seem to you that it shines with a clarity never seen before. And it will be the conscience the one to say to each one of you what was the good, the just, reality and the truth which took place on the Earth, and what was bad, the false hood and impureness sown along your path. The conscience has always manifested itself in man, but mankind has never reached the necessary development to guide all its life through that light. Mankind has needed laws, teachings, precepts, religion and counselling.

When men are able to penetrate in communion with their spirit and instead of seeking the spiritual towards the exterior they seek within, they will be able to hear the soft, persuasive, wise and just voice which has always been vibrating within themselves without perceiving. They will understand that the presence of God is in the conscience, and that it is the true means by which man should communicate with his Father and Creator.

I invite you all to meditate deeply on my word, and I must tell you that if after hearing me, someone should continue to consider my judgements and reclaims unjust, it will be because he was not able to penetrate in the meaning of my word, and I will have to forgive his hardness of heart and of understanding.

Spirituality for Children

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 13 of 40

I dedicate some of my words to children, whom I exhort to become strengthened in virtue and to flee the course of evil which has dragged so many hearts to the abyss.

Blessed children, I am familiar with your prayers and I understand your language. You are not taken into account by the world because you are regarded small and weak, makig the spirit secluded within you suffer.

The children of this period show me their ominous path; they tell me that the environment in which they breathe is not the most favorable one for spiritual progress, and they ask for enlightenment for their parents and teachers. Since childhood they have engaged in a battle between their spirit and their matter. Sometimes Good and reason have triumphed, but at other times matter overcomes.

At this time the children listen to Me and I speak to them in the same manner as I speak to mature men and to the elderly. Why do I not speak differently to children, since their mind is so young? Because their spirit is great, as is yours; because they can comprehend Me; because it is not the flesh to whom I speak, but rather the spirit.

For that reason I say to you: Do not ignore the children, believing that they do not see Me. Let them come! Their spirit hungers. I am going to cultivate them in the same manner as I do you. They are the generations of tomorrow who will place upon your foundation one more stone upon the work of edification, on the work of spirituality.

I say to mothers: teach children how to take their first steps spiritually as well as physically. Clear their path so that they may find me, love me, and elevate themselves. Keep in mind that every new generation that emerges will have greater spiritual progress. Make use of your intuition to guide them. Do not set any bad examples nor give them any bad fruit to eat.

Remember that children also observe you. Why do you argue in front of them? Behold that through that example, you are allowing the evil of Cain to penetrate into your children. Remember that your children are your next heirs; they will talk about what you had learned, and what you were, while in the path of your Lord and Master.

I do not want those new generations to stumble or be led astray because of you. I do not want to see them weeping because of the lack of love within their own family.

I want you to raise families who believe in only one God and to create homes that are temples where love, patience, and unselfishness are put into practice. In these homes you should be teachers of your children, surrounding them with tenderness and understanding. Give the same love to the one who appears ugly as to the one who is endowed with beauty. Not always does a beautiful face reflect a spirit of equal beauty. Or the other hand, behind those children with apparent ugliness, a spirit of great virtue whom you should appreciate, may be hidden.

Parents: Be sensitive to the spiritual progress of your children. Look after the children who have been entrusted to you with love and charity. Do not guide them toward the abyss nor cause them to fall. These spirits should not enter the Sodom and Gomorrah of this time.

No matter how many debts, or blemishes, the spirit may have, when he is in his infancy, the envelop participates in his purity and innocence. That is the time when the spirit needs all kinds of help, so as not to deviate from the path.

Cultivate the hearts of the blessed children, so that from the infancy they will love one another and know how to recognize the path of love and justice.

Teach the children to pray for mankind; their pure and innocent prayer, like the perfume of the flowers, will be elevated to Me and will also reach the hearts of those who suffer.

Once again I say to you: “Let the small children come unto Me”. Do not think that they are unable to receive me because you regard them little. Prepare the children; show them the path so they can overcome the pitfalls, and tomorrow they will take one step further than the one you have taken.

My kingdom is for those with a pure heart. Do not turn away anyone from My presence: neither the adult sinner who comes before Me to purify himself in My word; nor the child, because, though you believe he is unable to comprehend My teachings, many times he possesses a spirit more evolved than yours.

