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Are there True Atheists?

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 2 of 40

Everybody believes in Me, even though not everyone confesses it, nor do all love Me. Do not believe in the atheist. I do not contemplate atheists nor can they exist. The flesh can deny Me but not the spirit. Can a man deny his carnal father, even though he never knew hin? In the same manner, the spirit, too, cannot deny his spiritual Father, even though he may think he does not know Him. Can a fruit exist which has not been part of the tree before?

I am what you cannot understand in all its plenitude, because you still dwell in the matter. You are subject to the physical body and, possessing a limited mind, you analyze me according to your materialism. Refraim from studying Me outside of the pathway drawn by My law, because it will only cause you to lose your way along the road. Do not try to look for Me with the poor and restricted knowledge that you presently have, because you will become confused.

There are those, that in order not to submit themselves to any religious creed, have left their faculty of thought free, believing to be out of the reach of precepts and laws. But this cannot be, because through their observations of their sciences and definitions, they have come to learn that some power, some harmony, some law and a wise, just and loving Doctrine, is manifested everywhere from which nobody can escape.

If there are some who rise as my enemies, I do not regard them as such, only as people in need. Even with the ones who consider themselves atheists and deny My existence, I see upon them with mercy. And those who try to destroy Me in the heart of mankind, I judge them as ignorant since they believe they have the power or the weapons to destroy the One who is the Author of life.

How small you are when, believing yourselves to be almighty and great, you resist confessing that above your power and your science there is someone that truly knows everything and can do it all.

Poor human creature when he devotes himself to being flesh and only flesh, because he is then subjected only to the natural law that governs the mortal and transitory beings who are born, then grow and die!

Enough said that your small human reasoning be the one that wants to read and penetrate the great Book of Life written by the Divine Spirit for your spirit, because he shall be the one who will attain immortality and not the flesh.

Never attempt to confine within the limits of your human intelligence, the lights that are only reserved for the spirit, because then you will see before you a diminutive God, deprived of perfection.

However, there are some who, despite their search, cannot find me, because they seek where I cannot be. They will even get to doubt my existence without realizing that they have Me very close to them, and inside themselves.

The believers and those who call themselves atheists and free thinkers, will all go to the same place in search of that peace, and when they find it, they will be before Me.

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