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144,000: The Chosen of the Holy Spirit

“And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand (144,000) of all the tribes of the children of Israel.” Holy Bible — King James Version Book of Revelation 7:4


Who are the 144000 chosen?

It was written by the mercy of God and announced by John the prophet, that in the plentitude of the Sixth Seal, the chosen of the Lord would be marked.

I have fulfilled what is written and announced by the prophet; be assured also of everything I say to you now.
During the Second Era, there were twelve disciples who spread My Doctrine throughout the world. In the Third Era, twelve thousand of each tribe will be the ones to make My teaching of truth and love known to all mankind.

144,000 (0ne hundred and forty-four thousand) incarnated and discarnated spirits will open the way during this period. They will be forerunners, prophets, and messengers. They are the ones marked by Me to go before the multitudes.

To these chosen ones has been revealed the name of the tribe to which they belonged during the First Era, so that they may realize that since then, they made a covenant with their God, and have followed the path of the Father long ago; but during this period all names of the tribes have disappeared, for it is not the Lord who sets boundaries to divide men.

Your presence before this manifestation has not been by chance. My voice summoned you along the pathways and guided you here. Now you know that you have come to recognize the mission that you have to fulfill on Earth. In My word you have learned what is your beginning and what is your ending. You have had the revelation that you are a part of the people who have received the manna of the spirit during three eras.

The 144,000 are the marked ones in this Third Era. A legion of spirits, a group that My charity has designated and selected in all Eras to assign them a special mission, a responsibility before the others.

Many have been chosen, but others, along the journey of their own existence, will be taken by surprise and to them will be revealed, either by My Divine Spirit or through you; that they belong to the 144,000 and the sign that I shall give you that the number is complete, will cause a great commotion in your planet. That commotion, that event, will not be long in coming.

Woe! Woe betide the Universe in that instant, verily the Father says to you, because with it I will let Mankind know that something supernatural is happening; that there is something far beyond the elements, the will of man, taking place. The greater part of Humanity, fearful, will enter into prayer and repentance.

Where are those 144,000? Elijah is reuniting them, without it being an obstacle that some are in spirit, and others are incarnated. All will be united spiritually in this Divine Work.

You will be witnesses of great events, many of which will surprise you, but I will enlighten you with My lessons, so that you will never be confused. Study My word, for it will inspire love toward your Father and your brethren. It is not necessary for you to belong to the 144,000, to be able to serve the Father or be named disciples of the Master. Those who form a part of this number, are just the ones who will open the way and be as guardians of My Work.

The people of Israel, named the people of God by the prophets and patriarchs of the First Eras, is a symbol of the universal family. It is a people formed by beings who were wisely chosen according to My plans, which I have used as an instrument to bring My lessons to mankind; like a book opened before man; a book which speaks of spiritual and material evolution, of Divine revelations, of prophecies, of human interpretations, of the rights and wrongs of these people, of splendor and decadence, of liberty and slavery, of light and darkness.

These people will no longer have a Promised Land in the world. Their mission is to seek the strays and reanimate the weak, to show them the path of the wilderness, and find behind it the doors to the New Jerusalem, the spiritual city, where you will dwell eternally with your Master.

The chosen 144,000 have the mission to keep watch zealously over My Law, to reanimate the people in their journey; to defend the faith. They will be warriors of peace, teachers within My wisdom, doctors for all illnesses; comforters and prophets.

To extend My work in this Third Era, I have come to choose from among the great multitudes, 144,000 spirits, placing upon them a mark with a kiss of Divine light, not a kiss of betrayal, nor a seal of some pact that places your spirit in danger.

My mark is the sign that the Holy Spirit deposits in His chosen ones to fulfill a great mission in this Third Era. He who possesses this seal is not exempt from dangers; on the contrary, he is more tempted and more tested than the others are.

Remember each one of the twelve chosen by Me in that Second Era and you will confirm what I am telling you. Among those there were moments of doubts, of weakness, of confusion, and there was even one who betrayed Me handing Me over to My executioners with a kiss.

The mark means mission, charges, and responsibility before God. It is not a guarantee against the temptations or the illnesses; if it were so, what merits would there be in My chosen ones? What effort would your spirit make to remain faithful to My word?

The mark is the invisible sign through which his mission can be accomplished by the one who carries it with love, with respect, with zeal, and with humility; then he can confirm that the mark is a Divine grace that makes him superior to pain, that illuminates him in the great trials, that reveals to him profound knowledge and makes a breach anywhere so that the spirit may pass through.

The mark is like a link that unites it with who possesses it, by which the thought and the word of the spiritual world can manifest itself in your world; so I say to you that a marked one is a messenger, an envoy, and is My instrument.

Great is the mission as well as the responsibility within My work of the marked one, but he is not alone in his pathway. By his side always goes the angel protector who looks after him, guides him, inspires him, and fortifies him.

How strong has been the one who has known how to embrace his cross with love, and how harsh and bitter has been the pathway for the chosen one who has not been able to carry with him the Divine seal of a chosen one in the Third Era.

I say to you who hear Me, that you should learn to keep vigil and to pray, to carry your cross with love and to practice with uprightness and obedience, so that this life, which has meant for your spirit his most luminous reincarnation, would not be sterile and later on has to weep the lost time and the wasted gifts.

All of you meditate on this lesson, the marked ones or the unmarked, because all of you have within My work a destiny to fulfill.

1866 – The Dawn of the Third Era

The Prelude

In the book “Memories on facts about Roque Rojas and several other anecdotes about his ancestors”, dated in the year 1914, the author, Gregorio Baldomero narrates the prelude to the beginning of the Third Time.

“From the eve of the 23rd to dawn of the 24th day of June, 1861 (sic) Don Roque Rojas had been very busy with matters pertaining to his profession of Civil Judge; he went to sleep but at about 10:00 p.m. was awakened by an “Angel” with golden wings who had appeared before, and who said to him: “Elijah, Elijah, you are the promised one and hence have you been chosen to be the Strong Rock of Israel, such is the meaning of your name, and I, Gabriel, have come to inform you that you must rise from your bed and walk behind the place known as The Calvary to arrive at the floating islet located at Maria Petra’s abode, and there shall speak to you he who has ordered me to see that you accomplish that which I now tell you”….

