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The Origin of Us

Who am I ? Where am I going to? Where do I come from?

We are the creatures that spring from the love of God our Lord. Our origin is the Lord and our end is within Him as well. Everything on earth was created for us to enjoy. God´s
divine presence can be felt in every single detail in nature: a sunset, a snow flake, a star, the trees blooming in spring, the colors of the leaves in the fall, the magnificent trees that cover the planet, the amazing animals that roam the earth. All the knowledge of creation is stored in nature. All the beauty of nature was created for us to have a place to live and grow spiritually.

First the spirits were brought to life and then the earth was created to serve as the material world to all of us, to serve as our home.

Spirits were created to the image of God and within each one of them God placed a divine light which is the conscience. The flesh was created as a useful tool for the spirits that need it to advance in the path of evolution. Once the spirit and the flesh were joined, humankind emerged.

Everything that God does is based on love and justice. Everything that we perceive through our senses and our minds should behold these attributes.

The first human dwellers preserved the image that their spirits had from the spiritual valley: a state of purity and innocence that allowed them to feel the warmth of nature and of friendship as well as the complete harmony among all creatures. When passions and
the struggle for life appeared in their lives they were forced to try to find in science what they had lost due to the lack of spirituality they were experiencing.

Who revealed the mysteries of the flesh to humankind? The flesh itself.

Who revealed the mysteries of science? The mind did.

But the spirit was the only one that could convey the idea of the existence of God.

The Lord wants us to have rightful and healthy ambitions, to fight to be strong, great and wise. To be the owners of all the qualities the spirit is bestowed with. In order to do so, we have to practice our virtues: charity, humbleness, forgiveness and loyalty. All these virtues can be summarized in a single word: LOVE.

Life is like a tree with countless branches. None of which is alike and each one performs a duty or mission. It is important to understand that the origin of men is not a sin but the result of a natural law that not only mankind should follow but all creatures and everything in nature as well.

What makes humankind move away from its natural path of evolution are the vices and the lower passions which are against the law. We have to fill the universe with good deeds and pure thoughts.

This action will allow us to grow spiritually and to return to God with our hands full of merits. God emerges in our conscience, rejoices with our evolution and manifests himself in our good deeds. So we must be certain that He lives within us and is willing to help us if we allow Him to do so.

We all have to strive to possess as many spiritual “medals” as possible. To be nourished with the bread of eternal life, to fulfill our spiritual duties and to take advantage of the benefits offered by nature. Only understanding these truths we grasp the meaning of life, of our origin and of our wonderful, luminous end.

Life After Life

What will we find at the other side of the tunnel? What do we know about the “beyond”? What does man know about what exists after this life?

There are so many theories about life after this life, and so much has been dogmatized about it that when the spirit after disencarnating expects to find exactly the place that it had imagined, depending on his current of thought or beliefs, it becomes confused when it does not find what in his concept should have been heaven, or the place of eternal rest. In the teachings which our Father has come to give us in this third epoch, He reveals that those spirits which have become confused due to their erroneous concept of the spiritual valley, upon not finding what they expected, and upon missing support of their accustomed matter, and without the sufficient preparation and spiritual elevation to leave the material valley, have created for themselves, without being aware, a world which is neither human nor profoundly spiritual in which they will remain until slowly, through meditation and pain will be able to comprehend that such is not the destined place for the evolution of their spirit. Then they will hear the voice of their conscience, and before it judge their past deeds, and surge within them the desire to repair their errors. It shall then be the beginnig of a return journey to the spiritual valley.

“Heaven is not a place, or a region, or a mansion; the heaven
of a spirit is its elevation and perfection, it is its state
of purity.” Third Testament. T 146:68

To those who believe that upon disencarnating their spirit will arrive to the valley of eternal rest, we have the obligation to tell them that in the spiritual valley is where the activity really begins, because inactivity is like death to the spirit. The “rest” which awaits the spirit is activity, growth through good deeds, not wasting one instant. When the spirit is working, it finds the true manner to rest, because by doing good things it unloads pain and remorse ; in other words, the spirit’s rest is the love for his Father and brethren.

Our Father says:

“In truth I tell you that if I would make your spirit remain inactive in order to rest, according to how you conceive rest on earth, the darkness of despair and anguish would possess him, because life and light of the spirit, as well as its major delight, are work, struggle and the unceasing activity.” The Third Testament. T 317:13

Let us then not expect to find a “beyond” different from that which really exists. Our spirit could swiftly arrive to it, if we understand it, and if we prepare ourselves so that when the moment of disencarnation arrives, our spirit can find itself enlightened to make its return journey to its real or true home.

“When death detains your heart beat and the light from your pupils are turned out, you will go to awaken to a marvelous world due to its harmony, order and justice.

“Your conscience which is above your being will not remain on earth, but it will come with the spirit to show itself before him as if a book of profound and wise lessons that will be studied by the spirit. There your spiritual eyes will open to the truth, and in an instant you will know how to interpret what in a whole life time you could not understand; there you will understand the value of all that you had possessed, you will experience the weight and repentment for all the committed errors, for the lost time, and within you will be born the most beautiful purposes of amendment and reparation.

