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A Spiritual World – The Angels of the Lord and us

A legion of spiritual beings has been sent to assist you. Those beings
will give you courage, inspiration, and will help you to arise when
you stumble.

When your path becomes invaded by beings full of darkness,
the enlightened beings will show you how to illuminate those beings
in darkness and free them from their confusion.
The light of your
guardians will illuminate you so that you may contemplate your path
and discover its dangers.

The Spiritual World of Light

Humanity: I say to you that you only know of things that pertain to this world, for you deny what you cannot verify materially. If you knew just a little about the spirit, you would not dare to deny the existence, nor the communication of the spiritual world.

When I speak of the spiritual world, I am referring to those spiritual beings who are obedient and true servants; they carry out only the will of God. Those are the beings whom I have sent among you as advisors, guardians, doctors, and true brethren among mankind. They offer their assistance at the appropiate times and show humility and concern when they are summoned or needed. If you want to feel the influence and help of those who feel charity toward you, you must develop faith, obey their orders, have trust and sensitivity, and be well prepared
when praying. Then you will be able to contemplate wonderful things along your path in life.
The multitude of beings whom I have destined to accompany and to help you along your journey is so great that it is beyond your imagination. Complete harmony exists among them. The light they emit is wisdom and love, for they have dedicated themselves to helping humanity. The greatest desire is to guide their brethren to the summit of spirituality. Their presence, their influence, and their inspiration will be so subtle that their presence among humanity will only be perceived by those who are prepared.

Some refer to that world as invisible; and others call it the Hereafter. Why? Simply because they lack the faith to “perceive” the spiritual and because their human smallness makes them feel distant and foreign to a world that they should feel in their heart.

The world of virtuous spirits, who have come to help you, is near to you. Ask with faith and with respect and you will receive their benefits. Call them without distinction, for I have prepared all of them in the same manner. All of them have become worthy to help humanity in this period.

When will man prepare himself in order to listen to the wise advice of the spiritual world and guide himself through their inspirations?


To perceive the presence and influence of the spiritual world of light

Truly I say to you that as your thoughts become more pure, and as your deeds become more simple and virtuous, you will perceive the presence and influence of the spiritual world in your life with greater clarity, and greater will be the miracles that you will receive from it.

The great spirits, great because of their struggle, their love, and their great efforts, seek harmony with their younger brethren on earth who are distant and neglectful. They have noble and elevated missions.

Those spirits know that they were created to become elevated and to be active; they know that inactivity is not for the children of God.

Everything in creation is life, movement, equality, and harmony. And thus, those countless beings work, exert themselves, and rejoice in their battle, knowing that they are glorifying the Lord and helping in the progress and perfection of their brethren.

You ignore the influence that those brethren exert over you. But once you develop the sensitivity to perceive their light, inspirations, and the messages that they send you, you will have an idea of the countless tasks and noble deeds to which they dedicate their existence.

It is necessary for you to know that those spirits, because of the love and respect that they have for the laws of the Creator, never undertake what does not correspond to them nor do they undertake that which is prohibited.

They also do not penetrate where they should not, in order not to break the harmony among the elements of creation.


The Angels of the Lord

To battle against the world of darkness, you will need the world of light; to triumph over the influence of war, you will depend upon the angel of peace; to battle against sickness, plagues, and death you will have the charity of those invisible beings who are ready to pour their balsam of charity and comfort upon humanity.

Now that I have informed you of the kindness and elevation of these beings, I must tell you that they are pure and thus can speak to the world about purity. They love me and love you, therefore, they have the right to speak of love. They are saturated with health and well-being and can share this with those who are ill.

1866 – The Dawn of the Third Era

The Prelude

In the book “Memories on facts about Roque Rojas and several other anecdotes about his ancestors”, dated in the year 1914, the author, Gregorio Baldomero narrates the prelude to the beginning of the Third Time.

