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Humanity – Prologue

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 1 of 40

Humanity: You have become so accostumed to your way of life in your world; that the existing evil, manifested in diverse forms, seems to be so familiar that you no longer stop to reflect on the causes of its origin.

The cause of so much pain and bitterness in the world, is due to your having made bad use of your free will, and you have broken the harmony that should exist between man and the laws dictated by the Author of life. Everything has been profaned by man, therefore, it mus be restored to its proper course.

Oh, humanity saddened, shadowed by pain and bitterness! How much evil I contemplate in your world! Children are already acquainted with bitterness and their heart quickly hardens. Flowers wilt while still in full bloom, gray hairs begin to shine prematurely. Discord has invaded the most intimate part in the life of men; very bitter has been the fruits produced by the lack of harmony amongst humanity. The world is agitated in the midst of a storm and has forgotten its spirit in the profoundness of its being. There is hunger in the heart of men, there exist spiritual decline and the need to live. I see you contemplate the course of this world with indifference.

Religions disregard one another and pull apart among themselves and vices gather strength within men. Attempt is made against life, which is sacred. My spirit contemplates humanity´s orphanhood, the emptiness that each carries in his heart, I see how they search for ways to satisfy it with pleasures and yet cannot find the means to calm their thirst, even within the spirit; I see it agitate in chaos, harboring war in the heart and even in the spirit; taking the homicidal weapon and giving loose rein to the tongue as a veritable two edge sword. Some attack, others defend themselves. Some sow death, while others cling on to life. Sin has multiplied and the enviroment is contaminated, confusing the mind and the heart.

Millions of people who are ill, inhabit the earth; children wandering throughout the world abandoned to their own fate, with no set path to follow; multitudes of elderly people without comfort; helpless widows and women who ignore the pleasures of that warmth in a true home.

Humanity, have you not become weary of struggling uselessly, unable to find the purpose of your existence? You present to Me a life without ideals because you have not found the joy in love, in charity and in benevolence.

Humanity raises the following questions to God: The pain that afflicts this world, will it be prolongued forever? When shall we be able to live within morality and virtue? When shall we see that mutual respect between parents and children and between spouses? When shall we see again the innocence in children, purity in maiden, righteousness in males, dignity in the elderly, justice in the judges, magnanimity in the rulers, in one word, love amongst men? I say to you, humanity, pain will disappear when there is respect, and charity between one another, when you recognize that you shall not dispose the life of another fellow-being or of your own. When you learn to see beyond yourselves; when you learn how to love and forgive; when hatred and selfishness disappear from your lives, and when you penetrate within yourselves and meditate on the origin of evil.

Up until now, even though the world is small, you have not learned to live as one family. In how many confusions you have fallen humanity! In spite of this, here before you is the one who has never become tired of waiting for you and who comes near your heart to fill its inmense emptiness with My love. Trust, and have hope; your days or expiation have been great; but soon you will contemplate a more limpid path and you shall have that peace you have longed for.

Beloved humanity, whom I have come to visit in exile and to comfort within its prision, feel My presence and you will lack nothing! I can only tell you that what is mine I will not let it become lost. I love you even before you existed, and I shall love you eternally.

I leave you this lesson, so that through it, you can look into the past, seeking your beginning, examine the present and look towards the future. Behold that the earth now seems so small to contain so much human pain. This world which should be the home of just one family, is the apple of discord and cause of absurd ambitions, treason and wars, allowing its heart to become poisoned with rebelliousness, bitterness, materialism and incomformity. Meditate in all this, and do not give judgement so I do not have to repeat to you: “He who is free of sin, cast the first stone”.

Are there True Atheists?

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 2 of 40

Everybody believes in Me, even though not everyone confesses it, nor do all love Me. Do not believe in the atheist. I do not contemplate atheists nor can they exist. The flesh can deny Me but not the spirit. Can a man deny his carnal father, even though he never knew hin? In the same manner, the spirit, too, cannot deny his spiritual Father, even though he may think he does not know Him. Can a fruit exist which has not been part of the tree before?

I am what you cannot understand in all its plenitude, because you still dwell in the matter. You are subject to the physical body and, possessing a limited mind, you analyze me according to your materialism. Refraim from studying Me outside of the pathway drawn by My law, because it will only cause you to lose your way along the road. Do not try to look for Me with the poor and restricted knowledge that you presently have, because you will become confused.

There are those, that in order not to submit themselves to any religious creed, have left their faculty of thought free, believing to be out of the reach of precepts and laws. But this cannot be, because through their observations of their sciences and definitions, they have come to learn that some power, some harmony, some law and a wise, just and loving Doctrine, is manifested everywhere from which nobody can escape.

If there are some who rise as my enemies, I do not regard them as such, only as people in need. Even with the ones who consider themselves atheists and deny My existence, I see upon them with mercy. And those who try to destroy Me in the heart of mankind, I judge them as ignorant since they believe they have the power or the weapons to destroy the One who is the Author of life.

