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The True Temple of God

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 9 of 40

The pain that overwhelms men during this era leads them step by step towards the doors of the inner sanctuary where they will ask the Lord: Where are you? And from within the temple will be heard the sweet voice of the Divine Master saying: Here I am, where I have always dwelled, in your conscience.

I have not come during this period to seek temples made of stone to appear in them: I come searching for spirits, hearts, and not material gala.

I am teaching you how to construct the true temple, because there are some who have formed sanctuaries without having set the foundations of faith. My temple must be like a tree whose branches will extend lovingly all over the universe; where the birds will come to trill their different songs so that when their notes unite, they will form a harmonious concert, sweet and perfect, and elevate it to the Creator. There your spirit will elevate himself in search of his Lord, as the Father, teacher, doctor, but never look for Him as judge.

I see the great temples, the great religious organizations, the pomp and the riches; the splendor and the power, but I do not see spiritual magnificence; I do not see a gala of virtues; I do not see any spiritual might that is part of My universal power.

I am reconstructing the temple which I referred to when I said to My disciples who marveled, contemplating the temple of Salomon: “Truly I say to you that there will not be one stone left upon another of that temple, but I will reconstruct it in three days” I meant to say that all exterior worship, regardless how ostentatious it may seem to mankind, will disappear from the hearts of man, in order to raise in its place the true spiritual temple of My Divinity. This is the Third Era, when I will finish reconstructing My temple.

Truly I say to you that man has not understood the spiritual meaning of those words, because time does not pass over Me, since I am eternity. Here I am in the Third Era, on the Third day, laying the foundation of the true temple and constructing it within the spirit of man.

No one is capable of building a temple like the one I am raising in your spirit. This temple will be indestructible, and while those temples made by human hands fall before the pounding of time and tempests, this one will remain irremovable, because its foundation will be in your spirit and its top will reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

Ask yourselves frequently, if you are doing your part in the construction of this temple, and if this is not so, I invite you to form a true temple with your unity. Some, for their firmness, will be the foundations; those who attain greater elevation will be the columns; others, through their charity, will be stairways, and some others with their gift of words, will be like bells that with their peal will call the multitudes.

There will be some who through their inspiration, will symbolize high towers and domes of the temple; and those, because of their love for mankind, shall be like the doors, always open for the needy, the thirsty, the sick and the ones who have been misunderstood.

That temple shall be finished when harmony among mankind is real. Its base will be on Earth, but its towers will touch the heavens.

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