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By the Emperor’s Command 2: Reincarnation in the Bible

This entry it's part of the By The Emperor's Command series. Part 2 of 3

Is There Any Reference to Reincarnation in the Bible?

Of course there is… though not under the term ‘reincarnation’. But since ancient times, in all cultures of the world, men have had the intuition of the existence of that concept. And the biblical writers were not the exception.


Could Jesus Lie?

Obviously, in order to have an informed opinion upon reincarnation from a biblical stand point, is indispensable to take the Bible… and start to re-reading it, without prejudice or pre-established notions, in search of the truth.

The main problem arised from the denial of Christians to accept the concept of reincarnation is that, inadvertently, without realizing the full extent of its consequences, GOOD FAITH CHRISTIANS DENY THE POSSIBILITY OF JESUS BEING THE PROMISED MESIAH OF ISRAEL


Because the most relevant and important event that signaled the arrival of the Messiah, was delivered in the prophecy that announced that before He came, Elijah was to be sent..

And the proof that Jesus’ disciples definitely knew this, is in Mark’s Gospel:

And they asked him, saying, Why say the scribes that Elias must first come?

And he answered and told them, Elias verily cometh first, and restoreth all things; and how it is written of the Son of man, that he must suffer many things, and be set at nought.

But I say unto you, That Elias is indeed come, and they have done unto him whatsoever they listed, as it is written of him.

And as if this wasn’t enough, Matthew narrates this same passage, but he goes even further: He describes what was it that the apostles understood from the words of the Divine Master.


Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.

Thus, the question for those who deny the possibiity of reincarnation is:

Did Jesus lie to His disciples?

Because if we believe that Jesus was the Messiah, then it must be a true fact that Elijah did came again to the world, and he did it in John the Baptist.

In short: He reincarnated.

Are Christians, just as Jews still do, continue to refuse to accept that Elijah did came back, thus fulfilling the prophecy that he was to came first before the Christ?

And you, as a Christian, will you still keep on setting him at nought?

In the third part of “By The Emperor’s Command” we will show you the documented and irrefutable scientic evidences that reincarnation is a verifiable and proven fact, beyond false supositions and fanatism fueled by a Roman emperor’s political decisions.


Angels: A Spiritual World of Light – Myths and Facts

According to the Bible, angels are very real! In fact, there are over 250 references to them throughout scripture. From the Genesis story of creation, to thedescription of the end times in Revelation, angels actively participatein the affairs of this world and heaven. Angels are not myth at all – butthey are widely misunderstood. Through the ages, people have found greatcomfort in believing in angels that hear our prayers and guide our steps.We have even managed to conjure up images of angels that look strikinglylike people, from the most beautiful of golden haired maidens to chubbywinged cherubs with harps. While these images make up some of the mosttreasured of renaissance artwork and adorn present day greeting cards andfigurines, they are not based on the Bible’ s description of how angelsappear, nor on the purpose and duties for which God created them.

The facts about angels are actually much more interesting than the fantasies we’ve managed to conjure up about them. Dispelling themost commonly held misconceptions about angels allows us to see them asthe fascinating and awe-inspiring creatures that they are. Lets compare the most popular of these myths to the biblical facts:

Myth Number 1 – Angels Look Like People With Wings

Angels do not look like winged maidens or babies. Angels are spirits, and like God himself, do not possess bodies. (Hb 1:14)In Hebrews they are described as “winds and flames of fire” (1:7)They seem to have the ability, however, to appear as people when it servestheir purpose. In fact the Bible says that it is possible to entertainthem without even being aware of it. “Do no forget to entertain strangers,for by doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”(Heb 13:2) When they appear in the Bible, they are most often masculine figures, or indescribably awesome creatures, but seldomas women and never as babies or children.

A marvelous description of an angel in full glory is given in Daniel — “. . . there before me was a man dressed in linen, witha belt of the finest gold around his waist. His body was like chrysolite,his face like lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms and legslike the gleam of burnished bronze, and his voice like the sound of a multitude.”(Dan 10:5,6) This angel was suspended above the waters of the Tigris river (Dan 12:7),yet no mention is made of his possessing wings.