How small you are when, believing yourselves to be almighty and great, you resist confessing that above your power and your science there is someone that truly knows everything and can do it all.

Poor human creature when he devotes himself to being flesh and only flesh, because he is then subjected only to the natural law that governs the mortal and transitory beings who are born, then grow and die!

Enough said that your small human reasoning be the one that wants to read and penetrate the great Book of Life written by the Divine Spirit for your spirit, because he shall be the one who will attain immortality and not the flesh.

Never attempt to confine within the limits of your human intelligence, the lights that are only reserved for the spirit, because then you will see before you a diminutive God, deprived of perfection.

However, there are some who, despite their search, cannot find me, because they seek where I cannot be. They will even get to doubt my existence without realizing that they have Me very close to them, and inside themselves.

The believers and those who call themselves atheists and free thinkers, will all go to the same place in search of that peace, and when they find it, they will be before Me.

Paranormal experiences: Spiritual Gifts or just mind games?

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 3 of 40

How beautiful your world will be when men discover in their spirit, the blessed treasure with which the Creator endowed them with at the precise moment of his formation.

My messages will give way to discussions. Some declaring that it is a truth, others trying to prove it false. Some giving testimony of their own spiritual experiences and others denying the existence of such manifestations. But the truth will prevail, because this is the Era in which the dormant gifts and faculties within the spirit will be freed and manifest themselves through man, because in this Era he has reached the evolution and the necessary sensitivity to communicate with the spiritual realm.

Children, even old people, and through youths, all shall have manifestations that in the beginning might seem strange because for a long time mankind has departed away from the spiritual, but they will later consider this to be absolutely natural in the superior life of man. This will be when the children will talk of very profound teachings; when men and woman will have spiritual visions and prophetic dreams and when the gift of healing will spread throughout the Earth.

In the same manner as in other times, man’s life has been divided into eras or ages, and each one has been distinguished in some way. It may be for its discoveries, for the Divine revelations that within that life that man has received for his development in the sense of beauty which you call art, or for its science, I say to you that this Era will be significant for the development of the gifts of the spirit, that part of your being which you should have begun cultivating to avoid so many evils and mistakes.

I have come to reveal to you the spiritual gifts that you possess and to teach you the use you must give them, so that you will never employ them for deeds that are not within My Law, because if you do, instead of imparting light you would sow darkness and confusion.

You have within yourselves the gifts of spiritual visions, prophetic dreams, inspiration, intuition, gift of speech, revelation and spiritual communication.

Could you tell me the shape or volume of the conscience? Could you tell me what form love or the intelligence has? No, you respond. Well, in the same way that conscience, intelligence and love have no form, you cannot compare the worldly things with those of the spiritual life. Nevertheless, there is nothing more beautiful than the attributes of the spirit, which is the whole of gifts and virtues that do not require a given shape in order to exist.

From generation to generation the gifts of the spirit will be manifested greater and clearer, emerging even from the most skeptical and incredulous.

Ordeals and Suffering. Pain and sorrow as spirit’s teachers

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 4 of 40

To you who live tormented by the ordeals, the struggles, by doubts and uncertainties, by sadness and grief: pacify your heart and clear your mind so you can comprehend what I am about to tell you, young novices in life. When you feel the pain penetrate in your heart again, isolate yourselves a few moments from all that surrounds you and seclude yourselves. There, in the intimacy of your home, converse with your spirit; take hold of your ordeal and examine it, as you would do with some object you took in your hand to study. Examine your sorrow the same way, figure out from where it originates, and why it came about. Listen to the voice or your conscience and truly I say to you that from that meditation, you will extract a treasure of enlightnment and peace for your heart.

This life is a continuos ordeal for man, all the way from from his birth until he ceases to exist.

I admonish you, thus so that you may not become confused when you see wars unleashed and a multitude of beings dying day after day in differents accidents right before your eyes. When you cannot find the reason for those trials that make your heart quiver, keep in mind that each spirit has come to Earth to restore for himself what he had previously refused, and that there are beings so letargic that only a trial like that could awaken them.

You are like the shrubs that at times have such dry and sickly branches, that they need the painful pruning in order to turn away your ills and allow you to recover your health. My justice of love, on plucking away from the human tree the infested branches that eat away at heart, elevates it. When a limb of a man´s body is about to be cut off, he groans, trembles and quails, even when he knows that is must be done to remove what ails him. That which is dead threatens what is still able to survive. The roses also suffer at the time of pruning, they pour their sap like tears of pain; but later, they will be covered with more beautiful flowers.

Today many revile suffering, but tomorrow they will bless it as a teacher who taught them elevated and beautiful lessons.

I wish it were always the love of the Master that would show you the way and the finality of life, but you have preferred that the pain do the teaching.

From that bitter teacher you will pass on to receive lessons from Him who teaches you with sweetness.

The ordeals come in such a subtle way that many times you are not even aware when they terminate. What would happen to you if I were to announce the date, the day, and the hour, so that you will wait for them?

