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Religions – Divine or human creation?

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Where is the true wisdom? And I say to you: It is in God. Which is the true religion? And the Master answers: He who loves Me and loves his brother, has found the truth and has complied with the Law.

Every religion that teaches righteousness and love, and extols charity, is good because it harbours the light of truth, but when within them, man degenerates and converts into evil what was good at the beginning, then the path is lost between materialism and sin.

There you have a humanity languishing in their religions without taking a step towards the light, because they have not submitted to what the Divine Law ordains. Instead, they have attempted to conform it to their will, filling it with myhts and errors.

As such, I behold all churches, all religions, all sects that man has created upon the face of the Earth. They are so involved in materialism, fanaticism, idolatry, mysticism and profanations!

What do I receive from all this? Only the intention. However, not because I can receive the good intentions of mankind, will I allow them to eternally remain in darkness, involved in their idolatry and fanaticism.

Do the religions believe they are complying with the maxim of loving one another, recognizing only their followers and excluding those who belong to another sect?

Today I have come to free you from your spiritual stagnation, because for some time mankind have slept profoundly in a state of religious fanaticism, idolatry, false sects and materialism, with which they have wanted to substitute the practice of love for one another, charity, forgiveness, and all that is derived from the same Law.

Do not confuse the Law with the religions or forms that you may have to interpret that Law.

Do not be a preserver of habits, forms or traditions, because you will remain submerged for centuries in the lethargy of fanaticism and ignorance. On the other hand, be upholders of the Law and of the truth.

I see the great temples, the great religious organizations, the pomp and the riches; the splendor and the power, but I do not see spiritual magnificence; I do not see a gala of virtues; I do not see any spiritual might that is part of My universal power. I do not discern that might that should be part of My universal power; and, I can only say that men have built on sand, like foolish ones, and have not been able to construct on the solid rock, upon which men should have raised the true church for their Lord and God. And I also say to you: Of all that greatness, of all that power, no stone will remain one upon the other.

No one should believe that I have come to take away the gifted, the faithful or the followers from the different religions. No, but the hour has come when a new Era makes its appearance, stirring forgotten lessons; erasing customs, beliefs and useless traditions; purifying and divesting the spirit of all falsehood in order to give man the true bread of the spirit which he has always exchanged for rituals.

How much will you have to fight against the idolatry and the fanaticism of the different religions, warning you that this is the greatest poison that could surprise all men on Earth!

Observe how the spirit of all Humanity has awakened. See how all their congregations are touched. Observe in each religion, in each sect, a kingdom, a dominion, and all those kingdoms will rise calling each other for unification, and because not one will be disposed to humble itself and come forward on the calling of the others, the conflict will come.

The words of love will disappear to give way to the anathemas, the threats, the condemnations, and the excommunications. All this you will have to contemplate, oh my children!

The tongues will loosen, the human passions will become unleashed, everyone will use My name, My word, and My laws to cause a war against one another, to combat each other, to exterminate and humble one another.

Be on the alert, my people! Because Humanity will rise against their own idols, their fanaticism and their traditions, and a movement will begin among religions toward the beginning of spirituality.

I know that many will be scandalized when they learn about this word, but it will be those who in their confusion may not wish to recognize that there exists in man a spiritual part besides his human nature, or those who, relying on the spirit clinging on to the routine of their traditions and their beliefs, will deny that there exists a road of infinite evolution for the spirit.

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