“Comply with all My laws on earth, and you need not fear your arrival to the hereafter; In the same manner that you have seen the light of the world upon arriving, and as you have felt the presence of your parents, you will feel the presence of your Lord in that valley that awaits your return.” Third Testament T 170:47; 62:5; 125:59

Questions and Answers about the Third Testament

Q: I understand that there are only two testaments in the Bible, the Old and the New. Where did a Third Testament come from?

Q: In John’s Book of Revelation 22:18 says “If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book”. How do you explain this?

Q: When and where was The Third Testament delivered?

Q: In my religion nobody told me about any Third Testament. Why?

Q: Who wrote The Third Testament?

Q: Could we then expect also a fourth or fifth Testament?

Q: Where is it written that God would manifest Himself not two but three times?

Q: Couldn’t this be the work of Satan?

Q: We have heard of men alleging they are the Christ or saying they are envoys of God. Do they have something in common with The Third Testament?

Q: Why was The Third Testament delivered in Mexico? Why in Spanish? Would it not be more appropriate that God should have delivered His revelations in a more developed country?

Q: In recent times there has been a lot of speculation about “contactees”, persons that supposedly are receiving messages from superior beings, extraterrestrials, aliens or UFOS, etc. Is The Third Testament part of this frenzy? And what about the New Age movement? Is the Third Testament related with any of this in any way

Q: Does The Third Testament belong to any religion or sect?

Q: I am very interested in cooperating to the spreading of the teachings of The Third Testament. Can I freely distribute copies of the texts or should I request for prior authorization?

Q: I understand that there are only two testaments in the Bible, the Old and the New. Where did a Third Testament come from?

Certainly, the Bible, as we know it in the present time only contains two Testaments, the Old and the New, but just as it happened before the arrival of Jesus Christ -when there only existed what we now know as the Old Testament, the first of the legacy of the Lord- as the divine inspiration followed through Jesus himself and His apostles, the new revelations became the second legacy of the Lord , which we now know as the New Testament. If we keep in mind that God is eternal, eternal also is His word and in this time of tribulation, is only natural that more divine revelations were to reach us. And the source of The Third Testament is the same as the other two: God’s inspiration.

Q: In John’s Book of Revelation 22:18 says “If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book”. How do you explain this?

The Third Testament is NOT an addendum to the Book of Revelation. First, Revelation’s verse refers only to the Book of Revelation itself, not to the whole body of revelations known as The New Testament. Secondly, the divine teachings of The Third Testament are not men’s work, they come from God Himself. And third, if John’s warning were in reference to new revelations, how then the promise of Jesus in John 14:26 and 16:13 could be fulfilled?

Furthermore, in the very same Book of Revelation comes the prophecy of yet another book! Please read Revelation 20:12.

And last but not least, if you think that the Bible contains already all of the divine wisdom, please remember the words of our Lord Jesus: “I have yet many things, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of Truth is come, he will guide you into all truth…and he will shew you things to come”. (John 16:12,13) This time, promised by our Lord is now. And the Spirit of Truth came in a whole fulfillment of the promises of Jesus.

Q: When and where was The Third Testament delivered?

From 1866 a new stage to humanity was opened, an era foreseen by John and known as The Book of Revelation or The Apocalypse; 1866 marked the prelude for the beginning of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit through the human understanding of many men and women -“spokesmen” they were called- and these manifestations took place between 1866 and 1950, in different parts of the Mexican Republic mainly, but also in other parts of the world as well.

Q: In my religion nobody told me about any Third Testament. Why?

Even at this very moment, when the Gospel has reached all the corners of our planet fulfilling the prophecy that Jesus Himself spoke, still there are many religions that do not accept that divine teaching. Furthermore, the Jewish people still refuse to accept the Gospels and the New Testament as a part of their bible. It is not unusual then, that a new revelation from God would not be accepted by the established religions, which in the past refused to see or accept evidence pertaining to ideas that sound strange to them and prefer to hold to their traditions and history, denying that such revelations could come from the Divinity.

Q: Who wrote The Third Testament?

If you look carefully to both the First (Old) and Second (New) Testament, you can clearly see that God uses whatever means necessary to deliver His divine teachings to man. For instance, in the OT you would find not only the books attributed to Moses but also those writings of the prophets, the psalms of David and the advice of Salomon, etc. The NT contains not only the words and acts of Jesus but includes also the teachings received by His disciples, and actually, the most quoted part of the NT is that of Paul, who was not even one of the Twelve chosen disciples of the Lord. And the Book of Revelation was written at the end of the first century, very far in time and distance from the events that took place in Palestine, when Jesus walked on the face of the earth. Likewise, The Third Testament was received over a long period of time by many persons of the most different social and cultural backgrounds.

Q: Could we then expect also a fourth or fifth Testament?

No. First, it was the time of the Father, then continued the time of the Son and now, we are living in the time of the Holy Spirit. Three different manifestations of the same God, in accordance with the evolution and development of the spirit of man.

Q: Where is it written that God would manifest Himself not two but three times?

It is a widely known fact that God teaches us through prophecies, parables and metaphors. It is this superior form of communication that He took to make us aware of all the things that were to happen in this Third Era of His manifestations as Holy Spirit and Spirit of Truth, which has become to be known as The Advent, or the Second Coming of the Lord. The following are brief excerpts of different parts of the Bible related to this.