Today you are still covered by a veil of ignorance, which in your earthly materialism and in your religious fanaticism, filled with false fears and prejudices, you have not dared to tear down. That is why when a trial comes into your life and you cannot find some clear cause, you cry out saying: “But, what have I done to deserve this punishment?” without being aware that My justice sometimes takes centuries, and even eras to reach a spirit. My justice always comes, and even though apparently it arrives late or out of time, the fact is that is that it always manifests itself in a wise manner. To those who have stopped to ask Me why is it that you have been tested, I say to you: By chance are you aware of your debt to me? Do you know how must I cleanse your spirit so that he will return to Me as pure as he emerged from Me? That is why I say to you: Merely accept with patience and preparation the trials that I send to you each day, for My strength is always with you.

Not always will it be necessary for you to drink to the depths of the chalice of bitterness, because it will be enough for Me to observe your faith, your obedience, your purpose and intention in obeying My mandate for me to absolve you from reaching the hardest moment of your ordeal.

Man is the one who sets up barriers against his own spiritual progress. God does not punish, nor is he an executioner. God is Powerful, and is Strength, Light, Life and Love. Since God is wisdom, understanding, and universal peace, how can you believe that loving you as He does and having endowed man with so many blessings and Divine gifts, and preparing him for an eternal spiritual life, He would punish him?

You attribute to My justice all your suffering, and you are not aware that you are responsible for your downfalls.

There are trials that My justice send to you, but you are sowing the majority of them with your weakness; however in both cases, My love fortifies and asists so that you may continue until the end of the road.

There are no ordeals that are useless. All have a purpose, which is to perfect your spirit.

The big trials are always for the greater spirits, that is why, when you see a whirlwind coming towards you threatening to destroy your tranquility, do not fear, go forth to meet it; conquer it with the power that I have given you. Wait for the time needed and do not weaken in your struggle, do not try to conjure it away at the moment it appears before you. Remain praying and watchful, I am not speaking of Nature´s elements but those that can be a useful crucible to the spirit, and when used advantageously, will aid him to ascend and discover new paths before him. That will make him understand and awaken feelings which have remained dormant and that for him were necessary to help him evolve.

Man alone is incapable of accepting My word and modify his customs, tendencies, ambitions and ideals. That is why I have permited pain to touch him for a time. But when their cup becomes more and more bitter, and they recognize their error before the judge of the conscience, they will invoke My name and they will seek Me.

When the affliction becomes very intense, then man, however indifferent and cold he has become toward My doctrine, he remembers God. He turns his eyes towards Me, in search for My charity, and in his despair he elevates this prayer: “Lord, why do you not grant me that which I ask for you so much? If you do not heed my plea, then shorten my days on Earth, since there is no object in my being here only to suffer”. What ignorance you display speaking in that manner to your Father who is all love towards his children!

You may be certain that those who suffer the most during this time, is because before that, they drank to their depths their cup of pleasures, satisfactions and the glory of the world, and with that they strayed from his spiritual path, and left.

If you wish to dwelve more profoundly into the reason for your ordeals, remember that you are in the period of restitution of all your past faults. When you finally have faith in what I am explaining to you, a pleasing conformity, an infinite peace will invade your being, pondering that I am the only One who knows your past, and can judge it with love.

Man suffers in this times because he has departed from his fulfillment of the Divine Laws, both spiritual and natural, and he seeks the remedy in what is ficticious in this world. He is not aware that the origin of his malady is within his spirit.

Ah! If you would understand the affliction that touches the body is balsam and a relief for the spirit! Because while the flesh maintained its good health and well-being, many times the spirit was dragged toward the depths, or felt imprisoned within a life filled with pleasures and unleashed passions, but void of light for the spirit. Finally the suffering came, like a force more powerful than human passions, to stop man in his blind course, allowing the spirit to become liberated, blessing his affliction and recognizing that there exists no wiser justice than God´s.

Some reach this understanding sooner, thus avoiding much suffering. Others are obstinate and tardy to understand to the point of complaining and blaspheming, thus increasing with that their cup of bitterness.

You ask Me if there is nothing I can do for you? Ah! My little ones! Before you ask Me, I have deposited all that you need upon your hand! But being occupied in the struggle and carrying on without light or faith, you do not know how to feel My presence nor discern what I entrusted to your spirit, nor the light of the next day which only waits for your awakening so that you can see its brilliance at its plenitude.

I am the God of hope and the provider of all the licit desires of My children. When suffering penetrates within you allow it to fulfill its mission, but think that in order to ascend the ladder of perfection, of spiritual evolution, you should not be satisfied just being strong and resigned to your ordeals and to your suffering. You must likewise think about the afflictions of your fellowmen.

Be aware that I do not limit Myself to feel your afflictions but instead, I come to remedy them but in addition to knowing this, it is necessary for you to love and have faith in my Law; that you know how to ask, pray and have patience in your ordeals.

Certainly I test you, touch you and judge you, but at the same time I nourish you, forgive you and uplift you. Never will a spirit part defrauded from My presence, injustice has no place within Me.

