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This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 26 of 40

You have been told about the anti-Christ, to which My disciple John refers in Revelation; and in your confusion you have attributed that personality to many of your brethren, as much of the past, as well as in the present.

Today I say to you, that this anti-Christ, as Humanity has conceived him, has never existed, nor will ever exist. Anti-Christ is anyone who does not love, because Christ is the love of the Creator. Be aware then, how your world is full of anti-Christs, blinded by materialism.

I say to you, that it is better for you to be filled with uncertainties and denials, than filled with false affirmations or falsehoods that you regard as truths. A sincere denial, born from doubt or from ignorance, is less harmful than a hypocritical affirmation of a falsehood.

A clear doubt which hungers for comprehension, is better than the firm belief of any myth. A desperate uncertainty, which cries out for enlightenment, is better than a fanatical or idolatrous firmness.

Today there is an abundance everywhere of unbelievers, distrustful and embittered ones. They are the rebellious, ones who many times see more clearly than the rest, who do not feel ritualism, nor are they convinced of the affirmations they hear from those who guide Mankind spiritually, because all those complicated theories do not fill their heart that thirsts for pure waters, which will calm their anguish.

Those whom you judge as rebellious, many times have in their questions more light than the answers given by those who believe to be wise or great. They feel, see, sense, hear, and understand more clearly than many who regard themselves as masters in the divine teachings.

You have believed right down to the letter in the coming of men who would call themselves Christs, and you have ended up believing and understanding that those will be the false Christs.

You persist in regarding the symbols the other way around, and you become attached to them in such a way, that you become confused; and finally you do not know what to think. Stop thinking so much. Purify your spirit and your heart and come to Me. I shall give you the light, and I will reveal to you what you should know, both for your material improvement, as well as for your spiritual ascension.

Who are the false Christs? All those who, proclaiming superiority and virtue, and claiming to be propagators of righteousness, do everything just the opposite.

Are there True Atheists?

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 2 of 40

Everybody believes in Me, even though not everyone confesses it, nor do all love Me. Do not believe in the atheist. I do not contemplate atheists nor can they exist. The flesh can deny Me but not the spirit. Can a man deny his carnal father, even though he never knew hin? In the same manner, the spirit, too, cannot deny his spiritual Father, even though he may think he does not know Him. Can a fruit exist which has not been part of the tree before?

I am what you cannot understand in all its plenitude, because you still dwell in the matter. You are subject to the physical body and, possessing a limited mind, you analyze me according to your materialism. Refraim from studying Me outside of the pathway drawn by My law, because it will only cause you to lose your way along the road. Do not try to look for Me with the poor and restricted knowledge that you presently have, because you will become confused.

There are those, that in order not to submit themselves to any religious creed, have left their faculty of thought free, believing to be out of the reach of precepts and laws. But this cannot be, because through their observations of their sciences and definitions, they have come to learn that some power, some harmony, some law and a wise, just and loving Doctrine, is manifested everywhere from which nobody can escape.

If there are some who rise as my enemies, I do not regard them as such, only as people in need. Even with the ones who consider themselves atheists and deny My existence, I see upon them with mercy. And those who try to destroy Me in the heart of mankind, I judge them as ignorant since they believe they have the power or the weapons to destroy the One who is the Author of life.

How small you are when, believing yourselves to be almighty and great, you resist confessing that above your power and your science there is someone that truly knows everything and can do it all.

Poor human creature when he devotes himself to being flesh and only flesh, because he is then subjected only to the natural law that governs the mortal and transitory beings who are born, then grow and die!

Enough said that your small human reasoning be the one that wants to read and penetrate the great Book of Life written by the Divine Spirit for your spirit, because he shall be the one who will attain immortality and not the flesh.

Never attempt to confine within the limits of your human intelligence, the lights that are only reserved for the spirit, because then you will see before you a diminutive God, deprived of perfection.

However, there are some who, despite their search, cannot find me, because they seek where I cannot be. They will even get to doubt my existence without realizing that they have Me very close to them, and inside themselves.

The believers and those who call themselves atheists and free thinkers, will all go to the same place in search of that peace, and when they find it, they will be before Me.

Brief explanation of reincarnation

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 14 of 40

The world will learn the truth about the resurrection of the flesh, which is the reincarnation of the spirit.