The prophet Isaiah had the privilege of seeing angelswith wings called “seraphs” above the throne of God. However,these winged angels were nothing like the images we are accustomed to.He describes them this way, “. . . each with six wings: With two wingsthey covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with twothey were flying. And they were calling to one another: ‘Holy, holy, holyis the Lord Almighty’ ” (Is 6:2,3)

The angel that appeared outside the tomb of Jesus moreclosely fits the description in Hebrews of “winds and flames of fire.”Matthew states that, “His appearance was like lightening and his clotheswere white as snow.” (Matt 28:3)

Myth Number 2 – Angels are Passive

Angels are mighty and very powerful. Daniel was so overcome by the angel’s apparition that his strength was drained, his breathing difficult, and he was unableto speak. Upon seeing the angel Daniel wrote, “I was terrified andfell prostrate.” (Dan 8:17) The angel that appeared like lightening at Jesus’ tomb was so awesome that the guardswere terrified and, “shook and became as dead men.” (Mat28:4) The responses of these men to the angels they encountereddemonstrates the tremendous and powerful presence that angels have theability to generate.

There are many instances of angels serving as warriorsof God, not only to protect, but also to destroy when necessary. In 2 Kings,the story is told of the Assyrian army threatening to overtake Jerusalem.An angel of the Lord killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers in one night. (19:35)Imagine the power possessed by that lone angel! In the end times, fourangels will be assigned the responsibility of destroying one-third of allmankind. (Rev 9:15) These angels are a farcry from the passive cloud-lounging angels we have become familiar with.

Second Coming of The Lord

I ask you: Do you know my words of that time in which I announced to you of my return?

In which of them did I announce to you that I would come as Man?

Like a thief I came into your heart during this Era, surprising some, awakening others, saying to you: "Behold your Master, listen to Him and purify your life so that you may give testimony of My coming, with your deeds."

Today I come for the second time as the Master. My eyes are seeking those who are to follow Me; those who will be prepared to speak to the world of My coming as the Spirit of Consolation. But with sadness I contemplate the tender and innocent hearts who have become hardened.

The greater number of men bear in their heart a Thomas. They would like to see and touch in order to believe, and I say to you, that those trials, allowed to the most unbelieving of My disciples, shall not be repeated during this period, because the world will not have Me as a Man again, and because that example remained as an open book before each one of My children, so that they would analyze that lesson.

It will not be the first time that men will strive to define a divine revelation or reach some clarification in something, which to their eyes, appears as a mystery. Already, during the Second Era, after My preaching in the world, men deliberated over the personality of Jesus, wanting to know whether He was Divine or not; if He was One with the Father, or was a different person. They judged and scrutinized My Doctrine in every form.

Today, I will again be the object of analysis, of discussions, of struggles, of scrutiny.

It will be judged that if the Spirit of Christ appeared, He would be independent from the Spirit of the Father; and there will be others who will say that it is the Holy Spirit of the Father; and there will be others who will say that it is the Holy Spirit who has spoken, and not the Father or the Son.

However, what you call the Holy Spirit, He is the light of God, and what you call the Son, He is the Word; therefore, when you hear this Word, when you take from My Doctrine of the Second Era, or believe in the Law and revelations of the First Era, know that you are before the presence of the only God, listening to His Word, and receiving the light of His Spirit.

From those who live waiting for Me, I can say to you, that not everyone anticipates the rightful manner of My presence during this era, for while some, influenced by ancient beliefs, believe that I am to return to the world as a Man, others believe that I will come in some form visible to every human eye; and very few are those who guess the truth, perceiving that My coming is spiritual.

While some ask themselves what form I will adopt, at what hour or day I will return to Earth, and from which direction I will appear, others, without thinking about forms or determined moment, say to themselves: The Master is already amongst us. His light, which is His Spirit, is bathing us.

When this message reaches all hearts, it will be a gift of rejoicing for some, because in it they will confirm all their presentiments and their faith. On the other hand, others will deny any truth to My message, not finding it in accordance with what they believed it to be, and the form in which it would be manifested.

During the Second Era I announced My return, but it was not in some vague manner, but very clear. Nevertheless, the people became tired of waiting, and they ended up forgetting My promise.

When I announced to My disciples My new coming and allowed them to foresee the way in which I would manifest Myself to men, a long time had already passed since that promise was made.

Here you have that period unfolding before you, here you have those prophecies being fulfilled. Who should be surprised? Only those who have slumbered in darkness or the ones who erased My promises from themselves.

I let all the signs appear which would announce My return, and they also passed unnoticed by mankind, because they were spiritually asleep, devoted to the world, and stationary in their religions.

