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Youth – Inspiring teachings about youth

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I speak directly to the youth in order to guide them along the uncertain path of their lives, for I perceive them as fragile boats in the midst of an enraged sea. Those in their youth are the most distant from me.

While man is still a child, he prays and thinks about God. He does the same when he reaches the summit of his life and has begun to descend, as does the sun that sets at dusk. However, when his heart is like a bird that is anxious to fly, and his flesh vibrates when touched by the temptations of the world, he feels strong, and then he departs from the Divine teachings.

The blessed innocent become contaminated with the wickedness of the world. The young, journey at a wild pace, and the young women have also lost their modesty, chastity and decency; all of those virtues have departed from their hearts. They have nourished themselves with worldly passions, and they desire pleasures that only leads them toward the abyss

Depart from the many temptations which entice you during this period. Pray for the sinful cities where so many men and women become lost; where many sanctuaries are dishonored, and where many lamps become extinguished.

Flee from vices so that your blood will be a fertile seed, and the fruits of tomorrow may be pleasing.

Young people: Do not chain your spirit with the false splendor of the world. Be free but within the freedom granted to man by My laws. Do not sow suffering, so that you will not harvest that seed.

I inspire the hearts of the adolescents, young men and young women, in order to form new generations.

As of today, prepare yourselves so that your new role in life will not surprise you. Prepare today the path that your children will travel tomorrow.

Young women, from whom the generations of tomorrow will emerge and give testimony of My truth: persevere in prayer and in virtue.

Honor with your life those who, because of my will, gave you your existence and tomorrow your children will honor you.

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