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By The Emperor’s Command: Banning Reincarnation

This entry it's part of the By The Emperor's Command series. Part 1 of 3

Why Is The Doctrine of Reincarnation Rejected by Most Christians

In today’s Christianity, the law of the reincarnation of the spirit is widely taken as a heresy. But this wasn’t always so.

In fact, in the era of Jesus and the apostles, this notion was common and widely accepted among the people of Israel and the early followers of Christ.

So, where then did this rejection to that divine law of love came from?

Historic documents prove beyond any shadow of doubt that were the power and greed of the Roman emperor Justinian, pleasing the whim of the frivolous empress Theodora, women of questionable morality -do not confound her with the Catholic saint bearing the same name which lived almost 200 years after-, the ones that put good faith Christians in an authentic dilemma.

You see, by rejecting reincarnation, those brothers of us, unwittingly deny that Jesus could be the Messiah, the Christ so eagerly expected by the people of Israel.

And why is this?

Because before the arrival of the Christ, Elijah should came first, as the Scriptures prophesied… but in fact, he did… but the detractors of reincarnation seem not to have any problem with refusing to accept that the spirit and the power of Elijah actually reincarnated in John the Baptist, thus denying in this way that Elijah was once more in Earth and that Isaiah and Malachia prophesies were fulfilled.

And inadvertently, they join the Jewish people, who in their beliefs are still waiting for the arrival of Elijah since for them, Jesus was not the Christ, sustaining their belief precisely over this point.

If you are a Christian, you have to make a decision: Either you believe Jesus Himself in His own saying, which is that John the Baptist WAS Elijah -not methaporically or figuratively but in reality, in the flesh-, or you continue to obey a Roman Emperor command, as explained in the videoclip above.

Is The Reincarnation of the Spirit an Oriental Doctrine?

Although many people thinks that reincarnation is an idea from India or China, in fact it is an universal notion that emanates from God, and that concept resides in the spirit and heart of Humanity since the very beginning.

In part 2 and 3 of these series of videos, soon to be posted here, are included the proofs and facts that show that the reincarnation of the spirit, since the more ancient books of the Bible up until the most recent scientific research, is something to be taken very seriously.

Due to the natural evolution of the human race, now we are able to understand, beyond metaphors and parables, the true meaning of this doctrine that was delivered by the prophets since remote times, just as Jesus did with His disciples.

The Quest for the Apocalyptic Beast – Part 2

This entry it's part of the The Quest for the Apocalyptic Beast series. Part 2 of 2

An Healthy Ego?

There is not such thing… Your ego is that personality, that mask that you have came to believe is the true you.

And the worst thing: You are actually intertwined with that thing, with that false notion of your true self.

Of course, your true self is the spirit within your human body.

And there are a lot of different apparels that the ego uses in order to trick us: False modesty and even shyness is nothing else that the ego, working in an inverted fashion. You see, shyness as well as shame comes from the caring of what others would think of “you”.

In other words, when you are concerned about the image projection of “you” or the perception that others would have of that image the ego created to hide itself, in reality you are worried about which might be the best way to deceive everybody…. including yourself.

The good news is that, even though the ego believes that it totally controls you, in fact, you -a spirit- are the one that has the power.

Anyone of us can shutdown its ego completely, just as Jesus thaught us to do. At the very least, you can start by diminishing it right away. All you have to do is be vigilant and aware that the beast is ready to jump out of the cage as soon as you loosen your watch.

That Voice in Your Brain: Conscience or Ego?

Beware! What many believe to be the voice of the Conscience, is in reality the voice of an impostor: the ego.

If you think that you have a conscience of your own, you have been deceived.

Self-awareness or consciousness is one thing, and most of the time it is “personal”, and we humans tend to believe that it is ours; but the Conscience is quite different.

Since the ego has another powerful trick which is to convert instantaneously any thought you have into a belief, the defense of that belief turns into the most important task you have. It doesn’t matter if that thought/belief is good or bad, or right or wrong… the only important thing is that it is “yours”, so you automatically defend it.

But the Conscience is a quite different matter.

To begin with, we all share a common, omnipresent, universal Conscience, not a particular one. That Conscience, which is by nature unselfish, wise and perfect, bonds all of us. So, there is no way you can have your own peculiar Conscience, different or apart from the one that everyone else have.

So, there is the voice of the ego and there is the one from the Conscience.

