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The Way of Christ, the Divine Master

This entry it's part of the The Spiritual Gifts Within series. Part 3 of 7

The Way of Christ, the Divine Master

The knowledge of the spiritual existence will permit you to carry out similar deeds to those which your Master performed. Remember that I have said to you, that on developing your gifts, you will perform true miracles.

Do not slumber during this period of waylaying and danger, of pitfalls and temptations. Understand that anyone who possesses a gift, or the mission to convey spiritual light, will have to be besieged and pursued continuously. I do not come to awaken prejudices or superstitions in My people.

I come to strengthen your faith in the existence of the spiritual; to open your eyes to the eternal, and then you can see far beyond that which is material, and so you know that not all that exists in the spiritual realm is enveloped in light, because in the invisible there also exists darkness which must be dissipated, and imperfections which need to be transformed into elevated spirituality.

The Divine Law an The Gifts

Are you not aware that he who walks outside the Law deprives himself of his gifts? That is why I have come during this period, to help your spirit restore all he had lost, and which made him feel weak and needy.

When you emerged from Me, you were endowed with all the necessary attributes to travel the long road of life and be able to return to the point of departure. None of these gifts have been acquired in that journey; your spirit possessed it all since the beginning. The conscience is inborn of the spirit, it is light. At each step it is advising him to earn merits to help him return to the Father.

All the deeds I performed during the Second Era to show you My lessons of charity, you should repeat them today. You beheld that I gave the blind his sight and you, too, can make the blind of this period who live in the darkness of ignorance, see the clear light of My doctrine.

Make the paralytic one who has held back for the lack of teaching, walk. Raise from the dead, the one who has died to the life of grace and spirituality. Make the mute who does not know how to pronounce the words of love and forgiveness, speak. All that you wish to do I shall grant it, because I have endowed you with gifts of invaluable worth so that you may testify My truth.

My love for humanity has been constant. Not only when I have descended to Earth have I performed miracles. My work in giving life and protection to mankind is eternal, and My teaching is also endless. When will you understand My struggle? When will you recognize Elijah who wrote untiringly amongst you?

The End of the Times and the Intiuitive People

The end of the times is already near, and I have come to gather the harvest. I will only receive the wheat that is ripe and only deeds of love, accomplished and perfect, will I take to My granary. And you, as My disciples, must likewise present your work to Me as well and help your brethren.

There are disciples of mine among all the nations, prophets, forerunners, whose gifts are being manifested the same as yours. They seek through prayer, the balsam that cures the sick; they communicate with Me spiritually, seeking the light that will illuminate their pathway, and they recognize Me as their guide and Master.

Do not be surprised that they, without having had My communication through a human spokesman, know about these lessons, for I have said to you, that the spirit has evolved, and each one of My children has a mission to fulfill. His spirit has been purified through suffering, and not finding true guides upon the earth, has searched for Me, knowing that I am in Spirit, illuminating and guiding My children.

Here I am, ready to receive your thoughts and your heart; to offer you the essence of My word like the true wine of eternal life, of which I have said, that anyone who drinks from it, will never thirst again.

No longer should you confuse My word which is the bread of life, with the symbols that only represent an image of it.

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