  • Gen. 18:1-2 “And the Lord appeared unto him in the plains of Mam’re…and, lo, three men stood by him…and bowed himself toward the ground”.. It is in this passage that the metaphoric figure of the Holy Trinity appears for the first time, because Abraham, whom is referred by God as His friend, sees the Lord in the figure of three men.

  • Ex. 19:11 “And be ready against the third day; for the third day the Lord will come in the sight of all the people…” This is the first of several similar allusions to the three eras of divine manifestations.

  • Luk. 20:12 “And again he send a third: and they wounded him…” The allusion to the three envoys is very clear, although no names are mentioned…even the prophecy that neither the third envoy would be believed is also very clear.

  • Mtw. 17:3-4 And behold, there appeared unto them Moses and E-li’as talking with him (Jesus)…” Another reference to the envoys of the three different eras and here it is very clear whom those are. Please note also the presence of Elijah, who was prophesized by Jesus Christ himself to return in the time of restoration.(Mtw. 17:11)

  • Jhn. 16:13 “How be it when he, the Spirit of Truth is come, he will guide you into all truth…and he will show you things to come…” This is probably the most important prophecy regarding a new era of manifestations, anticipated by Jesus for the time of the end, which is this one in which we live in.

Q: Couldn’t this be the work of Satan?

Each and every time that a new manifestation of God descends unto men, they feel disturbed and historically, the priests of all eras have attributed those surprising manifestations to the forces of evil, because of their lack of understanding of them. Just as it happened to Moses before Him, Jesus was charged of being taken by demons as is narrated in the NT. And it is precisely Jesus Christ who answers that question that had arisen when a new manifestation of the Lord came: “And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?” (Mtw. 12:26). God is God and all good flourishes from Him. And if a teaching talks us of good, then this teaching comes from God. Could good come from evil?

And yes, as the prophecies are fulfilled, those who follow this third manifestation of the Lord will be accused of being deceived by Satan, demons or whatever name man gives to the force of evil. This also was prophesized by the Master himself when he said: “If they have called the master of the house, Be-el’ze-bub, how much more shall they call them of his household?” (Mtw. 10:25)

Q: We have heard of men alleging they are the Christ or saying they are envoys of God. Do they have something in common with The Third Testament?

No. We must be very aware because of these dangerous claims not only can confuse many, but also could possibly cause that the true divine revelations to be mistakenly mixed together with this falsehood. Jesus warned us about this: “And many false prophets shall raise, and shall deceive many…Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not”.

The true manifestation of the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with this false messianism. Many scholars, priests and ministers wrongfully believe that they will see Jesus in the flesh walking again over the soil of the Earth. A simple reading of the mentioned verse would show that to be misguided. On the other hand, Jesus is very clear when He explains how we shall expect that manifestation to be: “For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be…and then they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory”. (Mtw. 24:27,30″.

The true meaning of this word could not be more precise: it is the lightning, not thunder, that symbolizes the light of above shining through the darkness, and the symbol that the new coming of the Lord was not to take place in the east, but in the west, through the spiritual communication of the Lord with the mind of man, which has the power to elevate to “the clouds of heaven” in order to be able to receive the divine inspiration.

Q: Why was The Third Testament delivered in Mexico? Why in Spanish? Would not it be more appropriate that God delivered His revelations in a more developed country?

It was prophesized since the beginning that in the end of time (this one) God would take other people as His rather than the Jewish people. Read the following: “…and I will say to them which were not my people, Thou art my people, and they shall say, Thou art my God” (Hos. 2:23/Rom. 9:25) and with remarkable forcefulness, God reveals through Isaiah: “I am sought of them that asked not for me; I am found of them that sought me not: I said, Behold me, behold me, unto a nation that was not called by my name”. (Isa. 65:1) Reading and understanding this is easy to deduct that the Jewish people would be no longer the treasurer of God’s new revelations. And that the Lord’s manifestations in this era were not to be in Judea is very clear when the following verse is studied: “For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be…”. (Mtw. 24:27″

But, does this necessarily mean that Mexico, a little and underdeveloped country, is the chosen place for the Second Coming of the Lord? Let’s see. When Jesus explains to His disciples where is the Advent to take place, he said to them: “For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together”.(Mtw 24:28) The national symbol of Mexico has always been, even before the arrival of the Spaniards, an eagle devouring a serpent -itself, a very spiritual metaphor: the high devouring the low- and considering, besides, that in the Mexican Valley there is a great variety of this magnificent bird. And in the OT we find another prophetic verse in which the Lord warns the Jewish people that because of its defiance, He will chose another people, and in this prophecy appears, again, the symbol of the eagle: “The Lord shall bring a nation against thee from far, from the end of the earth as swift as the eagle fleth; a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand.(Dut. 28:49).