Reincarnate: to return to the world to be born again; emerging of the spirit from a human body. That is the truth regarding the resurrection of the flesh, and not the so twisted, as well as absurd interpretation you have been told. Reincarnation is a gift that God has granted your spirit so as not to be limited to the smallness of the flesh, and its fleeting existence on Earth; or to its natural weakness, but rather, proceeding from a superior nature, that spirit can take possession of many material bodies as many be necessary.

However, in the beginning, the world will combat this revelation with fury, giving it the appearance of a strange and false doctrine, in order to make men of good faith distrustful. Mankind creates legends, fantasies, and even among the most remote tribes, people hidden in the jungles, have a presentiment of the reincarnation of the spirit.

Tell Me: Who are you? Whom do you believe to be? Whom do you feel you are? What do you know about your past, and how far back is your origin? What do you know from whence you came, where you have passed through and where you are headed?

Who were you before this life? Who are you at the present time, and who will you be in the future? Those are the mysteries that correspond only for the Divine judge to know. For now it should be sufficient for you to comprehend the true significance of the Law of Reincarnation which I have revealed to you as a supreme truth.

Reincarnation is the opportunity which God, in His loving justice, offers the spirit, in order that he may recover his purity and return to the pathway. That is the manner through which he can take advantage of the experience acquired during his pilgrimage.

Thus you will understand that one existence alone on Earth, for being so short compared with the spiritual life, cannot be decisive over the eternity of the spirit. In other words, it will not even be sufficient for any of you to reach perfection within that life that would take you directly to the Kingdom of the highest spiritually, which is what you call Heaven; nor will the faults in one lifetime on Earth be enough to determinate if a spirit will lose himself in darkness, or be in pain for an eternity. That is why I established the reincarnation of the spirit as one of My laws of love and justice; to grant him a more extensive field, that will offer him all the necessary opportunities to attain his perfection.

Each existence is a brief lesson, because through any other way the opportunity for man to grasp within it the fulfillment of all my Law, would be very short, but it is necessary for you to learn the meaning of this life.

Among humanity are beings who in another era crossed the wilderness in search of a Divine promise, who heard the voice of the Father on the mount. I also discover some others who lived during the time of Jesus, beheld His deeds and heard His word; those who followed Me in the wilderness and ate the bread and fish which I gave the multitude when they ascended the mount to hear that voice, and those who were among the mobs, shouting on the day of My crucifixion. I discover those spirits.

Many of them come to hear My word, but only I know what spirit is concealed within each body. Some listen to Me with coolness, others with doubt. But there are many who show their emotions with love and joy, and they feel My essence, while others are tormented with remorse, which their flesh ignores, because many of them at that time shouted to Pilate: Crucify Him! Crucify Him! And today they weep, and in their pain they would be ready to shout with tears in their eyes: Do not crucify Him! He is the Divine Master! Well, then, if you are to return to the world, one or more times, let it be to gather pleasing fruits, cultivated by you previously, in order for your spirit to experience the satisfaction of having before him the opportunity to conclude some task already begun.

Only the one who purifies himself through love, who practices My Law, will cease to come and reincarnate in this planet.

However, he who in his last reincarnation leaves a trace of blood or of evil, he will have to return to this Earth to make amends, to restore what has been destroyed, to give life to the lifeless he left behind, and to forgive. In one word: restitute.

Science, religions and theologians will be unable to discover at this point in time, how My justice works.

Sometimes within the heart of a miserable person is concealed a spirit who in another era carried a crown upon his head, or, within a convict is hidden one who in another life deprived a nation of its freedom. The time of controversies is coming when men will manifest their eloquence, to the point of boastfulness and vanity. My word of the Second Era will again be scrutinized, and there will also be arguments about the different interpretations which have been given. Truly I say to you: From that turmoil the light will surge, and many veils will be removed and hypocrisy will be overwhelmed by the truth.

All the people on Earth perceive the mystery surrounding the past, present and future of each spirit. To some it is a theory, for others a possibility; for others it is a fantasy, and others flatly deny it. Nevertheless, I find them pondering over that truth.

Reincarnation of the spirit is one of the great truths that humanity should know. Through intuition some have a presentiment and accept and believe in it as something which could not be missing in My loving justice toward humanity.

The flesh is of this world, and here it remains, while the spirit arises free and returns to the existence from whence he emerged. “What is born of the flesh, is flesh; What is born of the spirit is spirit.” The resurrection of the flesh is the reincarnation of the spirit, and ifsome believe that to be a human theory and others believe it to be a new revelation, truly I say to you that I began to give this revelation to the world ever since the beginning of mankind. You will be able to find proof of this in the writings of the Scriptures, which are a testimony of My works.

