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Teaching 317

2. “I am the way, the truth and the life,” I say to you once more. My Word is the bread that feeds your spirit; My presence brings you the peace which you yearn. How many trials you have endured in the world! You searched for peace and comfort in the pleasures of the Earth, and upon not finding them you have returned to Me saying: “Lord, only within you can we find the peace and the comfort for our spirit.”

6. Truly I say to you, that the encounter of My Spirit with yours has been in the Beyond. I have taught you to search for Me, elevating yourselves through the ascending scale of prayer, and with that purity you will find Me in the spiritual, because in this period of time I have not come to humanise Myself. I have only used the mind and heart of My children in order to manifest Myself through them.

7. I have given you this book of teachings, so that the last of My children also know of My revelations. I have repeated the lessons. I have contemplated that many had penetrated into My work, wanting to know everything from the beginning. That is why I have repeated My teaching. I have said to you that Elijah, through spokesman Roque Rojas, opened the Third Era, so that you would find the Divine Teacher along your pathway.

9. I wish to name you all My disciples, but remember that the good disciple must be faithful to the teachings, imitating his Teacher.

10. You recognise that your spiritual struggle here on Earth is great, and your spirit causes you to sense that when he penetrates into that life which awaits him beyond this world, he must continue struggling to ascend. Meditating on this, you come to experience a certain sadness when you consider that rest does not exist when human life terminates. That sadness does not come from the spirit but from the flesh, which is fragile and small, because its nature is not eternal and it tends to become frightened before eternity.

11. For the spirit, eternity signifies his greater blessing. If he thinks about enjoyment, he knows that it will never end; and if he thinks about his restitution, he knows that he will have time to restore his faults and to perfect himself.

12. The spiritual rest, according to how your physical body understands and conceives it, does not exist. The rest that awaits the spirit is the activity, the multiplication of doing good and not wasting one instant. Then the spirit rests. His remorse and woes become lighter, and he takes pleasure in doing good. He rests loving his Creator and his brethren.

13. Truly I say to you, that if I left your spirit to remain inactive just so that he would rest, according to the way you conceive rest to be on Earth, he would be seised by the tenebrae of despair and anguish, because the life and the light of the spirit, as well as his greatest happiness, are the work, the struggle and the incessant activity.

14. The spirit who returns from Earth to the spiritual valley bringing forth, within him, the imprint of fatigue of the flesh and arrives seeking in that spiritual realm a place to rest and sleep, and where he can submerge himself into oblivion so that he can erase the traces of struggle, will come to feel like the most wretched being, and will not find peace or happiness until he awakens from his lethargy; until he extricates himself from his error and rises to the spiritual life which is, as I have already told you, the love, the work, the continuous struggle along the pathway which leads to perfection.

15. Here on earth, your spirit does feel oppressed, since in it, everything is limited and fleeting. Here he must be tired of so much sin and so much impurity as it exists in human life. But it is not a weariness like the one that burdens the flesh, rather a loathing of all the wrong, a repulsion for all the impurity, a tiredness of fighting and suffering many times for frivolities or unjustified causes.

16. If men would have made this life a limpid existence, and had prepared their body as a dwelling worthy of having a spirit to live within, then the fatigue would not have been known, nor would there be loathing or repulsion, and, therefore, the decarnated spirit would not enter the spiritual valley looking for rest or repose. On the contrary, he would enter filled with strength and faith in order to continue his journey; that struggle that never ceased in the world and that not even death left in suspense.

18. Only in the spiritual will you find all that I have created from the beginning. Nothing has been lost. In Me, everything revives, everything emerges and becomes renewed.

19. Thus, if so many beings were lost for a long time, if many, instead of accomplishing positive deeds in life, carried out destructive works, they will find that the duration of their confusion was fleeting and that their deeds, however wrongful, shall be restored in the eternal life so that they may be converted into collaborators of My incessant creative work.

What are a few centuries of sin and of darkness such as mankind has had on Earth, if you compare them with eternity, with a span of time without end, of evolution and of peace? You departed from Me by virtue of your free will, and you shall return, induced by the conscience.

21. Hard and rebellious was the spirit in following the guidance of that internal light that you call conscience, and it was easier for him to follow the impulses of the matter that led him toward the libertinism of its instincts and its passions.

22. Mankind has greatly traveled the path of existence on this Earth, in a full struggle between the conscience, which has never become silent, and the matter, which would like to make materialism its cult and its law. Neither the matter nor the conscience has triumphed up to now, since the battle continues.

23. You ask Me: Who will triumph? And I say to you, that the absolute triumph of the conscience, acting upon the matter through the spirit, will not be long in coming.

24. Do you not perceive that, after so much struggle and fighting, the matter that is human and fleeting, has to yield before the conscience which is My eternal light?

25. Understand that after such a prolonged combat, man will finally attain the sensibility and the docility that he has never felt toward that voice and that spiritual life which vibrates and pulsates within his being.

29. Disciples, listen: It was written since the past Eras, that I was to come and manifest Myself to all my children, preparing, in that manner, the arrival of an Era of peace among men, leading them to the practice of spirituality.

This is the fulfillment of that prophecy. Today I am preparing you, surrounded by my spiritual world, while in the hereafter, other spirits are waiting for orders and will come to live among Humanity in the times to come.

Among them are those who are to govern the nations, those who, because of their great virtue, will motivate men to fulfill My commandments, channeling them along the righteous path. They will come after you.

38. I have come with My teachings to fortify you in righteousness; I come leading you through pathways of love, so that you may reach your brothers with my message of light and consolation.