“Hastily did Roque don his clothing, going out to the patio of the house where he realized that a beautiful moon illuminated the entire land which was in absolute silence. He then left the house and went towards the canal where he boarded a canoe…he started rowing in the direction of Maria Petra’s islet; upon coming close to the woman’s humble abode, he perceived the sound of a bird from a treetop. Mesmerized, he stood still listening to the chirping of the bird…”

“All at once before his eyes appeared a pale golden triangle, at the bottom of which a sun with a human face in a deep red with yellow beams started to emerge and the light it gave out seemed to illuminate with such force that it looked like the gleam of a radiant dawn…”

“…he raised his head and just beyond the triangle he spied a dove in flight like a snowflake from whose peak crystal-like drops seemed to fall and as they fell over his head they bathed his whole body with luminous light…”

“…suddenly from afar he heard the blare of a trumpet blow three times and heard a loud voice say these words: “Upon you shall the Spirit of Elijah promised for these days be manifested”…

“…and he saw a hand emerge from the triangle and touch the land three times with a wand and from above the powerful voice said unto him: “This say I to you in my name, for I am the Father”.

“And at the finish of these words, again from afar he heard the trumpets sound three times, to his right, and heard again the powerful voice say: “This say I to you in my name, for I am the Son”.

“Having finished uttering these words, he saw a cross descending from the heavens, alight on earth, and once again disappear to his left and again heard the powerful voice say to him: “This say I to you in my name, for I am the Holy Spirit”.

“And upon listening to these last words he heard a sublime music and saw that the dove alit upon his head and disappeared; the hand with the wand again touched thrice upon the earth and he heard a multitude of voices sing: “This is the coming of Elijah the promised one”.

“And I, Gregorio Baldomero, do hereby write this grandiose passage from the life of don Roque Rojas, exactly as he told it to me”.


September 1, 1866

Drawn by that vision, Roque Rojas congregated a small number of people who, convinced through a multitude of testimonies that he had indeed been chosen by God to accomplish a great mission , they congregated frequently in Roque Rojas’ humble house of prayer.

However, at the meeting which took place on September 1st, 1886, it unexpectedly came to pass that Roque Rojas entered into a state of ecstasy and firmly pronounced these words:

“I am Elijah, the Prophet of the First Era, he of the transfiguration at Mount Tabor; prepare yourselves because the Seven Seals are being made known to you and the doors of mystery are being opened so that you may contemplate the path to your salvation. This is the word of God pronounced in times remote by His prophets.

In the manuscript “Dawn of the New Advent of the Lord. The Messenger”, published in 1970 by the enclosure “El Redentor” under supervision of Eneida R., sources of the XIX Century are quoted and the following is narrated:

“On the First of September, 1866, 7 people who would remain at the head of the first seven houses of prayer are named, who were the representation (symbolism) of the Seven Seals because of the gifts that each one received”
(See “Damiana Oviedo, The First Spokesman”) .

“Possibly it was on that date that Roque Rojas made known to the congregation the divine revelation on which the Commandments (delivered through Moses) were merged with the maxims of Jesus and the teachings of Elijah in one law alone, whose revelation having been received by the messenger since the 23rd of December, 1862.


Bibliography: “Memoirs of Facts about Roque Rojas and Some other Anecdotes about His Ancestors”. Gregorio Baldomero 1914/ “Dawnings of the New Coming of the Lord. The Messenger”. Manuscripts from “El Redentor”. 1970.

A Spiritual World – The Angels of the Lord and us

A legion of spiritual beings has been sent to assist you. Those beings
will give you courage, inspiration, and will help you to arise when
you stumble.

When your path becomes invaded by beings full of darkness,
the enlightened beings will show you how to illuminate those beings
in darkness and free them from their confusion.
The light of your
guardians will illuminate you so that you may contemplate your path
and discover its dangers.

The Spiritual World of Light

Humanity: I say to you that you only know of things that pertain to this world, for you deny what you cannot verify materially. If you knew just a little about the spirit, you would not dare to deny the existence, nor the communication of the spiritual world.

When I speak of the spiritual world, I am referring to those spiritual beings who are obedient and true servants; they carry out only the will of God. Those are the beings whom I have sent among you as advisors, guardians, doctors, and true brethren among mankind. They offer their assistance at the appropiate times and show humility and concern when they are summoned or needed. If you want to feel the influence and help of those who feel charity toward you, you must develop faith, obey their orders, have trust and sensitivity, and be well prepared
when praying. Then you will be able to contemplate wonderful things along your path in life.
The multitude of beings whom I have destined to accompany and to help you along your journey is so great that it is beyond your imagination. Complete harmony exists among them. The light they emit is wisdom and love, for they have dedicated themselves to helping humanity. The greatest desire is to guide their brethren to the summit of spirituality. Their presence, their influence, and their inspiration will be so subtle that their presence among humanity will only be perceived by those who are prepared.

Some refer to that world as invisible; and others call it the Hereafter. Why? Simply because they lack the faith to “perceive” the spiritual and because their human smallness makes them feel distant and foreign to a world that they should feel in their heart.

The world of virtuous spirits, who have come to help you, is near to you. Ask with faith and with respect and you will receive their benefits. Call them without distinction, for I have prepared all of them in the same manner. All of them have become worthy to help humanity in this period.

When will man prepare himself in order to listen to the wise advice of the spiritual world and guide himself through their inspirations?


To perceive the presence and influence of the spiritual world of light

Truly I say to you that as your thoughts become more pure, and as your deeds become more simple and virtuous, you will perceive the presence and influence of the spiritual world in your life with greater clarity, and greater will be the miracles that you will receive from it.

The great spirits, great because of their struggle, their love, and their great efforts, seek harmony with their younger brethren on earth who are distant and neglectful. They have noble and elevated missions.

Those spirits know that they were created to become elevated and to be active; they know that inactivity is not for the children of God.

Everything in creation is life, movement, equality, and harmony. And thus, those countless beings work, exert themselves, and rejoice in their battle, knowing that they are glorifying the Lord and helping in the progress and perfection of their brethren.

You ignore the influence that those brethren exert over you. But once you develop the sensitivity to perceive their light, inspirations, and the messages that they send you, you will have an idea of the countless tasks and noble deeds to which they dedicate their existence.

