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I told you in the Second Era not to fear death, because it does not exist; in my Creation everything lives, grows and becomes perfect. Death of the flesh is only the end of a period which the spirit goes through, in order to return to its original state and thereafter continue its path of evolution.

Do not think of death, that the unknown should not become for you an obsession.

What do you know about the Hereafter? What does man know about what exists after this life? What do you know as to why you are born and why you die?

And when death halts your heartbeats and light is turned off from your pupils, you shall wake up in a marvelous world because of its harmony, because of its order and its justice. There you shall commence to understand that God´s charity is what can compensate you for all your deeds, trials and sufferings.

Death does not exist for the spirit, death as you conceive it, that is, ceasing to exist. The death of the body cannot be the death or end for the spirit. It is there precisely where the spirit opens his eyes to a superior life, while his body closes them to the world forever. It is only an instant in the transition of the route that conduces to perfection. If you have not yet understood as such, it is because you still love this world very much and you feel tightly linked to it. You are worried to have to abandon this dwelling because you believe to be the owners of what in it you possess.

Truly I say to you that death does not exist, because the Creator is life and His deeds cannot die.

Who can say that he has come to Me in spirit at the precise moment when the timepiece of eternity called him? No one, because many times you cut short your existence, aging prematurely, deteriorated sometimes by causes which are not worthy of one of your tears or a single one of your gray hairs.

Do not forget that within Me, you have had your beginning, and that the end will also be within Me; and that end is eternity, because death of the spirit does not exist.

Your spirit gives you a premonition that when he penetrates in that life that awaits him beyond this world, he will have to continue struggling to ascend. Meditating on this, you come to experience a certain sadness when you consider that rest does not exist when human life terminates. That sadness does not come from the spirit but from the flesh, which is fragile and small, because its nature is not eternal and it tends to become frightened before eternity.

The spiritual rest, according to how your physical body understands and conceives it, does not exist. The rest that awaits the spirit is the activity, the multiplication of doing good and not wasting one instant. Then the spirit rests. His remorse and woes become lighter, and he takes pleasure in doing good. He rests loving his Creator and his brethren.

Truly I say to you, that if I left your spirit to remain inactive just so that he would rest, according to the way you conceive rest to be on Earth, he would be seized by the tenebrae of despair and anguish, because the life and the light of the spirit, as well as his greatest happiness, is the work, the struggle, and the incessant activity.

Here on earth, your spirit does feel oppressed, since in it, everything is limited and fleeting. Here he must be tired of so much sin and so much impurity as it exists in human life. But it is not a weariness like the one that burdens the flesh, rather a loathing of all the wrong, a repulsion for all the impurity, a tiredness of fighting and suffering many times for frivolities or unjustified causes.

Your flesh thinks about rest, because it is fragile; but for the spirit rest would be his worst punishment since the best reward is to be active, to work, to struggle; because within this he glorifies the Father by imitating his God, who never rests, sleeps and who never gets tired. Fatigue does not exist in the spirit who is in full in evolution; neither does the night, hunger nor thirst.

Many men, skeptical in their materialism, smile ironically when they are told about the spiritual life; but the moment of death will come, the one where there is no heart that is not fearful, nor spirit who does not tremble before the imminent presence of eternity.

I only say to you: The sun does not rise nor sets one instant before of after that which is marked by the Creator. Everything is governed by and infallible law. Therefore, you shall not dwell one second longer than what is already marked in your destiny.

Only when you have felt the footsteps of death nearby; when you have been gravely ill; when you have suffered, that is, when you believe to be a step away from the beyond, from that justice, you only fear during those trying moments, then you make promises and vows to the Father to love Him, to serve Him, and obey Him on Earth.

Do not wait for death to surprise you without preparedness. What have you prepared when you return to the spiritual life? Do you wish to be caught unawared while you are still manacled with chains to the material things, passions and wordly posessions? Do you want to enter the Hereafter with eyes closed without finding the pathway, taking the imprint in the spirit of this life´s fatigue? Prepare yourselves disciples and then you will not fear the arrival of death to the body.

Depart from this world without tears. Do not leave sorrow in the hearts of your loved ones. Set yourselves free when the moment comes, leaving on your face a smile of peace which expresses the liberation of your spirit.

The death of your body does not separate you from those who have been entrusted to your care, nor does it remove you from the spiritual responsibility that you have for those who were your parents, brothers or children.

If man was always healthy, how could he die? To this I respond, that it is not necessary that your body be ill to stop living; it is enough for the heart to stop beating, when the hour has come, for it to cease to exist.

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