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Reincarnation and Science

The studies of past lives.

Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia Medical School has researched over 2.600 cases of children’s past life recall. At least 900 of these cases have been verified, which means that Dr. Stevenson got enough information from the children subject of his investigations to identify the past life personality they remembered as theirs.

The methods and investigation techniques that Dr Stevenson has followed for many years has earn him a well deserved respect among the scientific community -always skeptical as we all know- and the few attempts by religious zelots to “debunk” and minimize his findings have been proven to be mistaken and lacking of any valid basis. And it comes as no surprise that the defense against these attacks has been taken not by Dr. Stevenson himself but by his colleagues.

Children’s Past Lives: A very strong case.

One of the most solid basis of Dr. Stevenson’s research about reincarnation is the fact that the subject of his investigations are young children. Why? Because they are more likely not to be as affected by bias or prejudices as we grown-ups are. And the cases studied by Dr. Stevenson have another poweful element: They all are located in which are known as underdeveloped countries and many of the children that were the subjects of his thourough investigation live in poor and small villages, that are completely out of the mainstream of mass media’s influence.

You can surf Dr. Stevenson’s
webpage at Children’s Past Lives

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