How can we distinguish one from the other? Easy. The Conscience always speaks of the divine Law, of good and love, unselfish love. It uses no fancy wording, no trickeries, no hoaxes. And there is no way for you to negotiate with the True Conscience. It is implacable, immutable, inexorable… it does not accomodate to your personal agenda.

The other voice, the voice of the ego? It will start throwing to the table which is your human mind, all kind of selfish ideas, thoughts, schemes and stratagems, interpreting, misrepresenting and accommodating things so they suit the false belief system that the ego has developed, no matter what cost to your true self or to others.

So, next time you clash with someone else’s belief or self-interests system, and that person insists in that he or she is listening and obeying the voice of his or her conscience which contradicts and opposes the voice of the Conscience in you, you better be prepared to make sure that it is not a battle of egos: yours and theirs.

The Anti-Ego Recipe

1. When the day finishes, before going to sleep, go over all the events you just lived through and review all the decisions you took in the day, small and big, and accept both the good and the bad ones, but focusing mainly where your ego interfered with your good nature. Forgive any offense made to you, then pray for forgiveness of the offenses you have inflicted and put all events of the day in its true proportion, extracting from them all the lessons you can.

2. Take the decision of correcting the bad choices you made, so next time, you could do better than that. Forgive yourself remembering that perfectionment is a process, not a place.

3 As soon as you open your eyes, review again last night decision and plan your day accordingly.

4 Pray to God asking for help and guidance… not just for you but for everyone in the whole Universe. And don’t forget to feel and express your gratitude to our Heavenly Father for everything… even the apparently not so good things in your life… and smile. Again: There are lessons everywhere.

5 Keep on your watch all day long.

Do this for at least 21 days so you start developing the habit of being a good unselfish, loving “you”.

Next, just keep trying to be a wonderful loving creature for the rest of your life (both in the human and the spiritual sense)… one day at a time.

To sum up the recipe:

“Prevail over your own selves and the journey will be easy for you; then, you will be able to conquer the beast that John beheld in his revelation.”

The Third Testament

This way, you would not let your mind play tricks on you… on behalf of the ego.

The Quest for the Apocalyptic Beast – Part 1

This entry it's part of the The Quest for the Apocalyptic Beast series. Part 1 of 2

Getting to Know Your Enemy

The word ‘ego’ is defined by the Webster’s dictionary as:

1: the self especially as contrasted with another self or the world

2: egotism, self-steem

3: the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that serves as the organized conscious mediator between the person and reality especially by functioning both in the perception of and adaptation to reality.

The first acception or generally accepted meaning of the word ‘ego’ is precisely what defines the main problem with it: It separates us one from another.

By confusing individuality with the ego, and by following the traditionally wrongful psychological assumption (now under fire by advanced pyschologists) that it is the ego the one that gives us our identity, there has been an immense brain-washing in the media giving a monstruous importance to the selfish personality, opposed to altruism, which is the one prerequisite to manifesting the wonderful spiritual virtue of charity.

The present chaos is the result of that massive brain-washing… as prophesied by our Lord since the first Israel prophets up to John’s vision as narrated in the Book of Apocalypse also known as the Book of Revelation.

It were mainly two prophets that anticipated the rising of the ego as the major enemy of mankind. The first was Daniel, in ancient Babylon, and the second, John, in the island of Patmos.

And both identified that mortal enemy as the beast.

Sure, that description is a metaphor, but, wow! How precise and self-explanatory that metaphor is.

The Drop of Water and the Ocean

So, how are we going to deal with our own existence, our own identity?

Well, take for example a humble drop of water in the ocean. Of course, it has most of the ocean attributes, not all of them, of course: A single drop of water cannot make a tidal wave by itself, isn’t it?

That single drop of water is, by itself, an individual, and it has an identity with which you can distinguish it from another quite similar to it. But it ocuppies a diferent space and position in that ocean.

Now, suppose that drop of water has a mind, and discovers that it exists; in other words, it has a self-awareness.

Is that an ego?

Not at all, because along with its own self-awareness, comes the awareness of belonging to something greater than itself, starting with its neighbouring drops of water.

And when its awareness expands and becomes a full awareness, it tells that humble drop of water that it is not “I” or “Me”, but that it is “Us”, and furthermore, it is “The Ocean”, giving that drop of water the sense of belonging, of being a part of something greater than itself.

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