In this period I did not appear in the bosom of any church, because I came in search of My temple that exists in your heart.

The solemnity of the liturgies, the splendor of the religions are not the ones that attract My Spirit, nor do they signify My church.

In the Second Era, the princes and the priests expected the birth of the Messiah in the bosom of their church. However, I was not born among them because I found the stable of Bethlehem cleaner. I found more love among the shepherds and more clemency in the harsh winter.

That is why the theologians of that period were confused and why the kings persecuted Me from My birth up to My death as a man.

Today the theologians are again confused before My new coming because the prophecies and announcements of it have not been rightfully interpreted.

Those who call themselves shepherds of Mankind have not felt My presence; they are still waiting for Me, but I contemplate that they go imparting a different teaching from the one which the Teacher has entrusted to Humanity, the one that would lead you through the path of the truth, on teaching you to love one another.

Religions slumber in a sleep of centuries of routine and lethargy, while the truth has remained concealed.

However, those who will know the commandments of Yahve and the word of the Divine Master, will have to recognize in this voice, which today speaks to you, the voice of the Spirit of Truth, promised for these times.

The hearts of the shepherds which, in different sects and religions, should teach the spiritual science which is greatness and wealth for the spirit, have closed.

I have seen that the Law and Doctrines that I bequeathed to humanity in past eras, are kept hidden and have been substituted by rituals, exterior cults, and traditions.

But you, that recognize intimately that the essence of this word is the same that the children of Israel received in Mount Sinai, and the one that the multitudes heard from the lips of Jesus in the Second Era, will be those who, with your worship and your deeds, shall teach that the divine Law should not be forgotten to comply with fatuous traditions that do not benefit the spirit.

Humanity asks for supernatural proof to believe in My existence and in the immortality of the spirit, and truly I say to you, that I will give them this proof during this period of great realizations and fulfillment.

The times announced by Christ through John, His apostle and the prophets, are here. According to man, these times were very late in arriving. On the other hand, I say to you that considering them from the eternal, only an instant has passed. Remember that you were told that those who persevered faithfully within My Law of love to the end, would be saved.

Those who, in the midst of their churches, await My coming, do not even sense in what manner, and where, I am communicating, even though My manifestation was being felt through numerous happenings.

When someone asks you: Why, if God is so great, has He availed Himself of an insignificant human being to manifest His wisdom? You will answer: The love of God for His children has no limits. That is why He has used them to realize this miracle.

In this time, I have not been born to the world as Man; I have arrived to you in the light of My Spirit made human word, and through this I give you My essence, to lift the faith in your heart.

If I had come in a human form to repeat My lesson of the Second Era, I would have hindered the progress of your spirit, and mankind could not have recognized Me. However, I, the Master of all perfection, take you step by step, always toward the top of the mount, each time teaching you new lessons.

I knew that when I would again communicate with My children, many would deny Me and for that reason, I announced My return, but at the same time I gave you to understand that My presence would be in spirit.

However, if you doubt it, turn to the testimony of those four disciples who wrote My Word in the Gospel.

How could I return to Earth as man once more and shed My blood again? It would be like considering My work and My sacrifice of that era sterile, and it would be as much as judging that, from that time until now, Humanity had not evolved spiritually at all.

The essence and truth of My revelations of past eras which I made known to you, could not be lost in forgotten books where My Word was written, neither would it, in fact, lose its meaning even though it suffered alterations by men.

To the human eye, God is invisible and so is His own Spirit, for He has no form nor limitations; that is why many, on seeing you elevated in prayer and listening to Me, are doubtful, because they do not know that the divine and the spiritual, apparently invisible to human eyes, is felt by the spirit and even by the heart.

It has always been the humble and the destitute who discover My presence, because their minds are not occupied with human theories that will separate them from a clear discernment.

In the Second Era it also happened that after the coming of the Messiah has been announced, when He appeared, those who felt Him were the simple of heart, those of humble spirit and clean understanding.

The theologians had in their hands the book of the prophets, and they daily repeated the words that announced the signs, the time and the manner of the coming of the Messiah. Nevertheless, they saw Me and did not recognize Me; they heard Me and denied that I was the Promised Saviour. They witnessed My deeds, and the only thing they did was to become scandalized, when in truth, all of the signs had been prophesied.

