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Divine Gift Of Reincarnation

The reincarnation, a divine gift.

The world will learn the truth about the resurrection of the flesh, which is the reincarnation of the spirit.

Reincarnate: to return to the world to be born again; emerging of the spirit from a human body. That is the truth regarding the resurrection of the flesh, and not the so twisted, as well as absurd interpretation you have been told.

Reincarnation is a gift that God has granted your spirit so as not to be limited to the smallness of the flesh, and its fleeting existence on Earth; or to its natural weakness, but rather, proceeding from a superior nature, that spirit can take possession of many material bodies as may be necessary. However, in the beginning, the world will combat this revelation with fury, giving it the appearance of a strange and false doctrine, in order to make men of good faith distrustful.

Mankind creates legends, fantasies, and even among the most remote tribes, people hidden in the jungles, have a presentiment of the reincarnation of the spirit.

Who are you? What do you know about your past?

Tell Me: Who are you? Whom do you believe to be? Whom do you feel you are? What do you know about your past, and how far back is your origin? What do you know from whence you came, where you have passed through and where you are headed?Who were you before this life? Who are you at the present time, and who will you be in the future? Those are the mysteries that correspond only for the Divine judge to know. For now it should be sufficient for you to comprehend the true significance of the Law of Reincarnation which I have revealed to you as a supreme truth.

One single human life is not enough to give the spirit all the perfection that he needs in order tobe able to sit on the right-hand of the Father.

Reincarnation is the opportunity which God, in His loving justice, offers the spirit, in order that he may recover his purity and return to the pathway. That is the manner through which he can take advantage of the experience acquired during his pilgrimage.

Thus you will understand that one existence alone on Earth, for being so short compared with the spiritual life, cannot be decisive over the eternity of the spirit. In other words, it will not even be sufficient for any of you to reach perfection within that life that would take you directly to the Kingdom of the highest spiritually, which is what you call Heaven; nor will the faults in one lifetime on Earth be enough to determinate if a spirit will lose himself in darkness, or be in pain for an eternity. That is why I established the reincarnation of the spirit as one of My laws of love and justice; to grant him a more extensive field, that will offer him all the necessary opportunities to attain his perfection.

Each existence is a brief lesson, because through any other way the opportunity for man to grasp within it the fulfillment of all my Law, would be very short, but it is necessary for you to learn the meaning of this life.

Those who followed the Lord in the different eras.

Among humanity are beings who in another era crossed the wilderness in search of a Divine promise, who heard the voice of the Father on the mount. I also discover some others who lived during the time of Jesus, beheld His deeds and heard His word; those who followed Me in the wilderness and ate the bread and fish which I gave the multitude when they ascended the mount to hear that voice, and those who were among the mobs, shouting on the day of My crucifixion. I discover those spirits. Many of them come to hear My word, but only I know what spirit is concealed within each body.

Some listen to Me with coolness, others with doubt. But there are many who show their emotions with love and joy, and they feel My essence; while others are tormented with remorse, which their flesh ignores, because many of them at that time shouted to Pilate: Crucify Him! Crucify Him! And today they weep, and in their pain they would be ready to shout with tears in their eyes: Do not crucify Him! He is the Divine Master!

Well, then, if you are to return to the world, one or more times, let it be to gather pleasing fruits, cultivated by you previously, in order for your spirit to experience the satisfaction of having before him the opportunity to conclude some task already begun.

Only the one who purifies himself through love; who practices My Law, will cease to come and reincarnate in this planet. However, he who in his last reincarnation leaves a trace of blood or of evil, he will have to return to this Earth to make amends, to restore what has been destroyed, to give life to the lifeless he left behind, and to forgive. In one word: restitute.

Reincarnation, still a mistery for science and religions

Science, religions and theologians will be unable to discover at this point in time, how My justice works. Sometimes within the heart of a miserable person is concealed a spirit who in another era carried a crown upon his head, or, within a convict is hidden one who in another life deprived a nation of its freedom.

The time of controversies is coming when men will manifest their eloquence, to the point of boastfulness and vanity. My word of the Second Era will again be scrutinized, and there will also be arguments about the different interpretations which have been given. Truly I say to you : From that turmoil the light will surge, and many veils will be removed and hypocrisy will be overwhelmed by the truth.