It is necessary for you to know that those spirits, because of the love and respect that they have for the laws of the Creator, never undertake what does not correspond to them nor do they undertake that which is prohibited.

They also do not penetrate where they should not, in order not to break the harmony among the elements of creation.


The Angels of the Lord

To battle against the world of darkness, you will need the world of light; to triumph over the influence of war, you will depend upon the angel of peace; to battle against sickness, plagues, and death you will have the charity of those invisible beings who are ready to pour their balsam of charity and comfort upon humanity.

Now that I have informed you of the kindness and elevation of these beings, I must tell you that they are pure and thus can speak to the world about purity. They love me and love you, therefore, they have the right to speak of love. They are saturated with health and well-being and can share this with those who are ill.

A Woman clothed with the sun

“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.” (Revelation 12:1)

Who is Mary?

God is love.
This simple truth, reaffirmed by John in his First Epistle (1 John 4:8), must be fully understood by all those who study and analyze the Scriptures.

In God we find Love of the Father, surely. But what about the love of the Mother? Is it also part of divine love or isn´t it ?

It’s convenient to read the following metaphor closely:

“Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should, not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.” (Isaiah 49:15)
In the beauty of that analogy, we discover the fathomless, total and perfect love of God for His children. Mary, at the foot of the Master´s cross, symbolizes all the mothers of the universe, that´s why Jesus says to her: “Woman, behold thy son!” (John 19:26) In the Acts of the Apostles, it reads that these lived after the Crucifixion and resurrection of their Master, in continuous prayer and vigil with “Mary the mother of Jesus…”
(Acts 1:14)

The presence of the Holy Spirit in Mary (Luke1:35) is undeniable for those who believe that the Scriptures of the so called New Testament are inspired and true in their essence.

And that the presence is eternal, continuous and constant in Mary is revealed in the careful analysis of the versicle in Apocalypsis (or Book of the Revelation) quoted at the head of this document .

Mary, the Divine Tenderness

What is the meaning of the prophet seeing the woman clothed with the sun? Let´s remember that the time when that happens in the seeing is once the Sixth Seal has been opened. The Sixth Seal… the sixth day….the sixth stage.

What happens on the sixth day of Creation? Let´s see.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them.” (Genesis 1:27)

If God had to create a male and a female in order to create an image of Himself on Earth, then it´s natural to deduce that within God there is masculine nature, symbolized by the Father, and a feminine one symbolized by the Mother. Otherwise, why bother to emphasize that the female was created when the verse clearly is dedicated to the image of God in man?

Another logical deduction would be to think that both divine powers, the Father and the Mother, posses different qualities. Within the Father, strength, law, order. And which are the qualities of the feminine part within God? Surely tenderness, charity and infinite comprehension. And if the Father is eternal, so the Mother must be.

The Eternal Feminine in God

The divine eternal feminine took the shape of woman. Just like the Verb of God (another of His powers) became flesh in Jesus, the Divinity could also adopt, in order to manifest its feminine side, the shape of a woman, blessed amongst all women of all times, and “full of grace”. Those words belong to Gabriel, one of the High spirits that assist God, according to the Gospel of Luke (Luke 1:28 and 30).

And some good and faithfull Christians cannot accept the virginity of that blessed woman when without hesitation they accept the chastity of her son Jesus. And they base their opinions on several passages of the Gospels and the Acts where the brothers of Jesus are mentioned (Mathew 12:46/Luke8:20), although those same evangelists never, in any case, mention that those brothers are also Mary´s children.

When Joseph, widower, takes Mary the maiden to be his wife, he´s already a man of age and it is known with certainty that at that moment he had children with the one who had been his first deceased wife; Jacob (James), Joseph, Simon and Judas (Mathew 13:55).

On the contrary, the Scriptures themselves are very careful and precise in specifying that Jesus is the son of Mary (Mathew 13:55/Mark 6:3).

Wouldn’t they have been as careful to point out that fact if that were also true pertaining the brothers of Jesus on the part of His earthly father? Wouldn’t the evangelist, in the passage of Mark 6:3, have written that story in another way had it not been for the fact that, precisely, Jesus was the only son of Mary?

Jacob (also known as James) who was called the Just, son of Joseph and “brother” of Jesus remained, after the crucifixion, as the leader of the “nazarites”, the Jews that had believed that He was the promised Messiah. Jacob dies, beat to death, on the stairs of the Temple of Jerusalem on the year 62 or the Christian Era, close to 80 years old! (Memoirs of Hegesippus, quoted by Eusebius and Julius Africanus/Antiquities of The Jews by Flavius Josephus). A simple arithmetical operation reveals that when Jesus was born (give or take three years; scholars haven´t agreed yet in this point -see please Jesus birth-) Jacob had to be at least 17 years old! And different authorized primitive Christian sources -mainly Eusebius and Origen- assure that when Jesus was born, Mary was scarcely 14 years old. Could, by any means, a four year old girl bear children?

Maybe it serves to transcribe here a surprising version of how Mary was seen by the early followers of Jesus:

“At this time the mother of Jesus died and was buried in the same place were He had been crucified, and a stone was erected on the site. On that stone, the relatives of Jesus wrote these words: “Behold that here is a ladder erected upon the land that reaches heaven, and upon it the angels of God ascend and descend, and the Mother rejoices here with Her children”. (Memoirs of Heggesipus quoted by Eusebius/Acts of the Nazarites by Julius Africanus)

The presence of Mary in the Third Era.
The Woman clothed with the Sun

A reflective analysis of Revelation 12:1 and following versicles can come upon certain deductions:

  • The woman is a mother for she is about to give birth.
  • The fact that she is clothed with the sun, symbol of light, warmth and life, can very well represent her divine essence. What other visions contained in the Bible concede these attributes to another person?
  • The moon beneath her feet could very well indicate that she has conquered and surpassed her material feminine nature (it could represent menstruation in women) like Christ overcame the world.
  • And as a crown upon her head, twelve stars that can symbolize two thing which are not excluding of each other: The twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve apostles of Jesus.

One way or the other the spirit of the eternal feminine that lives in God, as announced by John the prophet, could not be put aside in this Third Era.

All biblical quotes mentioned here are taken from the commonly known as King James New and Old Testament version.