Like the lightning that emerges in the east and sets in the west, that is how My coming has been; but the vibration and the reflection of My Spirit have remained among you, transformed into the human word, so that you may understand who was the One who knocked at the door of the hearts of man, and why the signs were given.

Remember Me by My passing through the world in that Era. Remember that I died as humbly as I was born and lived.

I am present before Humanity, in a period when new revelations have transformed the lives of men, and so I put in an appearance among you, with the same humility that you knew in Me during that Era.

It is not that the Verb of God has come to incarnate again; it is not that Jesus has been born again in the poverty of a manger. No, because it is no longer necessary for the body to give testimony of the power of God. If men believe that this spokesman, through whom I communicate, is God come again to this world, it is not so. The presence of God is spiritual, universal, and infinite.

If everything that men have struggled for in this era were fair, licit, and righteous, it would not have been necessary for Me to descend and talk to you again, but not all the needs that Mankind presents to Me are good; there are many mistakes, many injustices, many deviations, and wickedness. Therefore, it was necessary that My charity awaken man when he was more than devoted to his deeds, to remind him what are the forgotten duties, to whom he owes everything that he is, and what he will be.

To make Myself heard by a materialized Mankind, who could not have heard Me from Spirit to spirit, I had to avail Myself of his gifts and faculties in order for Me to communicate through the mind of man.

The explanation of why I descend to communicate with you is this: As you are unable to elevate yourself to communicate with your Lord from spirit to Spirit, I had to descend one more step, that is to say, in the spiritual, from the divine, where you cannot reach yet, then use your intellect, which has its seat in the brain of man, and translate My Divine inspiration into the human word and material sound.

Man needs much more knowledge, and it is God who comes to man to entrust him wisdom. If the elected means for My brief communication through the mind of these spokesmen does not appear dignified to you, I truly say to you, that the message given through them is very great.

I could have come among lightning and storms to make My power felt, but then, how easy it would have been if man confessed that the presence of the Lord had come! But, do you not believe that the fear in your heart would come back again, and also the idea of the incomprehensible too? Do you not believe that every feeling of love towards the Father would only have turned into fear of His justice? And you should know that God, even though He is omnipotent force, will not conquer you with that power, nor will He impose upon you because of it, but rather, through another power, and that is love.

It is the Divine Spirit who now speaks to the Universe. It is He who comes to spread the light on everything you did not see clearly in another era. It is the dawn of a new day for all men, because He comes to free you from false fears, to destroy your doubts. In short, to bring about your freedom of the spirit and the mind.

I say to you, that after knowing the essence of My teachings and the justice of My Laws, you will also know the limits that your concepts had instilled in you, preventing you from going far beyond a weak knowledge of the truth.

It will not be the dread nor the fear of punishment that will stop you from investigating to discover; when you truly are wanting to know the impenetrable, it will be your conscience which will prohibit the way, because you should know, that not all the truth corresponds to man, and that from it, he can only take the part that corresponds to him.

People: If My announced coming would be in the midst of wars, unleashed elements, of epidemics, and of chaos, it is not because I have brought all this to you; it is precisely because My presence had to be timely in that hour of crisis for Mankind.

And here you have the fulfillment of what was said of My new coming. I come to men when a world is agonizing, and at its point of death, the Earth trembles and shakes, to give way to a new Mankind. That is why the calling of God in the Third Era, is a calling of love, a love that encompasses and inspires justice, fraternity, and peace.

But I do not come only to free you from mistakes and prejudices that affect your life in the world, but I also come to tell you that eternal condemnation as it has been described to you, does not exist, because the spirit cannot suffer the physical punishment that produces pain on the body.

The pain of the spirit comes as he contemplates his actions in the light of the conscience, which makes him see and comprehend, with clarity, all the mistakes and imperfections committed.

I chose the cloud as a symbol to represent My coming to the world during the Third Era.. Is not the cloud the messenger that crosses over mountains, valleys, and cities? Is it not the one that fertilizes the fields with its rain, and offers beneficent shade? Does not the lightning surge from it, announcing the storm and the vibrant thunder that shakes?

Here I am before you in Spirit, from the luminous cloud, sending My word to you, making it human through these spokesmen, as a preparatory lesson for that communication which everyone shall attain: The communication of spirit to Spirit.

Because of My love for you, I have come on a cloud, symbol of the spiritual, to communicate with your spirit. But in the beginning, that luminous cloud has had to alight upon the mind of the spokesmen, as a preparation until you are able to communicate with Me directly. Then, it will be there, upon your spirit, where the cloud will descend to settle.