“…a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand”. In this verse not only the Lord anticipates that in the time of the end He shall take another nation as His people, but also that that other people would speak a language totally unknown to the Jewish people. And not only that, in the following verse the use of another different language is clearly implied: “…for with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people…” (Isa. 28:11)

Finally, it is proper to remember that in His past communications, the Lord has never chosen powerful nations to deliver His messages and teachings. On the contrary, He always pleased in chosing the humble and the poor to be the receivers of His divine inspirations. Jesus emphasizes this by saying: ” I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes”…

Q: In recent times there has been a lot of speculation about “contactees”, persons that supposedly are receiving messages from superior beings, extraterrestrials, aliens or UFOS, etc. Is The Third Testament part of this frenzy? And what about the New Age movement? Is The Third Testament related with any of this in any way?

The communication of the Holy Spirit through human understanding dates from the past century (1866), long time before the popular psyche was to be impacted by sightings of UFOs and phenomena of this kind. And even then, the spokesmen that received those divine revelations made it through elevating their mind and intuition, even before Alan Kardec’s channeling experiences. The thing that still amazes many that have studied the Third Testament is the fact that, even though those revelations were received by very humble persons (many of them illiterate peasants), the language and concepts that their lips poured were of such a sublime and superior nature, that makes it unthinkable a conspiracy or a fraud. Regarding the New Age movement, even though there are some things in common -such as the awareness of a new time for mankind and the acceptance of the law of reincarnation- The Third Testament is far more than a movement or an organized new cult or religion: It is God’s own legacy to humanity, regardless of age, color, race, nationality or creed, it is the Divine Doctrine at its best.

Q: Does The Third Testament belong to any religion or sect?

No. The Third Testament is a legacy of God to humanity and does not belong to any group, religion or sect. It is a divine heritage to all God’s children regardless of race, creed or nationality. But we must bear in mind that in The Third Testament it is prophesized that a major religion would make an attempt to appropiate this treasure claming that it was delivered in her congregation and once again, try to make a material profit out of it and to retain her temporary power . And all this should be in vain.

Q: I am very interested in cooperating to the spreading of the teachings of The Third Testament. Can I freely distribute copies of the texts or should I request for prior authorization?

Even though the compendium and abridged version of The Third Testament is protected by international copyright laws, and only because human laws required it so, in reality these teachings belong to humanity present and future as a whole, and it is because of this that the printing, copying, distribution and reproduction of the Third Testament is not only hereby fully authorized, but any further spreading and diffusion of its contents is strongly encouraged, with the only restriction that the original words and text should be respected and the source be rightfully quoted as well.

Communication from spirit to Spirit

This entry it's part of the The Spiritual Gifts Within series. Part 4 of 7

The Communication from spirit to Spirit

The communication of spirit to Spirit has an extensive, infinite meaning; within it is the development of all your powers and of all your gifts.

On some occasions, My prophets, while speaking of the spiritual life, did it through human forms and objects familiar to you.

Metaphors and Parables

The prophets saw thrones similar to those of the kings of Earth, books, beings in human form, palaces with draperies, candlesticks, the lamb, and many more figures. But now you must understand that all of that only contained a meaning, a symbol, a divine sense, a revelation that had to be expressed to you in an allegorical form, since you were not capable of understanding a higher one.

It is now about time that you interpret, with exactness, the content of all my parables and teachings that I have revealed to you, so that through symbols, the meaning penetrates within your spirit and the symbolic form disappears.

When you reach this knowledge, your faith will be true, since it will have laid its foundation on the truth.

Humanity: I come to prophesy to you, in My word, a better world than that in which you live, precisely when you will have cleansed your heart of its impurity in the blood that I shed on the cross, blood that was the representation of the divine love, of the supreme forgiveness, and of the redemption of all men.

You, incredulous and skeptical, cannot believe in a world of justice, nor are you able to conceive a life of love and virtue on your Earth. In a word, you do not believe yourselves capable of anything good nor do you have faith in your own selves.

The Near End of the Reign of Evil

The reign of evil – which for such a long time has ruled this world – is close to disappearing, to make room for the reign of the spirit, to the unleashing of the gifts and the spiritual powers that exist in man, for which he has a very high destiny.

Youth – Inspiring teachings about youth

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 34 of 40

I speak directly to the youth in order to guide them along the uncertain path of their lives, for I perceive them as fragile boats in the midst of an enraged sea. Those in their youth are the most distant from me.

While man is still a child, he prays and thinks about God. He does the same when he reaches the summit of his life and has begun to descend, as does the sun that sets at dusk. However, when his heart is like a bird that is anxious to fly, and his flesh vibrates when touched by the temptations of the world, he feels strong, and then he departs from the Divine teachings.

The blessed innocent become contaminated with the wickedness of the world. The young, journey at a wild pace, and the young women have also lost their modesty, chastity and decency; all of those virtues have departed from their hearts. They have nourished themselves with worldly passions, and they desire pleasures that only leads them toward the abyss

Depart from the many temptations which entice you during this period. Pray for the sinful cities where so many men and women become lost; where many sanctuaries are dishonored, and where many lamps become extinguished.

Flee from vices so that your blood will be a fertile seed, and the fruits of tomorrow may be pleasing.

Young people: Do not chain your spirit with the false splendor of the world. Be free but within the freedom granted to man by My laws. Do not sow suffering, so that you will not harvest that seed.

I inspire the hearts of the adolescents, young men and young women, in order to form new generations.

