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The Free Will

In this world, many of us tend to mistake free will with freedom. But, is it true that free will equals freedom?

Well. To start up, free will is a trial given to the spirit of the son by his Father.

“Free will and the influence of the flesh are the trials to which your spirit is subject to”, confirms our Father in His Teachings of this Era.

What is the use of having been granted with the free will?

Obviously not to have used it in such a way to have become prisoners, but on the contrary, to make us masters of our own selves.

“If I granted the spirit with free will, is for the spirit to have its own disposition and in turn feel the master of its own life, of its acts and to be similar to Me”. God says.

We cannot be similar to God if we are slaves, if we are not the masters of our own lives, masters of our own actions…but we know that the true resemblance with God is within the spirit, not within the flesh. And God clearly explains it to us when He says:

-“Within your spirit there is intelligence, sensibility and grace. Then manifest these attributes through the flesh which God has entrusted you with, do not say your flesh is imperfect, stubborn or incomprehensible, that it does not know how to listen the voice of your conscience and is willing to be directed only by the free will. No, it is not like this, you are the spirit and the guide, and you are in charge of taking care of the flesh and preparing it to become an obedient device for the spirit, a kind intermediary of the spiritual feelings and gifts that dwell in each one of you”.

This concept has been repeated several times in many Teachings by the Father, the concept that it is the conscience in the spirit that should guide the man and the woman in their path through life. And it is not to the flesh that has been given such a responsibility. When men die the flesh remains in the Earth, and it is the spirit who has to present itself to the Father and account for its actions and deeds. When the spirit is defeated and enslaved by the flesh, that spirit completely looses its freedom, not only the spiritual one but the moral one as well, because it refuses to listen to the voice of the conscience, and
which other thing can the conscience dictate but the fulfillment of the Divine Laws?

God says: “As I did over all the gifts, I have also placed over the free will the conscience, so while it enlightening you, it will also guide you to develop these gifts and to take them to perfection”.

The indiscriminate use of the free will instead of approaching you to freedom it puts you farther away from it”.

“As human beings have misused the free will, they have fallen victims to vices; for misusing the free will they have sinned in a despicable manner; well then, for the virtue of the free will, but now enlightened by the conscience, they will have to go back, step by step, over that path that has taken them to the abyss”.

To finish I invite you to think about this overwhelming phrase from one of the Teachings of the Divine Master, in its briefness it contains a whole teaching that if it were follow it would bring happiness to men and women even in this world:

-“Put your free will under the control of My Law and your conscience, and you will never feel a slave but you will truly be free.”

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