That is why I chose the cloud as a symbol. For that reason, when My apostles saw Me in Spirit for the last time, and Roque Rojas, during this Third Era, when I allowed them to contemplate the symbol that was an indication of My new coming, they understood the significance of My presence on a cloud.

Since then, a sweet shadow embraces these people who have been gathering around My manifestation. My word has been a fertile rainfall upon the arid lands of spirituality, and the ray which, on each communication, descends upon the human mind, has torn the darkness of your sin and of your ignorance, shaking your very strength and awakening your spirit. How terrible has been for you, this storm which has unleashed within your spirit as you hear My Divine Word!

What majesty and what imposing beauty you have beheld in that storm of light that surges from My word during those moments of its manifestation! Startled with admiration, with respect and fear, the multitudes are speechless, letting that torrent of love, of justice, and of wisdom, bathe and purify them.

O! Beloved people whom I have named the spiritual Israel, because I am converting you as the depositor of My messages and revelations! When will you learn to translate and interpret My word justly?

I have fulfilled My promise to return which I made during the Second Era. The apostles, in Bethany, saw Me ascend from the Earth toward the infinite, and you have seen Me return from the infinite into your heart. Do you not also find in this, a similarity with the clouds that rise from the sea and ascend to pour their beneficial rain on other places where the parched lands call for them?

I knew that from generation to generation, men would be mystifying My Doctrine, adulterating My Law, and falsifying the truth. I knew that men would forget My promise to return and would cease to consider each other as brothers, to kill one another with the most cruel, cowardly, and evil weapons.

However, now the time and the promised day has come, and here I am. Do not judge the form that I have chosen to communicate with you: for it is not the world which is to judge Me, but instead, it is I who will judge Humanity because this is the time of its judgment.

I have come to establish a kingdom within the heart of Mankind; not a material kingdom as many expect; rather a spiritual one, whose strength will come from love and justice and not from the powers of the world.

I notice that there are those who are surprised hearing Me talk this way. But I ask you: Why should you imagine me always covered with silks, gold, and precious stones? Why do you always wish My Kingdom to be of the world, when I revealed the opposite to you?

Your suffering has drawn My attention. My Spirit has felt invoked by yours, and I have come on a cloud of love and justice to overflow Myself in mercifulness upon mankind.

Not all nations call for Me, and those who wait for Me are very few. The spiritual cloud will come and shall envelop, like a mantle of peace, those people who invoke it, those hearts who are waiting for it.

To all those who attempt to extinguish the thirst of the spirit with the pleasures of the world, the cloud will surprise them with the brilliance of its lightning, and the din of its storm will fill them with fear, for then, they will remember that a Divine justice exists, and that each man is a carrier of a spirit who shall respond to God for all his deeds.

The cloud of love, of light, of mercy, and of justice, is also an immense legion of spiritual creatures, of servants of mine, of spirits of light who live to fulfill My designs, and multiply in the universe, carrying out, with perfect harmony, their mission of loving one another; because that Divine commandment, that maxim I revealed to the world in the Second Era, was not only for men; that maxim is the law which governs all existent spirits.

O, my beloved people: over that cloud of light, which is the spiritual legion of love and fraternity between all the worlds, I descended through My Ray during this Third Era, bringing to you a new message of wisdom, an infinite consolation for your suffering, and a light which would serve you as a guide to find the forgotten path, so that once discovered, you will come to Me, step by step, merit by merit, consciously and firmly, to pursue your spiritual perfection.

From the time that I said My last word at Calvary, until the day in which I gave you My first teaching during this era, I can say to you, that the time transpired did not pass over Me. The time was so fleeting between My departure at that time and My arrival during this era, that I compare it with the flash of lightning from the East and concealing itself in the West.

There are moments when men judge themselves to be so unworthy of Me, that they cannot conceive that I could ever love them so much; and once resigned to live away from their Father, they construct a life according to their own ideal; they create their laws and set up their own religions.

That is why when they see Me coming, they are greatly surprised. Then, they ask themselves: "Truly, does the Father love us so much, that this is the form He seeks to communicate with us?"

Humanity: I can only tell you that what is mine, I will not allow it to get lost; and you are mine. I loved you even before you existed, and I shall love you eternally.

