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Many Spiritual Gifts Within

This entry it's part of the The Spiritual Gifts Within series. Part 2 of 7

How Many Gifts Are There?

I have given to My chosen ones, great spiritual gifts; one of them which is that of healing, the balsam, so that with that gift you may be able to fulfill one of the most beautiful missions among Humanity, since your planet is a valley of tears where pain is always found.

That balsam is not in your hands, but rather overflows from your compassionate glances of comfort, of understanding; it goes through your thoughts and is converted into sound counsel, into words of light.

The gift of healing has no limit. Don’t you ever forget that you are saturated with it, and if pain would take hold of you because you are subject to a trial, and if you are unable to remove it with that balsam, remember My teachings, forget your own suffering and think of the others in which sorrow is greater, and then you will see miracles in yourself and in your brethren.

Go always in search of those who suffer, and leave behind you the best fruits of your love as a trace of your passing.

You must not expect any retribution in this world, but if you wish to obtain any reward, let it be the one of satisfaction; the joy of making smile, the one who was weeping, having resurrected the dead to My truth, and having given comfort to the sad.

A long time ago, I chose you for this mission, and what I have done during this period, while inscribing a mark upon your forehead, has only been a confirmation of the destiny and gifts that you received from Me since the origin of your being.

Peace, strength, everlasting light, power over confused spirits; the gift of healing, of speech, the spiritual prayer and so many faculties which enrich your spirit, are the weapons with which you can work for the peace of this nation which will be a fruitful land of prophets, emissaries, teachers, and apostles of righteousness.

When all these prophecies are fulfilled, and men seek in the Scriptures some signs of them, they will be surprised to find, at each step, a clear indication of what your eyes beheld during this period and those that are to come. Then, humanity will say: Truly, this is the Third Era, the new coming of the Lord.

For some it will appear that these people enjoy some privilege, but later, all mankind will feel that the Spirit of the Lord is poured upon all his universal family, without distinction.

Sensitivity, presentiment, revelation, prophecy, inspiration, spiritual vision, healing, gift of speech, all of that, and other additional gifts will emerge from the spirit, and, through them, men will confirm that a new era has been unfolded before humanity.

Today you doubt the existence of those gifts, for there are some who conceal them from the world, fearing their judgment; tomorrow it will be the most natural and beautiful thing to possess them.

I come to you during this Third Era, for you are sick of the body and the spirit. The healthy one has no need of the doctor, nor does the just one require purification.

I taught you the greatest virtue, which is compassion. I inspired your heart and sensitized your sentiments. Now I come to reveal to you all the gifts with which your spirit is endowed, so that you can develop and apply them by practicing charity among your fellowmen.

In the same way as in all the eras, the life of man has been divided into eras or ages, and each of them has stood out for something; be it for its discoveries, for the divine revelations it has received, of for its science; likewise, the era just begun; the era that now looms ahead like a new dawn, will be noted for the development of the gifts of the spirit, the part you should have cultivated to avoid so many wrongdoings, and which you always left for later.

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