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Merciful Veil of Oblivion – Why can’t we remember past lives

“Who knows what he sowed in past eras? Who knows of his deeds in past lives?”

“Your spirit has lived long, but your flesh does not know it. If your body has forgotten the first years of your infancy, how can it recognize the evolution of your spirit along the lengthy journey?”

“What do you know about your past, and how far back is your origin? What do you know about where you came from, where have you been, and where are you heading?”

“I hold in My hands the book of your past existences, in which there are truly many blemishes, but there are also clean pages of your future life and of your transformation. I see it all and I know it all.”

“I conceal from you that book of your past, for if you were to contemplate its pages, you would weep of sorrow and sicken with sadness. And in many, the bitterness and horror would be of such magnitude that they would consider themselves unworthy of forgiveness and redemption.”

“Think upon how many times, in this life that you now have, there have been days when you have prayed at dusk to forget all about what you went through since daybreak. Imagine of the heavy burden that men would have to carry if they were to remember each and every one of their past wrongdoings, mistakes and even crimes of all their past existences. It is my divine compassion the one that protects you with the merciful veil of oblivion.”

Why Men Don’t Remember Their Past Lives

A great spiritual teaching is required so that man can walk in accordance with the voice of his conscience, because the flesh, surrounding him in the world, in spite of everything being saturated with Divine love, wisely devised for the good and the happiness of man, constitutes a test for the spirit, from the instant he comes to inhabit a world to which he does not belong, united to a body whose nature is different than his own.

There you will find the reason why the spirit forgets his past.

From the instant he incarnates in an unconscious newborn body, and merges with it, he begins a life with that being. In the spirit, only two attributes remain present: the conscience and intuition, but the personality, the deeds performed, and the past, remains temporarily concealed. That is how it has been disposed by the Father.

What would become of the spirit who has come from the light of an elevated realm to dwell among the miseries of this world, if he were to remember his past? And how much vanity would be among men on being revealed to them the greatness that, in another life, existed in their spirit!

It is necessary for you to know that the spirit, before incarnating, has had a vast preparation, since he is to remain subjected to a long and sometimes arduous test. However, thanks to that preparation, he is not disturbed on penetrating into this life. He closes his eyes to the past, in order to open them to a new existence, and in that manner, from the first instant, he adapts himself to the world to which he has arrived.

During this period, I do not come to reveal to man the past of his spirit, but to assure him that his spirit has lived; that he has come to carry out an elevated mission to Earth, and that he must return to his mansion, not only without any blemish, not even with the same light he brought, but rather with a greater light.

The time will come when the human heart and mind, purified and tested in spirituality, will be able to receive, through intuition, the voice of their own spirit, when they will know how to receive with clarity and purity all the revelations that the spirit will transmit to the flesh.

At this time you still cannot contemplate the past of your spirit through your human life; nevertheless, the Father comes to say to you: How very long has your journey been! How very much has your spirit struggled to hold himself up along the way! How very much has he been hurt by the thorns of life and how many stretches along your path have been marked by the blood of your footsteps!

Your spiritual past is unknown to your physical body. I leave it imprinted in your spirit, so that it will be like an open book and be revealed to you by your conscience and your intuition. That is My justice, that before sentencing you, I give you the opportunity to correct your fault or mend your error. If the past was erased from your spirit, you would have to again retrace the roads traveled yesterday and hasten past ordeals again; but if you heed the voice of your experience and allow yourselves to be illuminated by that light, you will behold your pathway clearer and the horizon more brilliant.

Truly I say to you, that there is not a single spirit among humanity who has not known all the enjoyments and eaten all fruits. Today your spirit came to enjoy the liberty to love Me and not be a slave of the world again, or of the gold, or of lewdness or the idolatry.

I, the Master, come to inspire you with the memories of your spiritual past that your heart does not know because they pertain to the spirit, when he lived his true existence, when your dwelling was elsewhere, and you had not as yet dwelled in this body you now have, which is a crucible, adversary, and a lesson for the spirit.

I bring you memories of the spiritual life, hidden behind the veil of your materiality, to tell you that that life waits for you again, so that you may come and enjoy it fully after your pilgrimage, your experience, and your evolution.

When you have returned to the infinite realm and feel the joy of dwelling in it, you will not tire of blessing this world of tears, where you came to learn and appreciate the happiness, the peace, the light.

You already have the certainty in this period, that you have come to dwell on Earth in multiple occasions, because you believe in the reincarnation of the spirit. But this revelation, as I have delivered it to you, will shake the world; it will cause a revolution among Mankind, and because of it, they will understand the explanation of many mysteries and the fortitude for their spirit, because it is a law of love, and My light is within it.

You still do not know, Oh beloved people, how many times you have come to dwell on Earth through different physical bodies; and even when the flesh scrutinizes itself and interrogates its own spirit, you are unable to contemplate your past, your previous lives, because I, as the Father, have prohibited this knowledge. I have not allowed your spirit to uncover its previous lives through this human existence, this being still a prohibition by the Holy Spirit who is among you.

However, you are preparing the future generations, those who will come possessing spirits of great spiritual elevation, and who are still inhabiting in the Hereafter, where they are purifying and elevating themselves to come to this planet. To them will be given, by the Holy Spirit, the faculty of recalling their previous lives, to learn of their past, because that will be beneficial to their own spirit.

If I have not granted it to you, it is because I still find weakness in your spirit, and even more in the flesh, and I comprehend that you would be unnerved contemplating your past. He who has sinned much and offended his Father, would not have the strength to resist the repentance and the outcry of his conscience; and he who had been great would be filled with vanity; he who had been unimportant, would feel humiliated, and in his heart would be born a yearning for vengeance. It is for that reason that your Father, who is perfect wisdom, has not yet wanted to reveal through your material body, the past of your spirit.

That grace is reserved for the future generations; to those whose knowledge of the past will not cause any harm, and you will be, for them, like an open book before their eyes. Those spirits will be the revealers of many mysteries; those who will come to clarify the life of the spirit through their own material lives; those who will speak to this world of other worlds and of that long journey which is the spiritual path.

Prepare yourselves, My people, so that you may pass on that heritage to those who are to emerge from you, and so that this grace can exist in your descendants, so that the bodies that you engender and conceive, may be obedient instruments toward the spirits of the future generations, because I am now preparing, through you yourselves, a new world for this Humanity. You are the seed which I am cultivating during this period, and irrigating it with the clear waters of My teachings.

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