The Forerunner


Counsel 1

1. I am Elijah, the prophet of the First Era and of the transfiguration on Mount Tabor. Prepare yourselves for you have been given the knowledge of the Seven Seals, and the doors of mystery have been opened so that you may contemplate the path of your salvation.

2. Behold the word of God fulfilled, pronounced since remote times by His prophets.

3. Be it known that there is joy in the celestial mansions and that it is the Divine Master, the Sacrificed Lamb, whom John beheld in his revelation, who has opened the Sixth Seal with His most powerful and perfect hand, and with it, the Third and last of the eras.

4. The light of the Sixth candlestick illuminates you, Humanity.

5. “Voice of the One who speaks in the wilderness, prepare the way for the Lord,” the prophet announced, and here I am, preparing the coming of my Lord, of your Heavenly Father, the Great Yahve, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God who spoke to Moses in the Sinai, and delivered the Law to His people.

6. So here, then, the promise is fulfilled, and He returns, surrounded by His angels, to reveal every mystery and to show the path of salvation to every spirit; for it is in this period of time that the prophecy shall be fulfilled that “Every flesh will see Him, and every spirit will feel Him.”

7. Therefore be prepared, Oh Israel, to receive your Lord and God, for the era of the Holy Spirit has now begun among you.

8. Twenty-two precepts are the legacy of the envoys of the Three Eras, precepts that clarify and explain to you the Law of God, so that you may guide yourselves during your human existence in accordance with them.

9. These 22 precepts form, in their unity, the Law, and they are formed by the explanation of the Commandments that God delivered through Moses, the envoy of the First Era; through the teaching of Jesus, the envoy of the Second Era, and by the precepts through Elijah, the envoy of the Third Era, which are revealed to the people of Israel through Roque Rojas, as a prelude toward the opening of the Sixth Seal, and the third of the Eras, the first of September of 1866, in this Mexican Nation.

And these precepts are:

1st. You shall love your God above everything created.

2nd. You shall not speak evil about your brethren, even though you might have a motive to do so. It is for God to defend your cause if it is a just one.

3rd. You shall not love any religion which does not recognise in Mary the maternal essence of God who has always existed, and you shall be charitable to your brethren whoever they are.

4th. You shall love your parents after God, and your children in the same manner; for the first, veneration and respect, and for the second, charity and good example in everything.

5th. You shall not swear nor hold God as a witness to a lie.

6th. You shall not work on the seventh day, for that day is for prayer and rest.

7th. You shall not take the woman of your brother as if she were your own wife, nor shall you do harm to those who are not of your brothers.

8th. Do not dedicate yourself to usury, causing grave harm with it.

9th. Do not drink beverages that will intoxicate you, nor shall you use any element of Creation that will cloud your senses and submit you to lower passions.

10th. You shall not engage in a ruinous occupation that will take away the morality and protect the vices.

11th. You shall not defend civil war, thus dividing your brethren, nor shall you take part in foreign wars. You are only permitted to participate in activities of war if your nation is the one invaded and the government of that nation, whichever it is, would order it for their defense; and even then, you must comport yourself with the greatest charity and you will have no enemies, because you all are children of the same Father.

12th. Do not commit infanticide of children who are about to be born, because if you do, the Holy Spirit will demand accounting from you.

13th. Do not treat the poor harshly or severely, whoever they are.

14th. You shall not curse anything created.

15th. You shall not despise those who suffer illnesses you regard as revolting.

16th. You shall not speak badly of persons in public, thus causing their disgrace.

17th. You shall not abandon your children to strange hands, and you can only do so in your extreme necessity, and only when the proper conduct of the benefactor is known.

18th. You shall not force children to do any work that will teach them vices.

19th. You shall not advise or teach your brethren stories and tales which are not true; and you shall not speak out nor propagate the evil that your brothers say they do.

20th. You shall not keep for yourself what belongs to others.

21st. You shall visit the sick and comfort them.

22nd. You shall not bear arms against your brethren or kill them, either with weapons or civil death.

11. If you proceed accordingly, and if you impart charity and more charity, your Shepherd says to you, you shall behold my Father in all His splendour.

12. Men and women of all ages will come before the presence of the Divine Master, and the word of the Father will reveal to each one the gifts he bears in his spirit, as well as the mission he has to fulfill.

13. Only He can do these things, for only He is the One who has donated to the spirit.

14. My Father has compared me to a Shepherd, and He has sent me to seek the lost and strayed spirits from the pathway of light. Those spirits, some incarnated and others free of the matter, are to the Father like sheep whom He dearly loves and, for that reason, He wants them rescued and led to His bosom of perfection, which is the Divine fold where He awaits the arrival of His flock.

