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True Freedom

“If you remain within My word you will really be My disciples and will know the truth, and the truth will make you free”, said Christ, our Lord, in the Second Era.

And in the Third Era He explained: “When you get to love the truth, you will enjoy great beauty in your existence and when you will achieve the saint freedom that I have come to offer to your spirit, you will be able to travel through your faculty of thought through the skies, the spaces and the worlds”.

And He mentioned something else: “The true Spirituality is the freedom to your spirit in its journey and to the flesh in its path. The matter should not invade the paths of the spirit nor the spirit should turn to materialism”.

But many still now wonder as Pilate did when he was facing Jesus: “Which is the truth?” And turning his back onto Him, he did not wait for the answer. But we now have the answer.

Our Father says: “The truth has its own arms to defend itself, which lie within the truth itself. And when this question is asked again: Where is the truth?” you will then answer: In love”.

In another of His teachings, He confirms it in all certainty: “I assure you that the only truth is love. The truth is the Divine Love shown in the Universe. The one that can not understand the truth, is not able to recognize God”.

If we meditate about this idea, we will see that all those other ideas that wrongfully focus on conquering the “truth” by means of walking away from the path of divine truth are wrong ideas, misleading ideas, ideas that will make us loose what we are all longing to have, true freedom.

We have to be aware that there is a tendency in the World to change the meaning of the words and of the Divine Teachings. Our Heavenly Father states: “The sense of the essential values has been replaced in such a way that this replacement has led to believe that the truth is exactly the opposite of what it truly is”.

Freedom is the natural state that all spirit yearn for, but to be able to reach it we have to know the way, and which one is it?

Not only did our Father stated it in the Second Era “I am the path, the truth and the life”, but in this Era He explains even further by saying “The one that follows my teachings will find the true happiness, peace, knowledge and spiritual greatness. The one who complies with my Law, conquers freedom”.

This is to say, that the one who does not comply with the Divine Law can not conquer freedom, and when men and women of this world think that to be free is to use the free will and moving forward by human interests and material ideas, they do not realise that they are fooling themselves and what they are really doing are turning themselves into slaves. We are warned by our Father who says: “Those who have entirely surrender
to materialism, without further considering the voice of their conscience, and neglecting all what is related to the spirit, they are no longer fighting, they have been defeated in combat. They think they are triumphant, and they think they are free, they do not realise that they are prisoners and are in need of the legions of light to come to the darkness so they can be freed”.

Oh, how mankind has been mislead by believing that just by the use of the free will freedom is granted!. We see everyday that when we think we are behaving “freely” we fall victims of low passions, of vices, we become slaves of the absurd pharaoh which is the world.

This is how the Master clearly states it in one of the Teachings of the Book of the True Life: “The chalice that you drink is too bitter and the chains that you pull are too heavy. You continue being the captive people of the Pharaoh. The more you wish for your freedom the more you are obliged to work and greater your tributes are. How far would
your bitterness go? The surroundings in which you live and covers you, is the pharaoh of this era which is full of selfishness, hatred, greed and all the sins committed by mankind”.

“The chains represent your needs that force you to subdue to the prevailing selfishness, to injustice and even to wickedness”. “My Law, on the contrary, do not enslaves you, My Law liberates you”.

And this Teaching about the Divine Law taking us to freedom is not a new one, brothers, for a long time it has been known by evolved spirits. David knew it, and he wrote in a psalm: “I will always follow your Law, forever and eternally, and I will always be free because I searched in your commandments…”

David knew as we ought to know ourselves, that only those who fulfill the Divine Laws can be free; all the other ideas about being free are illusions and deceptions…and this seems logic because the one that do not fulfill the Divine Law moves away from God, and the one that moves away form God is vulnerable and falls victim into temptation, into sin, into materialism and finally, into sadness.

And it is not that God withdraws for us, no, it is not! We all know that God never withdraws form us, but He makes us see the difference when he says: “Meditate: If I am within you, where have you taken Me when you sin?”

Its is in vain that men and women wish to find freedom in this world instead of finding it in the Law, this is because their surroundings do not allow them to do so.

Our Father states: “Be free, do not seek in this world your kingdom nor your glory”.

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