Abortion as A Reincarnation Issue

Please, if you are thinking about aborting your baby, READ THIS ARTICLE

Reincarnation is the opportunity that God, in His loving justice, offers the spirit, so that he will recover his purity and return to the pathway. That is the way by which he can take advantage of the experience in his pilgrimage.

Nobody is here by chance, nobody is born by reason of coincidence. If we are here, it is because we have been sent to Earth to fulfill a restitution and with a mission. And that has nothing to do with material things nor with the pleasures of the flesh.

One of the points that are often argued in favor of abortion, is that by cutting someone else’s life while still in the womb, avoids bringing her or him to suffer into this world.

But if you look at all the persons that fall in the category of having a “life not worth living”, as qualified by the pro-abortion activists, you’ll find that the rate of suicides in that portion of mankind is practically zero while, on the other hand, people that seem to have almost everything judging by those standards, are more inclined to autodestruction. So much for the logic of that argument!

If life has been so excessively bitter and painful for some that made them think this way, we all must be aware that this existence is not the only one, and that in the destiny of each creature, there is a secret sanctuary which only God can enter.

They would rather have preferred to keep away Toulouse Lautrec and Stephen Hawkings -just to mention a few- from reaching this world than to let them live a “life not worth living”. The Tarpeian Rock all over again! (the Spartans got rid of the weak, the older people and the handicapped by throwing them to a horrible death from a rock, located in top of a very high peak).

But what if the child that is about to have his or her option to live cut off, is to develop into a great scientist or artist, or a philosopher or better yet, into a great human being, regardless of his or her upbringing, race or socioeconomic level?

Does rape justify an abortion?Certainly not, for by taking the life of the child, you are actually punishing the other victim -the raped mother is the first one- instead of setting the things straight with the criminal. Abortion has not disuaded rape perpetrators in any way.

A human life, granted to a spirit, has a value so great, and it represents an opportunity so propitious for the progress of a spirit, that the fact of wasting or destroying it implies that God’s justice, always inexorable, will be manifested along the pathway of the one who profanes gifts as sacred as those which He entrusts to each spirit upon sending him to Earth, being life itself the first of them. Human justice many times is incapable to do so.

What about women’s rights? Of course, a woman has a right to decide all things concerning her life… let me repeat this again: a woman has a right to decide all thing concerning herlife.

But what about the rights of the child? At what moment does a person begin to have rights? Once he or she is breathing? Or perhaps, once she or he can be seen?

Do rights come along with age? I mean, by chance do you have more rights now that you are a grown person than when you had when you were five years old? And what about when you were one month old? Or 28 days old, but still living in the womb of your mother?
This is such a gray area for many, that it deserves, to say the least, a close observation and meditation regarding this important matter.

How would you like someone else taking decisions as to whether you have the right to live? Think for a moment about how would you feel if your mother was to take the same decision regarding you, that you are about to take concerning your child?

And those that mock the notion of the unborn child having rights, they are ignoring in others the supreme right of them all, the sacred right to live. They are ready to deprive another human being of what they regard as the most valuable asset in themselves, their own life.

They simply ignore that life is a gift, a gift that no man or woman can grant, because it involves the reincarnation of the spirit.

The reincarnation is a gift which God has granted the spirit, so that he can never be limited to the smallness of the flesh, and to its fleeting existence on Earth with its natural weaknesses, but rather, coming from a superior nature, the spirit can take on as many physical bodies as he will need for the fulfillment of his great missions in the world.

Through this gift, the spirit demonstrates his immense superiority over the flesh, over death, and over everything terrestrial, surviving a body, then another and as many as will be entrusted to him; conqueror of time, of difficulties, and of temptations.

When we think about the children, we must do so with respect,because we do not know what spirits are hidden within; but of what we can be certain of is, that within each one of those young beings that are about to be born, there exists a past that involves a whole life history, and a whole life of evolution.

The unborn child has a path, a journey in front of him of her. The possibilities that that path contains are endless.

Women, the bearers of life, are blessed by maternityThe maternal love is one of the greatest gifts that the Heavens has granted the human being.

What an immense pressure a pregnant woman has to be subjected to by this materialistic world, in order to sow in her mind the idea of shortening the life of her own child!

The exasperation caused by economic problems, the dilemma that her own egotism provokes many times, pushes many women to act against their most intimate nature and so we witness that every single day, in many parts of the world, the bearers of life have become the bearers of death.

Oh! If they only knew that a mantle of love protects all mothers, a mantle that although being spiritual and sublime, has a definitive influence in this world!

Mary, Our Lady, is the ladder; The most tender love of God for His children has no form. Nevertheless, during the Second Era it took the form of a woman in Mary, the mother of Jesus.

We must understand that Mary has always existed, inasmuch as Her essence, Her love, Her tenderness, have always been in the Divinity.

She is the Holy and sweet tenderness, whose charity is extended in the infinite. She rules over the spirits and Her reign is that of humility, of charity, and purity, but She has no throne, as men imagine, with a most beautiful celestial face.

She did not come tho this world only to love Her only begotten Son, Her Divine love is a universal mantle of consolation. Her presence, in all Eras, is of tenderness and intercession. Look for Her, and you shall find, in Her, a scale that will lead to God.

Mary represents purity, the obedience, the faith, the tenderness, and the humility that we should try to persevere. Each one of those virtues is a step of the ladder by which God descended to the world to become man in the bosom of that holy and pure woman.

That tenderness, that purity, and that love, are the divine bosom where the seed of life is made fruitful.

That ladder, by which God descended among us to become man and dwell with His children, is the same that at this time our Father presents to us so that through it, we can ascend toward Him, transforming ourselves from men and women to spirits of light.

Mary is the ladder, Mary is the maternal bosom. Search for Her and you will find God.

Mary is the divine maternal essence that has always existed. She is the universal feminine essence that you we discover and contemplate in all the works of Creation. She is the maternal Spirit, the tenderness, the intercession, and the bosom that nourishes.

If you search for Her in the loneliness of night, in the silence that nothing can perturb, there in the Cosmos you shall find Her image, and if you search for Her in the fragrance of the flowers, there too, you shall find Her, and if you search for Her in the heart of your mother, there you will feel Her presence.

And do you know where else you may find Her? In your own maternity, because you, as a human mother, are the true representation of Mary, the divine tenderness.

And if you represent Mary, you represent life, not death.

