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The Origin of Us

Who am I ? Where am I going to? Where do I come from?

We are the creatures that spring from the love of God our Lord. Our origin is the Lord and our end is within Him as well. Everything on earth was created for us to enjoy. God´s
divine presence can be felt in every single detail in nature: a sunset, a snow flake, a star, the trees blooming in spring, the colors of the leaves in the fall, the magnificent trees that cover the planet, the amazing animals that roam the earth. All the knowledge of creation is stored in nature. All the beauty of nature was created for us to have a place to live and grow spiritually.

First the spirits were brought to life and then the earth was created to serve as the material world to all of us, to serve as our home.

Spirits were created to the image of God and within each one of them God placed a divine light which is the conscience. The flesh was created as a useful tool for the spirits that need it to advance in the path of evolution. Once the spirit and the flesh were joined, humankind emerged.

Everything that God does is based on love and justice. Everything that we perceive through our senses and our minds should behold these attributes.

The first human dwellers preserved the image that their spirits had from the spiritual valley: a state of purity and innocence that allowed them to feel the warmth of nature and of friendship as well as the complete harmony among all creatures. When passions and
the struggle for life appeared in their lives they were forced to try to find in science what they had lost due to the lack of spirituality they were experiencing.

Who revealed the mysteries of the flesh to humankind? The flesh itself.

Who revealed the mysteries of science? The mind did.

But the spirit was the only one that could convey the idea of the existence of God.

The Lord wants us to have rightful and healthy ambitions, to fight to be strong, great and wise. To be the owners of all the qualities the spirit is bestowed with. In order to do so, we have to practice our virtues: charity, humbleness, forgiveness and loyalty. All these virtues can be summarized in a single word: LOVE.

Life is like a tree with countless branches. None of which is alike and each one performs a duty or mission. It is important to understand that the origin of men is not a sin but the result of a natural law that not only mankind should follow but all creatures and everything in nature as well.

What makes humankind move away from its natural path of evolution are the vices and the lower passions which are against the law. We have to fill the universe with good deeds and pure thoughts.

This action will allow us to grow spiritually and to return to God with our hands full of merits. God emerges in our conscience, rejoices with our evolution and manifests himself in our good deeds. So we must be certain that He lives within us and is willing to help us if we allow Him to do so.

We all have to strive to possess as many spiritual “medals” as possible. To be nourished with the bread of eternal life, to fulfill our spiritual duties and to take advantage of the benefits offered by nature. Only understanding these truths we grasp the meaning of life, of our origin and of our wonderful, luminous end.

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