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True Worship

“I am the same Master who during the Second Era spoke to you about the way to the Kingdom of
Heaven. I am the same Christ manifesting the truth across the centuries; the eternal lessons
which are unchangeable, because they are revelations which emanate from My Spirit.”

From The Book of The True Life 9:47 (The Third Testament)

“But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for the Father seeketh such to worship him.”

“God is a Spirit; and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

John 4:23,24

The Worship in the Beginning

You are not more developed than the primitive men, who were able to discover in each element, and in each marvel of Nature, the Works of a Divine Being, superior, wise, just, and powerful, to whom they attributed all goodness, everything existent, and for that reason they worshipped Him.

Through a growing intelligence, they attempted to understand what their corporal senses received. What perfect worship could they offer Me? What full comprehension could they have of the truth? Nevertheless, their amazement, their faith, and their worship, were received by Me as the first fruits of an extensive field that My Spirit would cultivate throughout the times.

Since then until now, how many revelations My love has entrusted to Mankind! Nevertheless, when these men should have reached the pinnacle of comprehension, and when their worship should be perfect, it is then when their science, egotistical, arrogant, and inhuman, has risen to deny Me. And regarding the existing worships, they live in a lethargy of routine and traditions.

Love Me through everything created by Me and discard the idea that God can be limited in some form. Mankind has created My image under different forms to feel that I am with them.

Why do you not seek Me through My deeds? I have allowed that everyone may contemplate the wonders around you so that through them, you can behold My power, from the least perceptible up to the majestic sun king.

However, I do not say that I am Nature, nor that it is God. Neither do I say that the sun is the Divine Spirit, since they are merely atoms in the Work of the Creator.

If you limit your mind to those beliefs, you would be imitating your predecessors, those who worshipped Me through the sun. However, you should not judge your forefathers badly, because at that time, man was hardly able to conceive the power of God from that force, because there he found warmth, light and life. Keep in mind that they were not very far from the truth.

In the same manner that I have not come to judge your imperfections, neither do I want you to judge those of your brethren.

The Spiritual Worship

Today I come to spread My spirit among you, so that you may learn to render Me a spiritual and simple worship, free of materialism, of traditions, and fanaticism.

You, who have overthrown the false gods you worshipped in past eras, will be able to enter this sanctuary that today I am engraving in your spirit with My word.

In this period I came to liberate you from a new bondage: the temptations, the pleasures, the vices, which are like the cruel tyrant Pharaoh, who has burdened you with chains. Tomorrow this new freedom will be celebrated by mankind, not with feasts or traditions, but with a spiritual love for one another.

The victims whom you offered before the altar of Jehovah were received by Him, but it was not the most adequate form to elevate your spirit to the Father. It was then that I came to you as Jesus to teach you the Divine commandment which says: “Love one another.” I say to you today, that the lessons I taught you during the Second Era through the deeds of Jesus, have been altered sometimes and misinterpreted on others. That is why I have come as I announced, to clarify My truth.

My sacrifice of that period prevented the sacrifice of many victims, and I taught you a more perfect worship. My new manifestation of this period will allow mankind to understand that the symbolic forms should not be adopted without first analyzing their significance, since they are only a representation of My lessons.

One God, one worship

The moment of silence has come, the moment of your communion with Me, for in the same way that the ocean waves blend with one another, you will unite with My Divine Spirit; a silence not only in the lips, but also within the inner temple of man, because it is your spirit who speaks to Me, and it is a solemn moment.

Enter into silence and listen to Me, O travelers of many pathways who carry the dust of different roads; let Me be the light in your destiny.

All the religions will disappear and only the light of the Temple of God will remain shining within and outside of man, in which everyone will render only one worship of obedience, of love, of faith, and good will.

I have seen that your religions do not have the necessary strength to contain your wickedness, nor the sufficient light to touch the conscience and illuminate your reason. And that is because they have departed from the essence of My Doctrine, which is solely for the spirit.

The perfect worship

My pathway remains outlined within your conscience. Soon you will not have any pastor on Earth, nor ministers who celebrate rituals before your eyes, nor houses of prayer that symbolize the universal temple of God.

The universe will be your temple; before your spirit shall be the Lord, the Master, your sweet Christ, filled with wisdom and with love, always ready to listen to you. You shall have no altar but your heart, nor any other guide but your own conscience.

These lessons have been revealed to you and have taken form within your spirit. You cannot stray from the pathway because you have seen it very well.

When the world contemplates you walking along without material gods, without rituals, and without pastors, it will be amazed, it will judge you, and what will enable you to give testimony to them of My truth, that you are not alone, shall be your deeds, your virtue, your life, for you will not only spread My work through the instrument of your lips, you must live it, because one action in your existence is worth more than a thousand of your words, however convincing they may be. Love, gentleness, humility, sacrifice. In this manner, the world will recognize Me through you.

In that way, My people, in that manner, disciples, I want to take you to perfection; that is the way I want you to reach that great city that has been prepared since eternity, so you may be the dwellers, the eternal inhabitants within that peace and within that perfection.

All the texts of this topic are excerpts taken from The Book of the True Life.

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