I speak the truth. I show you the way. I reveal the reincarnation, which is the Law, in order for the spirit to perfect himself and reaches the goal of his destiny. Do you doubt it? Truly I say to you that the truth is not altered in any way by your doubts, for it continues to be the same.

I say to you, that you should never doubt for the simple reason that you do not understand. Bear in mind that if truth were only what your limited mind comprehends, nothing would exist.

During this Third Era I have brought to you the confirmation of the reincarnation of the spirit. Humanity, throughout the times, has had that intuition, and the spirit has been revealing to it this mystery to the flesh.

Today as never before, there exist among mankind the presentiment and the certainly of these manifestations, although not all dare confess it, for fear of the world.

Since the beginning of mankind the reincarnation of the spirit exists as a law of love and justice, and is one of the forms in which the Father has demonstrated His infinite clemency.

Reincarnation is not only of this period, but of all eras, and you should not believe that this mystery has just been revealed to you now.

Ever since the first eras, the intuition regarding the reincarnation of the spirit existed in man, but this humanity, seeking material sciences and world riches, allowed itself to be dominated by the passions of the flesh, thus hardening those fibers with which the spiritual is perceived, and turning themselves deaf and blind to everything which corresponds to the spirit. What is the use of posing their eyes on books that contain the Law and the Doctrine which I revealed to you during past times, if their mind is not able to penetrate in its significance, nor does their heart perceive the essence?

You must admit that sensibility and spiritual intuition are wasted in men, and that is why most of the time, while searching for My truth in those texts, they fall into erroneous interpretations. They have the light before their eyes, but instead of penetrating deeply into the teachings, they linger on the words, that is, in their form. And so, they frequently become confused. But I am here to create light in the mysteries and darkness, as well as to deliver you from confusions and errors.

Will there be someone, after listening or reading this message, who will reject it as a useless, or false teaching? I say to them that only one who finds himself in a degree of extreme materialism, or blind fanaticism, could reject this light without his spirit being moved by it.

By the Emperor’s Command 2: Reincarnation in the Bible

This entry it's part of the By The Emperor's Command series. Part 2 of 3

Is There Any Reference to Reincarnation in the Bible?

Of course there is… though not under the term ‘reincarnation’. But since ancient times, in all cultures of the world, men have had the intuition of the existence of that concept. And the biblical writers were not the exception.


Could Jesus Lie?

Obviously, in order to have an informed opinion upon reincarnation from a biblical stand point, is indispensable to take the Bible… and start to re-reading it, without prejudice or pre-established notions, in search of the truth.

The main problem arised from the denial of Christians to accept the concept of reincarnation is that, inadvertently, without realizing the full extent of its consequences, GOOD FAITH CHRISTIANS DENY THE POSSIBILITY OF JESUS BEING THE PROMISED MESIAH OF ISRAEL


Because the most relevant and important event that signaled the arrival of the Messiah, was delivered in the prophecy that announced that before He came, Elijah was to be sent..

And the proof that Jesus’ disciples definitely knew this, is in Mark’s Gospel:

And they asked him, saying, Why say the scribes that Elias must first come?

And he answered and told them, Elias verily cometh first, and restoreth all things; and how it is written of the Son of man, that he must suffer many things, and be set at nought.

But I say unto you, That Elias is indeed come, and they have done unto him whatsoever they listed, as it is written of him.

And as if this wasn’t enough, Matthew narrates this same passage, but he goes even further: He describes what was it that the apostles understood from the words of the Divine Master.


Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.

Thus, the question for those who deny the possibiity of reincarnation is:

Did Jesus lie to His disciples?

Because if we believe that Jesus was the Messiah, then it must be a true fact that Elijah did came again to the world, and he did it in John the Baptist.

In short: He reincarnated.

Are Christians, just as Jews still do, continue to refuse to accept that Elijah did came back, thus fulfilling the prophecy that he was to came first before the Christ?

And you, as a Christian, will you still keep on setting him at nought?

In the third part of “By The Emperor’s Command” we will show you the documented and irrefutable scientic evidences that reincarnation is a verifiable and proven fact, beyond false supositions and fanatism fueled by a Roman emperor’s political decisions.