You are not alone, Mary is always in your path, and with Her divine intercession She will perform that miracle that you need. Just open your heart to Her and let life flow endlessly through it, reaching you and that sacred one, your little one.

About the Fear of Death

In many occassions, we have been able to notice the fear that exists in the world about death; but, were does that fear come from? After talking to many people about this, we realized that it basically comes from ignorance, that is to say, from the lack of knowledge regarding death, and this lack of knowledge leads many people to see death as the end, as the consumation of everything, like ceasing to exist, or stop being; to others death signifies the step towards the unknown, fear of judgement and settling accounts; others see death as the loss of all their beloved beings. Many refuse to depart from their richess and pleasures; others are filled with fear to think that the marked hour will arrive without allowing them to finish doing those things that they should have done in their lives; and others (the fewer), see death as the end of problems and tests, and look forward to arrive to death because afterwards they can rest forever.

In order to understand that all these ideas are erroneous, it is first of all necessary to understand two fundemental things: First, that everything that exists in our material universe is formed of energy, and energy does not die, it is simply transformed; and secondly, that our spirit having sprung from an Infinite and Eternal Father, same as Him, His children are infinitely eternal.

It sounds good, no? But, what does all of this mean? Very simple, it means that death does not exist.

Our Father has revealed to us:

“I told you at that time that you should not fear death, because it does not exist; In My creation everything lives, grows and becomes perfect. Bodily death is only the end of a period that the spirit goes through, to return to its original state and thereafter follow its course to evolution.” The Third Testament. T 285:74

Many who will read this page may think at any given time: -If death does not exist, then how is it that God in his commandment told us “Thou Shall not kill?”- A good question! And to reply, we return as in many other occassions to remember that to understand the Divine Word, we have to elevate our thought and take our spirit above the material ideas, so that the heights of knowledge can be reached.

Therefore, let us analyze… If the law was created for the spirit, and the spirit does not die, what does God refer to when He says “Thou Shall not kill”? Could there be another way of taking life, different from that which we commonly know? Indeed, what our eternal Father calls death, is to that state of prostration, that state of lethargy in which the spirit falls into, when it is not given the food that it needs to strengthen and manifest itself. Death to the spirit is all that which slows down its development, its evolution. The homicidal weapon, for example, is only the means to manifest what really harms the
spirit which is the lack of love of those that create weapons or make use of them. Other type of weapons exist which are subtle, but as harmful: Our tongue, for example, is a weapon with which we can kill if we use it to damage the reputation of our brethren;
jealousy, hatred, vengance, and all other low passions are those weapons which darken the spirit, and confuse it, sinking it in that apparent “Death” from which it can only escape through love, goodness, development of the gifts, recognition of committed errors, and the firm purpose to amend them.

Our Father says:

“When will you reach peace of spirit, when you have not even been able to reach peace of heart? I tell you that until the last homicidal weapon has not been destroyed, there will not be peace amongst men. Homicidal weapons are those with which men take away life, kill morality, deprive one another freedom, take away health, shake away tranquility, or destroy faith.” The Third Testament. T 119:53

Then, how can death be defeated? Giving life! In the manner which we can dominate our low passions, in studying, analyzing and living the Divine teachings, in developing our gifts, and put to practice loving one another, in that same manner we will be giving life to our spirit and understanding that what we know as death, is nothing but the end of one period for the spirit and the beginning of another.

Let it not be an obsession to us what we call material death! Instead, let us worry about living, to accomplish harmony between our spirit and matter, to live under the laws of love which God has given us so that when the time comes to leave our body, we do with
the joy of knowing that we have accomplished the mission that we had in this life, and that we are ready to begin what is coming; being either the recognition of our faults and the opportunity to amend same, the acceptance of new missions, the knowledge of new spaces where our spirit can continue its path to evolution… in other words, life continues.

“I told you at that time that nothing within My work would be lost; I also told you that none of my little ones would be lost, and I also revealed to you the inmortality of the spirit when I told you: I am life, he who believes in Me shall never die.” Third Testament. T 186:21 ( John : 11:26)

About the Suicidal

It is important to begin the analysis of this theme by understanding that not only those who decide to take their lives in a violent manner in a moment of disturbance, are suicidal. Suicidal are also those who are slowly terminating their lives as a result of a vice; or those who instead of living in harmony and peace with other mortals decide to break the law and provoke violence in their path; suicidal are also those that have the means, but do not take care of their bodies, or those that in the search of strong emotions, expose their lives constantly to danger. Suicidal are those that without respect break nature’s laws, or those that promote wars and weapons. Those that enjoy to excess themselves, and those who wrapped in a whirpool of materialism allow themselves to be dragged by tension, hurry and problems, are suicidal as well.

In the Third Testament, in a paragraph corresponding to the Album of Wisdom, our Father has told us:

” Not only will I claim for what men have done with other people’s lives; I will also claim of what they have done with their own lives, with their bodies. Who can say that he has arrived in spirit to Me, in the precise moment that eternity’s clock has made the call? Nobody, because often you abbreviate your existence aging prematurely, consumed sometimes by causes that are not worthy of even one of your tears, or one of your grey hairs”. Teaching 52:41

Where does that urge come from man to live in that constant danger? Why is it that some do not become aware of the wonderful opportunity that life is? What takes some beings to perpetrate to themselves the end of their existence? Those who attempt against their own lives, or against the life of someone else, are those that do not live in spirituality, those who lack true faith, of the recognition of the Divine laws; those that did not penetrate in the justice that the law of restituition contains, and the love that motivates the marvelous law of reincarnation. The lack of knowledge of these truths allows that men sometimes ignore the emptiness of their existence.

Our celestial Father states:

“Sometimes you think and ask as to what this existence is good for since nothing good really comes out of it, and no benefit is derived. When someone thinks as such, is because he or is avoiding for the light to shine in his spirit. He thinks that life is unuseful because he has not achieved that all his wishes be granted, because he wished that he would have obtained everything in accordance with his thoughts. He also thinks that he is unuseful, and that is due to his not knowing the sense of My word, because he has not analyzed it.” T 166:37

“How many make their lives full of suffering due to lack of spiritual faith, because they think that the physical world is the only one that exists, and doubt that there is a spirit, because for them its existence has not been proven. These and some other sad reflections take them to desperation and even to death”. T186:42

“Never feel alone and do not attempt against your life, because your days are also counted by the Father”. T 147:18.