When you observe the children, do so with respect, because you do not know what spirits are hidden within; but of what you can be certain of is, that within each one of those young beings, there exists a past that involves a whole life history, and a whole life of evolution.

The spirit, while living in the infancy of his envelop, needs the help of the elders because his matter is too weak to support him. He requires tenderness, so that his heart does not become hardened, and he also needs examples and teachings to develop and strengthen him until the time comes to manifest himself.

The child intuitively knows that he is powerless to struggle for himself; and then, he places all his trust in his parents. He fears nothing when he is by their side; he expects only goodness, and he knows that he will lack nothing. Then, he discovers that within them, there exists a fountain of knowledge, of tenderness, and of life; that is why he experiences happiness in their company.

Brief explanation of reincarnation

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 14 of 40

The world will learn the truth about the resurrection of the flesh, which is the reincarnation of the spirit.

Reincarnate: to return to the world to be born again; emerging of the spirit from a human body. That is the truth regarding the resurrection of the flesh, and not the so twisted, as well as absurd interpretation you have been told. Reincarnation is a gift that God has granted your spirit so as not to be limited to the smallness of the flesh, and its fleeting existence on Earth; or to its natural weakness, but rather, proceeding from a superior nature, that spirit can take possession of many material bodies as many be necessary.

However, in the beginning, the world will combat this revelation with fury, giving it the appearance of a strange and false doctrine, in order to make men of good faith distrustful. Mankind creates legends, fantasies, and even among the most remote tribes, people hidden in the jungles, have a presentiment of the reincarnation of the spirit.

Tell Me: Who are you? Whom do you believe to be? Whom do you feel you are? What do you know about your past, and how far back is your origin? What do you know from whence you came, where you have passed through and where you are headed?

Who were you before this life? Who are you at the present time, and who will you be in the future? Those are the mysteries that correspond only for the Divine judge to know. For now it should be sufficient for you to comprehend the true significance of the Law of Reincarnation which I have revealed to you as a supreme truth.

Reincarnation is the opportunity which God, in His loving justice, offers the spirit, in order that he may recover his purity and return to the pathway. That is the manner through which he can take advantage of the experience acquired during his pilgrimage.

Thus you will understand that one existence alone on Earth, for being so short compared with the spiritual life, cannot be decisive over the eternity of the spirit. In other words, it will not even be sufficient for any of you to reach perfection within that life that would take you directly to the Kingdom of the highest spiritually, which is what you call Heaven; nor will the faults in one lifetime on Earth be enough to determinate if a spirit will lose himself in darkness, or be in pain for an eternity. That is why I established the reincarnation of the spirit as one of My laws of love and justice; to grant him a more extensive field, that will offer him all the necessary opportunities to attain his perfection.

Each existence is a brief lesson, because through any other way the opportunity for man to grasp within it the fulfillment of all my Law, would be very short, but it is necessary for you to learn the meaning of this life.

Among humanity are beings who in another era crossed the wilderness in search of a Divine promise, who heard the voice of the Father on the mount. I also discover some others who lived during the time of Jesus, beheld His deeds and heard His word; those who followed Me in the wilderness and ate the bread and fish which I gave the multitude when they ascended the mount to hear that voice, and those who were among the mobs, shouting on the day of My crucifixion. I discover those spirits.

Many of them come to hear My word, but only I know what spirit is concealed within each body. Some listen to Me with coolness, others with doubt. But there are many who show their emotions with love and joy, and they feel My essence, while others are tormented with remorse, which their flesh ignores, because many of them at that time shouted to Pilate: Crucify Him! Crucify Him! And today they weep, and in their pain they would be ready to shout with tears in their eyes: Do not crucify Him! He is the Divine Master! Well, then, if you are to return to the world, one or more times, let it be to gather pleasing fruits, cultivated by you previously, in order for your spirit to experience the satisfaction of having before him the opportunity to conclude some task already begun.

Only the one who purifies himself through love, who practices My Law, will cease to come and reincarnate in this planet.

