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About the Suicidal

It is important to begin the analysis of this theme by understanding that not only those who decide to take their lives in a violent manner in a moment of disturbance, are suicidal. Suicidal are also those who are slowly terminating their lives as a result of a vice; or those who instead of living in harmony and peace with other mortals decide to break the law and provoke violence in their path; suicidal are also those that have the means, but do not take care of their bodies, or those that in the search of strong emotions, expose their lives constantly to danger. Suicidal are those that without respect break nature’s laws, or those that promote wars and weapons. Those that enjoy to excess themselves, and those who wrapped in a whirpool of materialism allow themselves to be dragged by tension, hurry and problems, are suicidal as well.

In the Third Testament, in a paragraph corresponding to the Album of Wisdom, our Father has told us:

” Not only will I claim for what men have done with other people’s lives; I will also claim of what they have done with their own lives, with their bodies. Who can say that he has arrived in spirit to Me, in the precise moment that eternity’s clock has made the call? Nobody, because often you abbreviate your existence aging prematurely, consumed sometimes by causes that are not worthy of even one of your tears, or one of your grey hairs”. Teaching 52:41

Where does that urge come from man to live in that constant danger? Why is it that some do not become aware of the wonderful opportunity that life is? What takes some beings to perpetrate to themselves the end of their existence? Those who attempt against their own lives, or against the life of someone else, are those that do not live in spirituality, those who lack true faith, of the recognition of the Divine laws; those that did not penetrate in the justice that the law of restituition contains, and the love that motivates the marvelous law of reincarnation. The lack of knowledge of these truths allows that men sometimes ignore the emptiness of their existence.

Our celestial Father states:

“Sometimes you think and ask as to what this existence is good for since nothing good really comes out of it, and no benefit is derived. When someone thinks as such, is because he or is avoiding for the light to shine in his spirit. He thinks that life is unuseful because he has not achieved that all his wishes be granted, because he wished that he would have obtained everything in accordance with his thoughts. He also thinks that he is unuseful, and that is due to his not knowing the sense of My word, because he has not analyzed it.” T 166:37

“How many make their lives full of suffering due to lack of spiritual faith, because they think that the physical world is the only one that exists, and doubt that there is a spirit, because for them its existence has not been proven. These and some other sad reflections take them to desperation and even to death”. T186:42

“Never feel alone and do not attempt against your life, because your days are also counted by the Father”. T 147:18.

What happens to those that decide to cut off the thread of existence? Many years ago, being an adolecent, I lived a very painful experience which led me to want to know more about all of this. At seventeen, my friend Michael took his life without me being able to understand at that time what had happened. The only thing that I knew was that Michael was going through a difficult moment. His father had discovered that he failed many subjects, and his mother received a call to advise her that his son and his friends had stolen a cassette player, and in that same period he had broken up with his high school girlfiend. That day, when I saw that he did not go to school, after classes I went to his home to see why he had not assisted. Upon arriving, I saw many police cars that were outside his house; in the garden was Michael’s lifeless body covered by a sheet. He had shot himself in the head with his father’s pistol. His mother was sitting on the bench in the garden, her hair had gone grey in a matter of hours, and on the other side his father was crying. Suddenly, his older brother Andy approached me, and crying told me: ” If someone would have been with him, he would not have committed suicide.”

This did not serve as a consolation to me. To the contrary, it made me become aware of the emptiness and tremendous solitude that he probably had felt at that moment in which he probably seeked answers without finding them. Since then, one of the things that I have always wanted is to find the answers for him; when suddenly before my eyes appeared this marvelous truth which is this Divine Word. Through it, I have been able to find the replies to my questions, and often at the beginning while I analyzed and begun to understand, I remembered Michael and thought that if he would have known and seen this light, he would not have taken his life. Afterwards, as time has gone by and this knowledge has become greater and clearer to me, I realized that the truth which he did not find at that time is now his, because the spirit does not die and life continues, the experiences are infinite, and the opportunities as well, and the love of our Father is absolute.

So many things can go through the mind of a suicidal person at the crucial moment: the fear of facing the problems, the feeling of being tired to keep on going, the inability to understand the tests being faced, the disappointment in oneself, not being able to find solutions, lack of faith, not being conscious of the existence of something else; in the end, there could be so many reasons, but I believe that one of the most important ones that the suicidal finds to end his existence, is that he thinks that at the moment that he cuts the thread connecting his life, he will end all pain, the tests will discontinue, or imply, it will be the end.

