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Roque Rojas – Biography of the chosen of the Third Era

Roque Rojas

Who was Roque Rojas?

Roque Jacinto Rojas Esparzawas born on the 16th of August, 1812, in Mexico City, in the Republic of Mexico located in the American continent.

Within Roque Rojas several cultures merge, for his father, Manuel Rojas, was a descendant of Sepharadic (Spanish) Jews, and his mother, Dolores Esparza, was of Otomí (a native American tribe) origin.

To fulfill the requisites of the Catholic religion dominant in that region of the world, his parents baptized the small child and the name of the Catholic priest who baptized him was Filogonio Quezada.

Years later, an orphan to his mother, his father Don Manuel and his Godfather Juan López Montiel, enrolled him in the Seminary of Mexico, for they wanted him to pursue the career of priest, but he could only study there for three years because when his Godfather died he had no economic means to continue his studies.

He went back to live with his father and learned twenty-two trades: printer, engraver, cabinet-maker (ebonist), watchmaker, painter, etc.

He got married in the village of Zumpango de la Laguna in the Mexican province, to Ms. Guadalupe Arias Malanco with whom he bred an only daughter, Carolina, living a harmonious life together which was filled with love towards others .

On the night of the 21st of June, 1861, at about 10:00 o´clock a vision awoke him and the extraordinary events that marked his way for the rest of his life took place: the angel Gabriel indicated that he move to a certain place in the South of Mexico City where he would receive instructions and messages from God to carry out his mission as a forerunner of the manifestation of the Spirit of Truth amongst men.

Fulfilling the Divine Orders, Roque Rojas, simple and kind, suffered from persecution of civil and ecclesiastic authorities as well as the lack of comprehension of his own people. (see “1866”)

On September the first, 1866, Roque Rojas received for the first time the communication through human understanding of Elijah, the prophet of the First Era. (see “1866”)

In 1869, Roque Rojas considers his spiritual mission accomplished and dies 10 years later, on the 18th of may, 1879, in the house marked with the number 18 on the streets of Niño Perdido (today Eje Lázaro Cárdenas) in Mexico City.

Bibliography: “Memoirs about Facts of Roque Rojas and some Anecdotes about his Ancestors”. Gregorio Baldomero 1914.

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