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The Scriptures – The rightful interpretation

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 20 of 40

Humanity, where are you going? You are guided by those whom you admire as great teachers of the sacred revelations, but whom I perceive as confused.

Not all who preach along the streets and roads of life, speaking of the events of past eras, interpreting the prophecies or explaining revelations, are my messengers. Many of them, because of vanity, ill will and human interests, have utilized those teachings to offend, to judge, to humiliate, to injure, and to destroy.

It is time that you interpret correctly my parables and teachings which I have revealed to you through symbols. Thus, their significance can penetrate into your spirit and their symbolic forms can disappear.

Once you achieve that understanding, you will develop true faith, for you will have strengthened it with the truth.

Humanity has inaccurately interpreted my parables and teachings literally, giving material meaning to my teachings. It has given a material or human form to everything Divine.

Because of the material interpretation that man has given to my revelations, many beliefs about spiritual life are far from the truth.

Thus, how can man give a true interpretation to that which I call Kingdom of Heaven? How can he understand My justice, when he believes that there is a hell which his imagination has created? And when he will accept and understand that the law of reincarnation is not a simple theory? It is also not something false that only a few men believe, but rather a law of eternal justice and loving restitution. Through reincarnation the spirit has the opportunity to be purified, perfected, molded, and elevated.

Throughout the times those writings left by my disciples have been adulterated, changed by man. That is why there is disagreement among the religions. But I have come to clarify all of my teachings in order to unite humanity into only one light and only one will.

The scriptures of the past could reveal to you what I repeat to you today, but man has dared to falsify my truths to spread them adulterated. And there you have a spiritually sick, weary, and abandoned humanity.

Behold the material interpretation that you have given my revelations of the First and Second Eras, when in reality they only speak of the divine and the spiritual. Behold how you confuse material nature with spirituality. Thoughtlessly, you convert that which is profound and elevated into something that is superficial and lowly. And why have you done it this way? Because, wanting to do something for the work of God, you seek a way of adapting my doctrine to your material life and human needs that is what you believe are your best interests.

Those who live studying the scriptures of past eras, and who have divided into various sects and congregations because of differences in their interpretation of the word of God, will become unite through spirituality. As their analysis and interpretation of my scriptures becomes elevated, they will discover the true essence of my teachings. In the past, they had always given a human and material meaning to the divine revelations.

Man has dedicated himself to scrutinize the past testaments, torturing his mind in his analysis and interpretation of the prophecies and promises. Those who have come closest to the truth are the ones who have found the spiritual meaning of my teachings. Those who persist in a material interpretation and who do not know or refuse to discover the spiritual meaning of my manifestations, will experience confusions and deceptions like those suffered by the Jewish people when the Messiah came. They had expected and imagined his arrival to be in a manner different from that which He, in reality, arrived.

When you renounce your fanaticism, which is what blinds and prevents you from perceiving the truth, you will begin to understand. Then you shall behold the contents of my revelations of the present and past emerge before you in its full light. And then you will regard as perfect justice what you called a mystery. You will also give an eternal value to what is unchangeable, and give to what is human and temporary its proper importance.

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