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Life After Life

What will we find at the other side of the tunnel? What do we know about the “beyond”? What does man know about what exists after this life?

There are so many theories about life after this life, and so much has been dogmatized about it that when the spirit after disencarnating expects to find exactly the place that it had imagined, depending on his current of thought or beliefs, it becomes confused when it does not find what in his concept should have been heaven, or the place of eternal rest. In the teachings which our Father has come to give us in this third epoch, He reveals that those spirits which have become confused due to their erroneous concept of the spiritual valley, upon not finding what they expected, and upon missing support of their accustomed matter, and without the sufficient preparation and spiritual elevation to leave the material valley, have created for themselves, without being aware, a world which is neither human nor profoundly spiritual in which they will remain until slowly, through meditation and pain will be able to comprehend that such is not the destined place for the evolution of their spirit. Then they will hear the voice of their conscience, and before it judge their past deeds, and surge within them the desire to repair their errors. It shall then be the beginnig of a return journey to the spiritual valley.

“Heaven is not a place, or a region, or a mansion; the heaven
of a spirit is its elevation and perfection, it is its state
of purity.” Third Testament. T 146:68

To those who believe that upon disencarnating their spirit will arrive to the valley of eternal rest, we have the obligation to tell them that in the spiritual valley is where the activity really begins, because inactivity is like death to the spirit. The “rest” which awaits the spirit is activity, growth through good deeds, not wasting one instant. When the spirit is working, it finds the true manner to rest, because by doing good things it unloads pain and remorse ; in other words, the spirit’s rest is the love for his Father and brethren.

Our Father says:

“In truth I tell you that if I would make your spirit remain inactive in order to rest, according to how you conceive rest on earth, the darkness of despair and anguish would possess him, because life and light of the spirit, as well as its major delight, are work, struggle and the unceasing activity.” The Third Testament. T 317:13

Let us then not expect to find a “beyond” different from that which really exists. Our spirit could swiftly arrive to it, if we understand it, and if we prepare ourselves so that when the moment of disencarnation arrives, our spirit can find itself enlightened to make its return journey to its real or true home.

“When death detains your heart beat and the light from your pupils are turned out, you will go to awaken to a marvelous world due to its harmony, order and justice.

“Your conscience which is above your being will not remain on earth, but it will come with the spirit to show itself before him as if a book of profound and wise lessons that will be studied by the spirit. There your spiritual eyes will open to the truth, and in an instant you will know how to interpret what in a whole life time you could not understand; there you will understand the value of all that you had possessed, you will experience the weight and repentment for all the committed errors, for the lost time, and within you will be born the most beautiful purposes of amendment and reparation.

“Comply with all My laws on earth, and you need not fear your arrival to the hereafter; In the same manner that you have seen the light of the world upon arriving, and as you have felt the presence of your parents, you will feel the presence of your Lord in that valley that awaits your return.” Third Testament T 170:47; 62:5; 125:59

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