However, he who in his last reincarnation leaves a trace of blood or of evil, he will have to return to this Earth to make amends, to restore what has been destroyed, to give life to the lifeless he left behind, and to forgive. In one word: restitute.

Science, religions and theologians will be unable to discover at this point in time, how My justice works.

Sometimes within the heart of a miserable person is concealed a spirit who in another era carried a crown upon his head, or, within a convict is hidden one who in another life deprived a nation of its freedom. The time of controversies is coming when men will manifest their eloquence, to the point of boastfulness and vanity. My word of the Second Era will again be scrutinized, and there will also be arguments about the different interpretations which have been given. Truly I say to you: From that turmoil the light will surge, and many veils will be removed and hypocrisy will be overwhelmed by the truth.

All the people on Earth perceive the mystery surrounding the past, present and future of each spirit. To some it is a theory, for others a possibility; for others it is a fantasy, and others flatly deny it. Nevertheless, I find them pondering over that truth.

Reincarnation of the spirit is one of the great truths that humanity should know. Through intuition some have a presentiment and accept and believe in it as something which could not be missing in My loving justice toward humanity.

The flesh is of this world, and here it remains, while the spirit arises free and returns to the existence from whence he emerged. “What is born of the flesh, is flesh; What is born of the spirit is spirit.” The resurrection of the flesh is the reincarnation of the spirit, and ifsome believe that to be a human theory and others believe it to be a new revelation, truly I say to you that I began to give this revelation to the world ever since the beginning of mankind. You will be able to find proof of this in the writings of the Scriptures, which are a testimony of My works.

I speak the truth. I show you the way. I reveal the reincarnation, which is the Law, in order for the spirit to perfect himself and reaches the goal of his destiny. Do you doubt it? Truly I say to you that the truth is not altered in any way by your doubts, for it continues to be the same.

I say to you, that you should never doubt for the simple reason that you do not understand. Bear in mind that if truth were only what your limited mind comprehends, nothing would exist.

During this Third Era I have brought to you the confirmation of the reincarnation of the spirit. Humanity, throughout the times, has had that intuition, and the spirit has been revealing to it this mystery to the flesh.

Today as never before, there exist among mankind the presentiment and the certainly of these manifestations, although not all dare confess it, for fear of the world.

Since the beginning of mankind the reincarnation of the spirit exists as a law of love and justice, and is one of the forms in which the Father has demonstrated His infinite clemency.

Reincarnation is not only of this period, but of all eras, and you should not believe that this mystery has just been revealed to you now.

Ever since the first eras, the intuition regarding the reincarnation of the spirit existed in man, but this humanity, seeking material sciences and world riches, allowed itself to be dominated by the passions of the flesh, thus hardening those fibers with which the spiritual is perceived, and turning themselves deaf and blind to everything which corresponds to the spirit. What is the use of posing their eyes on books that contain the Law and the Doctrine which I revealed to you during past times, if their mind is not able to penetrate in its significance, nor does their heart perceive the essence?

You must admit that sensibility and spiritual intuition are wasted in men, and that is why most of the time, while searching for My truth in those texts, they fall into erroneous interpretations. They have the light before their eyes, but instead of penetrating deeply into the teachings, they linger on the words, that is, in their form. And so, they frequently become confused. But I am here to create light in the mysteries and darkness, as well as to deliver you from confusions and errors.

Will there be someone, after listening or reading this message, who will reject it as a useless, or false teaching? I say to them that only one who finds himself in a degree of extreme materialism, or blind fanaticism, could reject this light without his spirit being moved by it.


This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 15 of 40

I told you in the Second Era not to fear death, because it does not exist; in my Creation everything lives, grows and becomes perfect. Death of the flesh is only the end of a period which the spirit goes through, in order to return to its original state and thereafter continue its path of evolution.

Do not think of death, that the unknown should not become for you an obsession.

What do you know about the Hereafter? What does man know about what exists after this life? What do you know as to why you are born and why you die?

And when death halts your heartbeats and light is turned off from your pupils, you shall wake up in a marvelous world because of its harmony, because of its order and its justice. There you shall commence to understand that God´s charity is what can compensate you for all your deeds, trials and sufferings.

