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Angels: A Spiritual World of Light – Myths and Facts

According to the Bible, angels are very real! In fact, there are over 250 references to them throughout scripture. From the Genesis story of creation, to thedescription of the end times in Revelation, angels actively participatein the affairs of this world and heaven. Angels are not myth at all – butthey are widely misunderstood. Through the ages, people have found greatcomfort in believing in angels that hear our prayers and guide our steps.We have even managed to conjure up images of angels that look strikinglylike people, from the most beautiful of golden haired maidens to chubbywinged cherubs with harps. While these images make up some of the mosttreasured of renaissance artwork and adorn present day greeting cards andfigurines, they are not based on the Bible’ s description of how angelsappear, nor on the purpose and duties for which God created them.

The facts about angels are actually much more interesting than the fantasies we’ve managed to conjure up about them. Dispelling themost commonly held misconceptions about angels allows us to see them asthe fascinating and awe-inspiring creatures that they are. Lets compare the most popular of these myths to the biblical facts:

Myth Number 1 – Angels Look Like People With Wings

Angels do not look like winged maidens or babies. Angels are spirits, and like God himself, do not possess bodies. (Hb 1:14)In Hebrews they are described as “winds and flames of fire” (1:7)They seem to have the ability, however, to appear as people when it servestheir purpose. In fact the Bible says that it is possible to entertainthem without even being aware of it. “Do no forget to entertain strangers,for by doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”(Heb 13:2) When they appear in the Bible, they are most often masculine figures, or indescribably awesome creatures, but seldomas women and never as babies or children.

A marvelous description of an angel in full glory is given in Daniel — “. . . there before me was a man dressed in linen, witha belt of the finest gold around his waist. His body was like chrysolite,his face like lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms and legslike the gleam of burnished bronze, and his voice like the sound of a multitude.”(Dan 10:5,6) This angel was suspended above the waters of the Tigris river (Dan 12:7),yet no mention is made of his possessing wings.

The prophet Isaiah had the privilege of seeing angelswith wings called “seraphs” above the throne of God. However,these winged angels were nothing like the images we are accustomed to.He describes them this way, “. . . each with six wings: With two wingsthey covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with twothey were flying. And they were calling to one another: ‘Holy, holy, holyis the Lord Almighty’ ” (Is 6:2,3)

The angel that appeared outside the tomb of Jesus moreclosely fits the description in Hebrews of “winds and flames of fire.”Matthew states that, “His appearance was like lightening and his clotheswere white as snow.” (Matt 28:3)

Myth Number 2 – Angels are Passive

Angels are mighty and very powerful. Daniel was so overcome by the angel’s apparition that his strength was drained, his breathing difficult, and he was unableto speak. Upon seeing the angel Daniel wrote, “I was terrified andfell prostrate.” (Dan 8:17) The angel that appeared like lightening at Jesus’ tomb was so awesome that the guardswere terrified and, “shook and became as dead men.” (Mat28:4) The responses of these men to the angels they encountereddemonstrates the tremendous and powerful presence that angels have theability to generate.

There are many instances of angels serving as warriorsof God, not only to protect, but also to destroy when necessary. In 2 Kings,the story is told of the Assyrian army threatening to overtake Jerusalem.An angel of the Lord killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers in one night. (19:35)Imagine the power possessed by that lone angel! In the end times, fourangels will be assigned the responsibility of destroying one-third of allmankind. (Rev 9:15) These angels are a farcry from the passive cloud-lounging angels we have become familiar with.

Roque Rojas – Biography of the chosen of the Third Era

Roque Rojas

Who was Roque Rojas?

Roque Jacinto Rojas Esparzawas born on the 16th of August, 1812, in Mexico City, in the Republic of Mexico located in the American continent.

Within Roque Rojas several cultures merge, for his father, Manuel Rojas, was a descendant of Sepharadic (Spanish) Jews, and his mother, Dolores Esparza, was of Otomí (a native American tribe) origin.

To fulfill the requisites of the Catholic religion dominant in that region of the world, his parents baptized the small child and the name of the Catholic priest who baptized him was Filogonio Quezada.

Years later, an orphan to his mother, his father Don Manuel and his Godfather Juan López Montiel, enrolled him in the Seminary of Mexico, for they wanted him to pursue the career of priest, but he could only study there for three years because when his Godfather died he had no economic means to continue his studies.

He went back to live with his father and learned twenty-two trades: printer, engraver, cabinet-maker (ebonist), watchmaker, painter, etc.

He got married in the village of Zumpango de la Laguna in the Mexican province, to Ms. Guadalupe Arias Malanco with whom he bred an only daughter, Carolina, living a harmonious life together which was filled with love towards others .

On the night of the 21st of June, 1861, at about 10:00 o´clock a vision awoke him and the extraordinary events that marked his way for the rest of his life took place: the angel Gabriel indicated that he move to a certain place in the South of Mexico City where he would receive instructions and messages from God to carry out his mission as a forerunner of the manifestation of the Spirit of Truth amongst men.

Fulfilling the Divine Orders, Roque Rojas, simple and kind, suffered from persecution of civil and ecclesiastic authorities as well as the lack of comprehension of his own people. (see “1866”)

On September the first, 1866, Roque Rojas received for the first time the communication through human understanding of Elijah, the prophet of the First Era. (see “1866”)

In 1869, Roque Rojas considers his spiritual mission accomplished and dies 10 years later, on the 18th of may, 1879, in the house marked with the number 18 on the streets of Niño Perdido (today Eje Lázaro Cárdenas) in Mexico City.

Bibliography: “Memoirs about Facts of Roque Rojas and some Anecdotes about his Ancestors”. Gregorio Baldomero 1914.

