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True Spiritualism

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Spiritualism is the doctrine of all times. It means the spiritual knowledge of the divine; knowledge of a superior life, which is far beyond all that is matter. It is the doctrine revealed by the Divine Master during the Second Era, and is the basis of all religions; the same which during these moments of discord, I have come to remind humanity so they will not forget its principles.

I have called My Doctrine spiritualism, because it teaches the elevation of the spirit and reveals to man all the gifts that he possesses for his perfection.

This is My Doctrine; therefore, do not permit it to be confused with those sciences and practices through which men seek only the manifestation and materialization of the spirits.

Spiritualism is not a new doctrine that comes to achieve the evolution of the beliefs of past eras, no; it is the same revelation of the First and Second Eras. It is the basis of all religions, the one that, in these moments of division, I have come to remind Humanity, so that it will not forget their principles.

Spiritualism doctrine is not a religion, nor a sect, and certainly not a novelty.

There is no need for material symbols nor rituals. It is a continuation of the doctrine Jesus left in the Second Era, and has nothing to do with traditions or religious ceremonies, for it is above every external worship. This external worship of mankind has been, during all eras, the cause of a spiritual standstill.

You can say with certainty that Spiritualism is the most elevated revelation that God has made for man, because before entrusting you with this knowledge, the Father first made you live two Eras during which He prepared you for this one in which you now live.

Spiritualism is destined by the Father to be extended all over the Earth, because the evolution of Humanity will allow it to be comprehended. It is the light that the world needs; it is the lesson that, without knowing it, every spirit yearns for.

Because spiritualism has a universal mission to fulfill it will be the one to reveal to all of mankind the true life. It is the spiritual doctrine that transform the world. This knowledge I am imparting to you has no limits; it is universal; it is infinite, and within it you will find the true knowledge of the spiritual and the material life.

My divine teaching is a superior science that will teach you to perfect the spirit. In addition I have given you a mind and a heart so that there in you can enhance your inspiration and your sentiments. It teaches you to communicate directly with the Father, and is the revelation which speaks to you about the life of the spirit. Moreover, it teaches you the elevation of the spirit and reveals to man all the gifts that the spirit possesses for his perfection.

Spiritualism is the Law of all ages which dictates what is good, pure, perfect, and the obligation to obey that Law which is for all, but does not force any one to comply with it. Each spirit enjoys a freedom of will, so that his struggles and all his actions, while being judged, may be taken into account on his own merits.

Spiritualism is not new, nor does it pertain to these times; rather it has been a revelation which has been unfolding in accordance with the evolution of humanity.

My teaching during this period comes to awaken the spirit of mankind which has slumbered for a long time, and comes to destroy customs and traditions imposed by men which have delayed the progress of the spirit.

Spiritualism is the revelation that discloses and teaches you everything you posses and carry along with you. It makes you recognize that you are the work of God; that you are not only flesh and that there is something beyond your physical body which elevates you about that level of nature which shelters you, and for the lowliness of your passions as well. Spiritualism shall not have its basis on earth, nor will it represented by a man. Its government will not be of this world, and your only guide shall be the Christ through your conscience.

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