The trials you encounter along your way have not come to you by chance. I have sent them to you in order for you to earn merits. The leaf of the tree moves not without the will of the Father. Be vigilant and pray so you will understand what is the fruit you should gather from each ordeal, so that your expiation may be shortened. Pick up your cross with love, and I will make it possible that you bear your restitution with patience.

Materialism, the cause for the destruction of civilizations

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 5 of 40

How humanity has descended and fallen because of its materialism! How humanity grieves because of its indifference to truth, purity and elevated thoughts.

You now live in a time of confusion, where evil is considered good, where darkness is perceived as light, and where needless things are viewed as essential.

This tragedy has occurred because of the materialism that humanity has fallen into. This tragedy was the result of humanity placing the spirit last, giving preference to the passions of the matter and the ideas of death. If the matter is selfish, what other fruit could you expect from it, other than the wars that exist and complete moral deterioration?

I taught you to give to Caesar those things that are of Caesar and to God those things that are of God. But only Caesar exists for men of today; they offer nothing to their Lord. If, at the very least, you would offer to the world what is just and good, your sorrows would be lessened. However, the Caesar that guides your lives dictates foolish laws, converting you into slaves and depriving you of your lives without offering you anything in return.

When man falls into materialism, his deeds become destructive rather than creative. He becomes similar to a multitude of worms eating away at a corpse instead of, through his creative labor, being able to resemble bees constructing their honeycomb in perfect harmony. The work of the bees consists of making honey in order to later offer its sweetness to those who desire it. And you: When will you discover the true flavor of life and practice it with one another?

I speak to you in this manner because, more than anyone, I know the evolution of your spirit. I know that humanity, in spite of its great materialism, its love for wordly possessions and its sinful passions, lives, in appearances only, attached to the flesh and the material life. When its spirit begins to feel the tenderness of my love, it will quickly come to me to remove its burden and will follow me through the path of truth. This is the path for which humanity yearns, although it does not realize it.

Since the beginning of times, I have seen man take the life of another because of envy, materialism and ambition of power.

Love for the world, greediness for material things, lust for the flesh, the pleasure of all lowly desires, egotism, love for oneself, and pride, have been the force with which you have created a life according to your intelligence and human free will.

Behold humanity falling into vices, perversity and crime. Behold men dedicating themselves to a life of materialism and selfishness. Women have become familiar with sin that prevails everywhere, thus losing the virtue and delicacy. The home, man´s temple, is profaned because of its lack or warmth, light and peace.

The pleasure and satisfactions that man receives from his deeds is artificial. Hidden behind his smiling mask, he bears within his heart the pain, the anxiety and the disillusionment.

It is useless for man to seek total satisfaction only in materialism. Everything is sad and empty.

Are you aware of your firm hold to the pleasures and splendor of this world? But the moment will come when you will ardently desire to absent yourself from it.

WAR: the greed and pride of some few men without love

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 6 of 40

How far from harmony man has lived since he began his journey on earth! Proof of this are his incessant blunders, the inexhaustible chalice of suffering he has experienced and his lack of peace. Behold the war, the hunger, the pestilence and death like a somber procession that moves from city to city, sowing mourning, desolation and destruction.

How much harm men have done to themselves with their fraticidal wars! Days and months pass without having within a trace of peace in their hearts; living in constant uneasiness and in danger from their own brethren who have become their enemies. Is this living, or at the very least, a struggle for an elevated ideal? No! Men kill each other because of their human ambitions which are worth much less than their own lives. They do not want to know the price of a life. They do not want to know that man´s existence is sacred, and that it can only be disposed of by the One who created it.

Do you observe people in eternal conflict? Do you see those wars which are the absolute denial of the love I taught you? From those wars provoked by human ambitions and differences of creeds, how much misery and bitterness has befallen upon humanity!

Behold the battlefields where only the sound of firearms and the anguished cries of the wounded are heard. Mountains of mutilated corpses who only yesterday were bodies of strong, young men. Can you picture them when for the last time they embraced their mother, their wife or their child? Can one who has not drunk the cup imagine the grief of those farewells?

Thousands and thousands of anguished parents, wives and children have seen their loved ones depart toward the fields of battle, of hate and vengeance, forced by the greed and pride of some few men without light and without love for their fellowmen.

Those legions of strong young men have not returned home, because they were wasted on the fields. Behold the earth, Mother Earth, more merciful than those men who govern the people and who believe themselves masters of the lives of their fellowmen, has opened her bosom lovingly to receive and cover them.

Behold the caravans of men of all ages, of women and children, fleeing from that destruction, wearily seeking peace and protection. Their feet are already mutilated and bloody; their heart cannot stand anymore pain, but there still remains a glimmer of hope in their innermost being.

How much suffering oppresses mankind during this era! No sooner is a child born when already he begins to drink up his cup of bitterness because of his brethren. Some suffer the loss of their mother before feeling the first caress, others become deaf with the thunder of war, instead of hearing the sweet, maternal lullaby.

