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Paranormal experiences: Spiritual Gifts or just mind games?

This entry it's part of the Humanity series. Part 3 of 40

How beautiful your world will be when men discover in their spirit, the blessed treasure with which the Creator endowed them with at the precise moment of his formation.

My messages will give way to discussions. Some declaring that it is a truth, others trying to prove it false. Some giving testimony of their own spiritual experiences and others denying the existence of such manifestations. But the truth will prevail, because this is the Era in which the dormant gifts and faculties within the spirit will be freed and manifest themselves through man, because in this Era he has reached the evolution and the necessary sensitivity to communicate with the spiritual realm.

Children, even old people, and through youths, all shall have manifestations that in the beginning might seem strange because for a long time mankind has departed away from the spiritual, but they will later consider this to be absolutely natural in the superior life of man. This will be when the children will talk of very profound teachings; when men and woman will have spiritual visions and prophetic dreams and when the gift of healing will spread throughout the Earth.

In the same manner as in other times, man’s life has been divided into eras or ages, and each one has been distinguished in some way. It may be for its discoveries, for the Divine revelations that within that life that man has received for his development in the sense of beauty which you call art, or for its science, I say to you that this Era will be significant for the development of the gifts of the spirit, that part of your being which you should have begun cultivating to avoid so many evils and mistakes.

I have come to reveal to you the spiritual gifts that you possess and to teach you the use you must give them, so that you will never employ them for deeds that are not within My Law, because if you do, instead of imparting light you would sow darkness and confusion.

You have within yourselves the gifts of spiritual visions, prophetic dreams, inspiration, intuition, gift of speech, revelation and spiritual communication.

Could you tell me the shape or volume of the conscience? Could you tell me what form love or the intelligence has? No, you respond. Well, in the same way that conscience, intelligence and love have no form, you cannot compare the worldly things with those of the spiritual life. Nevertheless, there is nothing more beautiful than the attributes of the spirit, which is the whole of gifts and virtues that do not require a given shape in order to exist.

From generation to generation the gifts of the spirit will be manifested greater and clearer, emerging even from the most skeptical and incredulous.

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