All the people on Earth perceive the mystery surrounding the past, present and future of each spirit. To some it is a theory, for others a possibility; for others it is a fantasy, and others flatly deny it. Nevertheless, I find them pondering over that truth.

The great truth of reincarnation.

Reincarnation of the spirit is one of the great truths that humanity should know. Through intuition some have a presentiment and accept and believe in it as something which could not be missing in My loving justice toward humanity.

The flesh is of this world, and here it remains, while the spirit arises free and returns to the existence from whence he emerged. “What is born of the flesh, is flesh; What is born of the spirit is spirit.”

I speak the truth. I show you the way. I reveal the reincarnation, which is the Law, in order for the spirit to perfect himself and reaches the goal of his destiny. Do you doubt it? Truly I say to you that the truth is not altered in any way by your doubts, for it continues to be the same.

I say to you, that you should never doubt for the simple reason that you do not understand. Bear in mind that if truth were only what your limited mind comprehends, nothing would exist.

During this Third Era I have brought to you the confirmation of the reincarnation of the spirit. Humanity, throughout the times, has had that intuition, and the spirit has been revealing to it this mystery to the flesh.

Today as never before, there exists among mankind the presentiment and the certainty of these manifestations, although not all dare confess it, for fear of the world.

The gift of reincarnation, since the dawn of humankind.

Since the beginning of mankind the reincarnation of the spirit exists as a law of love and justice, and is one of the forms in which the Father has demonstratedHis infinite clemency. Reincarnation is not only of this period, but of all eras, and you should not believe that this mystery has just been revealed to you now.

Ever since the first eras, there existed in man the intuition regarding the reincarnation of the spirit, but this humanity, seeking material sciences and world riches, allowed itself to be dominated by the passions of the flesh, thus hardening those fibers with which the spiritual is perceived, and converting denying those fibers with which the spiritual is perceived, and turning themselves deaf and blind to everything which corresponds to the spirit. What is the use of posing their eyes on books that contain the Law and the Doctrine which I revealed to you during past times, if their mind is not able to penetrate in its significance, nor does their heart perceive the essence?

You must admit that sensibility and spiritual intuition are wasted in men, and that is why most of the time, while searching for My truth in those texts, they fall into erroneuos interpretations. They have the light before their eyes, but instead of penetrating deeply into the teachings, they linger on the words, that is, in their form. And so, they frequently become confused. But I am here to create light in the mysteries and darkness, as well as to deliver you from confusions and errors.

Will there be someone, after listening or reading this message, who will reject it as a useless, or false teaching? I say to them that only one who finds himself in a degree of extreme materialism, or blind fanaticism, could reject this light without his spirit being moved by it..


A spirit filled with light, purity and innocence, finding himself before God, asked: “Father, tell me what my mission is, for I wish to serve you.” The Father gently replied: “Wait, I will unite a man and a woman on Earth, and from that union a child will be born, in which you will incarnate. In that manner, by being the son of man, you will gather experience in the tribulations of the world and intimately feel the tenderness of a mother and the caress of a father.”

The spirit joyously waited. In the meantime the Father joined a man and woman with bonds of love and thus sent them along the path of life.

A new being was conceived within the womb of the woman; then God sent that spirit to incarnate in that body, and on the ninth month he saw the light of the world. The mother smiled with happiness, while the father was filled with pride. That child was a blessed event for both, for it was the fruit of their love. The woman felt strong, while the man felt somewhat like his Creator. Both dedicated themselves to the devotion of that tender heart.

The spirit who animated the child smiled as he beheld the sweet gaze of his mother and the severe, and at the same time, tender face of the father.

Time elapsed, and the father in his struggles of life, abandoned his nest of love. Taking sinuous paths, he went beyond himself untiel he became lost, leaving behind him shreds of his garments caught in the prickly shrubs. He took poisonous fruits and stripped the maidens of their virtue. Feeling himself sick and depressed, he remembered the two loved ones he had abandoned. He intended to return and search for them; however his strength failed him. Then, mustering enough courage by dragging himself and stumbling along the lengthy journey, he reached the doors of his home where his wife welcomed him with open arms and tears in her eyes, but the child was sick and in agony.