As of today, prepare yourselves so that your new role in life will not surprise you. Prepare today the path that your children will travel tomorrow.

Young women, from whom the generations of tomorrow will emerge and give testimony of My truth: persevere in prayer and in virtue.

Honor with your life those who, because of my will, gave you your existence and tomorrow your children will honor you.


This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 33 of 40

The spiritualist is a disciple of the Holy Spirit, my first-born.

How easy it is to say: I am a spiritualist, but truly how hard it is to be one. When you understand My teaching and practice it, then you shall be worthy of being named spiritualists.

The spiritualist is not the one who enters the houses of prayer where I impart My inspiration to you. He is the one who prays spiritually and elevates himself at any place. He is the one who struggles toward the perfection of his spirit. He is the one who lives to lessen other people’s misfortunes. He can be anywhere, and will be recognized more for his actions rather than his word.

He must be an example of love, humility and charity, for not everyone who professes to be spiritualist, really is. He will not seek anything for his own benefit, instead he will be at the service of others.

Make yourself known for the generosity of your heart, and that humbleness be reflected through your actions. The gentle heart is also gentle of the spirit. The arrogant and the vain feigns to be strong, but he is weak in spirit.

As spiritualists, you must relate with love to your fellow men, whatever their religion. In this manner you will testify that you have been prepared by Me and your noble actions will reach all the hearts and all those who reason without egotism will understand you.

If you find differences when comparing the way in which your brethren practice their cult and the form that you follow, do not dwell judging the external and you must know how to penetrate deeply where the truth exists. If you are spiritualists, think that you must always search for the spirit and not the external forms.

Thus if you should come to understand your brethren, very quickly you will discover that every man advances along a different pathway, but that all paths converge at the same point which is the pathway towards the light, towards the truth and the life.

You now see that only carrying in your spirit the knowledge of My Word is not sufficient, as the most important part remains behind, and that is to put into practice My teachings. That is the evidence that you must demonstrate to show how much you have learned from My Word.

It will not be necessary that you pronounce My name frequently. On the contrary, the less you pronounce it, and the better you practice My lesson, you will have given the greatest of your testimonies.

The noble aspiration of the future spiritualists will be to exchange faults for positive qualities; those who will arise towards a superior kingdom over the ruins of human existence. You will be brothers who will be understanding, humble, simple, noble and charitable. You will be strong, but not arrogant. You shall not humiliate the weak. 1f you possess great knowledge of My doctrine, you shall never make a display of your knowledge so that your brethren will not feel belittled around you.

Truly I say to you, that if pride germinates within your heart, you will not be spiritualists. The illuminated spirit cannot be satisfied with small vanities that only flatter the egotistical heart.

My Doctrine does not make the spirit come to a standstill. Neither does My Doctrine hold back the evolution of man. On the contrary, it liberates him from fears and prejudices, and makes him contemplate the path of light that awaits him.

There should be peace, faith, charity, forgiveness, smiles, understanding, indulgence and tenderness, in order to spread them as a balsam upon those who suffer.

The spiritualist of tomorrow will be recognized not as a mystic, nor as the religious one who withdraws from the world and from men, in order to pray. Rather, he will be one who is able to struggle against temptations, and even in the midst of a storm, will be able to distinguish the pathway of truth. He will know how to confront a prepared world, and his word as a prophet and seer shall announce what is to come.

The spiritulists will not construct temples of stone, nor altars to proclaim their deeds. They will erect a great spiritual temple, whose stones will be the hearts of mankind, in unity with one another, through the strength of love.

My apostles of the Second Era never believed in material worship, in order to teach and explain My doctrine. Their hands never erected altars, nor did they construct palaces for any spiritual worship.They imparted health to the sick; hope and comfort to the poor, the forlorn, and, like their Master, they showed the lost the road to salvation.

The spiritualist says: “How beautiful life is.” The profane, the materialist says: “How bitter, how sad, and how somber life is!”

When the spiritualists multiply on the Earth, there will be many who will confuse them with vulgar fortune-tellers and they will draw near to ask them about the future. The men of science will ask them concerning the life of the spirits, and about life in other worlds or planets.

I predict all this so that when you see yourselves besieged by foolish questions, you will remember that you should pray so that your Father may inspire what you have to say, whatever His will is to express before the foolishness or curiosity of your brethren.

Truly I say to you: How very much the theologians have confused Humanity, but I give you My light to save, redeem, and elevate you, truthfully saying to you, that it will not be your mind which will reveal these teachings to the spirit, but rather, the spirit who will reveal to the human mind, the spiritual and divine knowledge. That is why your Father says to you: It will not be the theologians, but rather, the spiritualists, the true disciples of the Holy Spirit, the spirits who will learn to communicate and be in contact with My Divine Spirit, to hear My voice and feel the caress, the fortitude, and the lull of your Father.

The “Tower of Babel” still stands, certainly, but it is also true that the spiritualist people are already emerging in the world, and their mission is to begin to destroy the foundations of that tower of divisions, differences, and pride.

Preserve My word, oh blessed people, and keep in mind that it shall be the solid foundation of a new tower that men will raise, but not the tower that will symbolize human pride, nor the one that will defy the divine power and justice, but the immaterial tower that will symbolize the spiritual elevation, the love, the charity, and the harmony among men.

