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Spiritual Solitude

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 10 of 40

I wish that those not understood by humanity should feel understood by me.

Why do I see you walking with your head lowered like failures? Are you tired of this life? Then rest for a second and tell me about your anxieties. Come to Me, always when you are distressed by your griefs, whenever you need someone to trust, a gentle friend, look for me and I will advise you on the best path. When pain overwhelms you and the grief of life annihilates your senses, do not doubt about Me.

For those who suffer and cry, for those who call themselves disinherited, for those who say that their star does not shine and for those who mourn for having come to this life to cry, I say: Why do you fall on to the abyss of dispair and mistrust?

Do not feel defeated, do not confess yourself as failures. You all need a word of encouragement to comfort you, if you call yourselves misunderstood I say to you that I know everything that happens within you and I will give you the solution that you are seeking for, I come as a father so that those who have lacked love, affection and tenderness on earth can find warmth in Me. I come as a doctor so you can deposit in me your pain, anxieties and all the hidden suffering that have weakened your spirit and body, I come as a friend so you can trust in Me your deepest secrets, struggles and wishes.

Everyone bears a wound in the heart. Who but I is able to penetrate within you?

I know of your bitterness, your sadness, and discouragement, and of so much injustice and ungratefulness that exists in your world. I know of the weariness of those who have lived and struggled greatly on Earth, and whose existence for them is a heavy burden. I know of the emptiness of those who are becoming lonely in this life.

I say to all: Ask and you shall receive. That is why I have come to give you in accordance to what you need from Me, be it company, tranquility, missions, or light.

I come as a father, never indifferent to your sufferings and always indulgent and merciful before your imperfections. Also to the lonely and misunderstood man, as well as the man converted into a slave of passions and vices, and to the abandoned woman or the maiden fearful of facing life. The same to the father or mother who present Me their problems and to the orphan who has not protection in the world. I listen to all of them and I touch their heart with the fine chisel of my word.

Let yourselves be covered with my word, so that you can forget sorrow, mourning, misery and tears and cease being the pariahs of the world. Sick and sad men in need of spiritual love, you will see how the serenity of the spirit will pacify the turbulent sea of your passions.

Men and women, who have wept greatly in life, this lesson is dedicated to you. Meditate profoundly on it, and you will see what sweet consolation penetrates into your heart. A tiny light will kindle within your innermost being and a sensibility, that you have never experienced before, will surprise your dormant fibers, allowing you to feel My Spiritual presence, be it in your sorrows as well as in your happiness and your moments of peace.

In my word you can find the honey to sweeten your existence and remove forever the bitterness that has been existed in all eras, the sad taste in your life.

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