By the Emperor’s Command 3: The Scientific Evidence. Case Studies

This entry it's part of the By The Emperor's Command series. Part 3 of 3

Reincarnation, Science and the Children

“I, availing Myself of the children, will speak to them.”
The Third Testament

Certainly, the children are speaking… about reincarnation, and with it, perplexing the minds of their parents, the ministers of religions and the men of science.

This is something that cannot be disregarded so easily by human science.


Ian Stevenson, from the University of Virginia

Under the lead of Dr. Ian Stevenson, psychiatrist and professor, the Division of Personality Studies initiated, some 50 years ago, the research of the many reports from chldren all over the world that claimed that they had reincarnated, research that took more than 40 years.

With the most rigorous methodology, Dr. Stevenson registered the data, questioned, recorded in tape and analysed closely what the children claimed to be memories of a past life, and after pondering carefully the data, he arrived to the conclusion that there were very defined patterns emerging from most of that cases.

Stevenson later on published the a few of the most significant case studies in his now famous book “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation” (1966).

The abundant and thorough serious documentation contained in the book sent ripples of astonishment to the scientific world, and attracted the interest and attention of many more researchers whom have taken these studies further, just as happened with the famous Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the visionary discoverer of what is known as Clarke’s orbit, used by the communication satellites to circulate the earth in geostationary trajectories.


Reincarnation as Seen By a True Skeptic

Clarke, a British science anticipation author, inventor, and futurist, most famous for the novel “The Sentinel” from where the Oscar winning movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”, written in collaboration with director Stanley Kubrick was based, has been considered, along with Jules Verne and Isaac Asimov as the “Big Three” of science anticipation.

Clarke, a free thinker, a extremely skeptic and analytic man, after knowing and examining closely the data about children’s claims of reincarnation both of England and Sri Lanka -where he lived most of his adult life-, finally surrendered to the evidence and was one of the first leading scientific writers who asserted that to refuse to accept the possibility of the reincarnation of the spirit was irrational, and along with other scientistds, defied those who denied to accept his conclusions, to offer a better and more sound explanation. Obviously, no one came forward.



Children Reincarnation’s Testimonies, Today.

Today, is such the amount of little children that have started to remember precise events of their previous lives, that there are already several books which deal with the information of these numerous cases, like Carol Bowman’s “Return From Heaven”, Thomas Shroder’s “Old Souls: Compelling Evidence from Children Who Remember Past Lives”, Dr. Brian Weiss’s “Same Soul, Many Bodies”, etc.

And the number of these children keeps growing every day.


Reincarnation: What Christianity Has Ommited

These cases are occurring even within Christian communities, many of which, unknowingly, blindly obey the dictates which Emperor Justinian imposed at the Council of Constantinople, and continue to deny, based only on false assumptions and arguable interpretations of very few passages of the Bible, that reincarnation could exist.

Some of these children’s cases can be found even among the families of the very ministers and pastors of the diverse sects and religions, which as expected, are shocked and puzzled by the evidence coming from the mouths of their own children, and therefore, hide these facts from their communities as much as possible.

So far, some of them have succesfully avoided these cases reaching the mass media, but there are so many of them and so overwhelming, that the information has began to leak, and it is just a matter of time for the general public to get to know the indisputable fact that there are many children that claim and prove that they are spirits who have been born again.

“Ye must be
born again…”
Jesus of Nazareth


By The Emperor’s Command: Banning Reincarnation

This entry it's part of the By The Emperor's Command series. Part 1 of 3

Why Is The Doctrine of Reincarnation Rejected by Most Christians

In today’s Christianity, the law of the reincarnation of the spirit is widely taken as a heresy. But this wasn’t always so.

In fact, in the era of Jesus and the apostles, this notion was common and widely accepted among the people of Israel and the early followers of Christ.

So, where then did this rejection to that divine law of love came from?

Historic documents prove beyond any shadow of doubt that were the power and greed of the Roman emperor Justinian, pleasing the whim of the frivolous empress Theodora, women of questionable morality -do not confound her with the Catholic saint bearing the same name which lived almost 200 years after-, the ones that put good faith Christians in an authentic dilemma.

You see, by rejecting reincarnation, those brothers of us, unwittingly deny that Jesus could be the Messiah, the Christ so eagerly expected by the people of Israel.

And why is this?