What happens to those that decide to cut off the thread of existence? Many years ago, being an adolecent, I lived a very painful experience which led me to want to know more about all of this. At seventeen, my friend Michael took his life without me being able to understand at that time what had happened. The only thing that I knew was that Michael was going through a difficult moment. His father had discovered that he failed many subjects, and his mother received a call to advise her that his son and his friends had stolen a cassette player, and in that same period he had broken up with his high school girlfiend. That day, when I saw that he did not go to school, after classes I went to his home to see why he had not assisted. Upon arriving, I saw many police cars that were outside his house; in the garden was Michael’s lifeless body covered by a sheet. He had shot himself in the head with his father’s pistol. His mother was sitting on the bench in the garden, her hair had gone grey in a matter of hours, and on the other side his father was crying. Suddenly, his older brother Andy approached me, and crying told me: ” If someone would have been with him, he would not have committed suicide.”

This did not serve as a consolation to me. To the contrary, it made me become aware of the emptiness and tremendous solitude that he probably had felt at that moment in which he probably seeked answers without finding them. Since then, one of the things that I have always wanted is to find the answers for him; when suddenly before my eyes appeared this marvelous truth which is this Divine Word. Through it, I have been able to find the replies to my questions, and often at the beginning while I analyzed and begun to understand, I remembered Michael and thought that if he would have known and seen this light, he would not have taken his life. Afterwards, as time has gone by and this knowledge has become greater and clearer to me, I realized that the truth which he did not find at that time is now his, because the spirit does not die and life continues, the experiences are infinite, and the opportunities as well, and the love of our Father is absolute.

So many things can go through the mind of a suicidal person at the crucial moment: the fear of facing the problems, the feeling of being tired to keep on going, the inability to understand the tests being faced, the disappointment in oneself, not being able to find solutions, lack of faith, not being conscious of the existence of something else; in the end, there could be so many reasons, but I believe that one of the most important ones that the suicidal finds to end his existence, is that he thinks that at the moment that he cuts the thread connecting his life, he will end all pain, the tests will discontinue, or imply, it will be the end.

Sad error, because the spirit does not die. The spirit, same as our Creator’s is inmortal. What happens then to those that have taken their lives? Our Father explains:

” If they knew that the spirit’s solitude is more tremendous than the solitude of this world, they would await with patience and fortitude until the last day of their existence”. T. 65:74.

“The spirit which returns from earth to the spiritual valley, bringing impressed upon itself the fatigue of the flesh, and arrives seeking the beyond as a resting place, where to sink in the forgotten, to erase traces of the struggle, such spirit will have to feel as the most unfortunate, and will not find peace or happiness until he wakes up from its lethargy, until he emerges from his error, and rises to the spiritual life which is, as I have told you before, love, work, the continued struggle in the path which conducts to perfection”. T 317:14

“All of you have come to a new encarnation, and the pain which you take is so great that you ask Me to put an end to your existence; but I ask you: Don’t you know that you cannot stop existing, and that if today you suffer on earth, upon your spirit passing on to the spiritual valley, will continue to live under the same test until settling his debts and learning his lesson?” T 103:15.

“Many of you wish to die because you find yourselves tired and without ideals on earth. It is certain that the body’s death is the rebirth for the spirit, but the body which you occupy serves to purify you”. T146:32.

Of what purification does our Father speak of? Of the one which in absolute justice we have to live to repair and restitute all of those errors which the spirit has been accumulating in all of its different reencarnations which are perfect opportunities that God, in his infinite love, has given mankind to be able to learn, to evolve, and to restitute his faults. That is why every existence of a spirit in a body is a unique opportunity to settle accounts, which must not be wasted. When man does not know of these things, he becomes a coward, confused, and loses his calm; does not feel with the strength to cope with pain. But, when the spirit is conscious of that new opportunity, finds in the love towards his Lord the strength and faith needed to pass the test.

“For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground; yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant”. Job 14:7-9

“If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will I wait, Till my change come”. Job 14:14

“Meet with your fate; do not wish to return to Me without having first gone through the path which I have pointed out to you because you would have the pain to contemplate stains in your spirit which it did not have a chance to clense, because it had not reached the end of its restitution. Reencarnations have passed over you and many have not appreciated the infinite grace and the love that in them, the Father has conceded to you. Understand that while the greater the number of opportunities, the larger your responsibility will be, and if these opportunities are not taken advantage of, that will be the bundle whose unsupportable weight will not be understood by many beings, and only My Doctrine can reveal to you.” T 67:46

“Such as sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, being bound in affliction and iron. …He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and brake their bands in sunder”. Psalm 107:10,14

Many have believed that those which attempt against their own lives do not have divine forgiveness. Could it be true that they do not have a right to a new opportunity? If divine love does not have limits, could there be anyone who could not be saved? As always, the divine word comes to us to clarify our doubts:

“Only My love and justice can now protect those who are hungry and thirsty for them. Only I know how to receive in My perfect justice those who attempt against their own existence”. T 165:73

“In this Third era, I have exited the tomb of the forgotten in which humanity has kept Me to resuscitate it, because I am life. Nobody can die, even he who tears out his existence by his own hand will hear that his conscience will claim his lack of faith”. T 52:63

Brethren: The knowledge that day by day the divine word enlightens us should help to sensibilize our spirit to be alert and watchful, to be able to help those who need of us a word of consolation, or advice which can result in helping to take away from his or her mind those ideas that in a moment of desperation and profound confusion could convert a human being into a suicidal. Let us also watch our own existence and give to our spirit, as well as our body, the food which they need and the appropiate means required to be able to reach the end of this existence, when the will of our celestial Father has marked the hour.

“Love is the beginning and the reason for your existence, Oh humanity, how could you live without that gift? Believe Me, there are many which carry death within, and others which are sick just because they love no one. The balsam which has saved many is love, and the divine gift which resuscitates the true life, that redeems and saves, is also love.” T 166:41

“When this divine revelation is rightly interpreted by all, there will no longer be suicides and homicides, noone will take his life, and even less the life of his fellowman, man will have ample knowledge of all his acts.” T 316:23

Advent – The Second Coming of the Lord

…At last! The Lord came, as written in The Book of Revelation, as thief and although men of creed are still awaiting for Him, He already fulfilled His promise.

