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To heal! A gift we all have

“Come all to Me and heal your ailments, let your faith make the miracle of returning your health and achieving your salvation. The miracle does not lie on Me, but in you”.

Health is immortal, because it is a gift that springs from the Divine Spirit. We, all humanity, posses the gift of healing, by means of the fluid that is within us and is our vital beginning, that is, the force or our spirit. With it we can heal the sick. With the positive vibrations of our spirit we can redeem the hopeless and cure strange and incurable diseases for the human science.

But this gift has not yet reached in us its maximum development; our spiritual healing gift has encountered many obstacles due to the lack of faith and confidence that we have in it.

“I give you a single balm for all your ailments, they might well be from the spirit or from the body. This balm in order to make wonders, needs of true charity which has prayer as its foundation.”

The Spiritual World tell us that if we devote ourselves with love and spirituality to developing this gift, we would see, in a short time, how the prodigies prophesied and promised by our Lord will take place before our eyes.

The development of the spiritual gifts requires from us more effort, abnegation and sacrifice, greater devotion, spirituality and preparation.

In order for the healing gift to flourish, to develop and to manifest greatly among us, we will have to experience more spirituality, have a greater heart:simply, more love.

When we are going to begin with our spiritual work, and we are ready to give balm to the sick, we have to make sure that our conscience is focused, our mind cleared and our heart cleansed and filled with good feelings, so that it can feel all the tenderness, charity and concern for its fellow man, for the fallen brother, for the brother that is suffering,
bleeding and crying.

“You who have asked for the healing gift, because you know how to feel the pain of your brethren, will contemplate the development of this faculty, and your prayer, your word or glance, will take the balm to the sick”.

If we want to develop the healing gift, it is necessary that our heart feels the pain that others are feeling and that our spirit gets rid of all selfishness, knowing that it carries a precious gift.

When we are performing our healing duties, we have to identify with the Spiritual World of Light that will arrive through our inspiration, as an emissary of the Doctor of Doctors, so that we can make the sick feel the healthy, clean and pure vibrations, filled with relief and light, that coming from them and mixing with our own hearty and kind vibrations, will
make the prodigy in the needy.

“Think that besides teaching you how to pray, I have given you the gift of speech, and I have taught you how to anoint. Many times, I have told you that your presence can make prodigies if you are really prepared”.

We must analyze that if the beneficial fluid comes from the spirit, then, it will flow over the spirit and not over the flesh of the sick person. It is not even necessary that our material hands touch or anoint the person that is sick. The spiritual fluid can be given through a
glance, through a loving thought, or a word of comfort. The most material way to give fluid healing is by touching the sick person; and the most spiritual way is by using the gift of word, words that contain essence, tenderness and balm.

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