15. Elijah tells you: Get to know me, too. Penetrate into My messages and manifestations which I have brought to you during three eras by the will of the Father.

16. Envision me during the First Era struggling against the darkness of paganism and of idolatry, causing the ray of light of the true God to descend upon the holocaust, in order to open the eyes of the people toward the truth.

17. Behold me ascend in spirit toward the heavens in a chariot of fire, and from there communicate and speak through the spirit of Elisha, as an announcement of the things that were to come in the course of time.

18. Study the life of the Baptist, and in that forerunner you will find and understand, besides, that through it, the Father revealed to you the divine, perfect, and just law of the reincarnation of the spirit.

19. The spirit of prophecy is spread upon every spirit, so that you may have a vision of the eternity that awaits you.

20. The spiritual intuition, dormant for such a long time, will awaken and perceive all that is to come.

21. Now I come in spirit and I will make my presence felt among mankind, by combating with the fire of truth, idolatry, materialism, arrogance, and imposture.

22. I shall make way through thorns and thistles for the flock who, with gentleness, confidence, and faith, will follow me along the path of spirituality that leads toward the Father.

23. The struggle draws near; however, the divine power will be great upon the spirits so that they may triumph over the flesh, over the passions, and over evil.

24. I have not come to destroy nor put the spirits to death; instead, I have come to exterminate sin with the fire of justice of the Father. However, I say to you, that if in order to save a spirit, it is necessary for his body to succumb, that is within the justice of Divine love.

25. If these things confuse you here on Earth where a human body is considered as most sacred, in turn, a spirit who has been wrested from a body which carries him toward the abyss, once in the spiritual valley, he gives infinite thanks to his Father for having been rescued from the precipice, even when, for that reason, the flesh had to suffer.

26. It is true that Humanity is draining a cup that, being so bitter, deeply touches the very heavens. However, after the purification that man has brought upon himself, the resurgence of the spirit will come, and with it the renewal of virtue, of fraternity, and a worship agreeable to the Father.

27. My flock: observe how you have been given a name which represents gentleness, obedience, and humility; be therefore, the sheep of Elijah, and I, your Shepherd, shall take you by the hand or upon my shoulder to the presence of the Eternal in this Era.

28.I truly know you and there is no need of any material insignia, for I know that it is upon your spirit where the Father has placed His seal, His mark.

29. Upon presenting myself before you, manifesting myself through a human spokesman a communication that I verify in fulfillment of the mandate of my Father  I salute you, oh chosen ones of God, called upon by the Father in this period of time!

30. It is my spirit who seeks you, who calls you, who prepares the pathway for you, and the one who tests you to prepare your arrival before the presence of the Master, through His word.

31. He is the One who chooses you. It is He who elects and grants you gifts, entrusts you missions or gives you responsibilities. I come to help you in your preparation toward spirituality, with the purpose of converting your being into a sanctuary where the essence of the Divine word is to be preserved.

32. Be aware that that essence is the power with which you will perform miracles, when you travel tomorrow along the pathway preaching and fulfilling your mission.

33. Anyone who allows that essence to penetrate within his spirit, will be capable of undertaking the pathway of elevation leading toward the Heavenly Father.

34. My destiny is to destroy the darkness of ignorance, that ignorance that has been the mother of fanaticism, of idolatry, of the superstitions, and of all vices and errors.

35. Observe the trail of My passing upon the Earth, and you will end up realizing that not only today, but rather in all eras, the mission of Elijah has been that of a Shepherd who guides a flock toward the Divine fold.

36. Between God and you, I find myself fulfilling the mission as intermediary, as forerunner, as a prophet and spiritual advisor of every being who needs the help of a strong spirit.

37. My loving flock: behold the word that comes from God; the word of the Master now draws near, and you will feel in its Divine essence, His presence and His omnipotence.

41. Contemplate Nature, observe the vegetation and you will realise that in it are the tiny plants which are of use to you as food and balsam.

42. Behold the sun king which day by day illuminates your Earth, and that day by day gives you warmth and life; and all this is because of the infinite love of the Father manifested in Nature, in His creation. It is the love of the Father for humanity, manifested through the elements of Creation.

43. The Father has not come to see your sin, just as He does not contemplate within you the treachery which you have reserved for Him in the future, because He is love and infinite forgiveness. However, in the same way that the Father loves you and forgives you, likewise should you also be charitable toward your brethren.