Sad error, because the spirit does not die. The spirit, same as our Creator’s is inmortal. What happens then to those that have taken their lives? Our Father explains:

” If they knew that the spirit’s solitude is more tremendous than the solitude of this world, they would await with patience and fortitude until the last day of their existence”. T. 65:74.

“The spirit which returns from earth to the spiritual valley, bringing impressed upon itself the fatigue of the flesh, and arrives seeking the beyond as a resting place, where to sink in the forgotten, to erase traces of the struggle, such spirit will have to feel as the most unfortunate, and will not find peace or happiness until he wakes up from its lethargy, until he emerges from his error, and rises to the spiritual life which is, as I have told you before, love, work, the continued struggle in the path which conducts to perfection”. T 317:14

“All of you have come to a new encarnation, and the pain which you take is so great that you ask Me to put an end to your existence; but I ask you: Don’t you know that you cannot stop existing, and that if today you suffer on earth, upon your spirit passing on to the spiritual valley, will continue to live under the same test until settling his debts and learning his lesson?” T 103:15.

“Many of you wish to die because you find yourselves tired and without ideals on earth. It is certain that the body’s death is the rebirth for the spirit, but the body which you occupy serves to purify you”. T146:32.

Of what purification does our Father speak of? Of the one which in absolute justice we have to live to repair and restitute all of those errors which the spirit has been accumulating in all of its different reencarnations which are perfect opportunities that God, in his infinite love, has given mankind to be able to learn, to evolve, and to restitute his faults. That is why every existence of a spirit in a body is a unique opportunity to settle accounts, which must not be wasted. When man does not know of these things, he becomes a coward, confused, and loses his calm; does not feel with the strength to cope with pain. But, when the spirit is conscious of that new opportunity, finds in the love towards his Lord the strength and faith needed to pass the test.

“For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground; yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant”. Job 14:7-9

“If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will I wait, Till my change come”. Job 14:14

“Meet with your fate; do not wish to return to Me without having first gone through the path which I have pointed out to you because you would have the pain to contemplate stains in your spirit which it did not have a chance to clense, because it had not reached the end of its restitution. Reencarnations have passed over you and many have not appreciated the infinite grace and the love that in them, the Father has conceded to you. Understand that while the greater the number of opportunities, the larger your responsibility will be, and if these opportunities are not taken advantage of, that will be the bundle whose unsupportable weight will not be understood by many beings, and only My Doctrine can reveal to you.” T 67:46

“Such as sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, being bound in affliction and iron. …He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and brake their bands in sunder”. Psalm 107:10,14

Many have believed that those which attempt against their own lives do not have divine forgiveness. Could it be true that they do not have a right to a new opportunity? If divine love does not have limits, could there be anyone who could not be saved? As always, the divine word comes to us to clarify our doubts:

“Only My love and justice can now protect those who are hungry and thirsty for them. Only I know how to receive in My perfect justice those who attempt against their own existence”. T 165:73

“In this Third era, I have exited the tomb of the forgotten in which humanity has kept Me to resuscitate it, because I am life. Nobody can die, even he who tears out his existence by his own hand will hear that his conscience will claim his lack of faith”. T 52:63

Brethren: The knowledge that day by day the divine word enlightens us should help to sensibilize our spirit to be alert and watchful, to be able to help those who need of us a word of consolation, or advice which can result in helping to take away from his or her mind those ideas that in a moment of desperation and profound confusion could convert a human being into a suicidal. Let us also watch our own existence and give to our spirit, as well as our body, the food which they need and the appropiate means required to be able to reach the end of this existence, when the will of our celestial Father has marked the hour.

“Love is the beginning and the reason for your existence, Oh humanity, how could you live without that gift? Believe Me, there are many which carry death within, and others which are sick just because they love no one. The balsam which has saved many is love, and the divine gift which resuscitates the true life, that redeems and saves, is also love.” T 166:41

“When this divine revelation is rightly interpreted by all, there will no longer be suicides and homicides, noone will take his life, and even less the life of his fellowman, man will have ample knowledge of all his acts.” T 316:23

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