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Spirituality and Science

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 29 of 40

Am I by any chance the enemy of science? Am I an obstacle for the progress and evolution of My children? He who believes this, has not known how to interpret My word. He has not comprehended the Father in his truth, because any gift or faculty that is found within man must have a development, because evolution is a universal law.

Men still have not as yet fulfilled on Earth their greatest deeds; those which would give My heart of a Father, a Divine satisfaction. Many of his marvelous deeds, within human life, still result insignificant, if their authors were to judge them with My laws of love. There you have the reason why many men of science do not wish to peer into the spiritual, because they know that there exists the presence of the One who knows all; of the One who sees and judges all. They prefer to deny My existence, believing that by doing that, they will silence the voice of their conscience.

Do not believe that I judge My children wrongly for wanting, in fact, to know the mysteries of Nature. No, My wisdom is a Divine heritage that I have for My children; but I do judge their objective, or the intention of the men of science, when it is not directed toward the purpose for which it was revealed.

If I say to you, that My wisdom will be yours, do you believe that only one existence would be sufficient to learn all that I have to reveal to you? If I say that you could not acquire the human science without traveling the extensive road of evolution, much less will you be able to acquire the knowledge of the spiritual without a complete evolution of your spirit.

I do not come to put into conflict spirituality with science, because that error has been by men, but never mine. On the contrary, I come to teach you to harmonize the spiritual with the material; the human with the Divine; what is temporary with the eternal. However, I declare to you that in order to travel through the roads of life, it is necessary to know beforehand, the path outlined by your conscience whose spiritual law comes from the Divine Spirit.

Men who study God do not agree. Who holds the truth? Men of the sciences contradict themselves. Who is right? Religion and science have always been in conflict, without men understanding that the spiritual and material live in perfect harmony and with it they create the true work of the Creator.

How many anathemas have religions cast upon science and how many times has science denied religion the existence of the spiritual life! Religion bases its attacks on the evil brought upon mankind by science, and science use as a weapon the fanaticism and superstitions that the ministers of the religions have instilled in mankind. Truly I say to you that in some there is the need of knowing the truth of what nature encompasses, and for others to justly interpret My law.

If scientists who move and transform your world were inspired by love and goodness, they would have already discovered all the knowledge I have reserved for science during this Era and not that minimal part for which they have greatly become so vain.

The true wise man is not the one who stays awake trying to discover the best way to destroy, to dominate and to annihilate but he who elevates himself to create, to harmonize the life of human beings, inspiring himself in the love towards the God of all creation and in the love for all creatures.

Men that believe to be wise seek the cause of all that exists and occurs, and hope to demonstrate with their science that there is no principle or truth outside of Nature. But I contemplate them as small, weak and ignorant. Then, where are the true wise men?

As time passes, men tend to love the terrestrial more because their science and their discoveries make them feel in a kingdom of their own, a world created by them. They have extended their dominions. There are no longer continents, lands nor oceans unexplored. They have devised ways on land, the sea and the sky, and not satisfied with what they possess on their planet as a birthright, they probe and scrutinize the sky in search of greater domains and declare they have found the truth.

I say to you that no one knows the absolute truth, since that part that has been revealed to man, he has not been able to grasp it all within his mind. Many marvelous things have been discovered and created by science, but man has not done it all because I placed in him the elements of life.

In this way you will understand that man is not the creator of life nor the elements, and that he simply transforms and uses what is already created. Creation is God himself and the time will come when men who ignore the bond that exist between the Creator and man, will understand that all that man does he takes from the Divine power.

Why have you forsaken Me and have attempted to compare your power with Mine? I say to you that when a wise man creates a being similar to you and provides him with a spirit and a conscience, I will place my scepter on his hand. Can man with all his science create something that I have done? Human science has its limits and God has not Science is light but in the hands of many men it turns into darkness.

If you have heard that I condemn the work of scientists; that I caution science, this is because that source of life has not been used for the good and progress of mankind but have placed it in the service of evil and destruction.

I bless the desire for knowledge and am infinitely gratified for their ambition to become great and strong wise me~ But what my justice does not approve is the vanity with which many times you base your ambitions and the egotistical objetives that are sought occsionally.

What do you want Me to say concerning the wise men of today, of those who provoke nature and challenge the forces and the elements? You have familiarized yourself in such a manner with evil that you call those who build the new lethal weapons great, because they can destroy millions of beings in an instant. And you even call them wise men. Where is your faculty of reasoning?

The men of this Era become amazed when they discover that their world is older than what it was thought to be by the first scientists. Question the wise men and if they are sincere, they will say that they have asked God for inspiration. And I would give them more if they would ask Me with the love towards their brethren and less vanity towards themselves.

How much shade and how much fruit has the tree of life and of science given to man! Then, why is it that now that in the world exists an evolved Humanity, it seems blind, provoking the same elements which have given it life and is shaking the tree which has never denied it the fruit of wisdom?

I will tell you why: It is because man has ceased to pray, and on ceasing to pray he has forgotten all that corresponds to the life of the spirit. Once dedicated to the life on Earth, his greatest ideal, his greatest ambition, has been to be powerful, wealthy, wise, absolute lord, and all this has dragged him towards the abyss, because he has gone in pursuit of a transitory glory.

What do you want Me to say to you about your wise men of today, those who provoke Nature and defy the forces and the elements, making Good appear as though it is bad? They will suffer great pain for cutting and eating a green fruit from the tree of science, a fruit which could only have ripened with love.

I truly say to you, that after this Era of materialistic, egotistical, and perverse science, a time will come when the men of science will know how to penetrate into the arcanums of Nature, spiritually prepared with prayer, enveloped in humility and respect, inspired in ideas and noble, elevated, human intentions.

The Stone Age is already long gone. The era of science will pass on, and then the era of the Spirit will come to flourish among men.

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