“From the eve of the 23rd to dawn of the 24th day of June, 1861 (sic) Don Roque Rojas had been very busy with matters pertaining to his profession of Civil Judge; he went to sleep but at about 10:00 p.m. was awakened by an “Angel” with golden wings who had appeared before, and who said to him: “Elijah, Elijah, you are the promised one and hence have you been chosen to be the Strong Rock of Israel, such is the meaning of your name, and I, Gabriel, have come to inform you that you must rise from your bed and walk behind the place known as The Calvary to arrive at the floating islet located at Maria Petra’s abode, and there shall speak to you he who has ordered me to see that you accomplish that which I now tell you”….

“Hastily did Roque don his clothing, going out to the patio of the house where he realized that a beautiful moon illuminated the entire land which was in absolute silence. He then left the house and went towards the canal where he boarded a canoe…he started rowing in the direction of Maria Petra’s islet; upon coming close to the woman’s humble abode, he perceived the sound of a bird from a treetop. Mesmerized, he stood still listening to the chirping of the bird…”

“All at once before his eyes appeared a pale golden triangle, at the bottom of which a sun with a human face in a deep red with yellow beams started to emerge and the light it gave out seemed to illuminate with such force that it looked like the gleam of a radiant dawn…”

“…he raised his head and just beyond the triangle he spied a dove in flight like a snowflake from whose peak crystal-like drops seemed to fall and as they fell over his head they bathed his whole body with luminous light…”

“…suddenly from afar he heard the blare of a trumpet blow three times and heard a loud voice say these words: “Upon you shall the Spirit of Elijah promised for these days be manifested”…

“…and he saw a hand emerge from the triangle and touch the land three times with a wand and from above the powerful voice said unto him: “This say I to you in my name, for I am the Father”.

“And at the finish of these words, again from afar he heard the trumpets sound three times, to his right, and heard again the powerful voice say: “This say I to you in my name, for I am the Son”.

“Having finished uttering these words, he saw a cross descending from the heavens, alight on earth, and once again disappear to his left and again heard the powerful voice say to him: “This say I to you in my name, for I am the Holy Spirit”.

“And upon listening to these last words he heard a sublime music and saw that the dove alit upon his head and disappeared; the hand with the wand again touched thrice upon the earth and he heard a multitude of voices sing: “This is the coming of Elijah the promised one”.

“And I, Gregorio Baldomero, do hereby write this grandiose passage from the life of don Roque Rojas, exactly as he told it to me”.


September 1, 1866

Drawn by that vision, Roque Rojas congregated a small number of people who, convinced through a multitude of testimonies that he had indeed been chosen by God to accomplish a great mission , they congregated frequently in Roque Rojas’ humble house of prayer.

However, at the meeting which took place on September 1st, 1886, it unexpectedly came to pass that Roque Rojas entered into a state of ecstasy and firmly pronounced these words:

“I am Elijah, the Prophet of the First Era, he of the transfiguration at Mount Tabor; prepare yourselves because the Seven Seals are being made known to you and the doors of mystery are being opened so that you may contemplate the path to your salvation. This is the word of God pronounced in times remote by His prophets.

In the manuscript “Dawn of the New Advent of the Lord. The Messenger”, published in 1970 by the enclosure “El Redentor” under supervision of Eneida R., sources of the XIX Century are quoted and the following is narrated:

“On the First of September, 1866, 7 people who would remain at the head of the first seven houses of prayer are named, who were the representation (symbolism) of the Seven Seals because of the gifts that each one received”
(See “Damiana Oviedo, The First Spokesman”) .

“Possibly it was on that date that Roque Rojas made known to the congregation the divine revelation on which the Commandments (delivered through Moses) were merged with the maxims of Jesus and the teachings of Elijah in one law alone, whose revelation having been received by the messenger since the 23rd of December, 1862.


Bibliography: “Memoirs of Facts about Roque Rojas and Some other Anecdotes about His Ancestors”. Gregorio Baldomero 1914/ “Dawnings of the New Coming of the Lord. The Messenger”. Manuscripts from “El Redentor”. 1970.

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