It is true that many men have already recognized the signs of My new coming, that they scrutinize the scriptures in search of prophecies; that they feel that the trials that today weigh upon humanity speak of the Justice of the Lord. They look for Me, they are waiting for Me, they want Me, but they do not know that My Divine vibration is already among men, they ignore the manner in which I am vibrating over all that is material and over every spirit.

I truly say to you, if even the kings marveled at the humbleness in which I was born at that time, in this Era there will also be a surprise when everybody knows the humble manner I elected to deliver My Word to you.

Around My message the arguments will stir up, some affirming that it is the truth, others trying to contradict it, some giving testimony of their own spiritual experiences and others denying the existence of such manifestations.

But the truth will impose itself, because this is the time when the dormant gifts and faculties in the spirit become unleashed and manifest themselves through men, because the bodies by this time have already attained the evolution and the indispensable sensitivity for the communication with the spiritual.

From the children up to the elders, passing on through the youth, everybody will have manifestations that, in the beginning, will seem strange to them, because it has been a long time that Humanity has stayed away from the spiritual, but they will later take it as something absolutely natural in the superior life of man.

It will be when children speak of profound teachings, when men and women have spiritual visions and prophetic dreams, and when the gift of healing is propagated all over the Earth.

Great will be the surprise among the gentlemen and the distinguished ones of the Earth, when they confirm the truth of My return, because in their hearts they will ask themselves why has He come.

Among the poor there will be a great rejoicing because their heart will tell them that the moment of grace, of liberty and peace for the oppressed and for those who have had infinite hunger of love and justice, draws near.

This Work, that you now see limited to your smallness and hidden in poverty, will surge as a divine splendor, illuminating all the Earth, wakening the dormant spirits, lighting up the faith in the hearts, opening before the mind of Mankind, the Book of the True Life, the book of the truth.

You will receive in one single inheritance the Three Testaments, and when you find along your pathway those who wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit, you will show them My message and you will tell them not to imitate the Jewish people who, while waiting for the Messiah, did not recognize Him when He arrived among them and they are still waiting for Him.

I made Elijah return in this the Third Era as I, as the Master, had announced in that Second Era, saying: "Truly Elijah has been among you and you have not felt him. I shall return to the world, but truly I say to you, Before I return, Elijah will come."

Elijah, like in a chariot of fire, moves his spirit throughout the Universe, leaving a trace of love, that love which is the fire of the Spirit of God, light that illuminates and fire that embraces, that warms up those who are cold of spirit and heart.

Elijah, a spirit of great power, who has not been recognized by humanity, has always been My forerunner. Today he has come once again to prepare the chosen, those who have served Me as spokesmen, and all of humanity.

During all eras Elijah has come as My forerunner to prepare the spirit of all men.

Before I am being felt in someone’s heart, Elijah appears before him to tell him to repent for his sins, for the Lord draws near. He did the same thing during the Second Era through John, the Baptist, when the latter commanded that penitence be felt and purification be made, because the Kingdom of Heaven was close at hand.

And since every word of the Master is fulfilled, in the Third Era Elijah has arrived first before Me in order to come to awaken the spirits, to make them perceive that the hour of the Holy Spirit has opened its doors today to every spirit, to open his eyes, to prepare his footing in order to go through the threshold of the Second Era toward the Third; and so that the manifestation of Elijah in this Third Era be more perceivable, I made him communicate through a righteous man: Roque Rojas.

Before I am being felt in someone’s heart, Elijah appears before him to tell him to repent for his sins, for the Lord draws near. He did the same thing during the Second Era through John, the Baptist, when the latter commanded that penitence be felt and purification be made, because the Kingdom of Heaven was close at hand.

I have marked the place and the time in which I would come among men in the Third Era. Everything was prepared with perfect justice and wisdom. A new land was to be witness of My new coming. The west was to be illuminated with the brilliance of My presence

From perfection, I descend on the ladder of spiritual evolution which was disclosed to Jacob in a revelation, so that My voice may be heard in each mansion.

The world should not expect a new Messiah. If I promised to return, I also gave you to understand that My return would be spiritual, but humanity has never been prepared to receive Me.

In that Era, men doubted that God could conceal Himself in Jesus, whom they judged to be the same as any other man and just as poor as the other. Nevertheless, later, before the powerful deeds of Christ, humanity was convinced that in that man who was born, and who grew up, and died on earth, was the Word of God. However, during this period, many men would only accept My coming if it were in human form as in the Second Era.

