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Abortion as A Reincarnation Issue

Please, if you are thinking about aborting your baby, READ THIS ARTICLE

Reincarnation is the opportunity that God, in His loving justice, offers the spirit, so that he will recover his purity and return to the pathway. That is the way by which he can take advantage of the experience in his pilgrimage.

Nobody is here by chance, nobody is born by reason of coincidence. If we are here, it is because we have been sent to Earth to fulfill a restitution and with a mission. And that has nothing to do with material things nor with the pleasures of the flesh.

One of the points that are often argued in favor of abortion, is that by cutting someone else’s life while still in the womb, avoids bringing her or him to suffer into this world.

But if you look at all the persons that fall in the category of having a “life not worth living”, as qualified by the pro-abortion activists, you’ll find that the rate of suicides in that portion of mankind is practically zero while, on the other hand, people that seem to have almost everything judging by those standards, are more inclined to autodestruction. So much for the logic of that argument!

If life has been so excessively bitter and painful for some that made them think this way, we all must be aware that this existence is not the only one, and that in the destiny of each creature, there is a secret sanctuary which only God can enter.

They would rather have preferred to keep away Toulouse Lautrec and Stephen Hawkings -just to mention a few- from reaching this world than to let them live a “life not worth living”. The Tarpeian Rock all over again! (the Spartans got rid of the weak, the older people and the handicapped by throwing them to a horrible death from a rock, located in top of a very high peak).

But what if the child that is about to have his or her option to live cut off, is to develop into a great scientist or artist, or a philosopher or better yet, into a great human being, regardless of his or her upbringing, race or socioeconomic level?

Does rape justify an abortion?Certainly not, for by taking the life of the child, you are actually punishing the other victim -the raped mother is the first one- instead of setting the things straight with the criminal. Abortion has not disuaded rape perpetrators in any way.

A human life, granted to a spirit, has a value so great, and it represents an opportunity so propitious for the progress of a spirit, that the fact of wasting or destroying it implies that God’s justice, always inexorable, will be manifested along the pathway of the one who profanes gifts as sacred as those which He entrusts to each spirit upon sending him to Earth, being life itself the first of them. Human justice many times is incapable to do so.

What about women’s rights? Of course, a woman has a right to decide all things concerning her life… let me repeat this again: a woman has a right to decide all thing concerning herlife.

But what about the rights of the child? At what moment does a person begin to have rights? Once he or she is breathing? Or perhaps, once she or he can be seen?

Do rights come along with age? I mean, by chance do you have more rights now that you are a grown person than when you had when you were five years old? And what about when you were one month old? Or 28 days old, but still living in the womb of your mother?
This is such a gray area for many, that it deserves, to say the least, a close observation and meditation regarding this important matter.

How would you like someone else taking decisions as to whether you have the right to live? Think for a moment about how would you feel if your mother was to take the same decision regarding you, that you are about to take concerning your child?

And those that mock the notion of the unborn child having rights, they are ignoring in others the supreme right of them all, the sacred right to live. They are ready to deprive another human being of what they regard as the most valuable asset in themselves, their own life.

They simply ignore that life is a gift, a gift that no man or woman can grant, because it involves the reincarnation of the spirit.

The reincarnation is a gift which God has granted the spirit, so that he can never be limited to the smallness of the flesh, and to its fleeting existence on Earth with its natural weaknesses, but rather, coming from a superior nature, the spirit can take on as many physical bodies as he will need for the fulfillment of his great missions in the world.

Through this gift, the spirit demonstrates his immense superiority over the flesh, over death, and over everything terrestrial, surviving a body, then another and as many as will be entrusted to him; conqueror of time, of difficulties, and of temptations.

When we think about the children, we must do so with respect,because we do not know what spirits are hidden within; but of what we can be certain of is, that within each one of those young beings that are about to be born, there exists a past that involves a whole life history, and a whole life of evolution.

The unborn child has a path, a journey in front of him of her. The possibilities that that path contains are endless.

Women, the bearers of life, are blessed by maternityThe maternal love is one of the greatest gifts that the Heavens has granted the human being.

What an immense pressure a pregnant woman has to be subjected to by this materialistic world, in order to sow in her mind the idea of shortening the life of her own child!

The exasperation caused by economic problems, the dilemma that her own egotism provokes many times, pushes many women to act against their most intimate nature and so we witness that every single day, in many parts of the world, the bearers of life have become the bearers of death.

Oh! If they only knew that a mantle of love protects all mothers, a mantle that although being spiritual and sublime, has a definitive influence in this world!

Mary, Our Lady, is the ladder; The most tender love of God for His children has no form. Nevertheless, during the Second Era it took the form of a woman in Mary, the mother of Jesus.

We must understand that Mary has always existed, inasmuch as Her essence, Her love, Her tenderness, have always been in the Divinity.

She is the Holy and sweet tenderness, whose charity is extended in the infinite. She rules over the spirits and Her reign is that of humility, of charity, and purity, but She has no throne, as men imagine, with a most beautiful celestial face.

She did not come tho this world only to love Her only begotten Son, Her Divine love is a universal mantle of consolation. Her presence, in all Eras, is of tenderness and intercession. Look for Her, and you shall find, in Her, a scale that will lead to God.

Mary represents purity, the obedience, the faith, the tenderness, and the humility that we should try to persevere. Each one of those virtues is a step of the ladder by which God descended to the world to become man in the bosom of that holy and pure woman.

That tenderness, that purity, and that love, are the divine bosom where the seed of life is made fruitful.

That ladder, by which God descended among us to become man and dwell with His children, is the same that at this time our Father presents to us so that through it, we can ascend toward Him, transforming ourselves from men and women to spirits of light.

Mary is the ladder, Mary is the maternal bosom. Search for Her and you will find God.

Mary is the divine maternal essence that has always existed. She is the universal feminine essence that you we discover and contemplate in all the works of Creation. She is the maternal Spirit, the tenderness, the intercession, and the bosom that nourishes.

If you search for Her in the loneliness of night, in the silence that nothing can perturb, there in the Cosmos you shall find Her image, and if you search for Her in the fragrance of the flowers, there too, you shall find Her, and if you search for Her in the heart of your mother, there you will feel Her presence.

And do you know where else you may find Her? In your own maternity, because you, as a human mother, are the true representation of Mary, the divine tenderness.

And if you represent Mary, you represent life, not death.

You are not alone, Mary is always in your path, and with Her divine intercession She will perform that miracle that you need. Just open your heart to Her and let life flow endlessly through it, reaching you and that sacred one, your little one.

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