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The Lessons of Life

All divine teachings elevate us, sometimes to realms still unexplored for us and sometimes to the upper stages of our humanity.

Is in the latter when we find, in the Third Testament’s Master teachings contained in what the Lord calls His Album of Wisdom, the excellency in the explanation of our human journey through life.

The choir in the beautiful music background for this videoclip uses glossolalia (harmonius & euphonic vocal sounds with no specific meaning in any particular language).

The Purpose of Human Life

What is the purpose for the human life existence? What is the reason for it? We could start by looking at this:

“Life, in the material, is an occasion for man to earn merits for his spirit merits which will elevate him until he is worthy of inhabiting a mansion of superior spirituality, where he must again earn merits in order not to become stagnant and continue ascending from step to step, because in the House of the Father there are many mansions.”

“Life is a constant lesson for the spirits. The universe, on being formed under My mandate, had no other mission but to teach.

“Life is crucible and struggle to the spirit; it is not an absolute pleasure, as many would wish it so. The enjoyment, the triumph or the glory, are far beyond every struggle, further than that crucible. The glory of the spirit, with all its happiness, is in the perfection of the spirit.”

“Understand this truth, so that you will not overlook this book which, day by day, shows
you new pages of wisdom.”

Life as a Lesson

Life taken as a lesson, life taken as a book that shows us new pages day by day. The one who apreciates life, benefits from it… let us then benefice, my dearly beloved, from this beautiful lesson that the Father grants us each new day… when we open our eyes at morning, let us bless the fact of being alive, enjoying the privilege of having a life through which we can advance, evolve, perfect…

Is human life sometimes bitter? Yes, it is… and even more in these chaotic times of great
lust for the material, of greed embedded in all human power and the moral confusion spread by mass media; but it also offers us delights and legitimate enjoyments that give us a truce and provides us with an incentive and with an opportunity for peace. And thus we shall carry on, living and learning.

You can read more of the wonderful teaching upon the video was based:


Damiena Oviedo – Maiden of the Third Era

On the 24th of December of 1863, Roque Rojas founds the first house of prayer for the followers of the manifestation of Elijah in the Third Era. On that day, twelve males and twelve females in representation of the spiritual people of Israel were “sealed”.

Of the twelve women, the first seven were virgins representing the Seven Seals and in the sixth place was Damiana Oviedo, young maiden, representing the Sixth Seal.

Years later, in 1869, Roque Rojas prepared in advance a solemn act to commemorate the Passion of the Lord Jesus, but finding fanaticism and lack of preparation amongst his followers, and exasperated over the incomprehension of his people, he destroyed the contents of an ark where the revelations written by him were preserved, and proceeded to close the place.

Damiana Oviedo gathered the fragments of the ark and put them away.

On the year 1879, ten years later, Roque Rojas died (see Roque Rojas) and Damiana Oviedo continued meeting with some of the faithful and persevering followers of Roque Rojas in his home.

One day in May, 1884, entering a deep state of spiritual ecstasy, Damiana received the inspiration of the Divine Ray for the first time through her understanding, giving way with this to the fulfillment of the prophecies delivered in times long past and to the Coming of the Lord.

Since the first revelation, the Spirit of Truth delivered to that people the prophecies of the forthcoming times. And within them, the ceasing of communication through human understanding by the 31st of December, 1950, the growth in number of followers and places where the Divine word would be received and the struggles that were to divide the people of the Lord at the end of that period were also announced.

It was Damiana Oviedo, “Damianita” as she was affectionately referred to by those who knew her, a bastion within her people, and still today, long time after her death at a very old age, hers is the spirit of light that guards over the disciples of the Holy Spirit.

Bibliography: “Dawnings of the Newcoming of the Lord. The Messenger”, Pamphlets of the house of prayer “El Redentor”. Mexico City 1970.

True Love

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 8 of 40

Truly I say to you that everything great and good that exists in the spirit, you have never given because you do not even know it.

From infancy until old age, you have clear examples of everything that is achieved with love and of the pain that originates from the lack of charity, but you, more insensible than the rocks, have yet to learn the teachings and examples that daily living gives you.

Love is the beginning and reason of your existence. Oh humanity! How could you live without that gift? Believe me, there are many who carry death within, and others who are sick just because of not loving anyone.

Truly I say to you that there exists coldness in the hearts of men, because love has fled from them. It is like those homes in which the sacred flame of affection has been extinguished, be it between spouses, between parents and children, or between brothers. Their bodies are close together, but their spirits are distant. How large is their emptiness, how large is the loneliness, and how cold the inside of those homes!

If men felt true love for their brethren, they should not be suffering the chaos in which they find themselves and everything within them would be harmony and peace; but they do not understand that Divine Love and they only want the truth that reaches the mind, not the one that reaches the heart, and there they have the result of their materialism: a selfish humanity, false and full of bitterness.

For you love is beautiful word, but until today you have not penetrated into its true sense.

When I speak to you about love I refer to the divine bond that unites all beings, I am not referring to love as it is understood by men. Where there is selfishness and low passions, there is no true love. I equally love the one who deceives and offends me, as well as the one who recognizes and honors me with his deeds.

Although much is spoken about love on Earth, actually, it does not exist among you. There are some who feign it, others confuse it with an egotistical sentiment, and others with a passion of the flesh. Falseness reigns within the human heart; falsehood prevails; love, friendship, charity, are simulated.

You were born because of love, you exist because of love, you are forgiven because of love, and you will be in eternity because of love. Love is not learned, it is felt, it is carried within.

Truly I say to you that love is the immutable power that moves the universe. Love is the beginning and the essence of life.

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