Death does not exist for the spirit, death as you conceive it, that is, ceasing to exist. The death of the body cannot be the death or end for the spirit. It is there precisely where the spirit opens his eyes to a superior life, while his body closes them to the world forever. It is only an instant in the transition of the route that conduces to perfection. If you have not yet understood as such, it is because you still love this world very much and you feel tightly linked to it. You are worried to have to abandon this dwelling because you believe to be the owners of what in it you possess.

Truly I say to you that death does not exist, because the Creator is life and His deeds cannot die.

Who can say that he has come to Me in spirit at the precise moment when the timepiece of eternity called him? No one, because many times you cut short your existence, aging prematurely, deteriorated sometimes by causes which are not worthy of one of your tears or a single one of your gray hairs.

Do not forget that within Me, you have had your beginning, and that the end will also be within Me; and that end is eternity, because death of the spirit does not exist.

Your spirit gives you a premonition that when he penetrates in that life that awaits him beyond this world, he will have to continue struggling to ascend. Meditating on this, you come to experience a certain sadness when you consider that rest does not exist when human life terminates. That sadness does not come from the spirit but from the flesh, which is fragile and small, because its nature is not eternal and it tends to become frightened before eternity.

The spiritual rest, according to how your physical body understands and conceives it, does not exist. The rest that awaits the spirit is the activity, the multiplication of doing good and not wasting one instant. Then the spirit rests. His remorse and woes become lighter, and he takes pleasure in doing good. He rests loving his Creator and his brethren.

Truly I say to you, that if I left your spirit to remain inactive just so that he would rest, according to the way you conceive rest to be on Earth, he would be seized by the tenebrae of despair and anguish, because the life and the light of the spirit, as well as his greatest happiness, is the work, the struggle, and the incessant activity.

Here on earth, your spirit does feel oppressed, since in it, everything is limited and fleeting. Here he must be tired of so much sin and so much impurity as it exists in human life. But it is not a weariness like the one that burdens the flesh, rather a loathing of all the wrong, a repulsion for all the impurity, a tiredness of fighting and suffering many times for frivolities or unjustified causes.

Your flesh thinks about rest, because it is fragile; but for the spirit rest would be his worst punishment since the best reward is to be active, to work, to struggle; because within this he glorifies the Father by imitating his God, who never rests, sleeps and who never gets tired. Fatigue does not exist in the spirit who is in full in evolution; neither does the night, hunger nor thirst.

Many men, skeptical in their materialism, smile ironically when they are told about the spiritual life; but the moment of death will come, the one where there is no heart that is not fearful, nor spirit who does not tremble before the imminent presence of eternity.

I only say to you: The sun does not rise nor sets one instant before of after that which is marked by the Creator. Everything is governed by and infallible law. Therefore, you shall not dwell one second longer than what is already marked in your destiny.

Only when you have felt the footsteps of death nearby; when you have been gravely ill; when you have suffered, that is, when you believe to be a step away from the beyond, from that justice, you only fear during those trying moments, then you make promises and vows to the Father to love Him, to serve Him, and obey Him on Earth.

Do not wait for death to surprise you without preparedness. What have you prepared when you return to the spiritual life? Do you wish to be caught unawared while you are still manacled with chains to the material things, passions and wordly posessions? Do you want to enter the Hereafter with eyes closed without finding the pathway, taking the imprint in the spirit of this life´s fatigue? Prepare yourselves disciples and then you will not fear the arrival of death to the body.

Depart from this world without tears. Do not leave sorrow in the hearts of your loved ones. Set yourselves free when the moment comes, leaving on your face a smile of peace which expresses the liberation of your spirit.

The death of your body does not separate you from those who have been entrusted to your care, nor does it remove you from the spiritual responsibility that you have for those who were your parents, brothers or children.

If man was always healthy, how could he die? To this I respond, that it is not necessary that your body be ill to stop living; it is enough for the heart to stop beating, when the hour has come, for it to cease to exist.

The divine law of restitution

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 16 of 40

How very important it is that this Humanity comes to acquire the knowledge of what spiritual restitution signifies, so that knowing that the spirit bears a past that only God knows, will accept with love, patience, respect, and even joy, the chalice of bitterness, realizing that it is cleansing past or present blemishes, and is settling accounts and attaining merits with regard to the Law!

