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The Opening of the Sixth Seal

The Dawn of a New Era

It was 1884… Severe and catastrophic events had started to take place since decades before throughout the entire world, both in Nature and in human societies: The terrorific Krakatoa supervolcano blast which cloaked the sun and moon with thick clouds of the dust remaining from the pyroclastic explosion; the downfall of monarchies all over the world, the civil war in the United States, the French invasion of Mexico, the impressive Leonids meteor shower and many more signs that the biblical prophecies of the return of the Lord and the opening of the Sixth Seal as anticipated by John in Patmos, and with it the arrival of the Lord surrounded by His legions of light, were taking place.

It was then when a young maiden, Damianita Oviedo, chosen to be the Lord’s first spokeperson, begun to deliver astounding revelations and profound and simple explanations of what mankind thought to be mysteries.

The video clip below contains a brief description of that pivotal period, filled with wonders and miracles.


Share the Good News

Feel free to share this with all… Mankind thirsts for enlightenment and for truth. In this period of time when religions are taking their followers to exaltation and fanatism, leading
Humanity to a clash, to a battle of ideas and fundamentalist beliefs, it is of extreme importance that we speak out serenely but firmly. That’s one of the tasks of the 144,000. And who knows? You might be one of them.


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