And the same as in the past, the Lord had chosen again to communicate through the humble and uneducated rather than the most learned; otherwise, His divine Word would not have been attributed to Him but to those highly learned and educated,

From 1866 through 1950, the Holy Spirit of God communicated with His chosen in many houses of prayer all over Mexico and in other countries as well.

It is written that in the final days the Lord shall return. The prophecies have fully became reality and the Day of the Lord is here. Behold the mystery unveiled..

The Prophecies of the End The Form of Communication
“…Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven”… (Acts 1:11)”Be ye therefore ready also; for the Son of Man cometh at an hour when ye think not”… (Luke 12:40)
“I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him”… (Daniel 7:13)”…And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven; and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory”… ( Matthew 24:30)

“Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him”… (Revelation 1.7)

“For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be earthquakes in diverse places, and there shall be famines and troubles; these are the beginning sorrows”… (Mark 13:8)
“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come”… (Matthew 24:14)

“…I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come”… (Joel 2:28-31)
“And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever. Even the Spirit of Truth, whom the world cannot receive, because of it seeth him not, neither knoweth him; but ye know him; for he dewllseth with you, and shall be in you”. (John 14:16,16)”…but the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you”… (John 14:26)

“But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of Truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me.” (John 15:26)

“I have yet many thing to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbelt when he, the Spirit of Truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear, shall he speak; and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.” (John 16:12)


The year of 1866 designates the beginning of an era of light, the Third Era.

Elijah, the prophet, came spiritually to remove the veil of mystery and introduce the period of God’s communication with mankind as the Holy Spirit. Elijah illuminated a man destined by the Father to be the forerunner. That chosen Roque Rojas, the Chosen One of the Third Eraone, named Roque Rojas, was he who listened from spirit to spirit to the voice of the prophet, who ordered him in the name of the Father to call and unite his brethren, because a Divine revelation was about to illuminate the destinies of humanity. Roque Rojas, gentle and humble as a lamb, obeyed the spiritual voice, answering: “God’s will be done upon me.”

Roque Rojas assembled a group of men and women of faith and good will, and there, in the midst of his first gatherings, Elijah manifested himself through the human understanding of the Envoy saying: “I am Elijah, the prophet, the same of the transfiguration on Mount Tabor.” He gave instructions to the first disciples, at the same time that he proclaimed to them the era of Spirituality and he prophesied that the Ray of Light of the Divine Master would communicate with His people soon.

On a day when the humble dwelling of Roque Rojas was full of faithful followers who believed the word of that man, Elijah descended to illuminate the mind of his spokesman, and inspired by the Holy Spirit, he anointed seven of those believers to whom he gave the representation or symbolism of the Seven Seals.

Damiana Oviedo, the first spokeman of the Third Era Later, when that promised moment of the communication of the Lord took place, from those seven chosen, only one kept vigilance awaiting the arrival of the Pure Spouse and that heart was that of Damiana Oviedo, the maiden whose human understanding was the first to receive the light of the Divine Ray as a reward for her perseverance and her preparation.

Damiana Oviedo represented the Sixth Seal. It was one more proof that the light of the Sixth Seal illuminates this era.

During the Second Era the Word found a woman’s endearing reception, a maternal love, and during this era, the promised lightning that came out of the east unto the west rested in the chaste and pure heart of Damiana Oviedo. Her maidenly tenderness was maternal for the people of Israel and through her guidance the Lord prepared the guides, spokesmen and laborers.

Angels – The Enlightened Beings

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 27 of 40

Humanity: I say to you that you only know of things that pertain to this world, for you deny what you cannot verify materially. If you knew just a little about the spirit, you would not dare to deny the existence, nor the communication of the spiritual world.

Before I left this world, I said to My disciples: The Comforter will come among you, the Spirit of Truth who will reveal to you what is in His Arcanum.

Here then, is the continuation of My Work, My coming in the Third Era as The Comforter, surrounded by My great armies of angels, as it has been written.

The multitude of beings whom I have destined to accompany and to help you along your journey is so great that it is beyond your imagination. Complete harmony exists among them. The light they emit is wisdom and love, for they have dedicated themselves to helping humanity. Their greatest desire is to guide their brethren to the summit of spirituality.

Their presence, their influence and their inspiration is so subtle that their presence among humanity could only be perceived by those who are prepared.

The world of virtuous spirits who have come to help you, is close to you. Ask with faith and with respect and you will receive their benefits. Call them without distinction, for I have prepared all of them in the same manner. All of them have become worthy to help humanity in this period.

Some refer to that world as invisible; and others call it the Hereafter. Why? Simply because they lack the faith to perceive the spiritual and because their human smallness makes them feel distant and unbecoming to a world that they should feel in their heart.

When I speak of the spiritual world, I am referring to those spiritual beings who are obedient and true servants; they carry out only the will of God. Those are the beings whom I have sent among you as advisors, guardians, doctors, and true brethren among mankind. They offer their assistance at the appropiate times and show humility and concern when they are summoned or needed. If you want to feel the influence and help of those who feel charity toward you, you must develop faith, obey their orders, have trust and sensitivity, and be well prepared when praying. Then you will be able to contemplate wonderful things along your path in life.

Those spirits, followers of mine, form a part of that comfort that I had promised you, and you already had proof of their charity and of their peace through their good counsel and examples of virtue.

Through them I have granted you benefits, and they have been intermediaries between you and My Spirit.

When you have perceived the grace and gifts with which they are endowed, as well as their humility, you have felt inspired to perform deeds as pure as those they have realized in your life. When they have entered your home, you have felt honored by their spiritual presence.

A legion of spiritual beings has been sent to assist you. Those beings will give you courage, inspiration, and will help you to arise when you stumble. When your path becomes invaded by beings full of darkness, the enlightened beings will show you how to illuminate those beings in darkness and free them from their confusion. The light of your guardians will illuminate you so that you may contemplate your path and discover its dangers.

When will man prepare himself in order to listen to the wise advise of the spiritual world and guide himself through their inspirations?

Truly I say to you that as your thoughts become more pure, and as your deeds become more simple and virtuous, you will perceive the presence and influence of the spiritual world in your life with greater clarity, and greater will be the miracles that you will receive from it.

