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True Prayer – Spirituality

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The main reason for the spiritual poverty among men and for earthly vissicitudes is the imperfect way of praying, this is why I emphasize that this knowledge should reach humanity.

True prayer is not practiced in this era by humanity, this is why men have had to create material prayers and phrases to repeat them automatically as many times as necessary.

What can you present to Me, either in your heart or in your spirit that I do not contemplate? What suffering, desires, troubles or secrets can you hide from Me? None of those. Then learn to pray spiritually, to confess from within and before Me. Trust Me so you can allow my peace to penetrate your heart, that peace that you lack so much.

When you question me or ask me for something, do not force yourself to explain your problems with clarity, nor try to be meticulous in searching your mind for well structured phrases. For Me it is enough that your spirit draws away from this world; that moment is when the heart and mind are clean so they can receive my inspiration. What is the use of saying beautiful things if you are not capable of feeling my presence deep inside of you?

I know everything, and you do not have to explain anything to me so that I can understand you.

Do not pray only when you are passing through a painful trial; pray also when you are at peace, it will be then when your heart and mind can take care of others. Do not appeal only for those who have been good to you or for the ones who have not caused you any harm. Though meritorious, it is not as much as being watchful for those who in some way have harmed you.

I do not come to ask men for the unification of customs, material laws or knowledge about science, though sooner or later the time will come when it will become convenient for people to unite. What I have come to inspire you is spiritual harmony, and the unity of thoughts. All human beings must learn and practice the spiritual prayer.

All hours and all places can be suitable for prayer and meditation; I never said in my teachings that there were specific places and moments devoted to this. What is the use of searching the world for given places to pray when your spirit is greater than the world you live in? Why do you limit me in images and in places so limited when I, myself, am infinity?

Prayer is the language of the spirit, be sure to learn that language so that while you talk, to me, you may also know how to listen. Talk to me with respect and humbleness, but with the confidence you have in a father, with the intimacy that you talk to a friend.

They are not the words with which your mind tries to form the prayer that reaches Me, but the love, the faith or the need with which you approach Me; that is why I say to you that there will be occasions when your prayer will last for a second because there will be not time to formulate your thoughts, phrases and ideas as you are accustomed to.

Prayer is a grace that God has given to man so he can use it as a ladder to elevate himself, as a weapon to defend himself, as a book to learn from and a balsam to anoint and heal any malady.

You should be aware of the extent that prayer has, so you will understand the immense power that it has when you elevate it, to cure any spiritual need, as well as to ask for the solution to a material affliction.

You must know that when your heart calls me with tenderness my spirit also trembles with pleasure.

In prayer you will find comfort, inspiration and strength, it will give you the sweet satisfaction of being able to communicate intimately with God, without witnesses or mediators. God and your spirit join in that sweet moment of confidences, of spiritual communication and blessings.

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