The children of this period are moved before the chaos which they are feeling, and their innocent hearts lift up to Me pleading for light for the rulers and correctness in their decisions. They also present to Me those nations that have suffer under the yoke of stronger ones and ask Me that they be free again. Their gifts of love and justice vibrate within them, and their cry is one of peace and goodwill among men. I receive their prayer and cause it to be spread like a balsam over the needs of those nations at war.

Why does sinfulness exist and evil predominates, and why are wars unleashed? Because man does not listen to the dictates of his conscience and uses his free will badly.

Wars continue in the world; the threat of death and extermination hangs over the nations. The fact is that men stubbornly hold on to their philosophies and doctrines and do not wish to confront the truth. Do you not believe that the division of humanity into nations and races is something primitive? Don´t you think that if the progress in your civilization, of which you are so proud of, was true, would the law of violence and wickedness prevail? You must understand that this planet is for all men, and that the divisions of nations which exists since the beginning of humanity, is undeniable proof of envy, resentment, mistrust, separation and hatred among mankind.

Humanity has not wanted to comprehend that its happiness can only be found in peace, but still persists in following its ideals of power and false grandeur, spilling fraternal blood, uprooting lives, and destroying the faith of men. Behold how war destroys everything.

You have seen how the fields which yesterday were productive and offered their abundant fruits of peace and happiness to the world, are converted today into fields of blood, destruction and death.

The noise and the horrors of fratricidal wars have dulled the sensitivity of human heart. They have prevented the manifestation of every elevated sentiment, like charity and compassion.

From the West to the East, nations will arise disregarding one another, and from the North to the South, they will also arise to meet at the crossroads, and the resulting collision will produce an immense fire in which hatred will burn, pride will be extinguished, and the bad weed will be consumed.

And when you comprehend that everything which emerged from Me is perfect, harmonious and beautiful, you will ask yourselves: Why, then, do the children of God keep on destroying and annihilating? What force moves them to disregard and destroy one another, when they all emanated from the Father´s limpid fountain? What are those forces and why has God not, with His infinite power, stopped the progress of men who destroy the peace? Why does He permit wickedness among mankind? I have permitted suffering, destruction and death to be felt in your life so that those bitter fruits will make you understand the kind or tree you cultivated.

While the world agitates, and the shadow of chaos looms over the nations, and the war shakes mankind, I hear those who say: “If nothing is impossible for God, why does He not stop the war and create a world filled with peace?” And I say to you: That just as war is in man, there is also peace.

Already, a new conflict has been unleashed in the world. Entire nations fight, eager to conquer over their enemies; others seek superiority to dominate nations and have slaves, and others to demonstrate that their race is the most elevated of all, but they do not understand, in their blindness, the abyss that awaits everyone.

Mankind asks Me for tranquility, even though it carries within itself the gift of peace which can be reached through fulfillment of its duties. And I ask you: Is it necessary to experience war before you can have peace? Observe how the good seed has been overrun by wickedness. Some nations destroy others, and those which are strong today, will be annihilated tomorrow.

By making use of force, men destroy the world. Do you believe that their strength supersedes My power? Nevertheless, it is my will that they themselves recognize their errors, correct them and then reconstruct all they have destroyed and profaned.

What will be the debt of those men before God and how will they be able to pay it? Only I know that, but truly I say to you that no one will escape the law of restitution. That is why I say to you: While they keep on destroying the world which God granted them to live in, you must be watchful and pray for your brethren, for they know not what they do, for if they did, they would be constructing, long ago, all they have destroyed, with their tears, with their blood, and even with their life.

If My presence amongst you during those time coincides with the great calamities and the terrible wars that afflict you today, do not attribute that cup of bitterness which men drink to Me. The hardships are fruits of your sins, and these have not emerged from Me. If I announce to you that in the period when I would speak to you as the Holy Spirit, suffering would be widespread among mankind, I did not dictate that sentence upon you. I knew that when those ordeals came, you would need Me; I only announce it so that you would be watchful and pray, awaiting My arrival.

Now you only contemplate wars, and you clamor that it is a punishment of God, when I have taught you that God, who is the Father, does not punish; that these happenings occur because of their own faults.

I have only given you My proofs of love. I sent you to Earth, which is like a fertile, loving and tender mother. I gave you the fire of life, the air, which is the breath of the creator, and the water which is fruitfulness and freshness, and you have taken it all to sow destruction and death. Everything has been profaned, and it will be even more so. Your rivers will be of blood, your fire will be of extermination; the air will be saturated with the breath of death, and all the Earth will be thrown into convulsion. During the moment of judgement many will say to Me: “Lord, forgive me I had a veil of darkness over my eyes”.

I am the peace. In My infinite wisdom there exists all you would wish for. But when have the nations prayed to gain My peace? When have the armies kneeled to plead for forgiveness after they have killed their fellowmen?