Angels – The Enlightened Beings

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 27 of 40

Humanity: I say to you that you only know of things that pertain to this world, for you deny what you cannot verify materially. If you knew just a little about the spirit, you would not dare to deny the existence, nor the communication of the spiritual world.

Before I left this world, I said to My disciples: The Comforter will come among you, the Spirit of Truth who will reveal to you what is in His Arcanum.

Here then, is the continuation of My Work, My coming in the Third Era as The Comforter, surrounded by My great armies of angels, as it has been written.

The multitude of beings whom I have destined to accompany and to help you along your journey is so great that it is beyond your imagination. Complete harmony exists among them. The light they emit is wisdom and love, for they have dedicated themselves to helping humanity. Their greatest desire is to guide their brethren to the summit of spirituality.

Their presence, their influence and their inspiration is so subtle that their presence among humanity could only be perceived by those who are prepared.

The world of virtuous spirits who have come to help you, is close to you. Ask with faith and with respect and you will receive their benefits. Call them without distinction, for I have prepared all of them in the same manner. All of them have become worthy to help humanity in this period.

Some refer to that world as invisible; and others call it the Hereafter. Why? Simply because they lack the faith to perceive the spiritual and because their human smallness makes them feel distant and unbecoming to a world that they should feel in their heart.

When I speak of the spiritual world, I am referring to those spiritual beings who are obedient and true servants; they carry out only the will of God. Those are the beings whom I have sent among you as advisors, guardians, doctors, and true brethren among mankind. They offer their assistance at the appropiate times and show humility and concern when they are summoned or needed. If you want to feel the influence and help of those who feel charity toward you, you must develop faith, obey their orders, have trust and sensitivity, and be well prepared when praying. Then you will be able to contemplate wonderful things along your path in life.

Those spirits, followers of mine, form a part of that comfort that I had promised you, and you already had proof of their charity and of their peace through their good counsel and examples of virtue.

Through them I have granted you benefits, and they have been intermediaries between you and My Spirit.

When you have perceived the grace and gifts with which they are endowed, as well as their humility, you have felt inspired to perform deeds as pure as those they have realized in your life. When they have entered your home, you have felt honored by their spiritual presence.

A legion of spiritual beings has been sent to assist you. Those beings will give you courage, inspiration, and will help you to arise when you stumble. When your path becomes invaded by beings full of darkness, the enlightened beings will show you how to illuminate those beings in darkness and free them from their confusion. The light of your guardians will illuminate you so that you may contemplate your path and discover its dangers.

When will man prepare himself in order to listen to the wise advise of the spiritual world and guide himself through their inspirations?

Truly I say to you that as your thoughts become more pure, and as your deeds become more simple and virtuous, you will perceive the presence and influence of the spiritual world in your life with greater clarity, and greater will be the miracles that you will receive from it.

The great spirits, great because of their struggle, their love, and their great efforts, seek harmony with their younger brethren on earth who are distant and neglectful. They have noble and elevated missions.

Those spirits know that they were created to become elevated and to be active; they know that inactivity is not for the children of God. Everything in creation is life, movement, equality, and harmony. And thus, those countless beings work, exert themselves, and rejoice in their battle, knowing that they are glorifying the Lord and helping in the progress and perfection of their brethren.

You ignore the influence that those brethren exert over you. But once you develop`the senssitivity to perceive their light, inspirations, and the messages that they send you, you will have an idea of the countless tasks and noble deeds to which they dedicate their existence.

It is necessary for you to know that those spirits, because of the love and respect that they have for the laws of the Creator, never undertake what does not correspond to them nor do they undertake that which is prohibited. They also do not penetrate where they should not, in order not to break the harmony among the elements of creation.

To battle against the world of darkness, you will need the world of light to triumph over the influence of war, you will depend upon the angel of peace; to battle against sickness, pagues, and death you will have the charity of those invisible beings who are ready to pour their balsam of charity and comfort upon humanity.

Now that I have informed you of the kindness and elevation of these beings, I must tell you that they are pure and thus can speak to the world about purity. They love me and love you, therefore, they have the right to speak of love. They are saturated with health and well-being and can share this with those who are ill.

Do you believe that they have always been virtuous beings? Are you not aware that a great number of them have dwelled on Earth and have known of the weaknesses and great faults?

Behold them now; there is no blemish in them, but it is because they heard the voice of the conscience; they awakened to love and repented of their past faults and, in that crucible, they have been purified to rise with dignity and now they serve Me by serving Humanity.

Their spirits have taken, through love, the task of helping their fellowmen to restitute all that they did not do when they inhabited Earth, and they have accepted, as a divine gift, the opportunity of coming to sow the seed they had not planted before and to destroy every imperfect deed they may have done before.

For that reason, you now behold their humility, their patience, and their gentleness, and on occasions you have seen them suffer because of their restitution, but their love and recognition which is greater than the obstacles that they have faced, overcome it all and they are willing to go to such an extent as sacrifice.

Just as you see how they are today, you will be tomorrow. You will also inhabit that world, and your love, effort, and repentance, will wash away the blemishes that may have remained within you, so you may be as clean and pure as they are.

Your perseverance and your love for righteousness will help you send your prayer toward those whom you leave on Earth involved in vicissitudes and evil, and you will plead with the Father: “Lord, permit me to return, even in an invisible or intangible form, to my brethren, to carry a message of peace and health to those who suffer.” And I shall grant you that grace.

Then you will be as angels, and nothing can keep you from visiting other worlds of expiation, taking within you that spring of grace and kindness which I have entrusted to you as My children.

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