If the time of My preaching to you has been extensive, it has been so that you can assimilate the content of My Doctrine and never misunderstand its meaning, because you are the new Israel, the people that will give testimony of My truth.

39. The voice of your conscience awakens you at every step, making you understand that you have a high destiny among Humanity and a great mission to fulfill.

40. Isn't it true that within you, there is a force that does not let you fall, and a voice that does not let you sleep?

Isn't it true that when you depart from the pathway and forget your mission, you feel an anxiety that does not allow you a bit of rest?

Well, that force, that eternal light, that voice that speaks inside of you is your conscience, wherein are indelibly written My Law and your responsibilities.

41. Let yourselves be led gently by that inner guide and I assure you that all spiritual uneasiness will disappear, leaving instead a profound peace and a true satisfaction.

43. Do not fear to be a small minority; alongside of you will be an invisible army of beings of light, preparing your pathway, opening doors so you can go through, knocking down obstacles and overcoming the pitfalls.

44. Against a world of darkness you can count on that world of light; and for you to conquer the influence of war, you will count on the angel of peace; against the illness, the plague and death, you will have with you the charity of those invisible beings, ready to spread their balsam of charity and of consolation onto mankind.

45. Never have My disciples been forsaken by Me, never have they been abandoned by those beings who inhabit the regions of light and harmony.

46. Who inspired some of My disciples of the Second Era so that they could remember their Master’s divine word and write it down as an inheritance for all generations? Who were the ones who led my disciples through unknown paths toward different cities? Who liberated Peter from his prison, while his jailers slept, and who accompanied those apostles of My truth in the supreme hour of their sacrifice? The spiritual beings, your brothers, whom men have called angels.

47. Oh! If you only knew the value that their influence has in your life! You would be more docile, more humble, and more obedient to their calling and to their indications. But you are creatures of little faith, because you want to feel and see with your corporal senses the spiritual life, and since you have not succeeded you have felt defrauded in your faith.

48. Truly I say to you, that if your faith were true, you would not need to feel with the senses of the flesh the presence of the spiritual, because then it would be the spirit who would perceive, with his subtle sensibility, that world which vibrates incessantly around you.

49. Yes, Humanity; for if you feel distant from the spiritual world, on the other hand, those beings cannot feel distant from men, since for them distances do not exist, nor boundaries or barriers. They live within the spiritual and for the same reason they cannot be alienated to the life of the human beings, whose higher destiny is that of the elevation and the perfectionment of their spirit.

50. You all are brothers and all spirits possess the same attributes: your own matter has been created the same as the rest. Then, why have you divided yourself into classes and nations, Humanity? I love you all, like one single son, and in that manner I forgive you; but be worthy of this grace, conquer your redemption. The moment will come when, in meditating in My teaching, you will love one another inspired in my love, and you shall not judge your brother’s errors.

52. Prepare yourselves, because tomorrow you will be guides and teachers of mankind. During that period of time of which I speak, you will deliver My teaching with love as I have taught you to do. You shall not judge your brothers with severity, believing that with it you please your Lord.

Truly I say to you, that even when you find yourselves indoctrinating Humanity in my name, you will not be exempt from sinning. Be watchful and pray, but if I should contemplate you sanctioning, without love, the wrongdoing of your brothers, I will speak to you through the conscience and I will say to you as in the Second Era: “Let him who is without sin among you, cast the first stone.”

61. Be watchful and pray, because the times are going to change. Become one with My Law of love and there will not be any ordeal that can stop you along the road; live the examples that I gave you through Jesus, and then you will indeed be ahead. Nobody can silence My verb from your lips. Truly I say to you, that not even the scaffold will make you forget My Law, because the memory of the Immolated Lamb will fortify you and you will offer yourselves in a holocaust to My Divinity. Understand that I am talking to you in metaphors.

62. How many of you will abandon your dearest loved ones to go in search of those who must hear My Word through you! How many of you, for love of My doctrine, will be deprived of your material goods and live amid privations!

But if your body would lack the terrestrial goods in this world, I will enhance your spirit in eternity with My love. But do not fear, oh my beloved children! I do not ask for the sacrifice from any of you. I have only said in My Word: All that you may do in My Work, you will receive multiplied a hundred fold. Sow your pathway with good deeds and you will harvest those triumphs in the Hereafter.

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This book is the abridged version of the compiled Divine teachings that were received by human understanding from 1866 to 1950. + More Information

The Spirit of Truth in the Third Era

The supernatural Transfiguration of Jesus Christ on Mount Tabor during the Second Era has been recorded in the Gospels as one of the most important scriptural happenings of all time. In the vision, Jesus appeared in resplendent glory accompanied by the spirits of Moses and Elijah (Math. 17:1-9).

In reality that transformation represented a spiritual fusion of the three phases of God's manifestation to mankind: The past, or First Era (Moses and the Law); the present, or Second Era (Jesus and His Law of Love); and the future, or Third Era (Elijah and His Spiritual Knowledge). furthermore, this spiritual fusion reconfirmed Elijah's role as the announced Forerunner and God's Emissary who was to prepare the way for the coming of the Spirit of Truth. (Math. 17:11).

It is written that in the final days the Lord shall return. The prophecies have fully became reality and the Day of the Lord is here. Behold the mystery unveiled..

And the same as in the past, the Lord had chosen again to communicate through the humble and uneducated rather than the most learned; otherwise, His divine Word would not have been attributed to Him but to those highly learned and educated, From 1866 through 1950, the Holy Spirit of God communicated with His chosen in many houses of prayer all over Mexico and in other countries as well.

Hundred of these divine teachings were compiled and abridged into The Third Testament.