Since the beginning of mankind there have been a few who have sought peace, or remained within it once they have attained it, because man only searches for it when suffering overcomes him. That is why you see how, after each one of your inhuman fratricidal and injust wars, thousands of beings arise hungering for peace, which they were unable to appreciate before, because they were not aware of the value that divine gifts holds. Do not wait for the lamentations on Earth to multiply and for the rumors of war to increase before you wake up. Pray and perform deeds of charity everyday, for in that way you will counteract the forces of evil.

Many men and women, because of so much pain and destruction, begin to yearn for My Law, for My word and for My peace, but they know not where to direct their steps to find Me.

Do you see during these times of materialism, nations engaged in making war against each other? And I say to you that right there, in the middle of those wars, many men have found the secret of prayer; the one which comes from the heart to reach Me, like an imperious calling, like a lamentation, like a supplication, and when they have beheld their miracle sought emerge along the way, they have learned that there does not exist another way to speaking to God, but through the language of the spirit.

Truly I say to you that there in the middle of the armies who fight for earthly ideals and ambitions, I have discovered during their moments of repose, men of peace and good will who have been converted into soldiers by force. From their heart escapes a sigh when my name emerges from their lips and the tears run down their cheeks with the memory of their loved ones: parents, wives, children or brothers. Then their spirit, without any temple other than the sanctuary of their faith, without any altar other than their love, nor any light other than that of their spirit, elevate themselves before Me, asking forgiveness for the deaths they have involuntarily caused with their weapons. They look for Me to beg with all the strength of their being to permit them to return to their home or that, at least, if they are to fall under the attack of the enemy, to cover with My mantle of mercy those whom they leave behind on Earth.

To all those who seek my forgiveness in that manner, I give My blessing, for they are not the ones to blame for killing; others are the assassins, the ones who will answer to Me for what they have done with human lives, once the moment of their judgement arrives. Pray for the peace of nations. I have spoken to men through their conscience, to those who govern these nations, and I have contemplated their heart to be stubborn, and that hatred and ambition does not leave them. Behold the wake of suffering that war is leaving, and men do not want to awaken from their lethargy, but soon events will surge in the world that will move mankind and make it change its course.

Pray, so you may help the representatives of the nations who meet to resolve the conflicts between the people. Do you believe that all of them have a different concept for each solution? No, My people. They deceive themselves, and inwardly their conscience is in agreement. Their material interests forces them to overpass their own convictions. How easy the solution of all conflicts would be if each one would act according to their conscience, then the world would be at peace. Men who govern the destinies of people, far from thinking of their own greatness, should first keep in mind the well-being of all. However, nothing like that exists, and distrust compels men to always be on the alert.

Once again I say to you: When the world retraces its steps along My pathway and puts My doctrine into practice, it will resolve its problems and will live in peace.

Do you want to stop suffering humanity? Love. Do good along your way, and reconstruct your life. Do you wish to be great and be happy? Love abundantly, love always. Do you wish to weep? Do you wish bitterness to overcome you? Do you wish for wars and desolation? Continue living as you are now. Let egotism, hypocrisy, vanity, idolatry and materialism to rule over your life.

I know that not all of you have an equal share of blame for the chaos that you live in. That is true, but I say to you, that those who are not the contrivers of the war, are responsible for peace.

Pray, humanity, and think of the arrogance and ambition which germinates within the minds of men who have taken to ruin, desolation and death other men who are not at fault. If you, instead of feeling merciful, feel anger or disdain toward those who cause so much suffering to humanity, verily I say to you that you deprive yourselves of all spiritual elevation and understanding.

When you succeed in elevating your feelings above so much human misery, a most sensitive and sincere petition in favor of your brethren will emerge from you, and that vibration of love, that purity of your sentiments, will be the most powerful swords which will destroy the darkness that wars and passions of men have been creating.

How many dreadful wars await mankind, much more terrifying than those that have taken place in which the fury of the unleashed elements will be confused with the thunder of your weapons. The world will be too small to contain in its bosom so much destruction. All of this will bring as a consequence, that men, after having reached their greatest suffering and desperation, will direct their supplications to the true God, to the One whom they did not want to reach through the pathway of love, to ask Him for his divine peace. Then, I, the Christ, the Word, will resurrect within the hearts, because that time will be the third day in which I will fulfill My promise of salvation, to construct the temple as I promised you.

Just I have announced the war and disasters awaiting mankind, I also say to you, that the day will come when all nations of the Earth will enjoy peace and men will love one another in Me, and their life, their work and their deeds in the world, will be and enjoyable worship, which like a fragant incense will rise to Me from this planet. The bad weed will be uprooted from the hearts of men, and the good seed will be preserved to form with it a new humanity.

This world, converted now into an apple of discord, because of human ambition and selfishness, will at last be shared by everyone without being owners, because at the calling of the Real Owner of all creation, you will obediently leave all your possessions.

Only spirituality will save this humanity from its chaos. Do not expect another solution. Oh, people and nations of the Earth! You can sign peace treaties, but while that peace is not based upon the light of the conscience, you will be foolish, for you will be building on sand!