The proofs that I come in Spirit to communicate with humanity, will not be accepted by everyone in spite of the testimonies, because the materialism will be like a veil of darkness before the eyes of some.

How many would like to see Christ suffer again in the world and receive from Him the miracle, in order to believe in His presence, or in His existence.

But truly I say to you, that there will never again be, on this earth, a manger that will behold My birth as Man, nor another Golgotha that will see Me die.

Now, all those who are resurrected to the true life will feel Me born within their heart. Those who are obstinate in their sin, will also feel Me dying within their heart.

Change the material to the spiritual, and from the human to the divine, all that Jesus did in that period, and you will keep in mind His passion during your existence.

All that you see which occurs during this period, in the spiritual, as well as in the material, had already been announced.

There were men in past eras who predicted everything that humanity endures during these moments. Those men were My prophets, sons of light, who admonished the people so that they would direct their footsteps along the paths of righteousness. Those prophets predicted the darkness of the desolation and of the destruction, due to the indifference of mankind before the calling of their Father.

In the different eras, I have manifested Myself to men in an unexpected form. Who would have said that, in the Second Era, the promised Messiah, the Son of God, would not even have a humble home to be born in? Who would have said to you that Mary, the wife of the carpenter, would be the Mother of Jesus?

Since My first steps on Earth, I gave signs of My power, and nevertheless, many did not even have any intuition of My presence.

During this period I have not come to surprise you. If you had prepared yourselves, transmitting the promise of My new coming, from father to children, from generation to generation, I would have found you waiting for My arrival; but no one was waiting for Me.

Some of you had forgotten these prophecies; others ignored them because they were hidden. How few of you scrutinized the firmament and observed the happenings of the world in each of the signs which would announce the time of My coming?

Nevertheless, those who were waiting for My return as the Promised Comforter, feel that the time has come, and that Christ has come spiritually to humanity; others have heard rumors of My coming and they have not believed.

Jesus said to His disciples: "I will be absent from you only for a time; I shall return." Then it was revealed to them that their Master would come on a cloud, surrounded by angels, and emitting rays of light over the Earth.

Behold! I am here on a cloud, surrounded by angels who are the spiritual beings who have come to manifest themselves among you as messengers of My Divinity, and as your good advisors. The rays of light are My "Word" which speak to you of new revelations, and which overflow wisdom on every mind.

Blessed are those who, without seeing, have believed, for they are the ones who feel My presence.

Let other peoples awaken to the new period while seeing the regions devastated by the waters, nations destroyed by war, and pestilence annihilating lives.

Those peoples, conceited in their knowledge, and lethargic in the splendor of their religions, will not recognize My word under this humble means, nor feel My manifestation in spirit; therefore, the Earth will have to shake first, and Nature will say to men: "The time has arrived and the Father has come among you". In order for mankind to awaken, let them open their eyes and accept that I am the One who has arrived; first the power and pride of man will be touched, but you have as your mission to be vigilant, to pray, and be prepared.

Do not doubt My word. In the First Era I fulfilled My promise to liberate Israel from the bondage of Egypt, which signified idolatry and darkness, to take you to Canaan, land of freedom and worship toward the living God.

There, My advent as a Man was announced, and the prophecy was fulfilled, word by word, in Jesus. I, that Master who inhabited and loved you in Jesus, promised the world to speak to them in another time, manifesting Myself in Spirit, and here you have the fulfillment of My promise.

Today I announce to you, that I have reserved for your spirit marvelous regions, realms, spiritual mansions, where you may be able to find the true freedom to love, to do good, and extend My light. Would you have any doubt, after having fulfilled My previous promises to you?

I am the book in which the life is written and in which all the wisdom exists.

Come, knock on My door and I will open it at once, but I want to contemplate in your heart a true longing for the light. If you come to feel that your mind has come to a limit of comprehension and cannot go any further, do not fear, because then your spirit, to whom more ample horizons exist, will elevate himself above the smallness of the flesh until he reaches that light he wished to see.

When Was Jesus Born?

Nowadays, most serious Bible students and scholars agree in that Jesus was not born on December 25th. Why? It is simple. Because the shepherds had their flocks in open field [1] which implies a date prior to October. And having in mind that the reason why Joseph and his pregnant wife, Mary, traveled to Jerusalem in order to be taxated. No competent Roman administrator would require registration involving travel during the season when Judea was impassable. [2]

Who decided December 25th as Jesus’ birthdate?