Because before the arrival of the Christ, Elijah should came first, as the Scriptures prophesied… but in fact, he did… but the detractors of reincarnation seem not to have any problem with refusing to accept that the spirit and the power of Elijah actually reincarnated in John the Baptist, thus denying in this way that Elijah was once more in Earth and that Isaiah and Malachia prophesies were fulfilled.

And inadvertently, they join the Jewish people, who in their beliefs are still waiting for the arrival of Elijah since for them, Jesus was not the Christ, sustaining their belief precisely over this point.

If you are a Christian, you have to make a decision: Either you believe Jesus Himself in His own saying, which is that John the Baptist WAS Elijah -not methaporically or figuratively but in reality, in the flesh-, or you continue to obey a Roman Emperor command, as explained in the videoclip above.

Is The Reincarnation of the Spirit an Oriental Doctrine?

Although many people thinks that reincarnation is an idea from India or China, in fact it is an universal notion that emanates from God, and that concept resides in the spirit and heart of Humanity since the very beginning.

In part 2 and 3 of these series of videos, soon to be posted here, are included the proofs and facts that show that the reincarnation of the spirit, since the more ancient books of the Bible up until the most recent scientific research, is something to be taken very seriously.

Due to the natural evolution of the human race, now we are able to understand, beyond metaphors and parables, the true meaning of this doctrine that was delivered by the prophets since remote times, just as Jesus did with His disciples.


This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 24 of 40

Holy, you call this night, you who remember when the Rabbi came to the world.

Under the Divine influence of those memories, all beings come closer, those absent are brought to mind, the offenses are forgiven, families are united, friends visit one another, hearts are filled with hope. It seems that everyone awaits something unknown which they are unable to define, on this Night, when men manifest a little tenderness in their hardened hearts, and others a little spirituality over their materialism.

But I ask you: “Do you believe that only this Night deserves to be called holy by men? With a little love, could you not make it possible that every night and day of your existence be holy, so that you may see that all of life, without exception of a single instant, is holy?”

Ah! If you could come with Me in spirit and behold from here all the misery of Humanity!

If the powerful, the wealthy, and those who live surrounded in comfort, would like to be with Me on this night, I would take them in spirit to those places of suffering and poverty which they do not want to see.

Then I would say to them: “Leave your feasting for a while, and together we will go through those places where your poor brethren live. Let us see how they live on this blessed night, of sorrow for some and feasting for others. Do not fear,” I would say to them, “I am only asking for a few moments, and then you can return to your feasting and merriment.”

Then I would take them from place to place, and I would show them an aged mother who, in the loneliness of her miserable bedroom, mourns the loss of her sons who were her hope, and who were snatched from her by the war.

That woman lives only through memories and prayers. While many become intoxicated with pleasure, she drinks her cup of bitterness; her spirit only waits for that hour to leave this world and penetrate into eternity, because her hope in Humanity has long been dead.

Later I would show them the children, wandering among Humanity who does not respect the life of their fellowman; they do not love nor comprehend those in need.

I would make those men listen to the very profound questions of the children, who, in their human innocence, ask themselves the why of so much injustice, so much hatred, selfishness, and cruelty.

Then I would take them to those places where the moanings and lamentations of the sick are smothered; of those who have seen their body succumb, like a twig breaking when lashed by a hurricane; those are the sick, the rejected, the forgotten ones.

Later on I would allow the prison doors to be opened in order to behold the thousands of beings who have fallen into the darkness of captivity for lack of love, charity, light, justice, and peace.

And thus, from place to place, I would present to them, in one single scene, all the misery and pain which has been brought about by the ambitions, the greed, the hatred, the materialism, and the insatiable thirst for power of the conceited ones with their false lordliness, of those who believe themselves powerful, but are not; neither do they allow others to possess what justly corresponds to them.

However, I do not call on them, because I know that even though My voice is heard within their conscience, they are deaf to its calling.

But you, My beloved people, who are listening to Me, who know of privations, of loneliness, indifference, and forlornness, and for that reason vibrate together with that Humanity who weeps in hunger and thirsts for justice, come to Me, and together, in spirit, we shall visit the sick, the sorrowful, all the poor and forgotten ones of the world.

Do you see those multitudes who are full of animation? They are soldiers who have paused briefly from their battle to offer Me a few minutes of prayer and remembrance; but their joy and animation are fictitious; they eat and drink to calm their sorrows, but in their heart there is great pain.

They suffer, O! My people! They suffer very much, and above all during this night, which is torture for them; each memory is a thorn, each name or face they recall is like a wound.

