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Spirituality will bring the awakening to the dormant gifts or faculties and the sensitivity to all the fibers of the heart.

Spirituality means harmony of the spirit and the flesh. It is the level of elevation which permits man to conceive ideas far beyond what his mind foresees, and have power over the material.

Spirituality means development of all the faculties of man, those which correspond to his human part, as well as those which vibrate far beyond the senses of the body and which are the powers, attributes, faculties, and senses of the spirit.

Spirituality is the just and good application of all the gifts that man possesses.

Spirituality is harmony with everything that surrounds you. It is the knowledge of eternal life and, if you manage to harmonize with Creation, you will have found one more form of spirituality, for you would be living with My Laws.

You will recognize that you are not only substance but also essense, because you will learn that when the life of man terminates, it is not the end of the pathway for the spirit.

Spirituality means freedom of the spirit which will allow you to feel a great love for God. A man spiritually prepared by My doctrine will be able to realize superhuman deeds, and from his spirit and from his body will emanate light, power and strength which will permit him to realize that the human intellect alone is unable to carry out. Moreover, it is elevation of thought, purity of deeds and of words, an elevated and generous life.

In spirituality there is no room for fanatism, prejudice or superstition. When you suceed in practicing it, then you will understand the importance of life. You will contemplate its beauty, and you will discover its wisdom. Then you will surely realize why I have called it life. Therefore, you shall be in the condition to comprehend that in its spirit the Kingdom of God exists.

Spirituality is elevation of the sentiments, purity in life, faith, love for others, charity, humility before God and a profound respect for all the spiritual gifts received. And, in order to begin the luminous journey of spirituality, you do not need symbols, only light, faith, will, power and love. If you have love, you will reach great heights; if you have faith in Me, you will not stumble during your life time. The faculties of healing, speech and persuasion, which are within you, will be developed, and all shall be toward the progress of the spirit.

How can you obtain spirituality? By praying from spirit to Spirit; by striving to be just in all your actions; by practicing charity with your brethren. When you live in that manner, the spirit is free, and he will guide the steps of man, illuminated by the light of his conscience.

Spirituality will guide man toward perfection, and when he has obtained it, he will no longer say: Father, give me sustenance, give me intelligence, give me material riches.

The spirituality, which is My own Kingdom, approaches with long footsteps like those winds that come from the north, razing everything, shaking all the trees, agitating all the forests, knocking at the doors and lashing at the faces of all beings; likewise spiritualism comes, like a strong wind of light and love, a wind that drags and razes it all, and it will come to establish itself in the heart of man, in the heart of all the institutions, in the bosom of all nations and of all the human races. It is My Kingdom, the reign of the Holy Spirit, reign of spiritual elevation, of peace and love.

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