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Spirituality for Children

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 13 of 40

I dedicate some of my words to children, whom I exhort to become strengthened in virtue and to flee the course of evil which has dragged so many hearts to the abyss.

Blessed children, I am familiar with your prayers and I understand your language. You are not taken into account by the world because you are regarded small and weak, makig the spirit secluded within you suffer.

The children of this period show me their ominous path; they tell me that the environment in which they breathe is not the most favorable one for spiritual progress, and they ask for enlightenment for their parents and teachers. Since childhood they have engaged in a battle between their spirit and their matter. Sometimes Good and reason have triumphed, but at other times matter overcomes.

At this time the children listen to Me and I speak to them in the same manner as I speak to mature men and to the elderly. Why do I not speak differently to children, since their mind is so young? Because their spirit is great, as is yours; because they can comprehend Me; because it is not the flesh to whom I speak, but rather the spirit.

For that reason I say to you: Do not ignore the children, believing that they do not see Me. Let them come! Their spirit hungers. I am going to cultivate them in the same manner as I do you. They are the generations of tomorrow who will place upon your foundation one more stone upon the work of edification, on the work of spirituality.

I say to mothers: teach children how to take their first steps spiritually as well as physically. Clear their path so that they may find me, love me, and elevate themselves. Keep in mind that every new generation that emerges will have greater spiritual progress. Make use of your intuition to guide them. Do not set any bad examples nor give them any bad fruit to eat.

Remember that children also observe you. Why do you argue in front of them? Behold that through that example, you are allowing the evil of Cain to penetrate into your children. Remember that your children are your next heirs; they will talk about what you had learned, and what you were, while in the path of your Lord and Master.

I do not want those new generations to stumble or be led astray because of you. I do not want to see them weeping because of the lack of love within their own family.

I want you to raise families who believe in only one God and to create homes that are temples where love, patience, and unselfishness are put into practice. In these homes you should be teachers of your children, surrounding them with tenderness and understanding. Give the same love to the one who appears ugly as to the one who is endowed with beauty. Not always does a beautiful face reflect a spirit of equal beauty. Or the other hand, behind those children with apparent ugliness, a spirit of great virtue whom you should appreciate, may be hidden.

Parents: Be sensitive to the spiritual progress of your children. Look after the children who have been entrusted to you with love and charity. Do not guide them toward the abyss nor cause them to fall. These spirits should not enter the Sodom and Gomorrah of this time.

No matter how many debts, or blemishes, the spirit may have, when he is in his infancy, the envelop participates in his purity and innocence. That is the time when the spirit needs all kinds of help, so as not to deviate from the path.

Cultivate the hearts of the blessed children, so that from the infancy they will love one another and know how to recognize the path of love and justice.

Teach the children to pray for mankind; their pure and innocent prayer, like the perfume of the flowers, will be elevated to Me and will also reach the hearts of those who suffer.

Once again I say to you: “Let the small children come unto Me”. Do not think that they are unable to receive me because you regard them little. Prepare the children; show them the path so they can overcome the pitfalls, and tomorrow they will take one step further than the one you have taken.

My kingdom is for those with a pure heart. Do not turn away anyone from My presence: neither the adult sinner who comes before Me to purify himself in My word; nor the child, because, though you believe he is unable to comprehend My teachings, many times he possesses a spirit more evolved than yours.

When you observe the children, do so with respect, because you do not know what spirits are hidden within; but of what you can be certain of is, that within each one of those young beings, there exists a past that involves a whole life history, and a whole life of evolution.

The spirit, while living in the infancy of his envelop, needs the help of the elders because his matter is too weak to support him. He requires tenderness, so that his heart does not become hardened, and he also needs examples and teachings to develop and strengthen him until the time comes to manifest himself.

The child intuitively knows that he is powerless to struggle for himself; and then, he places all his trust in his parents. He fears nothing when he is by their side; he expects only goodness, and he knows that he will lack nothing. Then, he discovers that within them, there exists a fountain of knowledge, of tenderness, and of life; that is why he experiences happiness in their company.

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