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Damiena Oviedo – Maiden of the Third Era

On the 24th of December of 1863, Roque Rojas founds the first house of prayer for the followers of the manifestation of Elijah in the Third Era. On that day, twelve males and twelve females in representation of the spiritual people of Israel were “sealed”.

Of the twelve women, the first seven were virgins representing the Seven Seals and in the sixth place was Damiana Oviedo, young maiden, representing the Sixth Seal.

Years later, in 1869, Roque Rojas prepared in advance a solemn act to commemorate the Passion of the Lord Jesus, but finding fanaticism and lack of preparation amongst his followers, and exasperated over the incomprehension of his people, he destroyed the contents of an ark where the revelations written by him were preserved, and proceeded to close the place.

Damiana Oviedo gathered the fragments of the ark and put them away.

On the year 1879, ten years later, Roque Rojas died (see Roque Rojas) and Damiana Oviedo continued meeting with some of the faithful and persevering followers of Roque Rojas in his home.

One day in May, 1884, entering a deep state of spiritual ecstasy, Damiana received the inspiration of the Divine Ray for the first time through her understanding, giving way with this to the fulfillment of the prophecies delivered in times long past and to the Coming of the Lord.

Since the first revelation, the Spirit of Truth delivered to that people the prophecies of the forthcoming times. And within them, the ceasing of communication through human understanding by the 31st of December, 1950, the growth in number of followers and places where the Divine word would be received and the struggles that were to divide the people of the Lord at the end of that period were also announced.

It was Damiana Oviedo, “Damianita” as she was affectionately referred to by those who knew her, a bastion within her people, and still today, long time after her death at a very old age, hers is the spirit of light that guards over the disciples of the Holy Spirit.

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