I have said to you that I am the Great Warrior whose sword has come ready for battle, but understand that I have not come to provoke wars amongst men, like the ones you always cause. Mine is a war of ideas, of persuasion, in which the truth, love, reason, justice and true wisdom shines.

True Prayer – Spirituality

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 7 of 40

The main reason for the spiritual poverty among men and for earthly vissicitudes is the imperfect way of praying, this is why I emphasize that this knowledge should reach humanity.

True prayer is not practiced in this era by humanity, this is why men have had to create material prayers and phrases to repeat them automatically as many times as necessary.

What can you present to Me, either in your heart or in your spirit that I do not contemplate? What suffering, desires, troubles or secrets can you hide from Me? None of those. Then learn to pray spiritually, to confess from within and before Me. Trust Me so you can allow my peace to penetrate your heart, that peace that you lack so much.

When you question me or ask me for something, do not force yourself to explain your problems with clarity, nor try to be meticulous in searching your mind for well structured phrases. For Me it is enough that your spirit draws away from this world; that moment is when the heart and mind are clean so they can receive my inspiration. What is the use of saying beautiful things if you are not capable of feeling my presence deep inside of you?

I know everything, and you do not have to explain anything to me so that I can understand you.

Do not pray only when you are passing through a painful trial; pray also when you are at peace, it will be then when your heart and mind can take care of others. Do not appeal only for those who have been good to you or for the ones who have not caused you any harm. Though meritorious, it is not as much as being watchful for those who in some way have harmed you.

I do not come to ask men for the unification of customs, material laws or knowledge about science, though sooner or later the time will come when it will become convenient for people to unite. What I have come to inspire you is spiritual harmony, and the unity of thoughts. All human beings must learn and practice the spiritual prayer.

All hours and all places can be suitable for prayer and meditation; I never said in my teachings that there were specific places and moments devoted to this. What is the use of searching the world for given places to pray when your spirit is greater than the world you live in? Why do you limit me in images and in places so limited when I, myself, am infinity?

Prayer is the language of the spirit, be sure to learn that language so that while you talk, to me, you may also know how to listen. Talk to me with respect and humbleness, but with the confidence you have in a father, with the intimacy that you talk to a friend.

They are not the words with which your mind tries to form the prayer that reaches Me, but the love, the faith or the need with which you approach Me; that is why I say to you that there will be occasions when your prayer will last for a second because there will be not time to formulate your thoughts, phrases and ideas as you are accustomed to.

Prayer is a grace that God has given to man so he can use it as a ladder to elevate himself, as a weapon to defend himself, as a book to learn from and a balsam to anoint and heal any malady.

You should be aware of the extent that prayer has, so you will understand the immense power that it has when you elevate it, to cure any spiritual need, as well as to ask for the solution to a material affliction.

You must know that when your heart calls me with tenderness my spirit also trembles with pleasure.

In prayer you will find comfort, inspiration and strength, it will give you the sweet satisfaction of being able to communicate intimately with God, without witnesses or mediators. God and your spirit join in that sweet moment of confidences, of spiritual communication and blessings.

True Love

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 8 of 40

Truly I say to you that everything great and good that exists in the spirit, you have never given because you do not even know it.

From infancy until old age, you have clear examples of everything that is achieved with love and of the pain that originates from the lack of charity, but you, more insensible than the rocks, have yet to learn the teachings and examples that daily living gives you.

Love is the beginning and reason of your existence. Oh humanity! How could you live without that gift? Believe me, there are many who carry death within, and others who are sick just because of not loving anyone.

Truly I say to you that there exists coldness in the hearts of men, because love has fled from them. It is like those homes in which the sacred flame of affection has been extinguished, be it between spouses, between parents and children, or between brothers. Their bodies are close together, but their spirits are distant. How large is their emptiness, how large is the loneliness, and how cold the inside of those homes!

If men felt true love for their brethren, they should not be suffering the chaos in which they find themselves and everything within them would be harmony and peace; but they do not understand that Divine Love and they only want the truth that reaches the mind, not the one that reaches the heart, and there they have the result of their materialism: a selfish humanity, false and full of bitterness.

For you love is beautiful word, but until today you have not penetrated into its true sense.

When I speak to you about love I refer to the divine bond that unites all beings, I am not referring to love as it is understood by men. Where there is selfishness and low passions, there is no true love. I equally love the one who deceives and offends me, as well as the one who recognizes and honors me with his deeds.

Although much is spoken about love on Earth, actually, it does not exist among you. There are some who feign it, others confuse it with an egotistical sentiment, and others with a passion of the flesh. Falseness reigns within the human heart; falsehood prevails; love, friendship, charity, are simulated.

You were born because of love, you exist because of love, you are forgiven because of love, and you will be in eternity because of love. Love is not learned, it is felt, it is carried within.

Truly I say to you that love is the immutable power that moves the universe. Love is the beginning and the essence of life.

