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The example set by Jesus

“The perfect lesson was given to you through Jesus. Analyze my life in the world as a man from my birthday till my last day on Earth and you will get thevivid and perfect explanation of love. I am not here to ask you to be as Jesus was, since he had something that you can not have: perfection as a human being, because he who was within was God itself in a limited form, but I do tell you that you have to imitate him”.

The Spirit of the Father turned human to set a living example of what should the spiritual life of humans be in this planet and to be able to touch its most sensitive fibers and be obeyed, not for the fear of Divine justice but for the love He Himself taught His children.

This is how the Divine Spirit gave the perfect lesson, through the life of Jesus, a clear example that man had never had before, and will never have again.

The Mission that He fulfilled, even though it was a lesson and an example to be imitated by humans of all times, was unique for that people, because all His powerful teachings and His sublime Word may be imitated but may never be equaled.

-“The apostles that he chose in that period, in whom He placed His essence, His knowledge and His love, and who knew how to spread the seed that Jesus had sown, honoring with their lives and deaths the example set by their Master, they may not only be imitated but equaled by you; they were incarnated spirits that came among humankind to fulfill a great mission, which was to show the world that the Doctrine of Jesus the Christ could be imitated by men”.

Everyone was healed by Jesus, there was no wrong doing that could not be defeated by Him, there was no disease unknown to Him, there was no problem without solution, there was no sin without forgiveness and there was no misery without consolation, everything was in that source of love, in that Divine Doctor that could cure all, He healed everything with a single remedy, with a single balm: His love.

For the disciples of the Divine Master in this Era, I tell you that we can be the followers of those disciples and in our spiritual hands, in our spirit and in all our being, the Divinity has manifested itself as it used to do on those who followed Jesus in that period.

In that time he looked for those whose bodies were sick in order to awake their spirits, today He is seeking the spirits for them to rise and wake the others up.

We are aware that those who were blinded and could not see the spiritual life have opened their eyes to the light of the Third Era, as the leprous of sins and vices, they have been cleansed as they listened to the Divine Word; those who were chained to human passions, today they have freed themselves and are ready to work and to fight, opening their wings through the spiritual path; those who had renounced to a life of grace, today they contemplate the pathway opened by the Saint Spirit inviting them to spirituality, to the light, to perfection.

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