The time of restitution and purification had to come, even if centuries had to pass by this world, and your spirit had to await that hour. And now that time is here. This is it. Understand it, live it, and take advantage of it.

Blessed are those who take advantage of this period as a restitution, for they will come out unharmed from that struggle. However, those who still love the wealth of the Earth and ambition first places, and the glory of the word, will have to endure their restitution with greater pain in the spirit.

Today I say to those whom I have named beginners and disciples during this period, that no one will reach Me without first having travelled the pathway pointed out to his spirit for his complete evolution. This period is of restitution and justice. Only I know the judgement of each one; every previous fault will be atoned, it suffices to say to you that he who yesterday killed his fellowmen, has now had to return to resurrect the dead.

Fulfill your destiny. Do not wish your return to Me without first travelled the road which I outlined for you, because you would experience the pain of contemplating flaws in your spirit which he was unable to cleanse, because he did not reach the end of his restitution. The reincarnations have passed over you, and many of you have not value the infinite grace and love with which the Father has entrusted you. Behold that the bigger the number of opportunities, the greater your responsability will be, and if these opportunities are not put to good use, there will be an increase of restitution and justice in each one. That is a burden whose unbearable weight many beings cannot explain, and only My doctrine can reveal it.

Let it be My word that will free you of blemishes and impurities, and remain ready for suffering to purify you. There in the profoundness of My word, you will be able to find all you need to understand the perfect form of practicing My doctrine and to have faith to fulfill your restitution.

When you become tormented by grave problems, overwhelmed by poverty or filled with anguish by the grief of your ordeals, you seek within My word some phrase for your afflictions; some word which will indicate that My gaze has found you and that I am hearing your voices. Then I touch your heart, providing you that nothing is hidden from Me. I bestow My peace upon you. I give you the exquisite nourishment of My teachings and send you forth, strengthened anew along the path of life, of struggle, and restitution.

When a man tends to believe that his faults have no forgiveness, he deviates more and more from the pathway. Oh! If he only knew that an instant of sincere repentance could save him, leading him toward his restitution, and that the more distant he believes to be from My Divinity, only one step separates him, and that step is his repentance.

Do you not hear My voice? Do you not feel that I come as a most loving Father; as a faithful friend? You sleep, and that is why you do not hear My calling. How can you expect to hear My steps if I come on a “cloud”?

I have not forced anyone to follow Me, nor have I threatened anybody for not doing so. Certainly the law of restitution exists which each one causes for himself, so that his spirit may evolve and attain his purity and his light. However, the hell of eternal fire and Divine punishment does not exist. Do not interpret erroneously that in which past eras has been said in a figurative meaning.

The ordeals which you encounter along your path have not ocurred by chance. I have allowed them so you can earn merits. The leaf of a tree does not move without My will, and I am also within the great works of Creation as well as the smallest ones. Be watchful and pray so that you will understand what fruit you should gather from each ordeal, in order for your purification to be shortened. Bear your cross with love and I will make it possible for you to endure your restitution with patience.

I contemplate everyone with love and I say to you, that during this era I have not only come to caress you and grant you My peace, but I also come to teach you, to make you understand that you are holders of spiritual gifts with which you should help mankind in its tribulation, to guide it toward its final restitution.

If you wish to dwelve deeper into the reason for your ordeals, remember that you are in the time of restitution of all your past faults. When you have faith in what I am explaining to you, a sweet conformity and an infinite peace will invade your being, knowing that I am the only One who knows of your past and can judge it with love.

No one escapes My justice. I am judging the living and the dead; but truly I say that if you do not rise to practice My doctrine with truth and purity, the justice of men will judge you. How much has mankind defiled itself! The blood of the Lamb showed men the path of evolution of the spirit through which they should travel to restitute for committed sins but despite that Divine blood, you have sinned again. The world has captivated you, but I have come to claim what belongs to Me.

Accept your destiny. Be satisfied with what you possess, have patience. Why do you sometimes lose your calm and sink into despair? Because you forget your beginning, as well as the debts which you must restitute.

