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Prodigies of Israel

This entry it's part of the The Spiritual Gifts Within series. Part 6 of 7

The Prodigies of the Children of Israel

During past times, there were periods when the people of God knew how to spiritually interpret everything that occurred around them, because they were the people who lived within the Law, who loved Me, and who lived a simple and virtuous life. The fibers of their heart were still sensitive, as was their spirit.

Those people lived in continuous spiritual communication with their God. They heard the humanized voice of their Creator; they knew how to receive messages from the spiritual world; from those beings whom they called angels; and during their evening of repose, in the peacefulness of their heart, and through the gift of dreams, they received messages, warnings, and prophecies, to which they gave credit and obedience.

God was not only on their lips, but also dwelled in their heart. The Law for them was not merely something written, but it was lived by men. It was only natural that their existence was filled with miracles that you do not contemplate now.

When I speak of My people of Israel, of the people of the Lord, I refer to those who made My Law known; to those who announced Me; to those who were faithful to Me; to those who proclaimed the existence of the living God; to those who perpetuated the seed of love, and to those who were able to recognize in the Son, the presence and the word of the Father.

Those are the ones who form the people of God, that is Israel; the strong one, the faithful, the prudent one.

Those who persecuted My prophets, those who lacerated the heart of My envoys, those who turned their backs on the true God, to bow before the idols; those who denied Me and mocked Me and demanded My blood and My life, those, though they call themselves Israel because of their race, were not the chosen people; they were not the people of the prophets, of the legion of illuminated ones, of the faithful soldiers.

Because Israel is a spiritual name that was unduly taken to denominate a race.

You should also know, that all those who aspire to form part of My people, can achieve it with his love, his charity, with his zeal and fidelity to the Law.

My people do not have lands nor specific cities in the world. My people have no race, but rather, is within all races, among all of Humanity.

Those are My people; the one who recognizes Me and loves Me; the one who obeys Me and follows Me.

Spiritual Ignorance

A great spiritual ignorance envelops Mankind. They are unaware of their destiny and of their responsibility on Earth, and that is why they have lost their way.

Man is ignorant of who he is, and for that reason, he is unaware of the wealth amassed within his spirit. He has confined himself to develop his human faculties, but has ignored those of the spirit due to his lack of interest in what is elevated and noble.

How could Humanity discover the powers that it carries within?

It has been necessary for Me to draw near your heart, to awaken you from your profound spiritual lethargy in which you were submerged, and remind you that you are not only flesh; that you are not small, and much less outcasts.

Upon hearing My word, you have said to Me, filled with joy: “Father, is it possible for so many gifts to exist within our being?” Then you have begun to comprehend something of what you are, and what you signify within the Universe.

The Doubt

Sometimes you have doubted about the gifts which I have said you are possessors of, and I say to you, that your doubt originates from the fact that you have not developed them and therefore, they have not become manifest in the manner you would wish.

It is true that there are cases in which, just with some faith, you may realize surprising deeds, but you should know that it was My love that granted you that miracle in order to encourage your faith, even though you are still not capable of carrying out that deed.

The development of the powers of the spirit is lengthy, so much so, that one physical body is not enough for him, nor is only one existence on Earth sufficient. However, My providence, which is in everything, is preparing new bodies for each spirit, where he will continue his development, aiding in his perfection, in order to reach the place destined for him.

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