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Spirit and Flesh

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 40 of 40

Since the begining of humanity, man had the intuition that there was a spiritual being within him, a spiritual being who, though invisible manifested himself through the various deeds in his life.

Pity, compassion, tenderness, kindness and gentleness; these are not attributes of the matter.

All of those powers belong to the spirit. The spirit is great because he is an atom of God.

You have discovered in your being something more that its bodily parts and those are the spiritual gifts faculties, powers and attributes which have been dormant in man for many centuries. These lack form and substance.

Some feel fear, others distrust, others confusion and some have even felt horror at the mention of the word spirit, failing to remember that man carries spirit within, spirit given to him by the Creator who is also a Spirit. Who has instilled that faar? Who has made feel this dislike for the spirit? Have you not considered that the material body that you love so much is only dust that will return to the soil?

The body is only a casing. And inside that cover there exists a small bottle whose perfume or essence is the spirit. Do you not believe that it is injust for that perfume to be enclosed, when its aroma could perfume an entire house? Today, that house could be your home, tomorrow the world, and later, the infinite space.

Seek the mansion of the spirit in the depth of your being, and seek supreme wisdom in the greatness of love.

Justice is that the spirit should reveal wisdom and knowledge to the human mind, rather than the mind giving light to the spirit. Many will not be able to comprehend what I am saying, because man changed the natural ways of life long ago.

There is a battle between the spirit and the material body, an ancient battle between the eternal and the temporary with the spirit confronting the material body. Which will triumph? Some say the spirit and others say the material body. But I say to you that neither one will win.

In that battte the spirit should not humiliate the matter and defeat it. If that occurred it would not be a true victory. The true victory is when matter and spirit unite and are in perfect harmony. Thus both will be fulfilling the same ideaL Then, they will be following the path of justice and love as outlined by My Law.

I do not come to tell you to neglect your worldly obligations since you need them for your self-perservation, satisfaction and perfection. But be honest and just to the needs of the spirit.

Man is a slave to the will of others; he is victim of their anathemas, condemnation and threats. What has been gained from this? Man has abandoned his desire to comprehend and gain the elevated knowledge that he should possess, thus he is prevented from clarifying what he always has considered a mystery: the spiritual life

Do you believe that the life of the spirit will eternally be a puzzle for man on earth? You are greatly mistaken if you do. In spite of your scientific progress, as long as you are unaware of your origin and ignore all that relates to the spirit, you will continue to be creatures who dwell in a small world among the plants and animals.

If for a moment your material eyes were able to contemplate your own spirit, you would be astonished to realize who you are and what you are; and, thus, you would feel respect and charity for yourself and feel a profound sorrow on contemplating to what extent you have guided your spirit

Man is unable to contemplate what is most noble and pure within his being because of the very dense veil that surrounds him in his materialism.

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