Today the world ignores you, but truly I say to you, that the day will come when the nations will be waiting anxiously for you. That shall be when the great trials and the calamity will begin to be felt on the countryside, and when it will be known that the spiritualists have the power over the plagues and the strange diseases.

There, on their beds, will be the sick, waiting for the arrival of the emissary and laborer of Christ, who will come to anoint them with the balsam of tenderness and charity. There will be the homes with their doors open, waiting for the disciples who, with their presence, shall bring about the peace and the light into those hearts.

The Sick – Spiritual help for sick people

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 32 of 40

Those who are ill, come to Me. I will heal all spirits and physical bodies.

Come to Me, sickly ones. I will make you feel the gentle love of My charity. I come to take away your bitterness in order to convert you into children of peace, of light, and of faith. You ask Me why I have come to you? Because I see that you have forgotten the pathway where you should return to the bosom from whence you emerged, and I have come to show it to you again.

There is no reason to be sick if you fulfill the law. Life is health, happiness, joy, and harmony. By being sick, you cannot be a deposit of the Divine belongings.

I shall uncover a fountain of light existing in you, within your spirit, so that you may come to it when it becomes necessary; if you are able to seek it, you will find its waters.

I am the light of this and all the worlds. I want you to clothe yourselves within that light. My Word is a healing balsam; by listening to it you will restore your health.

If God is within you, why are you sick, and why do you suffer and weep? Examine yourselves and correct whatever needs correction, cleanse whatever must be cleansed.

I said to you: “Cleanse the inside of the cup, that the outside also may be clean”; in other words, that your interior being harmonizes in the will and inspiration with the material you, or human part.

Not only in the body do you find illnesses; these are purifications of the spirit, which burden the matter. However, if the spirit is cleansed, if he is pure, then the Father removes the purification, because it is unnecessary, and thus you shall find relief in the matter, to the point of attaining perfect health.

The Father creates His children to perfection. He did not place impurities within creation; it is the spirit who is gathering discord and wickedness along the pathway, a wickedness that is reflected in the heart and makes purification necessary, which is pain; not because the Father wants it so, but rather because you have caused it, and that is not the will of the Father.

Take into account that the illness you bear in spirit is many times greater than the one you suffer in matter.

What can the Father deny to His child, when he spiritually approaches Him to ask for something for his small and fragile body? Why do you suffer, weep, and become ill if you have God within you?

The one who feels his body weary due to suffering, asks himself if he has made bad use of it. And repentant, he questions Me in order to find out how to regain his strength which will permit him to continue to struggle. Then I say to him: Penetrate deeply within My word and in its precepts, and each one will find the teaching he needs.

Of what value would it be if I were to heal your illness or free you from your suffering, if you were to continue with the cause of your suffering?

Everyone come to me and be healed of your ailments; allow your faith to produce the miracle of restoring your health. You will produce the miracle, not I, but do not forget that you no longer need to touch My tunic in order to receive that miracle; now you need to come before My Spirit through your faith and elevation.

In the Second Era, I told those who believed in Me: “Your faith has saved you”. I said that because faith is a powerful healer; its light not only destroys darkness but it is a force that causes change.

Those who have believed have not always awakened to faith at the first moment. Almost all have experienced an inner battle. I have discovered that they have asked these or similar questions in their heart: Could this be true? Could it be possible that I will find the presence of the Lord in this place? Could it be possible that my illness, considered incurable for so long, will be healed here?

Truly I say to you that the impossible does not exist. In simple matters such as your ill health, speak to God with true faith, trusting in His presence. God, who dwells in each one of you and knows that which you need and what you feel, will give to each according to His will.

I am your Doctor. Truly I say to you that no one watches over your health as l do, and no one feels your suffering as I feel it.

Thus as you listen to Me speak, your fibers most sensitive to pain are touched. If you invoke Me as Doctor, I will approach to heal you for I am the Doctor of Doctors.


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Spirituality will bring the awakening to the dormant gifts or faculties and the sensitivity to all the fibers of the heart.

Spirituality means harmony of the spirit and the flesh. It is the level of elevation which permits man to conceive ideas far beyond what his mind foresees, and have power over the material.

Spirituality means development of all the faculties of man, those which correspond to his human part, as well as those which vibrate far beyond the senses of the body and which are the powers, attributes, faculties, and senses of the spirit.

Spirituality is the just and good application of all the gifts that man possesses.

Spirituality is harmony with everything that surrounds you. It is the knowledge of eternal life and, if you manage to harmonize with Creation, you will have found one more form of spirituality, for you would be living with My Laws.

You will recognize that you are not only substance but also essense, because you will learn that when the life of man terminates, it is not the end of the pathway for the spirit.

Spirituality means freedom of the spirit which will allow you to feel a great love for God. A man spiritually prepared by My doctrine will be able to realize superhuman deeds, and from his spirit and from his body will emanate light, power and strength which will permit him to realize that the human intellect alone is unable to carry out. Moreover, it is elevation of thought, purity of deeds and of words, an elevated and generous life.