44. I am the Shepherd who has come to announce to mankind the true nature of human life so that peace may now reign within your hearts, thus liberating you from worry and pain, removing you away from anxiety and uneasiness.

45. Understand that you yourselves are the ones who bring about all those things disturbing you. Never say that the imperfections derive from the Father; all that pours from Him and what He gives you is love and protection, light and charity; take these things, because nothing bad can come from the Father.

46. If you experience chaos on Earth, if you feel pain in your heart, scrutinise even the most intimate part of your being, and in that manner you will know where the imperfection lies, where the pain is, and you will clearly understand that you yourselves are the authors of that pain and that death.

47. Humanity: You have not practiced the laws He left for His children; you have not earned merits. Is it, perhaps, that you do not want to reach the presence of the Father and to be welcomed and forgiven?

48. You are going through life with your mind set on material things. If you would only dedicate the five minutes the Father asks of you to elevate yourselves, He would provide you with strength and sustenance for the journey.

49. Beloved followers, pray for all those who are also your brothers; they are sons of the Father and the charity of the Father shall also reach them.

50. Israel, observe those who, for a moment, have forgotten the Creator, attributing the greatness on the Earth to their own intelligence, and to their own knowledge. Look at them; behold them confused, because they have not understood that everything has been created by the will of the Father and that He is the only One who bestows upon humanity.

51. Women: You know how to elevate your thought to the Father, and you also know how to appeal to the intercessor, to Her, the Mother, who prays for you and who blesses you women who suffer greatly and who offer me your heart filled with worries and suffering; you have understood the pain and know how to pray; you know how to plead for your fellow being, for the one who suffers, for the one who sheds tears and finds himself asking for charity from the Father.

52. Blessed children, beloved lambs, who are beginning your journey on this Earth, to you I say: be careful not to walk upon those paths filled with mire, nor allow your heart to enter into the caverns of darkness. Learn at a tender age that your footsteps should be in righteousness, because you shall restitute for every fault in spirit and in truth. Learn to appreciate the ordeals and suffering, because it is within that suffering that your spirit thinks of the Father. That is why I say to you, bless that pain, because that suffering hanging over you allows your spirit to evolve, in order to attain forgiveness and the grace of God.

53. And you, the parents, guide the children who are beginning to walk upon the Earth with tender steps; those hearts whom the Father has entrusted in your care, preparing them, so that they will not bear ill will, and so that they will always be unselfish and resigned with what the Father provides for them, for truly I say to you: unconformity along your path will gain you nothing, and you will only succeed in creating a pang of pain within your hearts. Elevate your thought and ask the Father that your guidance be filled with light and perfection.

54. He who heeds the words of my Father and understands them, will never thirst along his way again, because his spirit will have become satisfied in the waters pouring from the true fountain of Jacob.

55. You are the favoured ones, and in your spirit you bear greatness. You possess the gifts and the light of the Holy Spirit.

56. Good will is all you need so that when you receive your brother's grief, you will pass on to him whatever the will of the Father disposes for him, knowing that everything that comes from the Father is good and is perfect.

57. Beloved sheep and lambs, on this day of grace allow the words of the Forerunner to be engraved in your hearts, so that your good intentions enlightens them and gives courage to the heart of your brethren.

About The Forerunner

This book is the abridged version of the compiled counsels of Elijah the Prophet, the forerunner, that were received by human understanding from 1866 to 1950. + More Information

The Spirit of Truth in the Third Era

The supernatural Transfiguration of Jesus Christ on Mount Tabor during the Second Era has been recorded in the Gospels as one of the most important scriptural happenings of all time. In the vision, Jesus appeared in resplendent glory accompanied by the spirits of Moses and Elijah (Math. 17:1-9).

In reality that transformation represented a spiritual fusion of the three phases of God's manifestation to mankind: The past, or First Era (Moses and the Law); the present, or Second Era (Jesus and His Law of Love); and the future, or Third Era (Elijah and His Spiritual Knowledge). furthermore, this spiritual fusion reconfirmed Elijah's role as the announced Forerunner and God's Emissary who was to prepare the way for the coming of the Spirit of Truth. (Math. 17:11).

It is written that in the final days the Lord shall return. The prophecies have fully became reality and the Day of the Lord is here. Behold the mystery unveiled..

And the same as in the past, the Lord had chosen again to communicate through the humble and uneducated rather than the most learned; otherwise, His divine Word would not have been attributed to Him but to those highly learned and educated, From 1866 through 1950, the Holy Spirit of God communicated with His chosen in many houses of prayer all over Mexico and in other countries as well.

Hundred of these divine teachings were compiled and abridged into The Third Testament.