The father, seeing his dying child, implored the Divine charity for his recovery; then he desperately pulled his hair and blashpemed; however, that spirit separated from its body and proceeded toward the Beyond. The parents were desolate and made themselves responsible for the misfortune that afflicted them; he for having left, and she for not being able to detain him.

When that spirit found himself before the presence of the Creator he said: “Father, why have you separated me from the loving arms of that sweet mother, in which my absence has left her weeping and in despair?” To this the Father answered: “Be patient and await the moment in which you will return to that same bosom when they have acknowledged their sins and understood My Law.”

The man and the woman continued in unity, in solitude, and inwardly repentant of their faults, when again they were surprised by the announcing of a new child. God again directed the spirit to return to that bosom by saying: “Incarnate in that body which is preparing for a new existence, and be joyful to be within that bosom again..”

The parents who had regarded their first-born as lost, were not aware that he had returned to their bosom; however the emptiness left by the first was filled by the second. Happiness and peace returned to the bosom of that home. The mother smiled again and the father was in a joyful mood.

Now the man feared a separation from his family, and tried to sorround them with love by remaining near them, but in time he forgot his past experience, and influenced by bad friends, he yielded to vice and temptation. The woman complained and began to reject him. That home was converted into a battleground. Soon the man felt defeated, sick and weakened. Meanwhile the woman, leaving the child in the cradle, would arise in search for bread for the innocent and sustenance for her companion who did not love or cared for her. She suffered humiliations and blasphemy, endured dangers and challanged the instincts of men of bad faith. In that manner she managed to provide daily bread for her loved ones.

God had compassion for the innocent spirit, and before he could open his eyes to reason, He called him again. When the spirit was in the presence of the Father, he said with great grief: “Father, once again you have separated me from the arms of those whom I love. Behold, how difficult my destiny is! Today I implore you to either leave me in their bosom or in yours forever; however do not allow me to peregrinate anymore, for I am tired.”

When the man returned from his lethargy, he beheld a new scene of grief. His wife wept without consolation at the bedside of the second child who had died. Then the man attempted to take his own life, but his companion intervened and said: “Do not attempt against your life. Hold your hand and realize that we ourselves are the cause why God has taken our children.” The man regained his senses, realizing that there was truth in those words. As each day passed, calm slowly came to those hearts, who sorrowfully remembered the children who departed and had been the joy of that home which later became a place of desolation.

The spirit then asked the Father: “Father, are you going to send me to Earth again?” The Father answered: “Yes, again, and as many times as necessary, or until those hearts are cleansed.” When the spirit incarnated again, its body was sick and so were his mother and father. From his bedside that spirit elevated himself to the Father in demand of healing. This time he had not contemplated the light of the world. There were no smiles in the lips of his parents, only tears. The mother wept from morning till night near the cradle of the infant, while the repentant father felt his heart pierced from grief, seeing that the child had inherited his own ills.

The presence of that spirit within that sick body was brief, thus returning before the presence of the Father.

Once again the couple experienced solitude; however suffering had brought them together as never before. Their hearts showed devotion, and they promised to march in unity till the end. The man fulfilled his duties, and she in turn looked after her husband, and both were healed of their ills.

They regarded as difficult that God would again grant them another child, but behold! when the Father contemplated that the physical and spiritual health flourished within those beings, He sent them that spirit as their reward, for the abnegation of one and the correction of the other. Then from the bosom of that woman there came into being a tender little body, as fragant as a bud, who filled that home with happiness and peace.

The man and the woman, weeping with joy, kneeled and gave thanks to God, while that patient and obedient spirit smiled through the body of the infant and said to God: “Father, do not separate me again from my parents, for there is peace in my home, love in their hearts, warmth in my cradle, milk and honey in the bosom of My mother. There is bread on the table, there is affection in my father, and in his hands implements of work. Bless us.” And the Father, with great joy in His Spirit, blessed and left them united in a single body, a single heart and only one will.

All the texts of this topic are excerpts taken from The Book of the True Life.

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