In spirituality there is no room for fanatism, prejudice or superstition. When you suceed in practicing it, then you will understand the importance of life. You will contemplate its beauty, and you will discover its wisdom. Then you will surely realize why I have called it life. Therefore, you shall be in the condition to comprehend that in its spirit the Kingdom of God exists.

Spirituality is elevation of the sentiments, purity in life, faith, love for others, charity, humility before God and a profound respect for all the spiritual gifts received. And, in order to begin the luminous journey of spirituality, you do not need symbols, only light, faith, will, power and love. If you have love, you will reach great heights; if you have faith in Me, you will not stumble during your life time. The faculties of healing, speech and persuasion, which are within you, will be developed, and all shall be toward the progress of the spirit.

How can you obtain spirituality? By praying from spirit to Spirit; by striving to be just in all your actions; by practicing charity with your brethren. When you live in that manner, the spirit is free, and he will guide the steps of man, illuminated by the light of his conscience.

Spirituality will guide man toward perfection, and when he has obtained it, he will no longer say: Father, give me sustenance, give me intelligence, give me material riches.

The spirituality, which is My own Kingdom, approaches with long footsteps like those winds that come from the north, razing everything, shaking all the trees, agitating all the forests, knocking at the doors and lashing at the faces of all beings; likewise spiritualism comes, like a strong wind of light and love, a wind that drags and razes it all, and it will come to establish itself in the heart of man, in the heart of all the institutions, in the bosom of all nations and of all the human races. It is My Kingdom, the reign of the Holy Spirit, reign of spiritual elevation, of peace and love.

True Spiritualism

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Spiritualism is the doctrine of all times. It means the spiritual knowledge of the divine; knowledge of a superior life, which is far beyond all that is matter. It is the doctrine revealed by the Divine Master during the Second Era, and is the basis of all religions; the same which during these moments of discord, I have come to remind humanity so they will not forget its principles.

I have called My Doctrine spiritualism, because it teaches the elevation of the spirit and reveals to man all the gifts that he possesses for his perfection.

This is My Doctrine; therefore, do not permit it to be confused with those sciences and practices through which men seek only the manifestation and materialization of the spirits.

Spiritualism is not a new doctrine that comes to achieve the evolution of the beliefs of past eras, no; it is the same revelation of the First and Second Eras. It is the basis of all religions, the one that, in these moments of division, I have come to remind Humanity, so that it will not forget their principles.

Spiritualism doctrine is not a religion, nor a sect, and certainly not a novelty.

There is no need for material symbols nor rituals. It is a continuation of the doctrine Jesus left in the Second Era, and has nothing to do with traditions or religious ceremonies, for it is above every external worship. This external worship of mankind has been, during all eras, the cause of a spiritual standstill.

You can say with certainty that Spiritualism is the most elevated revelation that God has made for man, because before entrusting you with this knowledge, the Father first made you live two Eras during which He prepared you for this one in which you now live.

Spiritualism is destined by the Father to be extended all over the Earth, because the evolution of Humanity will allow it to be comprehended. It is the light that the world needs; it is the lesson that, without knowing it, every spirit yearns for.

Because spiritualism has a universal mission to fulfill it will be the one to reveal to all of mankind the true life. It is the spiritual doctrine that transform the world. This knowledge I am imparting to you has no limits; it is universal; it is infinite, and within it you will find the true knowledge of the spiritual and the material life.

My divine teaching is a superior science that will teach you to perfect the spirit. In addition I have given you a mind and a heart so that there in you can enhance your inspiration and your sentiments. It teaches you to communicate directly with the Father, and is the revelation which speaks to you about the life of the spirit. Moreover, it teaches you the elevation of the spirit and reveals to man all the gifts that the spirit possesses for his perfection.

Spiritualism is the Law of all ages which dictates what is good, pure, perfect, and the obligation to obey that Law which is for all, but does not force any one to comply with it. Each spirit enjoys a freedom of will, so that his struggles and all his actions, while being judged, may be taken into account on his own merits.

Spiritualism is not new, nor does it pertain to these times; rather it has been a revelation which has been unfolding in accordance with the evolution of humanity.

My teaching during this period comes to awaken the spirit of mankind which has slumbered for a long time, and comes to destroy customs and traditions imposed by men which have delayed the progress of the spirit.

Spiritualism is the revelation that discloses and teaches you everything you posses and carry along with you. It makes you recognize that you are the work of God; that you are not only flesh and that there is something beyond your physical body which elevates you about that level of nature which shelters you, and for the lowliness of your passions as well. Spiritualism shall not have its basis on earth, nor will it represented by a man. Its government will not be of this world, and your only guide shall be the Christ through your conscience.

Spirituality and Science

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Am I by any chance the enemy of science? Am I an obstacle for the progress and evolution of My children? He who believes this, has not known how to interpret My word. He has not comprehended the Father in his truth, because any gift or faculty that is found within man must have a development, because evolution is a universal law.

Men still have not as yet fulfilled on Earth their greatest deeds; those which would give My heart of a Father, a Divine satisfaction. Many of his marvelous deeds, within human life, still result insignificant, if their authors were to judge them with My laws of love. There you have the reason why many men of science do not wish to peer into the spiritual, because they know that there exists the presence of the One who knows all; of the One who sees and judges all. They prefer to deny My existence, believing that by doing that, they will silence the voice of their conscience.