The great spirits, great because of their struggle, their love, and their great efforts, seek harmony with their younger brethren on earth who are distant and neglectful. They have noble and elevated missions.

Those spirits know that they were created to become elevated and to be active; they know that inactivity is not for the children of God. Everything in creation is life, movement, equality, and harmony. And thus, those countless beings work, exert themselves, and rejoice in their battle, knowing that they are glorifying the Lord and helping in the progress and perfection of their brethren.

You ignore the influence that those brethren exert over you. But once you develop`the senssitivity to perceive their light, inspirations, and the messages that they send you, you will have an idea of the countless tasks and noble deeds to which they dedicate their existence.

It is necessary for you to know that those spirits, because of the love and respect that they have for the laws of the Creator, never undertake what does not correspond to them nor do they undertake that which is prohibited. They also do not penetrate where they should not, in order not to break the harmony among the elements of creation.

To battle against the world of darkness, you will need the world of light to triumph over the influence of war, you will depend upon the angel of peace; to battle against sickness, pagues, and death you will have the charity of those invisible beings who are ready to pour their balsam of charity and comfort upon humanity.

Now that I have informed you of the kindness and elevation of these beings, I must tell you that they are pure and thus can speak to the world about purity. They love me and love you, therefore, they have the right to speak of love. They are saturated with health and well-being and can share this with those who are ill.

Do you believe that they have always been virtuous beings? Are you not aware that a great number of them have dwelled on Earth and have known of the weaknesses and great faults?

Behold them now; there is no blemish in them, but it is because they heard the voice of the conscience; they awakened to love and repented of their past faults and, in that crucible, they have been purified to rise with dignity and now they serve Me by serving Humanity.

Their spirits have taken, through love, the task of helping their fellowmen to restitute all that they did not do when they inhabited Earth, and they have accepted, as a divine gift, the opportunity of coming to sow the seed they had not planted before and to destroy every imperfect deed they may have done before.

For that reason, you now behold their humility, their patience, and their gentleness, and on occasions you have seen them suffer because of their restitution, but their love and recognition which is greater than the obstacles that they have faced, overcome it all and they are willing to go to such an extent as sacrifice.

Just as you see how they are today, you will be tomorrow. You will also inhabit that world, and your love, effort, and repentance, will wash away the blemishes that may have remained within you, so you may be as clean and pure as they are.

Your perseverance and your love for righteousness will help you send your prayer toward those whom you leave on Earth involved in vicissitudes and evil, and you will plead with the Father: “Lord, permit me to return, even in an invisible or intangible form, to my brethren, to carry a message of peace and health to those who suffer.” And I shall grant you that grace.

Then you will be as angels, and nothing can keep you from visiting other worlds of expiation, taking within you that spring of grace and kindness which I have entrusted to you as My children.

Angels: A Spiritual World of Light – Myths and Facts

According to the Bible, angels are very real! In fact, there are over 250 references to them throughout scripture. From the Genesis story of creation, to thedescription of the end times in Revelation, angels actively participatein the affairs of this world and heaven. Angels are not myth at all – butthey are widely misunderstood. Through the ages, people have found greatcomfort in believing in angels that hear our prayers and guide our steps.We have even managed to conjure up images of angels that look strikinglylike people, from the most beautiful of golden haired maidens to chubbywinged cherubs with harps. While these images make up some of the mosttreasured of renaissance artwork and adorn present day greeting cards andfigurines, they are not based on the Bible’ s description of how angelsappear, nor on the purpose and duties for which God created them.

The facts about angels are actually much more interesting than the fantasies we’ve managed to conjure up about them. Dispelling themost commonly held misconceptions about angels allows us to see them asthe fascinating and awe-inspiring creatures that they are. Lets compare the most popular of these myths to the biblical facts:

Myth Number 1 – Angels Look Like People With Wings

Angels do not look like winged maidens or babies. Angels are spirits, and like God himself, do not possess bodies. (Hb 1:14)In Hebrews they are described as “winds and flames of fire” (1:7)They seem to have the ability, however, to appear as people when it servestheir purpose. In fact the Bible says that it is possible to entertainthem without even being aware of it. “Do no forget to entertain strangers,for by doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”(Heb 13:2) When they appear in the Bible, they are most often masculine figures, or indescribably awesome creatures, but seldomas women and never as babies or children.

A marvelous description of an angel in full glory is given in Daniel — “. . . there before me was a man dressed in linen, witha belt of the finest gold around his waist. His body was like chrysolite,his face like lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms and legslike the gleam of burnished bronze, and his voice like the sound of a multitude.”(Dan 10:5,6) This angel was suspended above the waters of the Tigris river (Dan 12:7),yet no mention is made of his possessing wings.

The prophet Isaiah had the privilege of seeing angelswith wings called “seraphs” above the throne of God. However,these winged angels were nothing like the images we are accustomed to.He describes them this way, “. . . each with six wings: With two wingsthey covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with twothey were flying. And they were calling to one another: ‘Holy, holy, holyis the Lord Almighty’ ” (Is 6:2,3)

The angel that appeared outside the tomb of Jesus moreclosely fits the description in Hebrews of “winds and flames of fire.”Matthew states that, “His appearance was like lightening and his clotheswere white as snow.” (Matt 28:3)

Myth Number 2 – Angels are Passive

Angels are mighty and very powerful. Daniel was so overcome by the angel’s apparition that his strength was drained, his breathing difficult, and he was unableto speak. Upon seeing the angel Daniel wrote, “I was terrified andfell prostrate.” (Dan 8:17) The angel that appeared like lightening at Jesus’ tomb was so awesome that the guardswere terrified and, “shook and became as dead men.” (Mat28:4) The responses of these men to the angels they encountereddemonstrates the tremendous and powerful presence that angels have theability to generate.

There are many instances of angels serving as warriorsof God, not only to protect, but also to destroy when necessary. In 2 Kings,the story is told of the Assyrian army threatening to overtake Jerusalem.An angel of the Lord killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers in one night. (19:35)Imagine the power possessed by that lone angel! In the end times, fourangels will be assigned the responsibility of destroying one-third of allmankind. (Rev 9:15) These angels are a farcry from the passive cloud-lounging angels we have become familiar with.

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