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The Sick – Spiritual help for sick people

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 32 of 40

Those who are ill, come to Me. I will heal all spirits and physical bodies.

Come to Me, sickly ones. I will make you feel the gentle love of My charity. I come to take away your bitterness in order to convert you into children of peace, of light, and of faith. You ask Me why I have come to you? Because I see that you have forgotten the pathway where you should return to the bosom from whence you emerged, and I have come to show it to you again.

There is no reason to be sick if you fulfill the law. Life is health, happiness, joy, and harmony. By being sick, you cannot be a deposit of the Divine belongings.

I shall uncover a fountain of light existing in you, within your spirit, so that you may come to it when it becomes necessary; if you are able to seek it, you will find its waters.

I am the light of this and all the worlds. I want you to clothe yourselves within that light. My Word is a healing balsam; by listening to it you will restore your health.

If God is within you, why are you sick, and why do you suffer and weep? Examine yourselves and correct whatever needs correction, cleanse whatever must be cleansed.

I said to you: “Cleanse the inside of the cup, that the outside also may be clean”; in other words, that your interior being harmonizes in the will and inspiration with the material you, or human part.

Not only in the body do you find illnesses; these are purifications of the spirit, which burden the matter. However, if the spirit is cleansed, if he is pure, then the Father removes the purification, because it is unnecessary, and thus you shall find relief in the matter, to the point of attaining perfect health.

The Father creates His children to perfection. He did not place impurities within creation; it is the spirit who is gathering discord and wickedness along the pathway, a wickedness that is reflected in the heart and makes purification necessary, which is pain; not because the Father wants it so, but rather because you have caused it, and that is not the will of the Father.

Take into account that the illness you bear in spirit is many times greater than the one you suffer in matter.

What can the Father deny to His child, when he spiritually approaches Him to ask for something for his small and fragile body? Why do you suffer, weep, and become ill if you have God within you?

The one who feels his body weary due to suffering, asks himself if he has made bad use of it. And repentant, he questions Me in order to find out how to regain his strength which will permit him to continue to struggle. Then I say to him: Penetrate deeply within My word and in its precepts, and each one will find the teaching he needs.

Of what value would it be if I were to heal your illness or free you from your suffering, if you were to continue with the cause of your suffering?

Everyone come to me and be healed of your ailments; allow your faith to produce the miracle of restoring your health. You will produce the miracle, not I, but do not forget that you no longer need to touch My tunic in order to receive that miracle; now you need to come before My Spirit through your faith and elevation.

In the Second Era, I told those who believed in Me: “Your faith has saved you”. I said that because faith is a powerful healer; its light not only destroys darkness but it is a force that causes change.

Those who have believed have not always awakened to faith at the first moment. Almost all have experienced an inner battle. I have discovered that they have asked these or similar questions in their heart: Could this be true? Could it be possible that I will find the presence of the Lord in this place? Could it be possible that my illness, considered incurable for so long, will be healed here?

Truly I say to you that the impossible does not exist. In simple matters such as your ill health, speak to God with true faith, trusting in His presence. God, who dwells in each one of you and knows that which you need and what you feel, will give to each according to His will.

I am your Doctor. Truly I say to you that no one watches over your health as l do, and no one feels your suffering as I feel it.

Thus as you listen to Me speak, your fibers most sensitive to pain are touched. If you invoke Me as Doctor, I will approach to heal you for I am the Doctor of Doctors.

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