Allow your spirit to understand, and be satisfied with his restitution, and you will feel that the light will penetrate within your inner self, filling you with hope, strength and happiness.

Who is God?

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 17 of 40

Who is God, where is he? Man has always struggled to reach an understanding of the truth.

In the beginning he attributed everything to Nature, but later on, by observing and meditating, he began thinking that it was not possible that so many marvels and perfect works could surge from nothingness; that there had to exist a creative force, an intelligence and a superior power. Within that belief the faith of men was assured, who at the same time created worships and rituals to venerate the One from who all creatures emerged.

New questions surged from the human heart: Who is God? What is He like? Does He really exist or not? These and other questions were asked among men regarding My existence and My essence, though I have always responded to every call and every question.

I am all that you still cannot understand in all its fullness, for you still dwell in the flesh, and possesing in it a limited mind, you analyze Me in accordance with your materialism. Cease to study Me outside the path which My Law points out, because that would only be misleading you from the pathway.

God has no form, for if He had, He would be a limited being, as the human being is; then He could not be God.

There is no form in My spirit, just as there is no form in intelligence, love or wisdom.

Do not try to seek Me with the poor and limited knowledge you posses at this time, for with it you will confuse yourselves.

Why is that being within you, you are unable to feel Me far beyond all that is material? But truly I say to you, that I am in everything and everywhere. Why should you always search for Me outside of you, when I am also within your own self?

There are some who say that God does not exist and others, while confessing in believing in His existence, show no interest. And one or the other ignoring they carry Him within do not know they cannot live without Him.

When your intelligence leads you to the beginning of life and there you get to discover how creatures are born and transformed, you will marvel while understanding the explanation of so many of my teachings. You will then discover that God manifested in everything, from the imperceptible beings within your gaze, up to the worlds and major stars.

Search for My presence within the works I have carried out, and you will find me at every step. Strive to hear Me, and you will hear me in that powerful voice which emerges from everything created, because I find no difficulty in manifesting Myself through the beings of creation. In much the same way that I manifest myself in a star, in the fury of a storm, I can do it in the gentle light of daybreak. And in the same manner that I allow My voice to be heard through a melodious trill of a bird, I can express it through the fragance of flowers. And each expression of Mine, each phrase, each of My works, speaks to you of love, of a fulfillment toward the laws of justice, of wisdom, of eternity in the spirit.

Men have always lost their balance of justice and truth. They had touched the extremes.

During past times you worshipped God in all material forms placed before your eyes; in the stars, in the elements and the idols made by your own hands. Today man feels greatness; he exhalts his personality, and he feels ashamed to speak of God, calling Him by other names, in order not to jeopardize his arrogance, so as not to descend from the pedestal of his position. That is why they call Me: Cosmic Intelligence, Arquitect of the Universe; however, I have taught you to call Me: Our Father! just as I taught you during the Second Time. Why, after calling Me Father, men believe to lower themselves or lessen their personality?

Nobody should be ashamed to call God, the Creator, “Father”, because that is His real name.

Some say: God is in heaven; others: God dwells in the Beyond; but they know not what they say, nor do they know in what to believe. Certainly I dwell in the Heavens of light, of power, of love, of wisdom, of justice, of happiness and perfection.

I am the Beyond, yes; but beyond human sin, beyond materialism, arrogance and ignorance. For that reason I say that I come to you, because I come toward your smallness, for I speak to you in a way that your senses are able to feel Me and your mind understands Me; not because I come from other worlds or mansions, for My Spirit dwells everywhere.

I am all Spirit, and I am present in all My works. If you look for me in everything that surrounds you on Earth, in the air, in space, in the light, there you will see Me. If you seek My presence in the most insignificant creature, in the leaf of the tree that moves by the breeze, or in the fragance of a flower, there you will find Me. You will discover there and everywhere a trace of love in which the Creator demonstrates all His works.


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Learn to forgive whoever has offended you. I told Peter that if he were offended by his brother seventy times seven, he should forgive him the same amount of times. By this, I wanted Peter to understand that he should always forgive his brother, whether the harm was small or great. How many beings have moved along through this world calling themselves Christians without being able to forgive at least once during their lifetime!

