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Materialism, the cause for the destruction of civilizations

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How humanity has descended and fallen because of its materialism! How humanity grieves because of its indifference to truth, purity and elevated thoughts.

You now live in a time of confusion, where evil is considered good, where darkness is perceived as light, and where needless things are viewed as essential.

This tragedy has occurred because of the materialism that humanity has fallen into. This tragedy was the result of humanity placing the spirit last, giving preference to the passions of the matter and the ideas of death. If the matter is selfish, what other fruit could you expect from it, other than the wars that exist and complete moral deterioration?

I taught you to give to Caesar those things that are of Caesar and to God those things that are of God. But only Caesar exists for men of today; they offer nothing to their Lord. If, at the very least, you would offer to the world what is just and good, your sorrows would be lessened. However, the Caesar that guides your lives dictates foolish laws, converting you into slaves and depriving you of your lives without offering you anything in return.

When man falls into materialism, his deeds become destructive rather than creative. He becomes similar to a multitude of worms eating away at a corpse instead of, through his creative labor, being able to resemble bees constructing their honeycomb in perfect harmony. The work of the bees consists of making honey in order to later offer its sweetness to those who desire it. And you: When will you discover the true flavor of life and practice it with one another?

I speak to you in this manner because, more than anyone, I know the evolution of your spirit. I know that humanity, in spite of its great materialism, its love for wordly possessions and its sinful passions, lives, in appearances only, attached to the flesh and the material life. When its spirit begins to feel the tenderness of my love, it will quickly come to me to remove its burden and will follow me through the path of truth. This is the path for which humanity yearns, although it does not realize it.

Since the beginning of times, I have seen man take the life of another because of envy, materialism and ambition of power.

Love for the world, greediness for material things, lust for the flesh, the pleasure of all lowly desires, egotism, love for oneself, and pride, have been the force with which you have created a life according to your intelligence and human free will.

Behold humanity falling into vices, perversity and crime. Behold men dedicating themselves to a life of materialism and selfishness. Women have become familiar with sin that prevails everywhere, thus losing the virtue and delicacy. The home, man´s temple, is profaned because of its lack or warmth, light and peace.

The pleasure and satisfactions that man receives from his deeds is artificial. Hidden behind his smiling mask, he bears within his heart the pain, the anxiety and the disillusionment.

It is useless for man to seek total satisfaction only in materialism. Everything is sad and empty.

Are you aware of your firm hold to the pleasures and splendor of this world? But the moment will come when you will ardently desire to absent yourself from it.

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