Do not believe that I judge My children wrongly for wanting, in fact, to know the mysteries of Nature. No, My wisdom is a Divine heritage that I have for My children; but I do judge their objective, or the intention of the men of science, when it is not directed toward the purpose for which it was revealed.

If I say to you, that My wisdom will be yours, do you believe that only one existence would be sufficient to learn all that I have to reveal to you? If I say that you could not acquire the human science without traveling the extensive road of evolution, much less will you be able to acquire the knowledge of the spiritual without a complete evolution of your spirit.

I do not come to put into conflict spirituality with science, because that error has been by men, but never mine. On the contrary, I come to teach you to harmonize the spiritual with the material; the human with the Divine; what is temporary with the eternal. However, I declare to you that in order to travel through the roads of life, it is necessary to know beforehand, the path outlined by your conscience whose spiritual law comes from the Divine Spirit.

Men who study God do not agree. Who holds the truth? Men of the sciences contradict themselves. Who is right? Religion and science have always been in conflict, without men understanding that the spiritual and material live in perfect harmony and with it they create the true work of the Creator.

How many anathemas have religions cast upon science and how many times has science denied religion the existence of the spiritual life! Religion bases its attacks on the evil brought upon mankind by science, and science use as a weapon the fanaticism and superstitions that the ministers of the religions have instilled in mankind. Truly I say to you that in some there is the need of knowing the truth of what nature encompasses, and for others to justly interpret My law.

If scientists who move and transform your world were inspired by love and goodness, they would have already discovered all the knowledge I have reserved for science during this Era and not that minimal part for which they have greatly become so vain.

The true wise man is not the one who stays awake trying to discover the best way to destroy, to dominate and to annihilate but he who elevates himself to create, to harmonize the life of human beings, inspiring himself in the love towards the God of all creation and in the love for all creatures.

Men that believe to be wise seek the cause of all that exists and occurs, and hope to demonstrate with their science that there is no principle or truth outside of Nature. But I contemplate them as small, weak and ignorant. Then, where are the true wise men?

As time passes, men tend to love the terrestrial more because their science and their discoveries make them feel in a kingdom of their own, a world created by them. They have extended their dominions. There are no longer continents, lands nor oceans unexplored. They have devised ways on land, the sea and the sky, and not satisfied with what they possess on their planet as a birthright, they probe and scrutinize the sky in search of greater domains and declare they have found the truth.

I say to you that no one knows the absolute truth, since that part that has been revealed to man, he has not been able to grasp it all within his mind. Many marvelous things have been discovered and created by science, but man has not done it all because I placed in him the elements of life.

In this way you will understand that man is not the creator of life nor the elements, and that he simply transforms and uses what is already created. Creation is God himself and the time will come when men who ignore the bond that exist between the Creator and man, will understand that all that man does he takes from the Divine power.

Why have you forsaken Me and have attempted to compare your power with Mine? I say to you that when a wise man creates a being similar to you and provides him with a spirit and a conscience, I will place my scepter on his hand. Can man with all his science create something that I have done? Human science has its limits and God has not Science is light but in the hands of many men it turns into darkness.

If you have heard that I condemn the work of scientists; that I caution science, this is because that source of life has not been used for the good and progress of mankind but have placed it in the service of evil and destruction.

I bless the desire for knowledge and am infinitely gratified for their ambition to become great and strong wise me~ But what my justice does not approve is the vanity with which many times you base your ambitions and the egotistical objetives that are sought occsionally.

What do you want Me to say concerning the wise men of today, of those who provoke nature and challenge the forces and the elements? You have familiarized yourself in such a manner with evil that you call those who build the new lethal weapons great, because they can destroy millions of beings in an instant. And you even call them wise men. Where is your faculty of reasoning?

The men of this Era become amazed when they discover that their world is older than what it was thought to be by the first scientists. Question the wise men and if they are sincere, they will say that they have asked God for inspiration. And I would give them more if they would ask Me with the love towards their brethren and less vanity towards themselves.

How much shade and how much fruit has the tree of life and of science given to man! Then, why is it that now that in the world exists an evolved Humanity, it seems blind, provoking the same elements which have given it life and is shaking the tree which has never denied it the fruit of wisdom?

I will tell you why: It is because man has ceased to pray, and on ceasing to pray he has forgotten all that corresponds to the life of the spirit. Once dedicated to the life on Earth, his greatest ideal, his greatest ambition, has been to be powerful, wealthy, wise, absolute lord, and all this has dragged him towards the abyss, because he has gone in pursuit of a transitory glory.

What do you want Me to say to you about your wise men of today, those who provoke Nature and defy the forces and the elements, making Good appear as though it is bad? They will suffer great pain for cutting and eating a green fruit from the tree of science, a fruit which could only have ripened with love.

I truly say to you, that after this Era of materialistic, egotistical, and perverse science, a time will come when the men of science will know how to penetrate into the arcanums of Nature, spiritually prepared with prayer, enveloped in humility and respect, inspired in ideas and noble, elevated, human intentions.

The Stone Age is already long gone. The era of science will pass on, and then the era of the Spirit will come to flourish among men.

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