Many of them suffer, taking away lives, destroying homes and cities, sowing pain, grief, and tears, and then they believe to have lost all rights to return home, to peace, to the bosom of their loved ones.

I know that many of them are not guilty; they do not harbor hatred or perversity in their heart. I know that they are victims, slaves, and instruments of the real guilty ones.

Only I can rescue them, only My love can shield them, for they are alone in the world.

Pray, O! My People! and in so doing you make it possible for the world to hope for the dawn of a new day; that men can remember My promise, the one that speaks of better times, of spirituality, and happiness.

I also say to you: “Let us go to the heart of the children and seek those who lack everything. Behold them – they sleep, and in their sleep there is no reproach toward anyone, even though their bed is very hard.”

Today there was no bread upon the table; nevertheless, they rest with hope for a new day. They dress in rags, but they feel no shame, because they are innocent and they smile, though their bodies lack warmth. They are angels on Earth, for in their innocent smiles, they reflect something of the purity of the Heavens.

O! Innocence! Shield them with your mantle, for theirs is the Kingdom of the Heavens.

All of you call this night a Holy Night and I pour a shower of blessings upon all My children.

You must know that I am yours and you are mine. Remember that I proved My love, coming to live amongst you humble people, being born in poverty, struggling among thistles, and dying in disgrace.

You cannot say that I do not understand you, for I not only have seen your pain, but I have lived through it.

I also speak about the elderly, those who long ago left the prime of their lives, and now they feel the cold of winter. As they grow older, they are lacking strength, the energy, and health; the work becomes heavy, their limbs turn sluggish, and their services are no longer needed for work.

Thus the elderly see themselves excluded from the struggle of the rest; they feel abandoned, and their heart, depressed, sinks with sadness and has to experience hardship, misery, hunger, and loneliness. I speak about them, because they also need your aid and comfort. Love them, O! My people! And you will have the right to sit at the great table of the spiritual banquet where I will say to you: “Blessed are you who, in imitation of the Master, were able to understand all those who suffer.”

Is it possible that the heart of Mankind is not moved before the great scenes of suffering and misery that this Humanity presents? Yes, yes it is possible: though I see those who do not suffer misery regard, with a caressing look, the wealth they possess, with a greater loving care than for those beings, children of God.

Beloved people: You have accompanied Me during these brief moments to visit the needy; blessed are you for that. Do not think that I forsake the rich and the powerful, because apparently they do not need Me; I am the only One who better knows their misery and their bitterness, and who is better aware of their misfortunes; but today they believe to have it all; therefore, why should they seek Me since I am, according to them, the Christ of the sick, of the outcast, of the sorrowful? They are not aware that My mission is to save them from their false splendor, in order to give them the true and eternal happiness.

Aside from you, My people, do you know who else has tenderly listened to My word and has felt her Spirit vibrate with love? It is Mary, the Maternal Spirit who dwells within the bosom of the Creator, and whose essence will always be united with the memory of Jesus.

Her passage on Earth, although longer than mine – because she came before and departed afterward – was short; Her words, brief and sweet, were a celestial caress.

Sense Her in spirit, love Her and seek Her spiritually; know that in as many charitable deeds that you perform, She will be with you; that She has her mantle of intercession and tenderness extended over an ailing and bloody world, and that in each of your complaints or afflictions, you can hear a voice responding with tenderness: “Do not fear, be confident, for I am here.”

And thus, My people, you have been with Me; My gentle breath has penetrated into your heart on this Holy Night, and I have made you forget every hardship.

My Peace be with you!

Communication from spirit to Spirit

This entry it's part of the The Spiritual Gifts Within series. Part 4 of 7

The Communication from spirit to Spirit

The communication of spirit to Spirit has an extensive, infinite meaning; within it is the development of all your powers and of all your gifts.

On some occasions, My prophets, while speaking of the spiritual life, did it through human forms and objects familiar to you.

Metaphors and Parables

The prophets saw thrones similar to those of the kings of Earth, books, beings in human form, palaces with draperies, candlesticks, the lamb, and many more figures. But now you must understand that all of that only contained a meaning, a symbol, a divine sense, a revelation that had to be expressed to you in an allegorical form, since you were not capable of understanding a higher one.

It is now about time that you interpret, with exactness, the content of all my parables and teachings that I have revealed to you, so that through symbols, the meaning penetrates within your spirit and the symbolic form disappears.