Learn to forgive the defects of your brother. If you are unable to correct their faults, at least be tolerant with your brethren.

Eliminate your pride so that you may practice humility with your brethren. Humility represents triumph, and vanity represents defeat, even though you may value these two things differently on earth.

Be watchful always so that you are able to forgive with your heart whoever offends you. Meditate beforehand, for whoever offends his brother does so because he lacks enlightenment. And I say to you that forgiveness is the only way that can bring enlightenment to those hearts.

Anger born from vengeance increases darkness and attracts suffering. How could you not forgive someone who does not understand what he has done? He is not aware of his deed because he is ignorant of the fact that the wrong that he is doing to himself.

Once again I say to you, examine yourself carefully, and thus you will begin to feel more compassion, understanding, and brotherly love toward humanity, for you still consider disgusting the deeds of others simply because you have forgotten your own faults. But when you become aware of your own faults and mistakes, then you will understand my love, that love which awaits and forgives you. Then you will have no choice but to say: If my Father has forgiven me after having offended Him so much, I, too, am binded over to forgive my brethren.

I divide those who have tried to practice forgiveness into three groups. The first one consists of those who have forgotten my teachings and do not hold back when they are offended. They are confused and avenge themselves, returning blow for blow. This group has been overcame by temptation and are slaves of their passions.

The second group consists of those who, when offended, remembering my example, close their mouth, and hold back their impulses. Then they say to me: Lord, they have offended me, but I have forgiven them instead of avenging myself. But I, who penetrates into the depths of human heart discover in that individual a desire for me to avenge him and to carry out my justice upon his brother. This group is in full battle.

The third group, the smallest, is the one who imitates Jesus. When they are offended, they elevate themselves toward the Father filled with pity for their brethren and tell me: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

Religions – Divine or human creation?

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Where is the true wisdom? And I say to you: It is in God. Which is the true religion? And the Master answers: He who loves Me and loves his brother, has found the truth and has complied with the Law.

Every religion that teaches righteousness and love, and extols charity, is good because it harbours the light of truth, but when within them, man degenerates and converts into evil what was good at the beginning, then the path is lost between materialism and sin.

There you have a humanity languishing in their religions without taking a step towards the light, because they have not submitted to what the Divine Law ordains. Instead, they have attempted to conform it to their will, filling it with myhts and errors.

As such, I behold all churches, all religions, all sects that man has created upon the face of the Earth. They are so involved in materialism, fanaticism, idolatry, mysticism and profanations!

What do I receive from all this? Only the intention. However, not because I can receive the good intentions of mankind, will I allow them to eternally remain in darkness, involved in their idolatry and fanaticism.

Do the religions believe they are complying with the maxim of loving one another, recognizing only their followers and excluding those who belong to another sect?

Today I have come to free you from your spiritual stagnation, because for some time mankind have slept profoundly in a state of religious fanaticism, idolatry, false sects and materialism, with which they have wanted to substitute the practice of love for one another, charity, forgiveness, and all that is derived from the same Law.

Do not confuse the Law with the religions or forms that you may have to interpret that Law.

Do not be a preserver of habits, forms or traditions, because you will remain submerged for centuries in the lethargy of fanaticism and ignorance. On the other hand, be upholders of the Law and of the truth.

I see the great temples, the great religious organizations, the pomp and the riches; the splendor and the power, but I do not see spiritual magnificence; I do not see a gala of virtues; I do not see any spiritual might that is part of My universal power. I do not discern that might that should be part of My universal power; and, I can only say that men have built on sand, like foolish ones, and have not been able to construct on the solid rock, upon which men should have raised the true church for their Lord and God. And I also say to you: Of all that greatness, of all that power, no stone will remain one upon the other.

No one should believe that I have come to take away the gifted, the faithful or the followers from the different religions. No, but the hour has come when a new Era makes its appearance, stirring forgotten lessons; erasing customs, beliefs and useless traditions; purifying and divesting the spirit of all falsehood in order to give man the true bread of the spirit which he has always exchanged for rituals.