The early Christian church did not celebrate Jesus’ birth, and therefore the exact date has not been preserved in festivals. The first recorded mention of December 25th is in the Calendar of Philocalus (354 A.D.) which assumed Jesus’ birth to be Friday, December 25, 1 A.D.

December 25th was officially proclaimed by the church fathers in 440 A.D. as a sincretism between the new religion of the Roman Empire and the tradition of the Roman holiday of Saturnalia, observed near the winter solstice, which was among the many pagan traditions inherited from the earlier Babylonian priesthood. [3]

So the, just when was Jesus born? Although the Bible doesn’t explicitly identify the birthday of our Lord, many scholars have developed diverse opinions as to the likely birthday of Jesus.

The Year of Jesus’ Birth

In the other hand, the year of Jesus’ birth is broadly accepted as 4 B.C., primarily from erroneous conclusions derived from Josephus’ recording of an eclipse, assumed to be on March 13, 4 B.C., “shortly before Herod died.” There are a number of problems with this, in addition to the fact that it was more likely the eclipse to happened on December 29, 1 .B.C. Considerable time elapsed between Jesus’ birth and Herod’s death since the family fled to Egypt to escape Herod’ edict and they didn’t return until after Herod’s death.[4] Furthermore, Herod died on January 14, 1 B.C. [5]

Fact: Tertullian, (born about 160 A.D.) stated that Augustus began to rule 41 years before the birth of Jesus and died 15 years after that event. [6] Augustus’ died on August 19, 14 A.D., placing Jesus’ birth at 2. B.C. [7]

Fact: Tertullian also notes that Jesus was born 28 years after the death of Cleopatra in 30 B.C., which is consistent with a date of 2 B.C.

Fact: Iraneus, born about a century after Jesus, also notes that the Lord was born in the 41st year of the reign of Augustus. Since Augustus began his reign in the autumn of 43 B.C., this also appears to substantiate the birth in 2 B.C.

Fact: Eusebius (264-340 A.D.), the “Father of Church History,” ascribes it to the 42nd year of the reign of Augustus and the 28th from the subjection of Egypt on the death of Anthony and Cleopatra. [8] The 42nd year of Augustus ran from the autumn of 2 B.C. to the autumn of 1 B.C. The subjugation of Egypt into the Roman Empire occurred in the autumn of 30 B.C. The 28th year extended from the autumn of 3 B.C. to the autumn of 2 B.C. the only date that would meet both of these constraints would be the autumn of 2 B.C.

John the Baptist

Fact: Other approach to determining the date of Jesus’ birth is from information about John the Baptist. Elizabeth, John’s mother, was a cousin of Mary and the wife of a priest named Zacharias, who was the “course” of Abijah. [9]
(Priests were divided into 24 courses[10] and each course officiated in the Temple for one week, from Sabbath to Sabbath.)

When the Temple was destroyed by Titus on August 5, 70 A.D., the first course of priests had just taken office. [11]

Since the course of Abijah was the 8th course, we can track backwards and determine that Zacharias ended his duties on July 13, 3 B.C. If the birth of John took place 280 days later, it would have been on April 19-20, 2 B.C., precisely on Passover of that year. The birth of John and the birth of Jesus was separated by 5 months. Therefore, we have again the autumn of 2 B.C. as Jesus’ probable birthdate.

Fact: John began his ministry in the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar. [12] The minimum age for the ministry was 30. [13] As Augustus died on August 19, 14 A.D., that was the accession year for Tiberius. If John was born on April 19-20, 2 B.C., his 30th birthday would have been April 19-20, 29 A.D., or the 15th year of Tiberius. This seems to confirm the 2 B.C. date and, since John was 5 months older, this also confirms the autumn birthdate for Jesus.

John’s repeated introduction of Jesus as “The Lamb of God” [14] is interesting if John was indeed born on Passover.

Jesus’ Birthdate

CONCLUSION: Elizabeth hid herself for 5 months and then the Angel Gabriel announced to Mary both Elizabeth’s condition and that Mary would also bear a son who would be called Jesus. Mary went “with haste” to visit Elizabeth, who was then in the first week of her 6th month, or the 4th week of December, 3 B.C. If Jesus was born 280 days later it would place his birth on September 29, 2 B.C.


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