When you reach this knowledge, your faith will be true, since it will have laid its foundation on the truth.

Humanity: I come to prophesy to you, in My word, a better world than that in which you live, precisely when you will have cleansed your heart of its impurity in the blood that I shed on the cross, blood that was the representation of the divine love, of the supreme forgiveness, and of the redemption of all men.

You, incredulous and skeptical, cannot believe in a world of justice, nor are you able to conceive a life of love and virtue on your Earth. In a word, you do not believe yourselves capable of anything good nor do you have faith in your own selves.

The Near End of the Reign of Evil

The reign of evil – which for such a long time has ruled this world – is close to disappearing, to make room for the reign of the spirit, to the unleashing of the gifts and the spiritual powers that exist in man, for which he has a very high destiny.


This entry it's part of the Origen of Alexandria series. Part 4 of 4

With the condemnation of Origen, so much that is implied in reincarnation was officially stigmatized as heresy that the possiblity of a direct confrontation with this belief was effectively removed from the church. In dismissing Origen from its midst, the church only indirectly addressed itself to the issue of reincarnation. The encounter with
Origenism did, however, draw decisive lines in the matter of preexistence, the resurrection of the dead, and the relationship between body and soul. What an examination of Origen and the church does achieve, however, is to show where the reincarnationist will come into collision with the posture of orthodoxy. The extent to which he may wish to retreat from such a collision is of course a matter of personal conscience.

With the Council of 553 one can just about close the book on this entire controversy within the church. There are merely two footnotes to be added to the story, emerging from church councils in 1274 and 1439. In the Council of Lyons in 1274 it was stated that after death the soul goes promptly either to heaven or to hell. On the Day of Judgment all will stand before the tribunal of Christ with their bodies to render account of what they have done. The Council of Florence of 1439 uses almost the same wording to describe the swift passage of the soul either to heaven or to hell. Implicit in both of these councils is the assumption that the soul does not again venture into physical bodies.

Conscience in Man – Spirituality & knowledge

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Humanity, if it were only the instinct that would guide all your actions in your life, your Father would not have had to reveal His Law to you, nor would He have had to come as Redeemer to save you. However, do not depend on your instinct; superior forces govern your actions and those forces are in the spirit.

The spirit enjoys the gift of freedom of will; a means through which he must earn merits to save himself.

Who guides, directs or advises the spirit during his free journey in order to distinguish what is righteous from what is unrighteous, and therefore not go astray? The conscience.

The conscience is the Divine spark; it is a superior light, and is a strength to aid man not to sin. What merit would there be in man if the conscience had earthly power, obligating him to remain within righteousness? I want you to know that the merit consist in listening to that voice, in being persuaded that it never lies, nor is mistaken in what it advises, and in faithfully obeying its dictates. As you may understand, in order to hear that voice clearly requires preparation and concentration within oneself. Who practices this obedience during the present times? You answer this yourselves.

The conscience has always manifested in man, but Humanity has not attained the necessary development to guide all his existence through that light. It has had a need for laws, teachings, precepts, religions and counsel.

When men succeed in penetrating into a communion with their spirit, and instead of seeking the spiritual in the external, would seek it within them, they would be able to hear the soft, persuasive, wise and just voice which was always vibrating within them without their listening to it, then they would realize that in the conscience is the presence of God; that it is the true means by which man must communicate with his Father and Creator.

Who do you think has given the spirit the illumination of a perfect judge to pronounce judgement on himself? The conscience, that at the moment of justice will seem to you that it shines with a clarity never seen before. And it will be the conscience the one to say to each one of you what was the good, the just, reality and the truth which took place on the Earth, and what was bad, the false hood and impureness sown along your path. The conscience has always manifested itself in man, but mankind has never reached the necessary development to guide all its life through that light. Mankind has needed laws, teachings, precepts, religion and counselling.

When men are able to penetrate in communion with their spirit and instead of seeking the spiritual towards the exterior they seek within, they will be able to hear the soft, persuasive, wise and just voice which has always been vibrating within themselves without perceiving. They will understand that the presence of God is in the conscience, and that it is the true means by which man should communicate with his Father and Creator.

I invite you all to meditate deeply on my word, and I must tell you that if after hearing me, someone should continue to consider my judgements and reclaims unjust, it will be because he was not able to penetrate in the meaning of my word, and I will have to forgive his hardness of heart and of understanding.

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