How much will you have to fight against the idolatry and the fanaticism of the different religions, warning you that this is the greatest poison that could surprise all men on Earth!

Observe how the spirit of all Humanity has awakened. See how all their congregations are touched. Observe in each religion, in each sect, a kingdom, a dominion, and all those kingdoms will rise calling each other for unification, and because not one will be disposed to humble itself and come forward on the calling of the others, the conflict will come.

The words of love will disappear to give way to the anathemas, the threats, the condemnations, and the excommunications. All this you will have to contemplate, oh my children!

The tongues will loosen, the human passions will become unleashed, everyone will use My name, My word, and My laws to cause a war against one another, to combat each other, to exterminate and humble one another.

Be on the alert, my people! Because Humanity will rise against their own idols, their fanaticism and their traditions, and a movement will begin among religions toward the beginning of spirituality.

I know that many will be scandalized when they learn about this word, but it will be those who in their confusion may not wish to recognize that there exists in man a spiritual part besides his human nature, or those who, relying on the spirit clinging on to the routine of their traditions and their beliefs, will deny that there exists a road of infinite evolution for the spirit.

The Scriptures – The rightful interpretation

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Humanity, where are you going? You are guided by those whom you admire as great teachers of the sacred revelations, but whom I perceive as confused.

Not all who preach along the streets and roads of life, speaking of the events of past eras, interpreting the prophecies or explaining revelations, are my messengers. Many of them, because of vanity, ill will and human interests, have utilized those teachings to offend, to judge, to humiliate, to injure, and to destroy.

It is time that you interpret correctly my parables and teachings which I have revealed to you through symbols. Thus, their significance can penetrate into your spirit and their symbolic forms can disappear.

Once you achieve that understanding, you will develop true faith, for you will have strengthened it with the truth.

Humanity has inaccurately interpreted my parables and teachings literally, giving material meaning to my teachings. It has given a material or human form to everything Divine.

Because of the material interpretation that man has given to my revelations, many beliefs about spiritual life are far from the truth.

Thus, how can man give a true interpretation to that which I call Kingdom of Heaven? How can he understand My justice, when he believes that there is a hell which his imagination has created? And when he will accept and understand that the law of reincarnation is not a simple theory? It is also not something false that only a few men believe, but rather a law of eternal justice and loving restitution. Through reincarnation the spirit has the opportunity to be purified, perfected, molded, and elevated.

Throughout the times those writings left by my disciples have been adulterated, changed by man. That is why there is disagreement among the religions. But I have come to clarify all of my teachings in order to unite humanity into only one light and only one will.

The scriptures of the past could reveal to you what I repeat to you today, but man has dared to falsify my truths to spread them adulterated. And there you have a spiritually sick, weary, and abandoned humanity.

Behold the material interpretation that you have given my revelations of the First and Second Eras, when in reality they only speak of the divine and the spiritual. Behold how you confuse material nature with spirituality. Thoughtlessly, you convert that which is profound and elevated into something that is superficial and lowly. And why have you done it this way? Because, wanting to do something for the work of God, you seek a way of adapting my doctrine to your material life and human needs that is what you believe are your best interests.

Those who live studying the scriptures of past eras, and who have divided into various sects and congregations because of differences in their interpretation of the word of God, will become unite through spirituality. As their analysis and interpretation of my scriptures becomes elevated, they will discover the true essence of my teachings. In the past, they had always given a human and material meaning to the divine revelations.

Man has dedicated himself to scrutinize the past testaments, torturing his mind in his analysis and interpretation of the prophecies and promises. Those who have come closest to the truth are the ones who have found the spiritual meaning of my teachings. Those who persist in a material interpretation and who do not know or refuse to discover the spiritual meaning of my manifestations, will experience confusions and deceptions like those suffered by the Jewish people when the Messiah came. They had expected and imagined his arrival to be in a manner different from that which He, in reality, arrived.

When you renounce your fanaticism, which is what blinds and prevents you from perceiving the truth, you will begin to understand. Then you shall behold the contents of my revelations of the present and past emerge before you in its full light. And then you will regard as perfect justice what you called a mystery. You will also give an eternal value to what is unchangeable, and give to what is human and temporary its proper importance.

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