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The spiritualist is a disciple of the Holy Spirit, my first-born.

How easy it is to say: I am a spiritualist, but truly how hard it is to be one. When you understand My teaching and practice it, then you shall be worthy of being named spiritualists.

The spiritualist is not the one who enters the houses of prayer where I impart My inspiration to you. He is the one who prays spiritually and elevates himself at any place. He is the one who struggles toward the perfection of his spirit. He is the one who lives to lessen other people’s misfortunes. He can be anywhere, and will be recognized more for his actions rather than his word.

He must be an example of love, humility and charity, for not everyone who professes to be spiritualist, really is. He will not seek anything for his own benefit, instead he will be at the service of others.

Make yourself known for the generosity of your heart, and that humbleness be reflected through your actions. The gentle heart is also gentle of the spirit. The arrogant and the vain feigns to be strong, but he is weak in spirit.

As spiritualists, you must relate with love to your fellow men, whatever their religion. In this manner you will testify that you have been prepared by Me and your noble actions will reach all the hearts and all those who reason without egotism will understand you.

If you find differences when comparing the way in which your brethren practice their cult and the form that you follow, do not dwell judging the external and you must know how to penetrate deeply where the truth exists. If you are spiritualists, think that you must always search for the spirit and not the external forms.

Thus if you should come to understand your brethren, very quickly you will discover that every man advances along a different pathway, but that all paths converge at the same point which is the pathway towards the light, towards the truth and the life.

You now see that only carrying in your spirit the knowledge of My Word is not sufficient, as the most important part remains behind, and that is to put into practice My teachings. That is the evidence that you must demonstrate to show how much you have learned from My Word.

It will not be necessary that you pronounce My name frequently. On the contrary, the less you pronounce it, and the better you practice My lesson, you will have given the greatest of your testimonies.

The noble aspiration of the future spiritualists will be to exchange faults for positive qualities; those who will arise towards a superior kingdom over the ruins of human existence. You will be brothers who will be understanding, humble, simple, noble and charitable. You will be strong, but not arrogant. You shall not humiliate the weak. 1f you possess great knowledge of My doctrine, you shall never make a display of your knowledge so that your brethren will not feel belittled around you.

Truly I say to you, that if pride germinates within your heart, you will not be spiritualists. The illuminated spirit cannot be satisfied with small vanities that only flatter the egotistical heart.

My Doctrine does not make the spirit come to a standstill. Neither does My Doctrine hold back the evolution of man. On the contrary, it liberates him from fears and prejudices, and makes him contemplate the path of light that awaits him.

There should be peace, faith, charity, forgiveness, smiles, understanding, indulgence and tenderness, in order to spread them as a balsam upon those who suffer.

The spiritualist of tomorrow will be recognized not as a mystic, nor as the religious one who withdraws from the world and from men, in order to pray. Rather, he will be one who is able to struggle against temptations, and even in the midst of a storm, will be able to distinguish the pathway of truth. He will know how to confront a prepared world, and his word as a prophet and seer shall announce what is to come.

The spiritulists will not construct temples of stone, nor altars to proclaim their deeds. They will erect a great spiritual temple, whose stones will be the hearts of mankind, in unity with one another, through the strength of love.

My apostles of the Second Era never believed in material worship, in order to teach and explain My doctrine. Their hands never erected altars, nor did they construct palaces for any spiritual worship.They imparted health to the sick; hope and comfort to the poor, the forlorn, and, like their Master, they showed the lost the road to salvation.

The spiritualist says: “How beautiful life is.” The profane, the materialist says: “How bitter, how sad, and how somber life is!”

When the spiritualists multiply on the Earth, there will be many who will confuse them with vulgar fortune-tellers and they will draw near to ask them about the future. The men of science will ask them concerning the life of the spirits, and about life in other worlds or planets.

I predict all this so that when you see yourselves besieged by foolish questions, you will remember that you should pray so that your Father may inspire what you have to say, whatever His will is to express before the foolishness or curiosity of your brethren.

Truly I say to you: How very much the theologians have confused Humanity, but I give you My light to save, redeem, and elevate you, truthfully saying to you, that it will not be your mind which will reveal these teachings to the spirit, but rather, the spirit who will reveal to the human mind, the spiritual and divine knowledge. That is why your Father says to you: It will not be the theologians, but rather, the spiritualists, the true disciples of the Holy Spirit, the spirits who will learn to communicate and be in contact with My Divine Spirit, to hear My voice and feel the caress, the fortitude, and the lull of your Father.

The “Tower of Babel” still stands, certainly, but it is also true that the spiritualist people are already emerging in the world, and their mission is to begin to destroy the foundations of that tower of divisions, differences, and pride.

Preserve My word, oh blessed people, and keep in mind that it shall be the solid foundation of a new tower that men will raise, but not the tower that will symbolize human pride, nor the one that will defy the divine power and justice, but the immaterial tower that will symbolize the spiritual elevation, the love, the charity, and the harmony among men.

Today the world ignores you, but truly I say to you, that the day will come when the nations will be waiting anxiously for you. That shall be when the great trials and the calamity will begin to be felt on the countryside, and when it will be known that the spiritualists have the power over the plagues and the strange diseases.

There, on their beds, will be the sick, waiting for the arrival of the emissary and laborer of Christ, who will come to anoint them with the balsam of tenderness and charity. There will be the homes with their doors open, waiting for the disciples who, with their presence, shall bring about the peace and the light into those hearts.

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