The True Temple of God

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 9 of 40

The pain that overwhelms men during this era leads them step by step towards the doors of the inner sanctuary where they will ask the Lord: Where are you? And from within the temple will be heard the sweet voice of the Divine Master saying: Here I am, where I have always dwelled, in your conscience.

I have not come during this period to seek temples made of stone to appear in them: I come searching for spirits, hearts, and not material gala.

I am teaching you how to construct the true temple, because there are some who have formed sanctuaries without having set the foundations of faith. My temple must be like a tree whose branches will extend lovingly all over the universe; where the birds will come to trill their different songs so that when their notes unite, they will form a harmonious concert, sweet and perfect, and elevate it to the Creator. There your spirit will elevate himself in search of his Lord, as the Father, teacher, doctor, but never look for Him as judge.

I see the great temples, the great religious organizations, the pomp and the riches; the splendor and the power, but I do not see spiritual magnificence; I do not see a gala of virtues; I do not see any spiritual might that is part of My universal power.

I am reconstructing the temple which I referred to when I said to My disciples who marveled, contemplating the temple of Salomon: “Truly I say to you that there will not be one stone left upon another of that temple, but I will reconstruct it in three days” I meant to say that all exterior worship, regardless how ostentatious it may seem to mankind, will disappear from the hearts of man, in order to raise in its place the true spiritual temple of My Divinity. This is the Third Era, when I will finish reconstructing My temple.

Truly I say to you that man has not understood the spiritual meaning of those words, because time does not pass over Me, since I am eternity. Here I am in the Third Era, on the Third day, laying the foundation of the true temple and constructing it within the spirit of man.

No one is capable of building a temple like the one I am raising in your spirit. This temple will be indestructible, and while those temples made by human hands fall before the pounding of time and tempests, this one will remain irremovable, because its foundation will be in your spirit and its top will reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

Ask yourselves frequently, if you are doing your part in the construction of this temple, and if this is not so, I invite you to form a true temple with your unity. Some, for their firmness, will be the foundations; those who attain greater elevation will be the columns; others, through their charity, will be stairways, and some others with their gift of words, will be like bells that with their peal will call the multitudes.

There will be some who through their inspiration, will symbolize high towers and domes of the temple; and those, because of their love for mankind, shall be like the doors, always open for the needy, the thirsty, the sick and the ones who have been misunderstood.

That temple shall be finished when harmony among mankind is real. Its base will be on Earth, but its towers will touch the heavens.

Spiritual Solitude

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 10 of 40

I wish that those not understood by humanity should feel understood by me.

Why do I see you walking with your head lowered like failures? Are you tired of this life? Then rest for a second and tell me about your anxieties. Come to Me, always when you are distressed by your griefs, whenever you need someone to trust, a gentle friend, look for me and I will advise you on the best path. When pain overwhelms you and the grief of life annihilates your senses, do not doubt about Me.

For those who suffer and cry, for those who call themselves disinherited, for those who say that their star does not shine and for those who mourn for having come to this life to cry, I say: Why do you fall on to the abyss of dispair and mistrust?

Do not feel defeated, do not confess yourself as failures. You all need a word of encouragement to comfort you, if you call yourselves misunderstood I say to you that I know everything that happens within you and I will give you the solution that you are seeking for, I come as a father so that those who have lacked love, affection and tenderness on earth can find warmth in Me. I come as a doctor so you can deposit in me your pain, anxieties and all the hidden suffering that have weakened your spirit and body, I come as a friend so you can trust in Me your deepest secrets, struggles and wishes.

Everyone bears a wound in the heart. Who but I is able to penetrate within you?

I know of your bitterness, your sadness, and discouragement, and of so much injustice and ungratefulness that exists in your world. I know of the weariness of those who have lived and struggled greatly on Earth, and whose existence for them is a heavy burden. I know of the emptiness of those who are becoming lonely in this life.

I say to all: Ask and you shall receive. That is why I have come to give you in accordance to what you need from Me, be it company, tranquility, missions, or light.

I come as a father, never indifferent to your sufferings and always indulgent and merciful before your imperfections. Also to the lonely and misunderstood man, as well as the man converted into a slave of passions and vices, and to the abandoned woman or the maiden fearful of facing life. The same to the father or mother who present Me their problems and to the orphan who has not protection in the world. I listen to all of them and I touch their heart with the fine chisel of my word.

Let yourselves be covered with my word, so that you can forget sorrow, mourning, misery and tears and cease being the pariahs of the world. Sick and sad men in need of spiritual love, you will see how the serenity of the spirit will pacify the turbulent sea of your passions.

Men and women, who have wept greatly in life, this lesson is dedicated to you. Meditate profoundly on it, and you will see what sweet consolation penetrates into your heart. A tiny light will kindle within your innermost being and a sensibility, that you have never experienced before, will surprise your dormant fibers, allowing you to feel My Spiritual presence, be it in your sorrows as well as in your happiness and your moments of peace.

In my word you can find the honey to sweeten your existence and remove forever the bitterness that has been existed in all eras, the sad taste in your life.

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